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Choosing the Stories that Serve Our Highest Good, with Lisa Corduff

The Mummalove Podcast

Lisa Corduff works with other women to help them improve their mindset, get unstuck, and change the things in their lives that aren't working.She's a solo mum of three children and is all about skipping straight to the hacks and techniques that work while avoiding the perfectionism and overwhelm that can easily trap us.In this very raw, real and unfiltered conversation with Lisa, (ie. there are tears), we talk about Lisa's marriage separation, the death of her husband Nick, what she's learned through grief, and the stories we tell ourselves.To know more about Lisa, you can check out her website lisacorduff.com or listen to her podcast. You can also follow her on Instagram @lisacorduff and Facebook.If you're interested in working with Lisa, sign up to be on her waitlist for the 2021 Ready For Change experience.Also mentioned in this episode:I'd love you to join the new Mummalove Lounge Facebook group and continue the conversation! Click on this link to join: https://www.facebook.com/groups/mummaloveloungePlease leave a rating and review of the Mummalove podcast over on Apple Podcasts. Not sure how to do that? You can watch my quick video guide over here on the website - scroll down past all the episode covers to find it.


12 Apr 2021

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Lisa Corduff: the reality and myths of building an online business

Dream life, best fit role with Nikki Smith

Lisa Corduff makes running an online business look easy.In this interview she reveals how she has gone from exhausted mother to whole foods blogger, to successful online entrepreneur.Lisa is a transformational coach who works with women to help change their mindset; to uncover all the subconscious stories that are keeping them stuck and repeating negative patterns. She helps them to create stories that serve them and help them to create a life that aligns with their values.We go behind the scenes of her online business.Lisa CorduffHere are some of the topics we cover: What Lisa does & who she serves 0.35 How her business has evolved 1.50 Lisa's career crossroad that lead to mini-experiments around an online business. 5.50 Lisa’s strengths and how she uses them in her business 16.28 How she manages her weaknesses 21.30 The myths of running an online business 26.54 Build it & they will come Passive income vs. leveraged model You have to be an expert to provide a service Overnight success 35.43 The question Lisa gets asked the most (apart from, “Where do you buy your clothes?”), & her very honest answer. 39.36 Find out more about Lisa at lisacorduff.comSpeak soon, Nikki Strengths guide free bundle Discover your strengths and start to talk about yourself and your abilities confidently and with ease Your strengths guide, which includes the Strengthsfinder 2.0 link Your strengths webinar & worksheet, which is the equivalent of a 1-on-1 strengths coaching session. Name Please enter your name. Email Address Please enter a valid email address. Send me the bundle! Thanks for your interest in my strengths bundle! I've sent you an email with instructions and links. Nikki Something went wrong. Please check your entries and try again. Join my free Facebook group Career Transformation Hub Access resources & feel supported Join Free webinars / masterclasses  Dream Career Move Masterclass Get clear on your best fit role and how to make it a reality This webinar is for you if: you're at a career crossroads, but feeling stuck you want to figure out what to do next, but have too many ideas or none you're ready to find your dream, best-fit role: one that is energising and fulfilling? I’ll help you to figure out your next dream career move Identify 1-3 inspiring ideas as to what to do next Figure out which idea is a best-fit Learn how to make the change safely in 3 steps. Find out more Subscribe to my podcast


26 Nov 2020

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Episode 50- ReWriting Your Stories with Lisa Corduff

Juggling Motherhood and Online Business

Today I introduce you to the amazing Lisa Corduff, mum, entrepreneur and recovering hot mess. We chat about re-writing your stories and changing your life!Today on the podcast, I interview the amazing Lisa Corduff, a mentor and friend of mine and all round amazing lady. We chat abouther story from hot mess mum to a million dollar businesshow our stories rule our liferadical responsibilityand how changing our mindset is the key to success, not the shiny objects and strategies that surround usfinally, Lisa shares about her amazing Ready for Change Program and upcoming live training (Register Here!)More about LisaLisa Corduff helps women upgrade their mindset, get unstuck, and change the stuff that’s not working in their life. A solo mum of 3, she’s all about skipping straight to the hacks and techniques that actually work, while avoiding the perfectionism and overwhelm that can so easily keep us trapped. Check out her website and podcast, or come say hello on Instagram and Facebook for more.To connect with other mums doing the juggle be sure to Join the Juggling Motherhood and Online Business Facebook Group now!Support the Juggling Motherhood and Online Business PodcastIf you love the content, support the podcast by subscribing on Apple Podcasts, and leaving a review. Or check us out on Spotify!


5 Oct 2020

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Ep #132: CALMCAST - Solo parenting in isolation with Lisa Corduff

Happy Mama Movement with Amy Taylor-Kabbaz

Everyone's experience of this intense time in history is unique - but there are, of course, some common themes, especially when it comes to mamahood. The intensity of everyone at home; The pressure to entertain and teach;The lack of personal space, and the reminder, again, of how difficult it can be to even pee in peace. But there's also a lot of different issues and challenges coming up for so many mamas in this community, and it is my intention to ensure I create content that talks to each of you, the best way I can. Today, I wanted to honour the solo mamas, and reached out to my amazing friend and solo mama to three, Lisa Corduff. In this podcast, Lisa talks about parenting on her own, and the grief and loneliness that has been triggered. But she also shares, as she always does, an insight into your strength as a solo parent, and the reminder you may just need today: You've got this. You've already proven you can do hard things - this is no different. Even if you are not a solo parent, you'll get so much out of this interview.


7 Apr 2020

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41. Staying positive during challenging times with Lisa Corduff

The Clare Wood Podcast

If you are going through a difficult time and need an uplift to your mindset, this episode will blow your mind. I chat to mindset coach Lisa Corduff about how to manage your thoughts through challenging times and some strategies to help to control your mindset and stay upbeat and positive, no matter what is going on around you.  Full shownotes at https://clarewood.com.au/podcast/episode41


23 Mar 2020

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Ep #124 - New story of motherhood with Lisa Corduff

Happy Mama Movement with Amy Taylor-Kabbaz

In this episode, I invite you into a conversation with one of my closest friends, and greatest supporters: Lisa Corduff. But it's a podcast episode with a twist - this time, I am being interviewed by Lisa on her phenomenal new podcast Conversations with Lisa. I've been talking about matrescence and the new story we need to tell about motherhood for a while now, but something very powerful happens when you sit with a phenomenal spaceholder and friend - the very best of you comes out. I adored this conversation. I think it's a real and raw insight into life with kids and business and relationships and our dreams. It's a real conversation about what we all struggle with, and how similar our worries and fears are. And it's a chance to sit with us, Lisa and I, and talk about what we all want to be talking about: the truth about being a mother and a woman. You can listen to more of Lisa's amazing interviews here, and learn more about her work here. And if you are ready to REDEFINE motherhood and womanhood for yourself too, the next round of REDEFINE begins on 16th February.


4 Feb 2020

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Lisa Corduff on cultivating the mindset you need to take your business to the next level

Socialette: Bite-Sized Online Marketing Podcast

I’ve been talking about mindset a LOT these past few episodes, and you guys are probably like “bring back the marketing tips!” But, honestly, you won’t find success with any marketing tips unless your mindset is in the right place. And, today’s podcast guest is about to school you in mindset. Lisa Corduff helps extraordinary women get unstuck and create real and lasting change in their lives. She uses practical and powerful mindset strategies (and a stack of inspiration!) to help you identify and breakdown the barriers that hold you back - because the world needs more women owning their worth and power. Some of the things we talk about in this episode include… The mindset shifts Lisa had to make to take her business to the next level. The biggest mindset struggles she sees business owners dealing with and how they can overcome them. The stories we tell ourselves that hold us back from success and how to reframe these.  The “Be Do Have” concept and how you can apply this to your business to become wildly successful in anything you do.  Unfortunately the second half of the recording went a bit fuzzy and it can’t be fixed, but I highly recommend listening to the entire episode as it’s SO jam packed with value. You can find Lisa Corduff at http://lisacorduff.com/ and @lisacorduff on Instagram. Have you downloaded my free ebook yet? Grab The Complete Roadmap for a Killer Launch from http://stephtaylor.co/roadmap Are we Insta pals? Find me at @stephtaylor.co on Instagram


21 Jan 2020

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Taking Small Steps to Grow Your Business by Lisa Corduff

The Nordic Mum

Listening Lisa telling us her journey was such a treat. She has bubbly personality and her story and how she tells is mesmerizing. Lisa's journey to whole food blogger and head honcho in Small Steps Living started when she looked into the ingredients that was on products she was consuming and this started her to question on some of the choices she was doing in her day to day living. Lisa started a whole foods blog that she was sharing recipies and tips about how you can with small steps change your life. Small Steps Living have since turned to a podcast, video, you tube channel, webinar and much more. She was able to relocate her family back to Melbourne and pump her energy on the business as mother of three. If she can do it you can do it. In this episode we talked about -What have fueled her business to grow it to the comfortable place she is today -Do you really need a business plan or just a good idea? -Marketing is everything to get your voice to be heard You can follow Lisa on https://www.facebook.com/LisaCorduff1/ https://smallstepsliving.com https://www.instagram.com/lisacorduff


21 Apr 2019

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Ep #84 - Prioritise yourself and everyone wins with Lisa Corduff

Happy Mama Movement with Amy Taylor-Kabbaz

"Again and again and again I recognise the stunning beauty in pain. And the outrageous gift that is motherhood - in all its tiresome, messy and unsure glory."These are the words of mama, business woman and my beautiful friend, Lisa Corduff. When I read these words recently, I immediately reached out to Lisa and insisted we jump on a call as soon as possible to discuss.How can we remember the stunning beauty in pain, struggle, overwhelm, suffering?How do we prioritise ourselves as women when our family or our loved ones need us so much?Can we really trust that everything is happening for the best?These are just some of the divine questions I put to Lisa - and her answers will flaw you. As I say in the introduction to this episode, listen with a notepad and pen, mamas. This is a keeper.To follow all of Lisa's insights into motherhood, business and life, visit Small Steps Living or Lisa Corduff.And share. Please share with mamas and friends everywhere. The world needs this conversation to go far and wide.


12 Mar 2019

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Episode 036: Small Steps Huge Impact with Lisa Corduff

The Gemma Benad Show

Often the road to your dreams feels long and arduous. It can feel like you have so far to go and that it will take longer than what you have in the tank. But with small steps the change accumulates over time and the overwhelm reduces when you bite off small amounts each day. Today I'm joined by Lisa Corduff of Small Steps Living. Lisa is authentic and clear in her message to take small steps towards making big change.In this week's episode, Lisa shares her own personal journey that is continuing to unfold, the power of taking small steps each day and keeping those steps super simple.In this episode you'll discover;The power of making better choicesThat it's ok to not know what you're doing; andEmbracing the challenges without embracing the suffering.If you enjoyed this episode and it inspired you in some way, I'd love to hear about it and know your biggest take away. Take a screenshot of you listening, post it to your Instagram stories and tag me @themanifestingmums.You can learn more about Lisa and her Small Steps Living Programs and Membership by visiting www.smallstepsliving.com.To join The Manifesting Mum community and begin taking steps to create your dream life with courage and confidence, visit www.themanifestingmums.com

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10 Mar 2019