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The Hotrod Kid Podcast

Once again, Mike Wagner is the owner of Cornfield Customs based out of Milford Ohio. We had him on episode #9 over video chat and the audio quality was very poor. This is take II but this time live, in person, on the Bonneville Salt Flats. This was a much better episode and I highly encourage you to give it a listen, especially if we lost you part way through the last one! Noah: @the_hotrod_kidMike: @cornfieldcustoms

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12 Aug 2021

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#9 - Mike Wagner: Concentrating Solar Power

Illuminating Science

Dr. Mike Wagner is an associate professor of mechanical engineering at the University of Wisconsin Madison.  His work focuses on the optimization of renewable energy production, in particular from concentrating solar plants, in order to maximize efficiency and profitability of those systems.  We talk about how concentrating solar plants work and what advantages they offer when compared to other renewables like wind or photovoltaics.  We also discuss grid frequency and stability and how the increasing presence of variable renewable power sources is creating challenges in terms of maintaining grid frequency and stability.  

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29 Jun 2021

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Mike Wagner (Cornfield Customs) Ep. 9

The Hotrod Kid Podcast

Mike Wagner is the owner of Cornfield Customs, based out of Milford Ohio. He specializes in metal shaping and fabrication on hotrods, customs, and more recently European vehicles. I had a great time talking with him about building his business and how he constantly strives to be a better craftsman.   Noah: @the_hotrod_kidMike: @cornfieldcustoms


1 Apr 2021

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Marketing Interviews~ Mike Wagner~ Blue Marsh Insurance

Taps and Tees

BYou might be surprised to find out that a breweriesy havehas more risks and exposure than a typical restaurant or bar. What’s more surprising is that your insurance policy might not know the difference…and then you’re stuck with a large batch of contaminated beer and nothing to sell. Coverage should protect your brewery and the beer. Don’t lose money on the craft you love from unique circumstances even your insurance agent couldn’t predict.  In this episode, Mike Wagner, a brewery insurance expert, reveals the biggest mistakes a brewer makes in buying insurance today and how to protect your craft from unique financial losses tomorrow.  Show highlights include: Why breweries are overlooked in the world of business insurance - and the coverage that instantly saves you money. (0:22) The best time to purchase coverage and what your policy needs tofor preserveing the brewing process and your equipment today. (6:15) The questions to ask an insurance agent that will protect your brewery and land the best price possible. (9:34) What COVID-19 reveals about insurance policies and protecting your craft from future risks. (13:48) If you enjoyed today’s show, make sure you head on over to www.tapsandtees.info and download your free report of ‘No BS,’ game-changing marketing tips and strategies that show you how to blow up your brand online.


31 Mar 2021

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Mike Wagner

Perception Reception with Advanceman Rick Jasculca

Joint Force Headquarters National Capitol Region / Military District of Washington. Bet you can't say that five times fast.  On today's episode, Rick sits down with Mike Wagner, Chief of National Events Planning for the JFHQ-NCR/MDW to talk about the important role they play in support of our nation's most historic events - including Presidential Inaugurals and state funerals, just to name a few.  Listen in as Mike breaks down the how the many pieces come together to bring these events to life - their meaning for America's current and former leaders - and the nation as a whole. 


25 Feb 2021

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059: Little Deals, Big Profits in Self-Storage with Mike Wagner

Make Money, Make Sense in Real Estate with Danté Belmonte

Ever wish you could travel the country in an RV for 6 months of the year with your family? While Mike Wagner doesn't have to worry thanks to sell storage, he is able to do just that or whatever he wants! Mike is the founder of "The Storage Rebellion" an educational platform on all things self-storage. Mike is a seasoned and full time self-storage investors and we get to sit down with him today to see what has led him to his success and his amazing mindset to accomplish what he has. To learn more about or connect with Mike visit thestoragerebellion.com We hope you were able to take some value away from todays episode. To learn more or connect with Danté or DJ visit victorycapgroup.com


25 Feb 2021

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#133 Mike Wagner | Why Self Storage Investing Is So Profitable!!

Pave The Way Podcast with Greg Helbeck

Hi everyone! Welcome back to Pave The Way Podcast!  We have another great episode today with our guest, Mike Wagner who is a self storage expert. Today, we will talk about... how he got started in real estate. why he decided to make the jump from residential investor to self storage. What's in storage that interests him. What are the benefits of self storage and why is it profitable?  To contact Mike, www.storagerebel.com


27 Jan 2021

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The Neurochemistry of Connection & Creativity with Mike Wagner

Front Row Dads | Family Men with Businesses

Are you running on the neuroscience of love and connection, or fear and reactivity? For many, fear and reactivity are driving your actions more than we realize. In this show, we’re going to address how to fix this and lead from a centered and controlled energy. Mike Wagner has been on a path to evolve as a father. He’s a member of the Front Row Dads Brotherhood, and is going to share his personal experiences taking a deep dive into his own emotions, and how they used to run his life, and how he shifted into the driver seat. A bit of context… Mike had trained to be a physical therapist, but felt like something was off. He then made a transition into real estate investing, with a focus on self-storage. His successes have allowed him to explore personal development, focus on his family, and explore the country. In short, he lives what he calls a life of awesomeness. He also recently worked extensively with Dr. Danny Friedland to better understand how top performers use mindfulness combined with neuroscience to turn their feelings of stress, burnout, and unhappiness into incredible leadership. In this show, we have an honest conversation about learning to love ourselves, working through the rough patches, and what we can do to ensure we’re living in alignment with our deepest values. PS: In honor of Dr. Danny’s life and his work, we’re going to be giving away several copies of his book, Leading Well Within. To claim yours, simply leave me an honest review of the Front Row Dads podcast, mention either Mike Wagner or Dr. Danny, and take a screenshot. Send it to rachel@frontrowdads.com, and I’ll personally send you a copy! Show Highlights How understanding the intersection of neuroscience and mindfulness makes us better leaders How to recover when you lose your $hit at home A step you can take right now to better understand what happens when you get triggered The connection of Maslow's hierarchy of needs and the evolved father How Mike structures his day for optimal performance How mindfulness allows us to redefine and reframe strife and pull out of a downward spiral Why focusing just on the money stops us from personal development Mike’s personal story of how he freed up his time to focus on personal growth Big Questions Asked Are we running on the neurochemistry of love and creativity, or of fear and reactivity? What can we do to work through feelings of discontent or self-loathing? What is the value in thinking about death? What does It mean to be 'triggered' and how can we manage those emotions? Why does it sometimes feel like our life, no matter how awesome it is, is not good enough? What are we really asking for when we say we need someone to do something? How can we implement mindfulness into our daily practice? Get the Full Show Notes Want access to the full show notes, including links to all resources mentioned during today's conversation? Visit FrontRowDads.com/259 Want to learn more about Front Row Dads? We are in the business of building better families. While most dads would say that family matters most, the challenge is they feel guilty knowing their careers get the best of them, and their family seems to get the rest of them. We help Dads become family men with businesses, not businessmen who have families, so they can thrive personally AND professionally. Subscribe to the Front Row Dad podcast to learn about fatherhood, marriage and how to level up your game at home, or if you’re ready for the best coaching and true brothers to grow with, Join The Brotherhood! Are you getting all the shows? Subscribe today! Want to leave a review? THANK YOU! http://FrontRowDads.com/review


21 Jan 2021

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Host Sean Beyer is grilled by fellow podcaster Mike Wagner

National Day Riff - Sketch Comedy Podcast

Okay, so Sean isn't really grilled by Mike, from The Mike Wagner Show, they actually have a nice chat, Mike plays a few clips, and Sean gives exciting insight about National Day Riff, National Riff Day, his past film projects, and gazes into the future with a blank stare. ©2021 Eye Scream Films & Media www.NationalDayRiff.com Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram Help us make more National Day Riffs by giving us a 5-Star Review, Subscribing, and Sharing on Social Media. Want a quick fix of even more National Day Riff with pictures and stuff? Check out them Micro-Dose videos on our YouTube Channel. Sponsored by: The Mike Wagner Show http://themikewagnershow.com Mike Wagner is a 30+ year broadcast veteran interviewing guests from celebrities, actors, singers, writers, to the most interesting people today! #sketchcomedy #sketch #comedy #mikewagner #themikewagnershow #interview #behindthescenes


12 Jan 2021

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Fcr247 Interview Of Mike Wagner

Fcr247 Interviews

Mike Wagner Is The host Of The Mike Wagner Show 


19 Oct 2020