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With a Side of Chaos - Rick Emerson

With a Side of Chaos Podcast

The man who made inspired Patricio to begin podcasting is BACK! Rick from Entering the Black Hole sits down with Aaron and Patricio to shoot the shit like never before. Rick is always in control... but not tonight. The Third Mics have control of the board and it will be a shit storm.Welcome to the Chaos... We're Sorry.

1hr 17mins

22 Apr 2021

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Funemployment Radio

Today: Hello friends, sorry for the delay - we had some technical issues and we weren't able to get our audio for our Wednesday show until now! Here it is (so this in numbering is after yesterdays' show, but in reality it was the day before that? This is confusing) :) Have a great day!


5 Feb 2021

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Table Talk: Episode 35: Back to the Black Hole with Rick Emerson

Table Talk

This week on Table Talk, the guys welcome back to the table, host of the ‘Entering the Black Hole’ podcast, Mr. Rick Emerson. The three discuss the passing of Chadwick Boseman aka Black Panther of the MCU. Rest In Peace and Wakanda Forever! Cancer is a bitch and should never happen to anyone. HHN is not going on this year, but the tribute store is in full effect. They had a particular item that caught Mike’s eye. What was it and did he obtain it?? Listen and find out. For ‘Who Buys This’ Mike finds some crazy weird items and one of them is none too appetizing and Patty-O brings a story straight from Wekiva Island for ‘Pat Chats’. All this and more. The Table is open...let’s talk. Brought to you by MÜV Medical Cannabis Dispenseries. Join the MÜVment today for the quality of life that you deserve! Check out their website at http://www.altmedflorida.com/shop

1hr 44mins

31 Aug 2020

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Funemployment Radio

Today: We've had some sad news over the past couple of days so we addressed that on the show, Sarah watched a terrible movie that was surprisingly not a Lifetime movie, and our buddy Rick Emerson joined us to talk all things Marisa Tomei, Baboon Hearts, Paul McCartney and the Beatles, the new normal, and more - as always, he's awesome :) Thanks for listening and talk to you tomorrow! 


13 Apr 2020

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Funemployment Radio

Today: We were joined by our dear friend Rick Emerson! We talked all things apocalypse, being on the front lines, books we are reading and listening to, Stephen King (a lot), Rick's fuzzy quarantine buddies and more - it's a good talk! Have a great afternoon all, talk to you tomorrow! :)

1hr 10mins

6 Apr 2020

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Table Talk: Episode 20: Ringing in 2020 with Rick Emerson

Table Talk

HAPPY NEW YEAR and Happy 2020. On this episode of Table Talk the guys ring in the new year with the host of the "Entering the Black Hole" podcast, Mr. Rick Emerson. Mike introduces a new segment called "Who Buys This?" and this first one is interesting. The guys then talk chili and what went down at The 2020 Crime Line Chili Cook Off. Questions get answered: What chilis were there? Why was Carlos Navarro dressed as 'Scar Face'? Why the hell was Rick and Anthony's chili so damn hot?! AND.....what happened to Patty-O's pot?...cooking pot. Tanner brings a new segment to the table that he calls "Tanner's Territory" and we learn some cool things happening at disney. Things get a little spooky when the guys talk about the "Fort Fritz" podcast and night terrors. Welcome to our first show of 2020 and congratulations if you survived 2019. The Table is open...Let's Talk*This Episode contains Explicit content*Brought to you by MÜV Medical Cannabis Dispensaries. Join the MÜVment today and get back the quality of life that you deserve! Check them out at http://www.altmedflorida.com/shop

1hr 38mins

16 Jan 2020

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Funemployment Radio

Today: It's Rick Emerson Day! We talked about all things and everything, and I totally messed up the intro but we plowed along and it's SUCH an amazing show and we hope you enjoy it! Have a great rest of your day!

1hr 5mins

9 Jan 2020

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episode 219 – group sex, the redneck look, driving too fast, 9 inch wieners, podcasting & entering the black hole – a conversation with rick emerson

scotch and "GOOD" conversation

RICK EMERSON from ENTERING THE BLACK HOLE WITH RICK & ANTHONY drinks with me. there’s a lot of penis talk… besides penises, we talk about: an “i never do pills but…” moment gone very wrong. dropping a micro pig & getting arrested. taking threesomes for granted. 52 year old men have no business in tree […]

1hr 37mins

12 Dec 2019