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420: Dr. Elizabeth Robinson | Navigating Dentistry as an Associate Who Thinks Outside Bread and Butter Services

The Dental Marketer

This Episode is Sponsored by: Dandy | The Fully Digital, US-based Dental Lab‍For a completely FREE 3Shape Trios 3 scanner & $250 in lab credit click here: meetdandy.com/tdm !‍‍Guest: Elizabeth RobinsonBusiness Name: DandyCheck out Elizabeth's Media:Email: elizabethrobinson@meetdandy.comInstagram: @drlizzyrob‍Host: Michael Arias‍Website: The Dental Marketer Join my newsletter: https://thedentalmarketer.lpages.co/newsletter/‍Join this podcast's Facebook Group: The Dental Marketer SocietyMy Key Takeaways:Determining whether a practice is high or low volume provides important insight as a potential associate!If you have accurate technology that shows the patient what is going on in their mouth, treatment is a much easier sell.Promoting how quick and easy your office is with technology is a great way to bring patients in!There are many paths to take as an associate outside of bread and butter dentistry. Don't be afraid to think outside the box!Be sure to research marketing companies and their reputations to find a good match.‍Please don't forget to share with us on Instagram when you are listening to the podcast AND if you are really wanting to show us love, then please leave a 5 star review on iTunes! [Click here to leave a review on iTunes]‍

20 Oct 2022

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#282: Elizabeth Robinson and Cory Moore, The Gift Wellness

Cannabinoid Connect

Cory Moore is the CEO and Elizabeth Robinson is the COO of The Gift Wellness, natural health and wellness company founded in 2018.


29 Mar 2022

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3.5 Fence Sounds - Elizabeth Robinson & Suzanne Dyckman, Adam Veal, Claire Dougherty, Michael Borth, Michele Suzann, with Music by KIKA.

FENCE Magazine - Poetry Fiction Essay Other

Fence Sounds – 3.5  Season 3, Episode 5, with readings from contributors to the Fence Literary Journal Double print Issue, number 37 slash 38, produced by our Editor-in-Chief, Rebecca Wolff. I’m Jason Zuzga, one of the Nonfiction and Other editors of Fence the print journal, I’m also an editor of one of Fence’s online publication arms, Fence Steaming, found at fenceportal.org. Online at fencedigital.com we also have Constant Critic, edited by Emily Wallis Hughes,  with a library of our reviews of poetry.  Emily also edits Elecment on Fence Digital with experiments in media and poetry. Check out fenceportal.org/about to read essays by our editors including me plus a little essay I wrote about fence’s history. In this episode, we open with Elizabeth Robinson & Suzanne Dyckman’s collaborative ekphrastic poems, read by Elizabeth Robinson, Four Paintings by Agnes Martin, including "Eight Fish Under Water", "Walking," "Blessings," and "Red Bird." Adam Veal will read the poems “Archivore” and “Looper.” Then Claire Dougherty reads the poem “Get Back to Me Sometime.” After that, Michael Borth will read three poems, “Healed and Healed,” “I Have Had a Child,” and “The Strangers of the Land.  Before moving into this episode’s short fiction, you’ll hear an original song, “James”  by KIKA, who is also featured in this season’s first and third episodes. More Music by Kika is available on Soundcloud, Spotify,  Apple Music,  Bandcamp, Pandora, and Tidal.  Next, Michelle Suzann’s short story “Bottom of the Hill.” We close with Kika’s song "Midnight Drive." Fence Steaming, found at Fenceportal.org, with such offerings as a print and audio collaboration POEMS FROM WHERE HERE WERE WE by Charles Bernstein and Norman Fischer, an essay by Adoley Ammah-Tagoe, METROPOLIS: SCRAPS FROM ACCRA, GHANA, and an essay by Whitney DeVos, "CAN ESTADOUNIDENSES WATCH A 'FOREIGN FILM?' ON CUARÓN’S ROMA." A HISTORY OF FENCE: Including Essays by FENCE Editors and Selected Articles and InterviewsSupport the show (https://www.fenceportal.org/subscribe/)

1hr 6mins

2 Oct 2021

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Olympians: Elizabeth Robinson


All month, we're talking about Olympians. Tune in to hear incredible stories of women who either were in the Olympics or likely should have been!Every weekday, listeners explore the trials, tragedies, and triumphs of groundbreaking women throughout history who have dramatically shaped the world around us. In each 5 minute episode, we’ll dive into the story behind one woman listeners may or may not know -- but definitely should. These diverse women from across space and time are grouped into easily accessible and engaging monthly themes like Leading Ladies, Activists, STEMinists,  Local Legends, and many more. Encyclopedia Womannica is hosted by WMN co-founder and award-winning journalist Jenny Kaplan. The bite-sized episodes pack painstakingly researched content into fun, entertaining, and addictive daily adventures.Encyclopedia Womannica was created by Liz Kaplan and Jenny Kaplan, executive produced by Jenny Kaplan, and produced by Liz Smith, Grace Lynch, Maddy Foley, Brittany Martinez, Edie Allard and Lindsey Kratochwill. Special thanks to Shira Atkins, Carmen Borca-Carrillo, Taylor Williamson, Ale Tejeda, and Sundus Hassan.We are offering free ad space on Wonder Media Network shows to organizations working towards social justice. For more information, please email Jenny at jenny@wondermedianetwork.com.Follow Wonder Media Network:WebsiteInstagramTwitter


24 May 2021

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The Importance of Collaboration in Starting a New Cannabis Business with Elizabeth Robinson and Cory Moore

The Hemp Revolution

Here to share a little about their story, the trials, tribulations, and the tremendous successes that one can experience as a business owner in this industry are the couplepreneur, Cory Moore, and Elizabeth 'Liz' Robinson. Cory and Liz are the owners of The Gift, a natural health and wellness company based in Washington, DC.Tune in to this episode and learn about their collaborations, marketing strategies, and most importantly, how they're changing people's lives. 


14 Sep 2020

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Episode 13: Elizabeth Robinson (Ramsay Hunt Syndrome)

Unique Smiles: The Facial Paralysis Podcast

In Episode 13, we talk to Elizabeth Robinson who has facial paralysis as a result of Ramsay Hunt Syndrome. We discuss what is Ramsay Hunt, the emotional and physical struggles that come with it, social situations, her surprising talent she discovered as a result of it, and the creation of her facial paralysis support group on Facebook. We would love to hear your feedback. All episodes now available on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8-mx9TaB1Crol2vlMjHB5Q If you have any questions/comments about the podcast please comment below or contact us at:  CONNECT WITH US! https://www.facebook.com/Unique-Smiles-Podcast-168413050468091/ https://twitter.com/UniqueSmilesPod Email: UniqueSmilesPodcast@gmail.com A big THANK YOU to our sponsors: http://facialparalysisfoundation.org/  and    https://www.risephysicaltherapy.com/ Also, a big THANK YOU to Wes Hutchinson for allowing the use of his beautiful song, "Summer Love" for the podcast. You can check Wes' music at https://weshutchinson.com/ 


14 Jan 2020

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Episode 2: Interview with Elizabeth Robinson, volunteer and advocate.

Volunteer Plain Talk

What happens when a volunteer leaves an organization to create an advocacy group? In this episode, Elizabeth Robinson, founder of Community Cats of Palm Coast talks about her journey into advocacy and teaches us why passionate volunteers are our most valuable resource. Elizabeth dispels the myth that we must work in silos and shows us that volunteers are partners in achieving mission goals. 


22 Oct 2019

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Elizabeth Robinson Griffith

Word for Word

Liz is a Melbourne blogger and editor. She is a staunch feminist and activist who isn’t afraid to take a hit on social media or while she is playing roller The post Elizabeth Robinson Griffith appeared first on Word for Word.


11 May 2019

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Elizabeth Robinson: The Meaning Of Life & Why Death Shouldn’t Be Feared

A Life of Greatness

Author and psychic Elizabeth Robinson talks with host Sarah Grynberg about her extraordinary path to self-awareness, unpacking the notion that we are in fact spiritual beings having a human experience, rather than the reverse. We talk about why we are here on earth, the acceptance of death and what happens in the afterlife. Follow Sarah: Instagram: instagram.com/alifeofgreatnesspodcast Facebook: facebook.com/sarahgrynberg Twitter: twitter.com/sarahgrynberg Website: https://sarahgrynberg.com/See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


6 Apr 2019

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Elizabeth Robinson - Powerful Metaphysical and Physiological Healing Options

Hay House World Summit

In this enriching interview, best-selling author Cassie Mendoza-Jones explores the pitfalls of the comparison trap and shares helpful tips on how to get out of it and redirect all that negative energy into an expression of self-care and self-love. To listen to full episodes, and gain access to a full one-hour lesson from one of the world's leading personal growth experts, free bonus learning tools and resources, and more, go here: www.hayhouseworldsummit.com


2 Apr 2019