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Following Your Passion in 3D Printing with Greg Paulsen

Manufacturing Happy Hour

Greg Paulsen is the Director of Application Engineering at Xometry, offering industry-leading manufacturing and 3D printing on demand. While we can’t help but highlight Greg’s experience as a wine educator back in his college days, today, he leads the Application Engineering team at Xometry as an advanced manufacturing expert and 3D printing evangelist.In this episode, we talk about the inner workings of 3D printing and additive manufacturing. Greg is so passionate about his role in the 3D printing universe that it is sure to inspire you to follow your own passion in your career. Greg also shares some actionable tips to help advance your career before he debunks some of the biggest myths around 3D printing and lets us in on a few industry secrets. Finally, we wrap up the conversation with a discussion focused on Greg’s second passion – good wine and good company. In this episode, find out:How Greg adapted a unique perspective of 3D additive manufacturing Greg reveals how he got started in the wine industry How Greg went from working in wine education to his current role as Director of Application Engineering at XometryGreg debunks two common myths around 3D printingHow prototyping is like “going from an analog to a digital camera” Why Greg is so passionate about 3D printing Greg shares some great career tips and advice to help you get your dream jobHow manufacturing and real production as the new 3D printing frontier can scale in terms of customer acceptance, cosmetics, cost, output, etc.How the aerospace industry accumulates an amazing ROI The ROI benefits of adopting metal additive manufacturing in aerospaceGreg reveals what comes first – CAD or 3D printingWe wrap up our conversation with some wine recommendations, and Greg shares a simplified description of what Xometry doesEnjoying the show? Please leave us a review here. Even one sentence helps. It’s feedback from Manufacturing All-Stars like you that keeps us going!Tweetable Quotes:“Someone who's a fantastic communicator, who can also learn a technical expertise, is a jewel.” – Greg Paulsen“Manufacturing and real production is the new 3D printing frontier.” – Greg Paulsen“In 3D printing, you can put different features together in a way that you couldn't naturally combine.” – Greg PaulsenLinks & mentions:Xometry’s websiteGreg’s LinkedInGreg’s TwitterSteamChain.ioMake sure to visit http://manufacturinghappyhour.com for detailed show notes and a full list of resources mentioned in this episode. Stay Innovative, Stay Thirsty.


26 Jan 2021

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The Service & Hospitality Industry, HP 3D Printing, & Xometry – Greg Paulsen

Being an Engineer

Greg tells us about his eclectic background as he tries to “figure out what he wants to be when he grows up”. Starting off with an education in the service and hospitality industry, and coupled with a degree in science and technology, and finally topped off with a minor in chinese business studies, Greg navigated his way through government intelligence research, wineries, and manufacturing, ultimately landing at Xometry where he is the Director of Application Engineering. Pipeline Design & Engineering partners with medical device engineering teams who need turnkey equipment such as cycle test machines, custom test fixtures, or automation equipment but don’t have the bandwidth or resources internally to develop that equipment. You can find us on the web at www.testfixturedesign.com and www.designtheproduct.com 


16 Aug 2020

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It’s a 3D World – Greg Paulsen, Director of Applications Engineering at Xometry – Innovations in Manufacturing Processes for Increased Efficiency and Quality

Finding Genius Podcast

Greg Paulsen, the Director of Applications Engineering at Xometry (xometry.com), discusses on-demand manufacturing services, materials, trends, and 3D printing processes. Podcast Points: How is 3D printing changing the way we manufacture products? Current trends in manufacturing Can 3D printing utilize all kinds of materials, or just plastics and metals? As the leader of the Applications Engineering team, Paulsen handles special projects pertaining to material selection, design-for-manufacturing, and technical engineering resources as well. The team at Xometry is heavily involved in pushing technology, communication, and integration, and helping clients to improve their manufacturing supply line.  Paulsen provides an overview of Xometry, and how they help to make manufacturing easier. Xometry has been innovating in the space for years, and has assisted the established manufacturing industry through the introduction of AI (artificial intelligence) and machine learning, just to name a few of the areas they excel in. Paulsen talks about 3D printing technologies in detail. From metals to plastics to composites, the world of 3D printing is expanding and has evolved many times since its introduction in the mid 80s. He discusses the goals of Xometry and their approach to additive technologies, and the maturity of the tech innovations.  Paulsen explains molds used in traditional manufacturing versus what new technologies such as 3D printing can do to eliminate a lot of set up work and costs. It’s an accessible technology that can be distributed to localized manufacturing sources, which improves efficiency. Continuing, Paulsen discusses materials in detail, and the processes and post-processes in parts and products manufacturing. He talks about resin-based printers and the finishes that they can deliver versus how robust they are in terms of structure and engineering.  The manufacturing efficiency expert continues his discussion by discussing software options in the 3D printing and manufacturing arena, the evolution of the industry, and what’s on the horizon.


18 Feb 2020

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Manufacturing Miracles – Greg Paulsen, Director of Applications Engineering at Xometry – On-Demand Manufacturing Services and the Importance of New Tech Innovations to Increase Efficiency

Finding Genius Podcast

Greg Paulsen, Director of Applications Engineering at Xometry (xometry.com), discusses the work they do at Xometry, including an overview of on-demand manufacturing services. Paulsen heads the Applications Engineering team that is responsible for handling special case projects that demand specialized attention to material selection, design-for-manufacturing, and technical engineering resources as well. Paulsen discusses Xometry, and how they came to their company’s name. He provides an overview of what they do—making manufacturing easier. He discusses how they have sought to revolutionize the established manufacturing industry by introducing AI (artificial intelligence) and machine learning. Their system allows customers to procure parts in one location, yet still take advantage of the talents of thousands of people in a gigantic manufacturing network. He discusses sourcing of parts, technical data packages, communications, and the entire process from start to finish as manufacturers bring all the necessary elements together. But the system is slow, and thus Xometry enhances the entire chain so manufacturers can get pricing quotes and information more efficiently and faster.  Paulsen discusses customized manufacturing and set up costs, and as he states, there is a need for high level specification but quantities needed are not as high. He explains how Xometry can help customers find the right suppliers who can meet these specialized needs. Continuing, Paulsen talks about quantities needed, touching on the processes in 3D printing and how improvements can speed up manufacturing times. Paulsen goes on to discuss the feedback customers can get right away after they input their data, and manufacturing/parts needs. As Paulsen states, they seek to create a ‘knowledge nucleus’ for clients and customers, so they can make all sorts of important decisions that will bring multiple, more efficient technologies to their manufacturing process.  Wrapping up, the manufacturing expert details how their solutions help customers to streamline their process for manufacturing. He discusses their typical and atypical clients, and he provides further information on raw goods, milling, and prototypes. In this podcast: 3D printing uses in manufacturing What methods can manufacturers use to speed up their manufacturing times? How can AI make manufacturing more efficient?


22 Jan 2020

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The Future Of 3D Printing By Xometry’s Own Greg Paulsen

3D Printing Podcast

http://3dprintingpodcast.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/Paulsen-future-of-3d-printing.m4a Listen to Greg Paulsen of Xometry speak about his view of the future of 3D Printing! What is in store for us 3D Printing enthusiasts?

26 Dec 2019

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Ep. 61 – Xometry’s Greg Paulsen on Facilitating a Manufacturing Network


Scroll down to listen to the podcast. Today’s podcast centers around a company that provides capacity for machining firms that lack resources to meet clients’ needs. Our guest is Greg Paulsen, Director of Application Engineering for Xometry. Xometry provides manufacturing on demand using an artificially intelligent quoting system and a manufacturing partner network of over […]The post Ep. 61 – Xometry’s Greg Paulsen on Facilitating a Manufacturing Network first appeared on Today’s Machining World.


15 Nov 2019

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MEP EP#197: Designing in Color – Greg Paulsen on 3D Printing

MacroFab Engineering Podcast

MEP EP#197: Designing in Color – Greg Paulsen on 3D PrintingEpisode 200 is Coming Up! Question / Answer setup like Episode 100 Send them via Audio Format to podcast@macrofab.com Greg Paulsen The leader of the Application Engineering team at Xometry an online instant quoting platform for custom manufacturing projects, which utilize a professional network of thousands of manufacturers His background is in applied additive manufacturing, having experience as an engineer, running machines, and ultimately using the parts Was last on the podcast for episode 181 where we talked Xometry, Pizza, and digital manufacturing 3D Printing as a Service What is 3D printing, what makes it different from CNC, molding? Specifications for 3D printing How does the designer give the specifications/tolerance? Screws: 3d printing threads, self tappers, inserts Does and don'ts of designing stuff for 3D printing 3D printing in scale - how do you scale up? The pros and cons of running your own 3D printer versus say using a service to order things


6 Nov 2019

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Twelve way to make a Prototype with Xometry – Greg Paulsen– Ep71

The Engineering Entrepreneur Podcast

Twelve way to make a Prototype with Xometry – Greg Paulsen– Ep71 Greg Paulsen is the Director of Application Engineering at Xometry. He is an expert in helping determine the best-fit manufacturing process for customer projects and discussing design-for-manufacturing for over 12 different manufacturing technologies from precision machining to 3D printing Xometry is a manufacturing marketplace that provides instant pricing, lead times, and manufacturability feedback for custom parts in real-time through its website. In our discussion, we go into the specifics of many of these processes, like Direct Laser Metal Sintering (DLMS), 3D printing SLA elastomers, FDM printing, Carbon 3D printing, HP Multijet fusion, and urethane casting. We also discuss the business side of Xometry and how they use the same concept as Uber: utilize capacity of people and business who have the machines to make prototypes. Greg’s number one tip: If a manufacturer does provide feedback, it’s not a critique of the part. They just want to make the best part they can for you. Contact info: www.Xometry.com support@xometry.com Email: gpaulsen@xometry.com The Engineering Entrepreneur Podcast is produced by Scott Tarcy, President of CADdesignhelp.com. You can reach me at info@caddesignhelp.com Follow me on Twitter/Instagram @caddesignhelp This week’s show is sponsored by Gusto Everyone loves payday, especially engineers. But loving a payroll provider? That’s a little weird. Still, small businesses across the country love running payroll with Gusto. Gusto automatically files and pays your taxes, it’s super easy to use, and you can add benefits and HR support to help take care of your engineering team and keep your business safe. It’s loyal, it’s modern — you might fall in love yourself.  Listeners get three months free when they run their first payroll. Try a demo and test it out at gusto.com/ee. That’s gusto.com/ee This week’s show is Sponsored by: Average Joe’s Financial Coaching. Leading small business owners and employees to financial success!  Average Joe’s Financial Independence teaches people how to correctly manage their money. Over 80% of people live paycheck to paycheck and Average Joe’s can help change that. People who have their finances under control are more productive at work and at home! Whether you are struggling to pay of debt or just trying to control your income , contact Average Joe’s today! They also work with Small Business owners to increase profit margins by assessing their expenses. Their  coaching is virtual and can be done right from the comfort of your home! Please contact them today at 805-419-9777 for a FREE consultation. That’s Average Joe’s Financial Independence @ 805-419-9777 Helping you take control of your money!! Today’s show is sponsored by BricsCAD Attention computer aided design software users! – are you tired of expensive subscriptions and constantly increasing prices? There is an alternative to high subscription pricing. It’s called BricsCAD. It’s innovative, fast and native DWG. It’s totally compatible with what you know, and it’s available in a permanent, lifetime license. If you know AutoCAD, you know BricsCAD. Try it for free for 30 days at bricsys.com, then buy a lifetime license for less.


27 Aug 2019

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Greg Paulsen, Xometry

Manufacturing Tomorrow

Greg Paulsen is director of Applications Engineering at Xometry, an innovative industrial engineering company that specializes in CNC machining, sheet metal fabrication, 3D printing, urethane casting, and injection molding services. They offer a 24/7 online quoting platform and a network of partner manufacturing facilities. Greg has also directed Xometry’s molding and new manufacturing technologies, applications engineering, the project engineering group and served as business development manager. Prior to Xometry, Greg worked as a project engineer at Prototype Productions. He earned his master’s degree in Integrated Science and Technology at James Madison University.


26 Aug 2019

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MEP EP#181: Greg Paulsen: Pizza is the Way to an Engineer's Heart

MacroFab Engineering Podcast

MEP EP#181: Greg Paulsen: Pizza is the Way to an Engineer's HeartGreg Paulsen The leader of the Application Engineering team at Xometry Xometry is an online instant quoting platform for custom manufacturing projects, which utilize a professional network of thousands of manufacturers Greg’s team handles special case projects that require attention to material selection, design-for-manufacturing, and technical engineering resources Plays a vital role in vetting new technologies and materials to add to Xometry's manufacturing portfolio Background is in product development using rapid prototyping, focusing on the various applications of industrial 3D printing and advanced manufacturing Digital Manufacturing Uploading and interpreting customer’s files Can uploading to the cloud replace drawings? Drawings contain so much information that is necessary Is it too easy to just dump in a 3d model and not worry about the rest? Experienced vs Newbie customers - What kind of resources exist for both? Assemblies Tolerances and Stackup Breaking tradition How is “digital manufacturing” replacing the more traditional customer/manufacturer relationships? Approvals and certifications? Inspections and reports? If a customer wishes to do a walk through or receive specific factory information is that available? The Network of Partners How to handle capability? Quality? Lead times? Visit our Public Slack Channel and join the conversation in between episodes!

1hr 11mins

17 Jul 2019