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Ep.153 The Barbell Physio with Zach Long


On this episode Alex talks with Physio, Strength and conditioning coach and revolutionary within the health and fitness industry. They dive into positives and negatives of the current mindset around rehabilitation, functional fitness and strength and conditioning. I hope you enjoy this as much as we did!


25 Aug 2021

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The Key Components to Improving Human Movement with Dr. Zach Long

PT Profit Podcast

Coaches, I always strive to bring you the best guests along with interesting and helpful topics for your businesses, and I've gotta spoil my upcoming lineup a bit: it's incredible. The fitness required for and neuroscience behind dance. The strength and empowerment of fitness for the pole. An extraordinary guest that talks to me about active aging. I am so excited to share what I've already recorded and the guests I have lined up. Today I have the pleasure and the privilege of sharing this interview that I conducted at the end of July with Dr. Zach Long. Like me, Zach is interested in and excited by preventative physical therapy and treatments. He operates a highly respected and trusted company and resource for other trainers and clinicians, and truly, it's a privilege having him on this podcast. In this episode, we dive into the key components of human movement and how he helps disciplined athletes. He also shares some tips on how to get quality sleep and what gadgets and apps he uses to track his clients performance while at the same time helping them to avoid injury. Zach and I dive into topics such as:- The importance of getting quality sleep.- How he assesses his clients virtually.- Heart Rate Variability (HRV). About Today's Guest Dr. Zach Long is a physical therapist in Charlotte, North Carolina and runs an industry leading fitness website called The Barbell Physio where he is a trusted resource to thousands of athletes, coaches, and health care professionals across the United States and beyond. Additionally, Zach teaches with the Institute of Clinical Excellence in their “Fitness Athlete” division where he helps medical professionals better understand the needs of CrossFitters, power lifters, and weightlifters.  Zach is a Board Certified Sports Certified Specialist, Level One CrossFit Trainer, NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist, and certified SFMA practitioner.  The Barbell PhysioDr. Zach Long on InstagramThe Barbell Physio on FacebookThe Barbell Physio on YouTube Join my Facebook community! Are you a new fitness entrepreneur looking to attract clients? Maybe you're looking to dial in your messaging? Or perhaps you're experienced and looking to scale your business? Head on over to Facebook, and request access to my Online Marketing for Fitness Professionals group. Post an introduction about yourself, ask some questions, or let us celebrate your wins with you. BSimpsonFitness Links Simple Selling LIVE - A free 3-part live training designed to help personal trainers, physical therapists, and other health & wellness professionals generate revenue online without resorting to sleazy sales tactics. The training begins on September 15th. Register now! Beverley Simpson's PT Profit Formula & PT Profit Formula Plus - A complete step-by-step process to create a sales system inside your business so that you can fill your client schedule and sell out your products without sleazy sales. Beverley Simpson: PT Profit Formula on Facebook Online Marketing for Fitness Professionals Facebook Group @bsimpsonfitness on Instagram @bsimpsonfitness on TikTok Contact Beverley Do you follow Beverley on Facebook or Instagram yet? What are you waiting for? Head over to Beverley Simpson: PT Profit Formula on Facebook and to @bsimpsonfitness on Instagram, and follow her and her team for additional daily content.


19 Aug 2021

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Episode #10: Kobe Bryant and the Mamba Mentality with guest Zach Long

Today in the NBA

Zach Long joins Patrick on this week's episode to discuss the importance of Kobe Bryant, his lasting legacy and why his career is so divisive, and why he is the most important player of the 21st Century in the NBA to date.

1hr 9mins

22 Oct 2020

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#107 Zach Long

Strength Chat

It was an absolute pleasure to have this guy as a guest for this weeks Strength Chat. In this episode I spoke with a physical therapist providing a trusted resource through The Barbell Physio, Zach Long. Having followed Zach’s work for such a long time, it was great to have the opportunity to pick his brains. We chatted about bulletproof programming and training to help reduce the risk of injury in sports that can have a wide variety of movements, such as CrossFit. You can follow Zach via the following links; Instagram: @thebarbellphysio Website:  https://thebarbellphysio.com/ You can follow myself, Coach Cuthbert, via the following links; Instagram: @coach_cuthbert Facebook: Coach Cuthbert Training Systems Website: http://www.coachcuthbert.co.uk/ JOIN THE NEWSLETTER:  https://forms.gle/cNRo6b37mqiQPQ8M7 COMPLETE ONLINE COACHING: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1Q00Am67pl65nswCMsxyPwhJWCpeXvkigk3aAhVXfSYQ/edit 2 WEEK HOME WORKOUT PLAN: https://app.fitr.training/plan/2040 8 WEEK FAT LOSS BOOTCAMP: https://app.fitr.training/plan/1846


20 Mar 2020

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Let's Get Physical | Dr. Zach Long

Health Coach Radio

Today we welcome Dr. Zach Long to Health Coach Radio.  Zach is a Physical Therapist out of Charlotte, NC who runs an industry-leading fitness website, The Barbell Physio, where he is a trusted resource to thousands of athletes, coaches and healthcare professionals across the United States and beyond.  Zach also teaches for the Institute for Clinical Excellence in their Clinical Management of the Athlete division.  In this episode, we discuss communicating to clients in a language they understand, recycling content for your online business, the biggest thing he sees missed with athletes in his practice and how your vision should help drive the decisions you make in your business.  We really learned a lot about what fitness, movement, and mobility coaches need to know to get their clients functioning well.  If you are interested in the physical side of health coaching, this episode is for you! To learn how to become a health coach or to up-level your skills and credentials as a health coach, visit primalhealthcoach.com.

1hr 5mins

15 Nov 2019

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Dr. Zach Long - BFP Classic

Better Faster Podcast

Dr. Zach Long (@thebarbellphysio) is a physical therapist and CrossFit coach located in Charlotte, NC. He attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where he majored in exercise and sport science, and East Carolina University, where he earned his doctorate in physical therapy. He specializes in improving athletic performance and injury rehab of athletes from Olympians to weekend warriors. Zach is also an instructor for the institute of Clinical Excellence (@icephysio) where he teaches Clinical Management of the Fitness Athlete, he writes for CrossFit HQ, and he is an instructor for Stronger Experts (@strongerexperts), an online platform where 20 of the world's best S&C experts put out weekly content. In this episode we discuss: Zach's mission and philosophy What drives him to push the profession of physical therapy forward Zach's work in the continuing education worlds both in PT and S&C The importance of coaching in the clinical setting Blood flow restriction therapy (BFR) and more... Helpful Links: Zach's Website TheBarbellPhysio.com Stronger Experts TheBarbellPhysio.com/stronger Where to find us: (@betterfasterpodcast) Vertex Performance Training (@vptstrength) vertexpt.com (@vertexpt) Josh Jeffery (@joshjeffery5) Brandon Vaughn (@bvthept)Support the show (http://paypal.me/betterfasterpod)


23 May 2019

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What is "Tendinitis" and How to Fix it! with Dr. Zach Long, "The Barbell Physio"

Back on Track Fitness Podcast

Episode 21: What is "Tendinitis" and How to Fix it! with Dr. Zach Long, "The Barbell Physio" We delve into common causes of tendinitis, how to prevent it and how to fix it!  Dr. Zach Long is an expert in weight lifting and training athletes, and has been instrumental in the evolution of providing PT to weightlifters. For more information or to contact Dr. Zach Long, please visit https://thebarbellphysio.com. Dr. Cameron Dennis hosted this episode but focuses professionally on training runners and running injuries.  For more information or to contact Dr. Cameron Dennis, please visit https://backontracktherapy.com.


7 May 2019

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#31: The Barbell Physio: Dr. Zach Long

The Die Healthier Podcast

We spoke with Dr. Long on several areas, including movement analysis, posture, the role of strength training in the recovery process, and the current and future states of the physical therapy and chiropractic professions.  You can learn more about what Dr. Long does on his website  https://thebarbellphysio.com/ on facebook and on instagram @thebarbellphysio as always you can connect with us Scot Gubbels on twitter @gubsco and on instagram @scottyg17 and  Daniel Flahie on twitter and instagram @danielflahie Please take a moment to rate and review, it means a lot and goes along way to spreading our podcast to other people. 


3 Apr 2019

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Strength in Rehab with Zach Long, DPT, SCS

The Alinea Coaches Podcast

This week’s episode is the of the #MusingsTour2018 episodes! It ended in Charlotte, NC, with Zach Long. Zach is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and creator of The Barbell Physio. He’s a teacher, lecturer, lifter, and fantastic host! William got the change to hangout with him in the clinic for a day followed by a lifting session in the unprecedented Barbell Physio garage. We hope you enjoy!Check out @thebarbellphysio on Instagram and Facebook, or www.thebarbellphysio.com for more content!For questions, comments, concerns, or collaboration, contact us at:info@thealineacollective.com

1hr 2mins

28 Oct 2018

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Episode #5 - Treating the Fitness Athlete with Dr. Zach Long aka The Barbell Physio

High Impact Health Podcast

On this latest episode of the High Impact Health Podcast, I have with me the top Fitness Athlete Physical Therapist in the country, Dr. Zach Long, AKA The Barbell Physio. He is a mentor of mine and on this episode drops knowledge bombs all over the place! We discuss treating the fitness athletes, getting experience over credentials, and why you NEED to work on your squat mobility! Want to check out more of Dr. Zach's content? Interested in increasing your squat mobility and performance? Check below!Master the Squat Program: http://bit.ly/masterthesquatWebsite: https://thebarbellphysio.com/Facebook Business Page: http://bit.ly/BBPHYSIOFBInstagram: http://bit.ly/bbphysio--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/high-impact-health-podcast/support


5 Sep 2018