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Episode 25 | Kevin Sorbo

Christian Music Guys Podcast

On today's show, we sit down with Hercules himself, Kevin Sorbo, Kevin is a renowned Actor, director, producer, and writer.  He has starred in the hit t.v. series, Hercules, as well as movies like, God's not dead, What if, Miracle in East Texas, and so many others!  Kevin is a man after God's own heart, his boldness for his faith, are immeasurable!  Check out all of his projects and more at Kevinsorbo.net Sorbostudios.com @ChristianMusicGuys christianmusicguys.com --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/christianmusicguys/support


27 Apr 2022

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Kevin Sorbo, Actor from Hercules, Sorbo Studios & Censoring

The Uldouz Show

In this episode of "The Uldouz Show' I interview Kevin Sorbo from "Hercules: The Legendary Journeys" we discuss many topics, everything from his production company Sorbo Studios to censoring on social media platforms. Kevin create a lot of movies through his production studio Sorbo Studios that have a great message behind them.  You can follow and check out Kevin Sorbo here https://www.sorbostudios.com https://www.instagram.com/ksorbo/https://twitter.com/ksorbs?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Eauthor  Please subscribe to my YouTube & download my podcast everywhere http://www.YouTube.com/UldouzThe Uldouz Showhttps://open.spotify.com/episode/63dgHDNdAPayW8XC3IzeID?si=nlXRgdqgTgez5SZ_mDU3Qw Listen to The Uldouz Show by Uldouz Wallace on Audible. https://www.audible.com/pd?asin=B09SS6Q7RS&source_code=ASSORAP0511160006&share_location=podcast_show_detailAlso follow my other social media platforms:http://www.Instagram.com/Uldouz http://www.facebook.com/Uldouz http://www.Twitter.com/Uldouz https://vm.tiktok.com/ZTdyXHHgg/Snapchat: Snapuldouz


21 Apr 2022

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Mail Sack, Grey's Sexy Time and Kevin Sorbo Is An Idiot

She Nerds Out

Join us in the Mail Sack (it's nice and warm) then Tara tells us all about #Kaimelia on Grey's Anatomy. Oh and guess who's still an idiot? It's Kevin Sorbo.  It's always Kevin Sorbo. Please subscribe, rate and review! You can find us on Instagram @shenerdsoutpodcast, on Twitter @SNOPodcast and Facebook She Nerds Out, on the web at www.shenerdsout.com and you can send us an email at shenerdsout@gmail.com!

1hr 10mins

22 Mar 2022

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Interview with actor/director Kevin Sorbo - Feb. 10, Hour 2

The Joe Pags Show

TikTok censors Pags, Florida bill bars sex ed without parents' knowledge in schools which triggers the LGBTQIA+ community, and interview with actor/director Kevin Sorbo. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


10 Feb 2022

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Christianity in Hollywood and the Role of Religion in the Film Industry and Media as a Whole with Kevin Sorbo

Finding Genius Podcast

Why does Hollywood seem to shy away from the topic of Christianity? Though the big-box movies often have massive budgets, more thoughtful Christian pieces usually do not get the same attention. Listen up to learn: How Hollywood generally treats the topic of Christianity Why fewer faith-based movies get made How more faith-based productions can find success Actor, Producer, and Director, Kevin Sorbo, shares his experience as a professional in Hollywood standing up for Christianity in a religion-averse environment. Despite the more thoughtful and family-oriented topics and approaches of faith-based movies, very few get the same level of attention given to big-box productions. However, over 80-million households may be waiting for just such works. From strengthening his own faith and the values of others, Kevin Sorbo plans to keep fighting to bring faith-based productions into the mainstream. If we continue the same path we are on, we may pass the tipping point and find ourselves in severe trouble. Visit https://www.sorbostudios.com to learn more. Episode also available on Apple Podcast: http://apple.co/30PvU9C


25 Jan 2022

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06 Kevin Sorbo

Dont Get Me Started with John Schneider

We all know that bad things happen when good people do nothing. Well Kevin is a very good guy and he certainly in NOT doing nothing. Sit in on the conversation and be encouraged that there are folks like him out there in the world. Visit his website at www.sorbostudios.com Don't Get Me Started! Onward! Schneidere


25 Jan 2022

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Kevin Sorbo: Fighting the Good Fight, Light in a Dark Culture

Stand Up For The Truth Podcast

Kevin Sorbo returns to the podcast to catch up and discuss independent films, religious freedom, Hollywood, the Left’s war on Christians, free speech, and more.Daily podcast, relevant articles on issues pertaining to Christians and more can be found on Stand Up For The Truth.


12 Jan 2022

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Actor Kevin Sorbo on How Hollywood and Politics Impact the American Family from @DAD TALK TODAY

21 Radio

About: republished with permission from Dad Talk Today at https://youtu.be/zlt6OEAcEwk Subscribe to their channel at https://www.youtube.com/c/DADTALKTODAY Kevin Sorbo returns to the podcast to discuss fatherless and the impact Hollywood and politics have on fatherlessness. Get on The 21 Convention VIP list https://the21convention.org Make Women Great Again℠ https://22convention.com Positive Videos for Men https://21university.com Support the channel: https://the21convention.org/donate Follow ADJ on Twitter https://twitter.com/beachmuscles Download our iPhone app https://apple.co/3qOhbGX Download our Android app https://bit.ly/3hGM7Vl Follow us on Spotify https://open.spotify.com/show/1kVFMU2... Follow us on Bitchute https://www.bitchute.com/21studios/ Follow us on Odysee https://odysee.com/@21:7 Follow us on Gab https://gab.com/21studios Follow us on Twitter https://twitter.com/21Convention Follow us on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/21Convention/ Follow us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/the21convention YouTube Links Subscribe to 21 Studios https://t21c.com/12YTr3X Become a channel member: https://t21c.com/21sytm Subscribe to Red Man Group: https://t21c.com/rmgsub21 Direct donation to 21 Studios https://t21c.com/donate21 Support our sponsors: https://21studios.com/sponsor Follow us: https://21studios.com/connect


19 Sep 2021

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128: Kevin Sorbo talks with Jeff Jerina on How Christians Should Respond to Cancel Culture, COVID vaccinations, and more

Men Unplugged

On this Men Unplugged podcast, I’m joined by Kevin Sorbo who’s an award winning actor, producer, director and the first repeat guest of the podcast. And I’m also honored to say that he is also one of the top Christian Leaders who has endorsed my newest book, Cut Through the Noise: 4 Steps to Joy, Peace and Freedom. Available at: https://MenUnplugged.net/Noise In my conversation with Kevin Sorbo we will be discussing a major problem that is happening in the world right now, especially America. And if you’re a Christian, there’s a very good chance that you have been victim to this ideology or you’ve known someone who has been impacted by this.  If you’re a Christian and/or you hold conservative views chances are you have encountered this ideology or have known someone who has been impacted by this. It’s the cancel culture that is sweeping the nation today. So what I wanted to do in this episode is shine some light on this issue. More specifically, to bring some encouragement, hope, and a grace filled, love filled action plan to the body of Christ. With the ultimate goal of unifying Christians (regardless of their denomination) across the globe to stand up, speak up, and remain steadfast in a loving way that honors God and honors others so our freedoms and voices are not taken away. And I can’t think of a better individual to do that, than my guest, Kevin Sorbo. Now I want to encourage you to listen to the entire episode as you’ll hear about some valuable information regarding the Coronavirus, our take on COVID vaccinations, and how to get some FREE bonus audio from Kevin Sorbo.  To learn more and pick up your own copy today, which includes FREE Bonus Audio from top leaders such as Kevin, visit https://MenUnplugged.net/Noise For the full show notes to this episode, along with links and to join the Men Unplugged community and non-censored social channels please visit: https://MenUnplugged.net/Podcast/KevinSorbo2 For direct access to the Men Unplugged community, visit: https://MenUnplugged.net/Community For social channels, visit: https://MenUnplugged.net/Connect Help us reach and impact more men for Christ by rating and reviewing this podcast on Apple Podcasts: https://MenUnplugged.net/iTunes.  If you’re planning a live or virtual event or conference, for your church, men’s group or organization I’d be honored to work with you. To learn more and book me for your next event or podcast interview, visit my speaking page at JeffJerina.com/Speaking. Key Resources: Men Unplugged Community / Social Platform without the need for social media https://MenUnplugged.net/Community Get Your Copy NOW - Cut Through the Noise: 4 Steps to Joy, Peace and Freedom.  Includes FREE Bonus Audio. Full Show Notes Here: Men Unplugged - Episode 128 show notes


13 Sep 2021

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Ep 204: Is God dead? | Kevin Sorbo

Bigger questions

A Hollywood actor reflects


14 Aug 2021