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Read_655 - The Legendary Treasure of Satoshi Nakamoto [Tomer Strolight]

Bitcoin Audible

"Everyone loves a good origin story. Some are true, some made-up, and some a mix of the two.The true origin story of Bitcoin’s appearance in the world is one of the most fascinating mysteries ever told. Yet these events all took place in the 21st century, a time when everything is recorded, and can be recalled, investigated — and verified." - Tomer StrolightBitcoin isn't merely a tool, but something so unique and fundamental, that it challenges widely held beliefs of the world & inspires questions that have even sparked deep personal journeys. But how could a simple computer network have such an impact on the individual? How could someone think of Bitcoin, as inspiring a spiritual awakening? Tomer bring us an exploration of how Bitcoin changes who we are and forces us to look inward for new answers to questions that so many thought answered.The Legendary Treasure of Satoshi Nakamoto - Drop some applause on the original articleCheck out our amazing sponsors and the products that Guy uses most in the space:• Stop doing fiat the sad way, and start doing it the Fold way. Gets sats back every time you dump fiat at a store, to pay your bills, everything in your fiat life pays you sats with the Fold Debit Card and FoldApp. 20% OFF with code BITCOINAUDIBLE (guyswann.com/fold)• The best place to onboard a true Bitcoiner - Stack sats automatically, withdraw automatically, and learn or get help from the best team of Bitcoiners out there with Swan Bitcoin. (swanbitcoin.com/guy)• COME HANG OUT! Join us and the Swan Bitcoin team at the Pacific Bitcoin Conference in November! Get your tickets now, 10% off with code BITOCINAUDIBLE (https://www.pacificbitcoin.com/)• Dive into the Bitcoin only wallet, the cypherpunk calculator, and a company that has built secure Bitcoin products for nearly a decade. Code BITCOINAUDIBLE gets 5% off everything in the store! (guyswann.com/coldcard) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


22 Sep 2022

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Bitcoin's Incentives Are Perfect w/ Tomer Strolight and Nico

Bitcoin Magazine Podcast

Tomer Strolight and Nico from Simply Bitcoin join the BM Live show to discuss the Ethereum merge and how it highlights the difference between Bitcoin and Ethereum architectures. Enjoy as some of the brightest minds in the space explain why Bitcoin is the chance of a lifetime.  Lower your time preference and lock-in your BITCOIN 2023 conference tickets today! Use the code BMLIVE for a 10% Discount! https://b.tc/conference/2023 Use promocode: BMLIVE for 10% off everything in our store! https://store.bitcoinmagazine.com/

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23 Aug 2022

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Bitcoin & Spiritual Terrorism with Tomer Strolight

Bitcoin, Peace, & Music with DJ Valerie B LOVE & Friends

"Bitcoin is a reverse moral trap and the ultimate anti-bait and switch"@tomer If you are interested in the more philosophical side of Bitcoin and spirituality, you will definitely enjoy Tomer and his perspective in this interview. I really appreciate Tomer's broad and deep wisdom on the intersection of history, spirituality, and of course Bitcoin.  Former digital media executive and private equity managing director, Tomer Strolight has been involved in Bitcoin since 2013 and has dedicated himself full-time to it since early 2021. He is now the Editor-in-Chief at Swan Bitcoin, a leading Bitcoin on ramp. He has also written and narrated the short Bitcoin film "Bitcoin Is Generational Wealth" (available on YouTube). "The only way to learn is to begin by admitting to yourself: "I don't know". This is also the only way to be free." @tomer Links: https://whybitcoinbook.com https://www.twitter.com/TomerStrolight https://TomerStrolight.medium.com https://Blurb.com/user/TomerStrolig https://youtu.be/3Rnqst5qCgA https://twitter.com/tomerstrolight https://bitcoinmagazine.com/authors/tomer-strolight https://www.swanbitcoin.com/signal/ 💥  SUBSCRIBE to Podcast Fountain - BEST Streaming App Apple  Spotify 🎧  DJ Mixes DJ Valerie B Love Website ✅  FOLLOW and SHARE on SOCIAL MEDIA Twitter @djvalerieblove Facebook DJ Valerie B Love Linkedin DJ Valerie B Love Instagram DJ Valerie B Love YouTube DJ Valerie B Love 💰 Coldcard 5% Discount Promo Code “CKBTC” https://store.coinkite.com/promo/PEACE


6 Aug 2022

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Tomer Strolight: Beautiful Bitcoin

The Bitcoin Matrix

In this very special and heartwarming episode Tomer Strolight returns for the third time to discuss five more of his wonderful pieces. We cover Beautiful Bitcoin, Why Bitcoin is the World's Most Inclusive Institution, Why Bitcoin is the Path to Economic Stability, Why Bitcoin is Worthy of Being Loved and Why Bitcoin is a Declaration of Peace. I specifically chose these particular pieces from Tomer's amazing catalog because I felt that we all could use some more beauty, honor, inclusiveness, optimism, wonder and wisdom during these interesting times that we now find ourselves in.  I hope that you enjoy this rip as much as I did.  SwanBitcoin is by far the easiest and most affordable way to accumulate Bitcoin with automatic recurring purchases. Just set it and forget it! Start your plan today and get $10 of free Bitcoin dropped into your account if you use my link Swanbitcoin.com/Matrix You bought a hardware wallet right? So you take your bitcoin security seriously, now go that extra step and secure it from physical disaster with a CypherWheel seed storage device.  Go to cyphersafe.io to keep your Sats Safe and use the code Matrix for 10% off your order. If you want to support the show and see us so grow so that we can continue to bring you the freshest and dopest conversations in the space, make sure to subscribe and give us a 5 star rating on your favorite podcast platform. Please tell your friends and family about the Bitcoin Matrix podcast and make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel. If you want to support the show with sats, value for value style you can now stream the Bitcoin Matrix podcast on the Fountain app.  Follow Tomer Strolight on Twitter: @TomerStrolight Free Bitcoin Book! Why Bitcoin is a collection of short essays exploring the "why" behind Bitcoin. Get it for free at https://event.swanbitcoin.com/whybitcoin/ Follow Cedric Youngelman on Twitter: @CedYoungelman Follow the Bitcoin Matrix Podcast on Twitter: @_BitcoinMatrix

1hr 30mins

26 Jun 2022

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Tomer Strolight - Deep Thoughts On Bitcoin & The Why Bitcoin Series

The Your Life! Your Terms! Show

Tomer is a unique person in the Bitcoin space. He doesn't talk much about the price, the number of users or which country will be the next to make Bitcoin a tax-free asset and money. Instead, he discusses physics, attack vectors, permissionless technology, citadels and why some wonder if Bitcoin is alien technology. On this episode of The Your Life! Your Terms! Show we discuss all of these along with the current state of society and money. You can learn more about Tomer Strolight at www.WhyBitcoinBook.com and you can follow him on Twitter @TomerStrolight

1hr 20mins

10 May 2022

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How Bitcoin Changes Your Perception w/ Tomer Strolight

Bitcoin Rapid-Fire

Tomer Strolight has become a prolific author in the bitcoin space, having written several pieces about bitcoin, bitcoiners, and the many implications of this unprecedented form of money emerging in the world.  He has recently turned his work into a beautiful short film entitled 'Bitcoin is Generational Wealth', as well as a book called 'Why Bitcoin?'  We just met each other in 'meatspace' for the first time at the Bitcoin 2022 conference, and he hit me up saying he had some more stuff which he wanted to discuss, so we put this together!   Enjoy!   --   More from Tomer:  TWITTER: https://twitter.com/TomerStrolight  MEDIUM: https://tomerstrolight.medium.com  FILM: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Rnqst5qCgABOOK: https://www.blurb.com/user/TomerStroligMore from me:TWITTER: http://bit.ly/2P7PUjAYOUTUBE: https://bit.ly/3aBbZxgMEDIUM: http://bit.ly/2Zk0DexSUBSTACK: Money MessiahIf you're in Canada and looking to buy bitcoin at competitive rates, with an emphasis on privacy and security, check out bullbitcoin.com.Once you buy bitcoin, taking custody of it is extremely important, if you want to maximize the benefit of this unique asset. The Coldcard hardware wallet is one of the most popular and trusted devices for doing just that. Visit them at Coinkite.com, to learn more about the great features of this wallet, and the other awesome products they have available for self-sovereign bitcoin enthusiasts.If you (or someone you know) need a little help with setting up your Coldcard / custody solution, visit bitcoinsupport.com to browse packages available for making sure you get set up securely and properly.If you're in the US, the best option is Swan Bitcoin. Use this link to get $10 of free bitcoin! http://bit.ly/3rvxVlA

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30 Apr 2022

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Ep 67: Metaphors & Change, with Tomer Strolight

Svetski Wake Up Podcast

FINAL WEEK to get The UnCommunist Manifesto at a discount on KickStarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/uncommunist/uncommunist-manifesto-fixing-what-the-original-got-wrong In this episode, we dive into  - Anarchy - Ayn Rand - Her ability to articulate personas - Society being a culmination of Fuck up after fuck up - An orgy of deception - Government means that the criminals go there - Somalia, and why it exists - How to deal with "the flawed man" - Stupidity, and calling it out Building strong people. The state weakens people. We need thicker skin. We must also know how to defend ourselves from the few "flawed men" Leadership: - A leader is he who places the right people in charge of the right things. - Leadership confused with charge. And we closed out with a discussion on the short story he wrote for The Bitcoin Times, entitled; "The being that changed everything" You can find that here: https://medium.com/the-bitcoin-times/the-being-that-changed-everything-a3a22a97af3b Finally we also touched on two other works of Art by Tomer: Bitcoin is generational wealth: https://youtu.be/3Rnqst5qCgA Tomer's new book: Why Bitcoin: https://whybitcoinbook.com Follow Tomer here: https://twitter.com/TomerStrolight ____________________________________ Thanks again for listening. Subscribe on YouTube, Anchor, Spotify: https://play.fountain.fm/show/KGEglVpdWo4zXQWR3X7G https://anchor.fm/wakeuppod https://www.youtube.com/c/WakeUpPod You can follow my work at: - Linktree.com/Svetski Or - Twitter @GhostOfSvetski - IG @AleksSvetski - https://svetski.medium.com - https://bitcoinmagazine.com/authors/aleksandarsvetski Check out the new book: UnCommunist.com More coming soon!


18 Apr 2022

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05 Men's group information with Tomer Strolight interview

Bitcoin Consciousness

Sama Katharo is organizing a men's group for spiritual Bitcoiners starting on 16th April 2022 and runs over 8 weeks. In this episode he breaks down the structure and content of the group and introduces himself as the coordinator. He also talks with one of his clients about how it is to work with the energy body, let go of old patterns and step into better versions of ourselves. Main invitation: https://samakatharo.substack.com/p/mens-group-for-spiritual-bitcoiners Twitter: @SamaKatharo @TomerStrolight Website over Tor: http://7enejnk4rowwioqe6ljwmsptehmmmjy2wfrlsyilzyqejc2cdcucdqqd.onion/


28 Mar 2022

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Meme Factory™ Stream Test #23 feat. Tomer Strolight, Keith Levene & The Bitcoin Mechanic

The Meme Factory™ Podcast

Tomer Strolight & The Bitcoin Mechanic join the Meme Factory™ to talk about Bitcoin, node fluid, and a host of other things. Check out our stuff 👇 mfmerch.com You can find us at 👇 memefactorytm.com twitter.com/MemeFactoryTM You can find us at 👇 https://www.memefactorytm.com https://www.twitter.com/MemeFactoryTM You can find Tomer at 👇 https://twitter.com/TomerStrolight https://tomerstrolight.medium.com/ https://www.swanbitcoin.com/ You can find The Bitcoin Mechanic at 👇 https://twitter.com/GrassFedBitcoin https://twitter.com/start9labs Visit our sponsor, Simply Bitcoin: https://www.youtube.com/simplybitcoin Visit our sponsor, Wasabi: https://twitter.com/wasabiwallet https://www.wasabiwallet.io/

1hr 41mins

6 Feb 2022

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Read_575 - Wonder if Bitcoin is Alien Technology? [Tomer Strolight]

Bitcoin Audible

“I wish people engineered things to be self-replicating, self adjusting, self-governing, and ever-lasting. But nobody has engineered anything to do even one of these, and then along comes Bitcoin and does them all” - Tomer StrolightBitcoin isn't merely a new innovation in the world of tech, its a wholly unique system that behaves so differently from everything today, the social, the engineering, and the organic systems that we are accustomed to, that one could easily find themselves wondering whether it makes more sense that Bitcoin is an alien technology. Maybe we know that it isn't, but it is certainly hard to learn about Bitcoin without once pausing to wonder...check out this piece plus tons of other great work from Tomer below:https://tomerstrolight.medium.com/why-people-wonder-if-bitcoin-is-alien-technology-f9fda5b018bMentioned in the episode for further reading/exploring:Brandon Quittem's Mycelium SeriesPart 1 - https://bitcoinaudible.com/bitcoin-is-a-decentralized-organism/Part 2 - https://anchor.fm/thecryptoconomy/episodes/CryptoQuikRead_224---Bitcoin-is-a-Social-Creature--Mycelium-Part-2-e3iq3uPart 3 - https://bitcoinaudible.com/bitcoin-is-the-antivirus/Part 4 - https://bitcoinaudible.com/bitcoin-is-a-catalyst-for-human-evolution/Bitcoin is Generational Wealthhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Rnqst5qCgAFor the best products and services to get you started in Bitcoin, our sponsors are literally a handful of those that I use most in this space:• Get Bitcoin rewards on literally everything you buy with the Fold Card (20% discount)• Buy Bitcoin automatically and painlessly with SwanBitcoin• Keep your Bitcoin keys safe on the secure, open source BitBox02 (5% discount code GUY)• Get tickets to the biggest & most exciting Bitcoin conference in the world! Bitcoin 2022 (10% discount code GUYSWANN) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


5 Nov 2021