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160 | Creating Sister Brands with Stephanie Clarke, Dahlia Press & Chloe Clarke Paper

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Splitting your company into two sister brands is not for everyone. However, it could be an option for you if you are finding yourself with very different product offerings (and a discrepancy in exactly who you're targeting). That was the case for today’s guest, Stephanie Clarke.  Some of you might remember Stephanie as she’s been on the podcast before. If you need a refresher, make sure to go back and listen to Episode 21 where we talked about how she’s built her team and her packaging solutions. Stephanie is the founder of two sister brands, Dahlia Press and Chloe Clarke Paper. Dahlia Press is her wholesale and direct to consumer business and her new brand, Chloe Clarke Paper was created for custom work such as wedding invitations and branding projects. In this episode, you’ll get to hear her story of what inspired her to split her company into two different brands. This has been a great move for Stephanie both personally and professionally and she shares how it’s improved the quality of her life and business.  Stephanie gives us insight into what she did to make this dream a reality including who she leaned on for support during this transition and the things she did to make it go as smoothly as possible. If this is something you’ve been considering for your business, you’ll want to listen closely as she shares her advice on moving forward with this transition. ON TODAY’S EPISODE: How Stephanie’s business model has changed over the past year How separating the brands has helped to smooth processes of marketing, communication and more Stephanie’s decision of deciding to split the brands How her decision has improved her quality of life and the ways the business runs Her reasoning behind the naming of her businesses What tactics and messaging she used for her rollout The timeline of creating the sister brand, Chloe Clarke Paper What kind of help Stephanie hired to make this vision a reality The things she did early on to make this transition seamless What tools she uses for her social media strategy Her advice for someone who is considering making a similar transition What’s in the works for Dahlia Press and Chloe Clarke Paper For full show notes and resources, head to bit.ly/PTPEp160 Small Wins Lead to Big Wins Building a business is a long game, won with patience, fortitude, intentional decisions and passion.​ ​​Slow sustainable growth is how strong businesses are built and we want to help you get there. ​Join Proof to Product Labs, our new community experience OPEN NOW! SUBSCRIBE To subscribe on iOS, go to the iTunes page and subscribe to Proof to Product. On Android, you can listen using your favorite podcast app.  WRITE A REVIEW Writing a review on iTunes will help other product based business owners find Proof to Product as they are working to up level, scale, and build profitable and sustainable companies. FOLLOW PROOF TO PRODUCT Follow Proof to Product on Instagram for the latest updates. JOIN OUR EMAIL LIST If you'd like to receive more information about our upcoming episodes of Proof to Product including show notes and information about our guests, head over to www.prooftoproduct.com and sign up for our email list.   SHARE Be sure to share Proof to Product with all of the product based business owners that you know!  ABOUT PROOF TO PRODUCT: Proof to Product is hosted by Katie Hunt. Since 2011, Proof to Product has worked with thousands of product based businesses to help them up level, scale, and build profitable sustainable companies. You can find our show notes and additional resources at ProofToProduct.com. If you like what you heard today, please head over to Apple Podcast to leave a five star review and subscribe. Thanks so much for listening. We'll be back next week with a new episode!


30 Jun 2020

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Episode 109 (Stephanie Clarke, Chloe Clarke, The Art of Paper)

Get to Know Your Wedding Pro®

Hear from Stephanie Clarke, owner of Chloe Clarke, The Art of Paper. “Chloe Clarke is a boutique design and letterpress studio that specializes in artisan event stationery. We strive to create works of art that reflect your love story and define your vision for your wedding day in a sophisticated and intentional manner. Exquisitely handcrafted, Chloe Clarke is proud to serve couples in our home base of the Pacific Northwest, as well as throughout the United States and internationally.” www.bestmadeweddingvideos.com


24 Jun 2020

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Chloe Clarke, remarkable artist, true global trotter, and a beautiful raw nerve.

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I didn't mean to make Chloe cry but it did happen on this podcast. She's still the best. The music has been removed for licensing reasons but if youd like to hear the full show, go to www.theeeye.tv. --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/jon-savage/support


3 Jun 2020