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Managing your Mental Health BTC w/ Dawn Bradley

Secret Life of A Hairstylist

We're kicking off season 3 with none other than Dawn Bradley! If you haven't met her before, she is an educator, coach & hairstylist who has been through it all and loves to share it so no one feels alone. She was the perfect guest to bring on for this topic as we dive into how to manage your mental health behind the chair, if you have a negative client, how to not let it affect you and so much more!Make sure to click play and let us know how you liked the episode by leaving us a review!Resources:@dawnbradleyhairwww.dawnbradley.com


5 Oct 2021

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Oversharing w/ Dawn Bradley- @Dawnbradleyhair

Backroom Beauty Talks with Misty Jayne

Dawn Bradley is an educator and the host of The Anxious Creative Podcast. She is a self proclaimed awkward, anxious, lazy, oversharer and it makes for the BEST conversations!! You can find Dawn on IG @Dawnbradleyhair 

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30 Aug 2021

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Ep. 203 • Gaining Control of Your Long-Term Goals w/ Dawn Bradley

The Hair Game

We continue our conversation with Dawn Bradley @dawnbradleyhair this week and get in-depth with the strategies she has employed to combat her anxiety and achieve success. These have become the core of her education and coaching classes. This week's topics: • Review of her consultation process • Setting boundaries with clients • Pricing & the anxiety surround it • Finance and planning for your future • Her advice for young stylists • Her coaching and education classes for stylists  Have you left a review for The Hair Game Podcast yet? We have a monthly drawing to win $500 cash! To enter, just leave a review on the Apple podcasts app or iTunes. ⁣⁣Don't forget to leave your Instagram handle so we can find you!⁠ FOLLOW US http://www.instagram.com/thehairgamepodcast http://www.instagram.com/salonrepublic http://www.instagram.com/loveerictaylor http://www.facebook.com/salonrepublic

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26 Jul 2021

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Ep. 202 • Stop Trying to Please Everyone! It’s Sabotaging Your Business w/ Dawn Bradley

The Hair Game

Hairstylist, educator and business coach Dawn Bradley @dawnbradleyhair has struggled with anxiety and imposter syndrome throughout her career. In dealing with her anxiety and insecurities, she has developed effective teaching courses for hairdressing as well as business. We discuss how setting boundaries can improve your business (and happiness) behind the chair. This week's topics: • Getting her dream job at 24 and having anxiety & self-sabotage; quitting and moving back home • Avoiding unfamiliar situations and people to avoid anxiety • Moving to Calgary and building a clientele out of her basement through social media • A bad client experience that caused a major panic attack & wake-up call • Top things a hairdresser can do to improve their situation behind the chair  Have you left a review for The Hair Game Podcast yet? This week’s Pod Loot winner is getting a Roomba! To enter, just leave a review on the Apple podcasts app or iTunes. ⁣⁣Don't forget to leave your Instagram handle so we can find you!⁠ FOLLOW US http://www.instagram.com/thehairgamepodcast http://www.instagram.com/salonrepublic http://www.instagram.com/loveerictaylor http://www.facebook.com/salonrepublic


19 Jul 2021

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How Consultations Pave The Way To A 6-Figure Business With Dawn Bradley

The Hairstylist Rising Podcast

Dawn Bradley is back on the Hairstylist Rising Podcast and today's topic is fiiiire. Dawn has been in the beauty industry for nearly two decades and has spent the last 10 years as a business owner. It's her mission to help other stylists avoid the anxiety-inducing pitfalls she has experienced in her career. Join us for today's conversation about consultations and communication and the silent success killer that's lurking in the hairstylist and salon community. Grab a notebook, friends! Go watch Dawn's free communication + consultation class! Grab Dawn's free Client Attraction Playbook


25 May 2021

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5 Tips to a slam dunk consultation with Dawn Bradley

No Stylist Left Behind

Get ready to take some notes on this one. One of our favorite people is sharing her tips on having a kick ass consultation every time. Dawn is the consultation queen and we truly believe that her tips will help you feel more confident behind the chair. The consultation is one of the most important parts of the guest experience. So get ready to take some of these tips and start using them in your consultation to help increase retention and build more of a solid relationship with your clients.  Sponsored by Oligo Professionnel


14 May 2021

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[443] How to create content that will attract your ideal customers/clients with Dawn Bradley

Build Your Online Audience

Ever find yourself wondering how some business owners manage to get tons of engagement (and sales) from the content their share on social media? Then you’ll love this podcast episode with Dawn Bradley - who teaches hair stylists how to build a six-figure business (having done exactly that herself).  Dawn explains how to create content that really gets under the skin of your ideal customers/clients and keeps them coming back for more.PLUS how to get comfortable with sharing content on more personal topics (and why you should). And why you must stop trying to appeal to everyone (because you’ll end up appealing to no one). This episode is packed full of tips, strategies and ideas - regardless of what type of business you have.  {Click on the player above to listen to the podcast episode and/or read on for a detailed overview. Scroll down to the bottom to read the show notes including all the links mentioned in this episode.}   Podcast shownotes About this podcast episode (00:39) About my Instagram Success Academy (01:35) About Dawn and her business journey (02:20) When Dawn realised she wanted to work smarter not harder (05:30) How Dawn used the power of Instagram to create demand for her services (07:15) The language Dawn uses to attract her ideal clients (11:38) Why relatable content is more important than perfection (16:20) How Dawn uses client shaming without upsetting people (21:11) Why you can’t appeal to everyone and why you shouldn’t try to (29:51) How to deal with people who want to give you feedback (34:20) How Dawn niched her content by embracing the weird (36:50) Why Dawn got anxious putting out content that didn’t align with her (37:10) How to make your audience relax by putting out content that they can relate to (41:01) How Dawn blends professional and personal life to connect with her audience (45:10) Why boundaries about what you share online are important (47:50) Why spontaneous content can work better than scheduled (49:20) Why connecting with people’s emotion is really important (52:48) Resources Dawn Instagram Dawn website Join my Instagram Success Academy Buy my 2021 Social Media Diary & Planner Other useful podcasts [Bonus] Should you join Janet Murray's Build Your Online Audience Programme? (podcast) [Bonus] Should you buy my 2021 Social Media Diary & Planner? (podcast) [362] How to grow your Instagram following to 27K fast (podcast) [379] How to grow your Instagram posts by 1K in 30 days (podcast) [385] How to sell on Instagram Stories (without feeling sleazy) (podcast) [392] How to get more engagement on Instagram (podcast) [408] 11 Instagram Story ideas to help you make more sales (podcast) [415] How to use TikTok to build your online audience with Sam Bearfoot (podcast) Connect with me on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn


5 Feb 2021

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Dawn Bradley: Over-Giving + Expectations

Ask The Color Expert

Connect with Dawn: www.dawnbradley.com IG: @DawnBradleyHair -- For more information, visit expertcolorsolutions.com Follow me @expertcolorsolutions Join me every Wednesday 10AM EST for Coffee & Colorful Conversationhttps://dawnbradley.lpages.co/raise-your-prices/


18 Jan 2021

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34. Setting Boundaries to Avoid Burnout with Dawn Bradley

Sola Stories

Our guest on this episode of Sola Stories is Canadian business coach, Dawn Bradley. Dawn has been in the beauty industry for nearly two decades and spent the last ten years as a business owner. Through her coaching business, Dawn hosts tons of classes and online courses, including “Become a 6-Figure Hairstylist Stress-Free” and “Raise Your Prices Like a Pro.” She also hosts her own podcast called The Anxious Creative. We’ve previously had the honor to partner with Dawn for some Sola-exclusive education on How To Set Back to Work Boundaries, and we are thrilled to bring her on to the Sola Stories Podcast to discuss how to work smarter, not harder, set boundaries, avoid burnout, raise your prices, and live a balanced life as a small business owner. Listen, as Dawn shares her journey into the beauty industry and why she made the brave decision to go out on her own, even though she was repeatedly told that she wouldn't make it. She discusses how to overcome the fear of raising your prices and how to stay financially fluid without double booking clients. Tune in to hear Dawn’s five key points to communicating change and how to successfully set boundaries that will help you get through the holiday season without burning out. Dawn believes that a lack of boundaries does not equal excellent customer service. “Boundaries aren't slamming a door in someone's face. It's telling them you can't enter here, but you can come through this other door.”  In This Episode [01:26] Welcome to the show, Dawn! [02:43] Dawn shares her story and her journey into the beauty industry. [04:28] Dawn speaks about why she went out on her own. [06:07] "People don't like it when you step outside of their comfort zone." [07:36] Listen as Dawn discusses when and why she started educating on setting boundaries. [09:44] Dawn shares that your lack of boundaries does not equal excellent customer service. [13:43] Do you crave balance? Do you feel like it is a constant struggle? [16:12] Dawn discusses the rollercoaster of emotions she had when her dog died and she took time off to reevaluate her business and goals.  [18:10] Dawn has rebuilt her clientele multiple times in the last five or six years. [20:05] Listen as Dawn speaks about overcoming the fear of raising your prices. [23:16] How do stylists stay prosperous without double booking? [27:04] Dawn believes we are learning through this pandemic the importance of personal connection. [28:20] Dawn discusses her morning Instagram Live series called Business, Breakfast, and Bedheads. [30:57] Creating a community has to be intentional. [32:51] Dawn speaks about the struggles she is seeing her clients and peers facing right now. [35:41] Dawn discusses her five key points of communicating change. [39:16] How can an independent salon owner get through this end of the year craze without facing burnout? [42:38] Boundaries aren't slamming a door in someone's face. It's telling them you can't enter here, but you can come through this other door. [44:25] Dawn talks about The Anxious Creative podcast. [46:03] Thank you for being on the show! Stay Connected Sola Salon Studios Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Instagram Connect with Dawn @dawnbradleyhair Connect with Jennie  @jenniethewolff


17 Nov 2020

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My Life Out Loud With Dawn Bradley @dawnbradleyhair

No Stylist Left Behind

Today Nina and J have a really special guest.  Dawn is a speaker, teacher, hair stylist, and mentor. On today’s episode Dawn talks about the reality of anxiety. From her personal journey. What it takes to overcome fear throughout your life and for your business. And what she think stylist are doing wrong right now behind the chair. Nina and J get deep about the 1 piece of advice she would give herself at a younger age! Get ready to be moved, recharged and be able to face fear and anxiety head on! NSLB Podcast is sponsored by Oligo Professionnel. Check out Dawns Podcast. The Anxious Creative 


6 Nov 2020