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Off The Record -Kathy Williams

Off The Record with T.H. Williams

In this episode, my mom tells her story of living with Lewy body dementia. 


29 Jan 2021

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Kathy Williams, Hamilton County Clerk

Podcasts by Larry Lannan

Hamilton County Clerk Kathy Williams talks about preparations for the November 3rd 2020 general election


21 Sep 2020

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Black Mental Matters Ep 32 "Lemons to Lemonade" with Kathy Williams

Black Mental Matters

This episode we talk with Mrs H. Kathy Williams, a wife, mother, and advocate for saving lives. After the tragic loss of her son, she dedicated herself to helping communities understand depression and come to grips with the tragedy of suicide. She refers her transformation as "Turning Lemons to Lemonade" and "Loss into Love". Together we share the mission to eliminate the stigmas and myths associated with mental health, which allows people to embrace the help that’s needed.


23 Apr 2020

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Kathy Williams - Going with the Flow

Sexy Mom Abundant Life

Kathy Williams – Going with the FlowAired Thursday, 25 July 2019, 5:00 PM EST / 2:00 PM PSTWe hear, “go with the flow” which can be great advice, or lead us in a terrible direction, depending on the circumstance! How do we know when to go with the flow? What about those times when we’d rather control? What can we do to follow our own knowing, when others flow isn’t ours? Those are the topic of today’s show?Hear show replays & get a free money rain exercise at: www.meetkathywilliams.com


26 Jul 2019

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Kathy Williams with Sierra Sotheby's Realty

Nevada Real Estate Radio

Join us in this episode with guests Cheri Hill and Kathy Williams! Their conversation with Peter Padilla ranges from real estate, housing price updates and advice for anyone looking to start a business.https://www.sothebysrealty.com/eng/associate/180-a-df190206171110839466/kathy-williams https://www.cherihillshow.com https://www.nevadarealestateradio.comOriginal Airdate- 06/20/2019


21 Jun 2019

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Kathy Williams - Expanding Your Capacity to Receive

Sexy Mom Abundant Life

Kathy Williams – Expanding Your Capacity to ReceiveAired Thursday, 14 March 2019, 5:00 PM EST / 2:00 PM PSTMoney, Love, free time, abundance… How much do you receive, and how much do you block? Have you limited what you can receive, how much, and from whom? Would life be different if you opened the floodgates & allowed it all in? Let’s explore the messages we’ve received around receiving – and do a receiving exercise that I use every day because it’s extremely impactful.And you’re invited for an online class – 5 days of Energetic Exercises for Receiving starting March 20th. Find it at: www.meetkathywilliams.com/upcomingWould you like to enjoy the meditations and exercises from Sexy Mom Abundant Life? Sign up for our newsletter and we’ll send them to your inbox. Head to www.meetkathywilliams.com/radio to sign up.For more info: www.meetkathywilliams.com


15 Mar 2019

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Being and Harmonizing with Abundance ~ Guest Kathy Williams

Musical Magic with Elfy Jo

Musical Magic with Elfy Jo Radio Show Are you living in harmony with abundance? Or is the abundance you truly desire not showing up? Making just a few adjustments might just bring you what you know is possible, but haven’t been able to create. Let’s harmonize and attune to abundance. Kathy Williams is the creator of Radical Abundance, and the Radical Abundance free challenge. She is an expert in helping people create lives beyond their wildest imaginings. Kathy lives on the island of Maui and travels the world coaching & facilitating classes. Find her at www.meetkathywilliams.com and join the Radical Abundance free challenge at www.meetKathywilliams.com/abundance  elfyjo.magic@gmail.com ~ More about Musical Magic with Elfy Jo ~  Do you enjoy music? Is music something you enjoy rocking to in your car or in the shower? Do you happen to play an instrument? Or are you wishing you played an instrument? Have you ever noticed that music can makes everything in your life better?Are you curious about how it can bring more ease, more joy and more possibilities in to your life, body and play? On Musical Magic with Elfy Jo she explores the magic that music truly is and can be for you as well. Come play and enjoy a whole new world of possibilities.  AND have a whole lot fun while we are at it too! Elfy Jo is a professional musician that lives and creates from South China. She played clarinet in the Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra for five years before she quit working there. She felt there was more to life than simply reproducing music and having it be a J.O.B. Through a series of classes, some Access Consciousness and a new group of magical friends Elfy was able to connect back to her creative source and authentic, bubbly self.  Making music became a joy again and now it is her mission to help others rekindle their creative fires.  As a Master of Music Elfy combines all her on stage and teaching experience with energy and magic. She is available for in person and online sessions to help you break free of any creative limitations, whether you are an amateur or a professional. Recitals, debuts, concerts and even exams can be a joy for both you and the audience! Elfy also offers intuitive musical healing, as well as BARS sessions. Website: www.elfyjo.com    Email: elfyjo.magic@gmail.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MusicalMagicwithElfyJo/ YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChuK3CeqonxZQRBFK1Uqc6w To get more of Musical Magic with Elfy Jo be sure to visit the archives page for replays of all her shows here: https://www.inspiredchoicesnetwork.com/podcast/musical-magic-elfy-jo/

19 Sep 2018

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The Living from God’s Center Program Difference with Kathy Williams and Bill O'Neil

Living from God's Center | How to Live with Confidence, Peace and Joy

They had to face themselves honestly in order to experience transformation. Rev Kathy Williams and Rev Bill O’Neil discuss their participation in the Living from God’s Center Program. They talk about why they did it, how it impacted them then and how it continues to impact them now. Starting the day with God is critical. They knew this, but the accountability provided in the program was what they needed to get and stay on track with this. Shownotes at http://surrenderinprayer.com/living-Gods-Center-Program


4 Sep 2017

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Open Mic Spotlight ~ Guest Kathy Williams

Open Mic Spotlight

Open Mic Spotlight Radio Show Open Mic Spotlight brings you today's Unique Exciting Speaker  Kathy Williams.  Kathy will be sharing her messages, ideas, creations and much more with us today! Kathy Williams, CFMW, is an Access Consciousness® Certified Facilitator, Transformational Coach, Speaker, and Yoga Therapist. She has co-author of two bestselling books, I'm Having It, and Possibilities in Parenting and now Relationships Done Easy. For over 15 years Kathy has been sharing tools and techniques to empower people to move beyond physical & emotional pain and into lives of joyous possibility.  From new businesses & careers, to raises, from meeting a partner to creating a life, Kathy is a master at helping people get what they want.  With an international client base, her clients range from the very young to individuals in their 80’s.  ​Drawing on her depth of experience using the practical, effective tools of Access Consciousness, ancient wisdom practices of breath, movement, and meditation, and mind-changing tools of NLP, Kathy brings with her not only a wealth of knowledge but also her ebullient joy, kindness and uncanny ability to zero in on the most potent tool to apply to get the greatest result. www.iotransformation.com You can also enjoy this opportunity. Your LIVE recording, Replay Links, Profile Picture, Contract information & Website information will be shared with our entire platform.  Many other opportunities also available. Contact Christine McIver at christine@inspiredchoices.ca

20 Feb 2017

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“Relationships Done Easy” Book Launch Interview with Editor, Kathy Williams

Luscious Leadership ~ with Danna Lewis

Luscious Leadership with Danna Lewis Radio Show Discover the easy in your relationship. Have you always known that something different should be possible - something different than what you've seen and relationship ever before? Join Luscious Leadership Host and Relationships Done Easy contributing author Danna Lewis with special guest Kathy Williams, editor of "Relationships Done Easy", for a talk about the inspiration behind the book, a sneak peek of creating delicious possibilities with relationships. Kathy Williams is a dynamic speaker, transformational coach, and Access Consciousness® Certified Facilitator. She has been facilitating transformation through workshops, classes & private sessions with clients all over the world for over 16 years. Kathy lives on the island of Maui and is a best selling author and the creator of Relationships Done Easy. She takes great joy in spreading consciousness on the planet! www.relationshipsdoneeasy.com danna@dannalewis.com www.dannalewis.com

13 Feb 2017