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Otherlab Founder Saul Griffith

Watt It Takes

In this episode: Emily’s conversation with Saul Griffith, the founder and chief scientist at Otherlab. Otherlab is an R&D incubator and accelerator that helps pair startups in robotics and renewable energy with government labs and corporate investors. It has partnered with NASA, the Navy, the Department of Energy, Google, Facebook, GE and Ford to help build and fund projects in energy, automation, and robotics in service of 100% decarbonization.Saul has a PhD in materials science and information theory. He’s co-founded over a dozen companies. This conversation was recorded in February, 2020 in front of a live audience at Powerhouse’s headquarters in Oakland, CA. It was our last in-person recording before the pandemic.This podcast is brought to you by DLA Piper, a full-service global law firm that works with leading technology companies and their investors to meet all their legal needs. It’s also brought to you by AES, a fortune-500 company helping organizations transition to new, smarter and cleaner solutions. AES is working toward a world that is 100% carbon-free.Powerhouse partners with leading corporations and investors to help them lead the next century of clean technology innovation. Our fund, Powerhouse Ventures, invests in founding teams building innovative software to rapidly transform our global energy and mobility systems. You can learn more about Powerhouse at https://www.powerhouse.fund/

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6 Apr 2021

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#31: Saul Griffith & Climate Change - Why aren't we more mad about it?

Life on Planet A

Heidi spoke with Saul Griffith this week and had a great chat about life, climate change, hydrogen and some of the work Saul has done throughout this career. It was a pleasure speaking with him and this is one of my favourite chats so far. A bit of background on Saul, he is an inventor and entrepreneur but was trained as an engineer.  He received his Ph.D. at MIT in the junction between materials science and information theory. Prior to MIT,  he  studied in Sydney, Australia and at UC Berkeley in metallurgical engineering. He  founded and co-founded numerous technology companies based in the Bay Area. These include Treau, Sunfolding, Roam Robotics, Fablight, Wattzon, Canvas Construction, Makani Power (acquired by Google), Instructables.com (acquired by Autodesk), Squid Labs, Howtoons, Optiopia, and Potenco.Currently, he is  Founder and Chief Scientist at Otherlab, an independent R&D lab that helps government agencies and Fortune 500 companies understand energy infrastructure and build transformational technologies that bring us closer to 100% decarbonization.Thank you for all the work you do Saul!


20 Feb 2021

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Ending Climate Change with Saul Griffith

Factually! with Adam Conover

We often frame the fight against climate change as one of endless sacrifice. But the truth is, the real solutions to climate change would both save money and make our lives better. Scientist, inventor, and energy expert Saul Griffith joins Adam to walk us through why electric power is more efficient, powerful, and affordable long-term; how the “scarcity mentality” is a flawed way to view fighting climate change; and how a “wartime mobilization” to electrify our society would both fight the COVID economic slump as well as combat climate change. Saul Griffith's book Rewiring America is available wherever books are sold.

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17 Feb 2021

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Episode 16: Saul Griffith on how Tackling Climate Change Will Make our Lives Better

3 Righteous Mamas

Joining us this week is engineer and inventor Saul Griffith. He's the founder and Chief Scientist at Otherlab, an independent R&D lab, and helps government agencies and Fortune 500 companies understand energy infrastructure and deep decarbonization. Griffith has been a principal investigator and project lead on federally funded research projects for agencies like NASA, and defense advance research projects agency, also known as DARPA, and has also started numerous tech companies acquired by the likes of Google and Autodesk. He was awarded the MacArthur Genius Award and is the founder the Rewiring America.

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4 Feb 2021

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Episode 4: Saul Griffith

Mother Earth Podcast

“If we committed to the Green New Deal with the vervor that we did for World War Two, we could do this in about a decade.”  Saul Griffith. The Green New Deal is easier than we think! This week on the Mother Earth Podcast, we hear from America’s leading energy expert, entrepreneur and inventor, Saul Griffith, who sits down with host Matt Pawa for an in-depth conversation on the Green New Deal. Saul has a powerful message: the Green New Deal is not only possible, it will provide enormous benefits to our economy and society.  Saul is the CEO and founder of Otherlab. He and his Otherlab colleagues undertook a  comprehensive study of the U.S. energy system under contract from none other than the U.S. Government. Their results show that just by electrifying most of our energy system, we can reduce our energy usage by over fifty percent! In our conversation with Saul, he leads us step-by-step through the electrification-decarbonization process; and he explains how we can produce the electricity we need to heat and cool our homes, power our cars and run our businesses with clean, green renewable energy.  Saul also describes how implementing a Green New Deal will not only mitigate the climate crisis, it will reduce air and water pollution, save us money on our energy bills, create millions of good new jobs, eliminate billions of dollars in healthcare costs, and rejuvenate our economy for decades to come by putting our people back to work building the wind turbines, solar panels, and other green technologies that we need here at home and can sell to the rest of the world. This is the roadmap to the Green New Deal that we’ve been waiting for and we get to experience it firsthand as we ride shotgun with Saul on this podcast road trip. But Saul has gone way beyond a technocratic analysis. He is a student of history and explains how America rose up to meet this kind of a massive challenge once before. Saul reminds us of America’s greatness when it built the “Arsenal of Democracy” -- the tanks, jeeps, airplanes, and armaments that saved the world from fascim in World War Two. America turned its industrial system on a dime to produce the Arsenal of Democracy and can do so now to save the world from the climate crisis. Saul goes further still and reminds us of America’s role in devising financing mechanisms in the 20th Century, like the 30 year mortgage and the car loan, that serve as templates for how we can affordably retool our homes, offices and factories now to run on renewable energy. Saul may have grown up in Australia, but he seriously loves America. Saul is working on a book on the Green New Deal and placing it in the historical context of America repeatedly rising up to meet great challenges. Listeners who tune in to this episode of the Mother Earth Podcast will be rewarded with a sneak preview of the ideas in this important book from one of American’s leading green thinkers as well as a stirring call to action for America to once again rise to its greatness. For People and Planet, thank you for listening.

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25 Jun 2020

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S3E3 — Saul Griffith: Otherlab, Engineering for Good & the Future of Private Research Labs

The Edge

Plus Ashley Swartz discusses engineering soft robots at Roam RoboticsIn this third episode of The Edge podcast, we sit down with engineer, inventor, and founder of Otherlab Saul Griffith to learn more about the research and ethos driving this independent, San Francisco-based R&D lab. Otherlab is home to a number of interesting initiatives and startups like Kestrel Materials, which we learned about in episode one of this season. It’s also where Bantam Tools — formerly Other Machine Co — got its start! More info and show notes at bantamtools.com/theedge


3 Sep 2019

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Ep 20: Saul Griffith, Founder of Otherlab

My Climate Journey

Today’s guest is Saul Griffith, the founder of Otherlab. Saul is a prolific inventor and entrepreneur but was trained as an engineer. He received his Ph.D. at MIT in the junction between materials science and information theory. Prior to MIT, Saul studied in Sydney, Australia and at UC Berkeley in metallurgical engineering. Since graduating in 2004 he has started numerous technology companies based in the Bay Area including Makani Power 2007-acquired by Google, Instructables 2006-acquired by Autodesk and Squid Labs 2004-2007. Saul has been awarded numerous awards for invention and was named a MacArthur Fellow in 2007. Saul holds multiple patents and patents pending in textiles, optics, nanotechnology, energy production, manufacturing and smart geometry. Otherlab is an independent research & design lab that pairs creativity & rigor to innovations in sustainable energy and robotics. In this episode we discuss: Saul’s childhood experiences that led him to care about the environment and his interest in engineering and robotics, which resulted in his unique views on how to approach the problem of climate change The type of work Saul and his team are doing at Otherlab, including process, projects, success criteria, and how they partner with orgs like ARPA-E and the government The role and importance of hydrocarbon companies in the climate issue, and Saul’s unique idea for how to mobilize them effectively Saul’s idea for a new financial product focused on enabling home electrification for individual families The evolving role of Silicon Valley Saul’s thoughts on climate math and the future I hope you enjoy the show! You can find me on twitter @jjacobs22 or @mcjpod and via email at info@myclimatejourney.co, where I encourage you to share feedback on episodes and/or suggestions for guests/topics you'd like to see covered in the future. Links for topics discussed in this episode: Saul Griffith’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/saulgriffith Otherlab: https://otherlab.com/ Otherlab Twitter: https://twitter.com/otherlab James Hansen: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_Hansen Sunfolding: https://www.sunfolding.com/


18 Jul 2019

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145: Saul Griffith

Cool Tools

Our guest this week is Saul Griffith. Saul is a compulsive user of tools, he works across disciplines with a focus of making tools and technologies that help us solve climate change. Consequently, he ends up doing thermodynamics, precision machine design, and robotics on a daily basis.For show notes visit: https://kk.org/cooltools/saul-griffith-inventor


19 Oct 2018

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Saul Griffith: Infrastructure and Climate Change

Long Now: Seminars About Long-term Thinking

So far we are trying to deal with climate change at the wrong time scale. A really deep problem cannot be solved by shallow innovations, no matter how clever. The scale of climate change requires thinking and acting in multi-decade terms at the level of infrastructure—personal as well as societal. Get it right, and “the result can be like living in a beautifully managed garden.”Saul Griffith is an inventor and meta-inventor, currently founder of Otherlabs in San Francisco (devising such things as soft robotics, soft exoskeletons, cheap solar tracking, and conformable gas tanks.) He is a MacArthur Fellow and frequent TED dazzler. His 02009 SALT talk on Climate Change Recalculated is the most viewed video in our twelve-year series.See our blog for updates on tickets and other media; tickets will go on sale one month before the Seminar.

1hr 41mins

22 Sep 2015

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Saul Griffith, Emily Levine: Long Conversation 3 of 19

Long Now: Seminars About Long-term Thinking

Long Conversation, an epic relay of one-to-one conversations among some of the Bay Area's most interesting minds, took place over 6 hours in San Francisco on Saturday October 16, 02010. Interpreting the Long Conversation in real time was a data visualization performance by Sosolimited; an art and technology studio out of M.I.T.Long Conversation was presented with a live performance of 1,000 minutes of composer Jem Finer's Longplayer.


16 Oct 2010