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Self-projected wisdom with Katie Dalebout

Human Design with Victoria Jane

Katie Dalebout is a 4/6 self-projected Projector, writer, podcast producer and host. She is also my go-to example of a SPP. Between authoring a book about journaling to over 300 episodes on her podcast, it’s so fun to hear her process and talk it out. We cover: Self-projected nuggets of wisdomChoosing to embody presence on a moment to moment basisNoticing and responding to negative feelingsKitchens environmentDealing with comparison in your 30’s as a 6th lineFood + our pasts w disordered eating as nonsacrals with  an open egoCreativity and being a guide ***Signups for the HD Coaching Certification are open until 9/24! This twelve-week program is perfect for anyone who wants to understand the foundations of human design to better support yourself, friends, and clients.  Connect on Instagram @victoriajane.hdGrab your Guide to Avoiding Burnout with Human DesignFollow Katie @katiedalebout on InstagramJoin the In Process membership for gentle, creative community

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13 Sep 2021

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Journaling As A Tool For Growth & Cultivating Deeper Friendships with Katie Dalebout

Beyond The Goals

In episode #33, I am talking to Katie Dalebout about using journaling as a tool for growth and cultivating friendships that supports better emotional health.  Katie Dalebout is a writer, blogger, speaker, and podcaster. Her weekly interview show that began in 2013 now has over 300 episodes with 4 million downloads. In 2019 she started Spiraling, a co-hosted show about mental health. She now runs an online workshop from creatives called: In-Process, leads an online course for independent podcasters, and writes weekly newsletter. Katie also wrote a book on journaling, Let it Out: A Journey Through Journaling. Katie has also struggled with body image issues and eating disorders, but through the awareness and acceptance she found through journaling, she has cultivated a happier, healthier life for herself.   Resources mentioned in the episode- Katie Dalebout's Website - https://www.katiedalebout.com Follow Katie on Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/katiedalebout/ Other useful resources by Katie - https://www.katiedalebout.com/links Article mentioned during the episode - https://www.theatlantic.com/family/archive/2021/04/deep-friendships-aristotle/618529/ To know more, visit -  https://www.kratimehra.com/journaling-growth-deeper-friendships/


30 Jun 2021

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Herzschmerz, Flucht nach Berlin, Neues Glück in LA! Podcast Star Katie Dalebout erzählt über ihr aufregendes 2020.

Du und Ich in LA

Wer Lust auf einen fröhlichen Frauenklatsch hat, ist bei uns heute genau richtig, denn es wird viel gelacht - mit der amerikanischen Podcasterin und Buchautorin Katie Dalebout. Die 30jährige hat 2020 ein großes Abenteuer gewagt und ist von New York über Europa und andere emotionale Umwege in unserer Stadt Los Angeles gelandet. Eigentlich hat sie das einer gescheiterten Beziehung zu verdanken, also reden wir natürlich auch über die Liebe und den immer mal wiederkehrenden, fuuurchtbaren Herzschmerz. Katie spricht außerdem darüber, wie es war zwei Wochen vor der Pandemie in eine komplett fremde Stadt zu ziehen, wie sie es geschafft hat in dieser verrückten Zeit Freundschaften zu schließen und was sie über ihre neue, hippe LA Neighborhood Highland Park denkt. Katie´s Podcast "Let It Out", in dem sie mit ihren Gästen schöne und schwierige Stories über das Leben teilt, hat bereits über 4 Millionen Downloads. Sie bietet Workshops für kreative Köpfe an oder die, die es werden möchten und hat uns auch einige herzliche Ratschläge mitgebracht.www.katiedalebout.com


7 Feb 2021

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Ep. #191: Feeding Creativity, Storytelling, and Writing with Katie Dalebout

Living Open | Modern Magick and Spirituality for Mystics and Seekers

Katie Dalebout is a writer and podcaster, and the founder of let it out, a community for sharing *soft stories*, the tender tales that connect us. Her book let it out (Hay House in 2016) is an interactive guide to journaling. She runs a journaling based creative clinic and leads an online workshop for independent podcasters. In this episode, Eryn and Katie talk about her relationship with creativity in this moment, being fed creatively, the power of sharing stories, navigating heartbreak & what heartbreak has been opening up for her, growing through the comfortable things not just the hard things, newness & novelty, patterns of hardening through heartbreak, feeling your feelings as being a more alive way of being, how writing helps process feelings, and not putting all the pressure on ourselves to take action as soon as we know what we need to know. Blog for this episode: www.living-open.com/blog/katie-dalebout Join Eryn's sliding scale Patreon to access self-healing practices including breathwork meditations, rituals, embodiment practices, spells, practices for working with the moon, meditations, and more. Download a free healing meditation for ex-religious folks. Connect with Katie on her website and the Let It Out website for her writing kits, podcast & more.


2 Nov 2020

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Cultivating Resilience with Katie Dalebout

Celebrate Cultivate

Katie is a writer, podcaster, and founder of Let It Out, a community for sharing soft stories. Join us for a conversation about identity, creativity, and resilience. Katie talks about what happened when she let go of all her normal routines and rituals this year… and how a cross-country move was exactly what she needed. → Access show notes and links here: https://www.kaileenelise.com/podcast/katie-dalebout


29 Oct 2020

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Episode 097: Holistic Spaces & Let It Out, a Feng Shui Consultation for Katie Dalebout

Holistic Spaces | the feng shui podcast by Mindful Design

There’s still time to register for our Mindful Design School class of spring 2021!The Holistic Spaces podcast is now on YouTube!If you have specific feng shui questions and want one-on-one guidance with us, check out our monthly live class, Practical Feng Shui. Or hire Laura, Anjie, or one of our students for a consultation.For help laying the feng shui bagua map n your home, download our free bagua kit.Make sure you’re following us on Instagram for feng shui tips and giveaways (and to see Laura on future IG lives!!)Be sure to visit the Mindful Design Feng Shui page to learn more about enhancing your feng shui knowledge through our courses. You can also take a look at our blog posts on feng shui basics.If you have feng shui questions, please send them my way at info@holisticspaces.com, and we'll do our best to answer them all in our Q&A Sunday series.Don't forget to also visit the Holistic Spaces Patreon page to support the podcast!

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26 Oct 2020

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Katie Dalebout is a writer and podcaster. She is the Author of the book "Let It Out: A Journey Through Journaling", host of the podcast "Let It Out with Katie Dalebout", co-host of the podcast "Spiralling" and is often referred to as "The guru of journaling"https://www.katiedalebout.com/ https://letitouttt.com/Instagram: @katiedalebout@letitouttt@the.podcast.kit

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22 Sep 2020

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Cultivating Creativity (with Katie Dalebout)

Hello BeYouTiful

In today's episode Samatha speaks with writer, podcaster & 'life artist' Katie Dalebout. Katie share her story of how she embarked on the creative path and they dive into the rollercoaster journey of the life of an artist. Learn how to cultivate more creativity, the difference between masculine/feminine energy (being/doing) and  how to trust the timing of life.  Katie also wrote a book about this called: Let It Out: A Journey Through Journaling.  You should check it out! **In the previous episode,  Samantha  shares how she took a big leap for love (with a one way ticket to a paradise island). Tune in to find out where she and her partner in crime, Simon Bensaidy went. After 6 months of being separated by the border find out why they are social distancing under the same roof. (Just when you think the story couldn't get more dramatic, it did)**Connect with Samantha Ruberto: Website: www.samantharuberto.com Instagram: @hellobeyoutifulpodcast Instagram: @samantharuberto Join Hello BeYOUtiful's Community: https://www.facebook.com/groups/hellobeyoutifulpodcast Connect with Katie Dalebout Website: https://www.katiedalebout.com/ Instagram:  @katiedalebout


17 Sep 2020

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Habits, Routines & What Makes Us Creative and Connected with Katie Dalebout

Indecisively Decisive

In this episode we also talk about:How Katie got her start in podcasting and landed where she is todayHuman Design and how we both thrive as ProjectorsHow she copes with anxiety and what she’s learned about it through her podcastHow to navigate feeling like a “master of none” as a highly creative personMore about her newest podcast and what she’s grateful for these daysPaying attention to what we spend the most time doing effortlesslyThe importance behind human connection especially in relation to creativityKatie’s thoughts behind working full-time while building something on the sideKnowing when it’s time to start outsourcing personal projectsThe advice she’d give to her younger self Katie Dalebout WebsiteInstagram: @katiedalebout  // @letitoutttPodcasts: Let It Out // SpiralingKits: kits home // write kit // let [a podcast] out  // get 20% off using code JESS20 at checkout! Lastly, be sure to connect with Jess on Instagram @jessameltzer and to subscribe, rate and review the show on iTunes if you haven’t already! New episodes released every other Tuesday. 

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25 Aug 2020

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34. Opening Up About Anxiety | with Katie Dalebout

Healing Hormones

I used to struggle with chronic anxiety, and a few years ago everything in my life began to snowball. I knew there was something going on with my body but I couldn’t pinpoint it. It was this point in my life where I became curious about my hormone health and, five years later, I’m now coaching women who experience those same struggles. That makes today’s discussion with Katie Dalebout about anxiety really special.Katie is a writer, podcaster, and founder of Let It Out, a community built around sharing “soft stories.” Her book “Let It Out” is an interactive guide for journaling, which is a fantastic way of getting in touch with the body. Her podcast Spiraling is all about having candid conversations around anxiety. We get into what anxiety feels like in your body, how it affects your life, and some of the ways we can learn to be okay with our anxiety.We Chat About:Understanding anxiety and identifying it in yourselfLearning from our low pointsAllowing ourselves to feel our feelingsThe power of sharing your storiesBeing self-awareSitting with yourselfBeing okay with not knowing what’s going to happenResources:Learn more: katiedalebout.comInstagram: instagram.com/katiedaleboutTwitter: twitter.com/katiedaleboutListen: spiralingpodcast.comListen: letitouttt.com/podcastsRead “Let It Out”"Everyone Feels This Way" by Josh RadnorConnect With Me:FREE WORKBOOK - How to Intuitively Connect to Your Menstrual CycleLearn more about the Heal Your Period online programBook a Reiki SessionBook a Tarot ReadingPrivate Hormone CoachingLet’s be friends on Instagram: @nourishedwithninaHealing Hormones is a production of Crate Media


1 Jun 2020