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Episode 225: Farryn Weiner - Leaning Into The Challenge of Seeking Happiness and Success

Why Not Now? with Amy Jo Martin

This week we're diving into the Why Not Now? archives and revisiting Amy Jo's conversation with Farryn Weiner. Farryn is an award-winning marketer and the founder of Farrynheight. Her resume includes Forbes 30 Under 30 recognition, and senior positions with Sweetgreen and Michael Kors.  At first glance, Farryn seemingly has it all: creative chops and leadership positions with high-profile companies. But Amy Jo and Farryn have a frank and honest conversation about balancing success while also seeking happiness.  In this episode, Amy Jo Martin and Farryn talk about the 3 decision-making filters Farryn uses in everything she does. Farryn also shares how she built her company from scratch, starting out with $2000 and using her apartment as her office. Follow Farryn: Instagram To learn more about monday dot com, and for a free trial, click here. Learn more about the Renegade Accelerator Get Amy Jo’s newsletter. Join the Why Not Now? Private Facebook Group. Follow Amy Jo… Facebook Twitter Why Not Now? Instagram Buy Amy Jo's Book


16 Jan 2021

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33. Farryn Weiner | Farrynheight (branding and marketing SWAT team)

The Founder

Farryn Weiner is the Founder & CEO of Farrynheight. Farryn spent the last 15 years mastering her craft as a storyteller through a variety of creative fields. After graduating from NYU film school, she spent time at different magazines and tech companies before ultimately landing at jetsetter.com and formally entering the world of marketing. When she worked at Jetsetter, social media was emerging as a game-changing portal for two-way brand communication and she was fascinated by the power it gave brands to own their narrative and talk directly to their customers. She then went on to work in marketing roles at Michael Kors and most recently, Sweetgreen, helping expand their footprint nationwide. Along the way she had countless conversations with founders and VCs and understood a common deprioritization of marketing & branding in the early days of a start-up. She knew from her experience how critical it was to build this foundation and wanted to create a bad ass team of marketers who could fill that gap. That’s how Farrynheight was born.Today at Farrynheight, Farryn runs a brand strategy and marketing SWAT team. Their sweet spot is to work with early stage startups to help them launch or relaunch their brands. The team is unique in that they are incredibly selective about the clients they work with, serving as an extension of the core team and completely replacing the marketing function in some cases. Their mix of all-star women enables them to seamlessly zoom in and zoom out, helping founders understand the high-level strategy behind building a powerful brand as well as the tactical steps needed to execute on that brand vision day to day. To date, they’ve worked with companies like Reformation, Bandier, Highline Wellness, Monument, Scent Bird and more.Tune in to hear Farryn's story!EPISODE TOPICS: (2:43) Farrynheight snapshot today(4:35) Background and founding story(7:36) Building brand strategy - approach(10:45) Building brand strategy - tactics(14:03) Staying a great brand for decades(16:58) Scaling a service business(22:18) People-light businesses(24:03) Marketing strategy - tactics(27:41) Favorite brand campaigns(31:28) Future of DTC(36:11) What hasn't worked well in building Farrynheight?(42:33) Transparency(46:33) Balancing ambition and happiness(51:16) What drives you?(53:15) Farryn's wellness stack(59:37) Farryn's startup manifestoFarrynheight - farrynheight.comFollow Farryn (@jetsetfarryn) on Instagram // TwitterFollow Farrynheight (@farrynheight) on Instagram // TwitterFarryn's content and learning recommendations The Founder - www.thefounderpod.com Follow The Founder (@founderpodcast) on Instagram // LinkedIn // Twitter // NewsletterFollow Kallaway on Instagram // Twitter Don't have time to listen to the full episode? Read the 5-minute version here

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1 Dec 2020

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Seeking clarity, brand building and living in alignment with Farryn Weiner 

Active Ingredient Podcast

Farryn Weiner is an award-winning brand architect and founder of Farrynheight, a new-age brand marketing agency and she is also the host of the Farrynheight podcast. Prior to building Farrynheight, she was the Vice President of Marketing and Brand Innovation at sweetgreen, before that she was the Senior Global Director of Digital, Social and Creative Communications at Michael Kors Worldwide where she oversaw integrated editorial, digital and social media strategy and has held several previous impressive titles. On today’s episode we get into Farryn’s career journey and how all of her previous roles led her to starting Farrynheight, the intersection of life and work and how building a brand is really similar to building a life, finding the courage to always follow what you’re in alignment with and letting go of things that aren't even if that disappoints people, living in the pursuit of clarity and lastly, we get into the importance of creating a filter of what matters most to you and how this will ultimately help you take decisive next steps. Find Farryn's Personal Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/jetsetfarryn/Find The Farrynheight Podcast: https://www.farrynheight.com/podcastFind Farrynheight's Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/farrynheight/Find Sophie's Personal Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/sophieiweill/

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16 Nov 2020

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Emotional Success: How to Leverage Your Unique Values Like the World’s Best Brands do with Farryn Weiner

Messy & Magnificent with Karlee Fain

There’s an outdated notion that there are different versions of ourselves: one that goes to work and one that has a personal life. However, in today’s business world, that mindset will hold you back from experiencing fulfillment and authenticity in your work and life. You were never meant to fit into a box. So far, corporate culture has not been able to contain the expansiveness of a woman fully showing up at work – but now this is changing. There’s never been a better time to be so fully yourself as a brand and business. In this episode, Karlee interviews Farryn Weiner, who is an experienced, award-winning brand marketer that, at her core, prioritizes telling the true and unique stories of her clients and their company. Farryn sheds light on what it means to truly show up authentically at work and how this leads to emotional success and lasting fulfillment. She also shares the wisdom she’s gained as a first-time entrepreneur, how she manages her time and energy, and why emotional intelligence is key to success in business now. Tune in to learn how you can bring your full authentic self into your business and tap into a rich sense of fulfillment along the way. Some Questions Karlee Asks: What called you to work in branding? (7:41)What caused you to decide to launch your own company were worked in-house for huge brands already? (14:09)What went through your head when you felt called to entrepreneurship? (19:59)What helped you follow through when you felt like you were floundering as a new entrepreneur? (29:16)How have you seen the pandemic change the level of authenticity and vulnerability in business? (37:37)Where does a person begin their branding journey? (42:15)In This Episode, You Will Learn: Why there’s never been a time to be authentically yourself in business. (10:28)How Farryn learned to look at her decisions through a filter and set boundaries accordingly. (15:32)Why focusing on what you “want” versus what you “do” spends extra energy. (20:26)How feeling a lack of fulfillment shows up in work. (22:35)The biggest learning Farryn’s had as an entrepreneur. (33:47)Why emotional intelligence is the number one skill to bring to business. (37:48)How emotional success and vulnerability lead to experiencing fulfillment. (48:08)Connect with Farryn Weiner: *NEW* The Farryn Height Podcast WebsiteLinkedInInstagramResources Mentioned In This Episode: Reclaiming Time Studio: Karlee’s Private Group for Women That Run Their Own Business Who Are Done With Burnout See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


10 Aug 2020

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Episode 174: Farryn Weiner - Leaning Into The Challenge of Seeking Happiness and Success

Why Not Now? with Amy Jo Martin

Farryn Weiner is on the show this week. Farryn is an award-winning marketer and the founder of Farrynheight. In this episode, Amy Jo Martin and Farryn talk about the 3 decision-making filters she uses in everything she does. Farryn also shares how she built her company from scratch, starting out with $2000 and using her apartment as her office. Follow Farryn: https://www.instagram.com/jetsetfarryn/?hl=en Get Amy Jo’s newsletter: https://amyjomartin.activehosted.com/f/21 Join the Why Not Now? Private Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/whynotnowpodcast/ Follow Amy Jo… FB: http://www.facebook.com/amyjomartin Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/amyjomartin Why Not Now? Insta: http://www.instagram.com/whynotnow Buy Amy Jo’s Book: https://amyjomartin.shop/collections/frontpage/products/renegades


15 Feb 2020