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9 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Grant Giles. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Grant Giles, often where they are interviewed.

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9 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Grant Giles. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Grant Giles, often where they are interviewed.

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072: Grant Giles

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72: Grant Giles

Brad continues to test the waters with his body, enjoying the running he can manage.Julian & Brady come down with post-Lake Biwa Fever.

Chris Rancie asks about a possible scenario for Julian and Doha World Championships launching into the discussion into the new IAAF Ranking systems factoring in for qualification time, race selection and points allocation based on performances at select meets and races.

IAAF Qualification Press Release

List of 2020 Olympic Athletics Qualification Standards

Diamond League to drop the 5000m from 2020 season onwards, replacing it with the 3000m.IAAF Press Release


Luke Mathews wins the 800m Jandakot Airport Track over Joseph Deng, Georgia Griffith edges Morgan Mitchell in the Women’s RaceAthletics Australia Report

Courtney Atkinson and Steph Auston take out 6 Foot Track MarathonResults

Matt Ramsden selected to represent Australia for the World Cross Country in Aarhus, Denmark replacing an injured Pat Tiernan.


Listener Richard asks about how the boy’s perspective on their running goals has changed over the years and Moose on the Loose sets into the post-marathon blues.

Grant Giles chats with Brady about the importance of the mental aspect performance, touching on his career as a triathlete and coach before making the transitioning to ego psychologist. In this fascinating conversation, Grant covers a variety of topics from forming and managing your belief system, anchoring yourself to the flow of the process, accepting discomfort and the dark places when you get there and what can be learnt from observing Eliud Kipchoge.

You can find out more about what Grant does with Sports Supports at sportssupports.com.au

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Mar 19 2019 · 2hr 10mins
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#077: Grant Giles on Psychology for the Awakened Athlete

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Grant Giles is obsessed with understanding what happens between an athlete’s ears.

Grant has 25+ years of experience in triathlons, starting with a 14 year career as an elite athlete. He then turned to coaching and ultimately developed some of Australia’s most successful professional triathletes.

These life experiences - together with his own struggles with anxiety - led him to become obsessed with understanding what happens between an athlete’s ears.

These days, Grant runs Sports Supports, a business that closes the gap between psychology and sport by providing mind-body coaching to athletes.

The core of his philosophy is to develop ‘awakened athletes’ which he describes in his conversation as ‘somebody who is aware that they are more than the content of their thinking and can stand apart from their thinking and can actually enquire into it; ask questions of it, analyse it, or drop it all together.’

Grant’s approach can, I think, be summarised by: “don’t believe everything you think”.

Get the full show notes for the episode here.

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Oct 07 2018 · 1hr

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Episode 20 - Grant Giles

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In this episode, I talk to Grant Giles, founder of Sports Supports and Aeromax Coaching.

Aeromax Coaching was founded in 1997 and Grant worked in both an online and local capacity with athletes of all abilities in triathlon, swimming, cycling, and running. Grant continues to work with athletes in a coaching role but his passion and expertise remains in the identification and development of young professional athletes.

In 2015, Sports Supports, a new arm of Aeromax Coaching was born. Grant helps athletes develop the mental skills required to reach their ultimate potential. Sports Supports also delivers corporate seminars and workshops, drawing on the application of elite sport into the corporate world.

In this episode we cover:

  • The story of how Grant started in coaching
  • Athletes suffering from anxiety
  • Practical tips from Grant on the relationship between psychology and performance
  • Grant’s reason for separating coaching and the psychology side of sports
  • Suggestions for psychological and mental preparation for a race
  • Grant shares his journey about studying different philosophies and modes of psychology and implementing it to what he’s doing
  • The focus of Sports Supports and how they help athletes
  • What is hypnotherapy, meditation, or calm state visualisation
  • Grant’s recommendations for quieting our minds
  • Self inquiry as a powerful mode of self development and how this relates to athletes
  • Grant’s mode of coaching
  • Subjectivity of pain as one of the key areas of webinars Grant runs for all sorts of athletes
  • Opinion of Grant on athletes pushing themselves beyond their threshold


Sports Supports Website

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Sports Supports Instagram

Grant Giles LinkedIn

Aeromax Coaching LinkedIn

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Sep 13 2018 · 26mins
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FB #257 - The Mind Trap - Grant Giles

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Once again I have my buddy and phenomenal coach Grant Giles on the podcast. I love Grant's writing and musing that is developed not through theory (sure he's spent the time reading, being open and learning) but mostly through his only personal journey into this mental world. What's first is uncomfortable then opens space and quietens the noise. We are only just scratching the surface to what the mind can do for us. 


  • The illusions of Fear
  • Judgment and how we are not our thoughts
  • Acceptance & non-resistance
  • Energy
  • Being a victim 
  • Creating mind space
  • Mental toughness
  • Thought traps, spirals of negativity and how to stop it
  • Responsibility
  • Getting rid of the mind suffering and anxiety we place on ourselves
  • And so much more that leads us to perform better

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Gold Coast  16th June 18- http://www.sportssupports.com.au/gold-coast-workshop/   Sydney  14th July 18- http://www.sportssupports.com.au/sydney-workshop/

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Apr 13 2018 · 1hr 8mins

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#108: Race on Instinct (Avoid Over Thinking) with Grant Giles

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I've known Grant through mutual friends for a quite a while. He is a Triathlon coach and to me, he is one of the best coaches that teaches and coaches a lot base on Mindset, Intuitiveness, and Beliefs. In the podcast, we talked about a lot of different topics from How to Change your Structured Beliefs, the methods and the questions that he asks his athletes in order to get them to change their beliefs. We also tackled overplanning races and how many people are too guarded and protective with the races that they do and following that plan to a tee can sometimes work against them as opposed for them. We talked about mindfulness and how you are better off focusing on the process in order to get in to flow.

Feb 22 2018 · 1hr 11mins
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FB #200 - Grant Giles

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For our 200th episode, we are joined by mental-master and coach, Grant Giles. We have featured Grant on the show before, and today he brings insights into understating and managing the ego, taking responsibility, and the dangers of comparison. This is a not-to-be-missed episode!

In today’s episode, we discuss:
  • Finding acceptance 
  • Being the right 'slave'
  • Fighting intuition 
  • The psychology of ego
  • Avoiding the cycle 
  • The insanity of this sport 
  • Taking responsibility  
  • The coach-athlete relationship
  • The dangers of comparison
  • Understanding pace
  • The fear of winning
  • Change your thought process
  • Planning to fail



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Jan 25 2017 · 47mins
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#66: The Psychology Of Performance with Grant Giles

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In this episode, we have Level 3 triathlon coach and coach to many pros, Grant Giles. He works with a range of triathletes from Tim Van Berkel to Clayton Fettell. Grant specializes in the psychology of sports performance and how you can use mindfulness and other techniques to break through mental barriers.

If you enjoy the mental game of sport, this episode is for you!

May 10 2016 · 49mins
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FB#149 - Breaking Down Ironman Success with Grant Giles

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Today Pete and I speak with Grant Giles on the components athletes need to create their own success in Ironman racing. We also discuss Gilesy’s new project Sport Support. An area that commonly gets neglected in lieu of just training the physical but an area that undoes many an athlete.

Enjoy as we break down what it takes with Grant.

In today’s episode, we discuss:
  • We go in depth into 10 areas athletes need to cover to be successful in Ironman racing
  • The flipside of a driven personality
  • A treadmill test to see how far one can go and unshackle some limitations
  • Sport Support
  • TSS (Training Stress Score) and why it’s greatly limited.
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Sport Support






Feb 05 2016 · 1hr 13mins
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FB #90 The Mental Game with Grant Giles

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This week Pete and I decided to put in one of our TWS interviews for reasons I put in the intro. 

Both Pete and I and so many athletes got a lot out of this interview we did with Grant Giles. A key understanding is the labels we attach to ourselves and how they ultimately hurt us. 


In Today’s Episode We Cover:
  • Labelling and why you need to break the labels
  • Simple cues and calm state visualisation
  • Dealing with anxiety
  • Compassion for self and how it helps everything Improve
  • Getting out the mind and connecting with the present
Links From Today’s Show:

Grant Giles of Aeromax Coaching

Grant on Twitter

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May 09 2015 · 59mins