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Interview with Conrad Anker, The North Face


We are extremely stoked to interview Conrad Anker on today's podcast. Conrad talks with us about how he got his start in the outdoors, when he realized it was more than just something fun for him to do with his family, as well as some of the risks associated with outdoor activities and how to assess and evaluate those risks.  Check out and follow along Conrad's adventures on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/conrad_anker/?hl=en


24 Aug 2021

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Conrad Anker sees the climate changing

A New Angle

Today’s conversation is with Conrad Anker, legendary mountaineer and leader in the outdoor community. He's climbed some of the hardest routes on the most notorious mountains around the world, from Everest to Antarctica.Conrad is a mentor, philanthropist and activist. In particular, he is working to raise the volume on the climate crisis, along with his colleagues at Protect Our Winters - a nonprofit working to protect the places we love from the effects of climate change. Conrad’s had a front row seat to climate change in his many years traveling to wild landscapes significantly altered by warmer temperatures, more extreme weather, and many other factors. Conrad is also a Montanan. He and his family live in Bozeman and are actively engaged in the Montana community. Conrad wants all of us who enjoy wild spaces and nature to be more mindful of the climate when we do.Transcript available here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1wqXcidlvOCDB2MQpC0X4UbI9DbPGwMPCXMRUUge_4co/edit


1 Jul 2021

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Conrad Anker & Wilmot Collins- Reconciliation Chapter 1

I Am Interchange

Fast friends Conrad Anker and Wilmot Collins couldn’t have less in common. Or so it seems. Anker is a world-renowned mountaineer, author, and activist; Liberian refugee and US Navy Reserve veteran Wilmot Collins is the mayor of Helena, Montana. But their respective covers hide pages of experience oddly in concert. They have both led incredible lives. They both know and have been defined by heart-wrenching loss. They both feel an intrinsic responsibility to engage and give back. And they both know the power of forgiveness and the work and humility necessary for lasting reconciliation. In this multimedia podcast, Interchange Founder Tate Chamberlin and guests Wilmot Collins and Conrad Anker delve into the complexities of personal, social, and cultural reconciliation. Photos by: Ben Johnson

1hr 3mins

29 May 2021

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Ep. 34: Climbing Everest with Conrad Anker

No Blackout Dates

“If you’re gonna go in a high Alpine environment, you’ve gotta make your peace with death.” Not exactly a quote from a motivational poster, but it is a quote from today’s guest. Conrad Anker is a legendary mountain climber who has climbed Everest THREE times -- once without supplemental oxygen -- and starred in several award-winning films. If you’ve ever wondered what it takes to climb Everest, he’s here to tell you. He also talks about the many near-death experiences he’s faced on the world’s highest peaks, and the feeling of going to “work” knowing you might not come home alive. In Hot Takes, Eben and Tim discuss the worst beer ever created, and Tim reveals his biggest pet peeve at bars. Conrad AnkerMeru filmEben’s InstagramTim’s Instagram


18 May 2021

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Dismantling Racism in the Outdoors with Chad Brown (feat. Conrad Anker)

Roam from Home

Special guest co-host Conrad Anker joins us this week to speak with Chad Brown, founder of Soul River. After his doctor prescribed fly fishing as a method to heal PTSD, Chad wanted to bring that same healing to other veterans and inner-city youth. Beyond individual healing, he now also works to raise awareness about issues facing BIPOC in adventuring, advocate for mental health, build safe spaces in nature, and dismantle racism in the outdoors. Soul River: https://soulriverinc.org/ Love is King: https://loveisking.org/ This season is sponsored by the Adventure Activist (@TheAdventureActivist) and Roam Academy (@Roam). Theme music by Greta Van Fleet.

1hr 11mins

4 May 2021

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Social Studies Show: Episode 11 - Conrad Anker

Social Studies Show

When you look up OG of climbing Conrad Anker’s picture is the dictionary. He’s been to the mountaintop as many times as MLK’s speech has been repeated.  His accolades are fascinating and people really should Google them all, he was the team leader of The North Face climbing team for 26 years until 2018. In 1999, he located George Mallory's body on Everest as a member of a search team. He’s numerous articles for the American Alpine Journal and endured the arduous filming of Meru which went on to win a documentary film award at Sundance in 2015.   His climbs are impressive but out talk is about the journey within. I'm curious about his current shift in philosophy  - instead of exploring high peaks he is exploring humanity. In this episode we talk about our love of Bozeman and our pasts grounded in Montana, mentorship in the outdoors, exploring insights into the dark past of John Muir’s discriminatory legacy in contrast to the BUFFALO SOLDIERS and climate change on a cultural scale.    Tune in as we have a conversation about his growth and  perspective as a professional athlete and mine as a professional photographer. How we are reevaluating the landscape of outdoor culture and our hopes of painting a brighter future.


27 Feb 2021

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Anything BUT Climbing - Conrad ANKER #2

theDIHEDRAL Podcast

7 Generations Into the Future.Sit down to enjoy a conversation between professional rock climber Conrad Anker and philosopher Carrot, as they discuss the environment, ways to reduce our carbon footprint, and the importance our actions have on future generations.Join us to learn from climber and activist, Conrad Anker, about the importance to act on climate change TODAY! .For video interview click hereFor stories about life and the outdoors click hereIf you like what you see/hear, don't forget to subscribe!Host: CarrotProducer: Carrot and GaiaEditor: GaiaOFF BELAY___________________________Intro/Outro track:TV On: Pfranzen https://freesound.org/s/328171/​Carabiner: Eelke https://freesound.org/s/387196/​TV Off: Harpoyume https://freesound.org/s/86034/​


6 Feb 2021

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Conrad Anker on Climate Change

A New Angle

Conrad Anker is a legendary mountaineer and leader in the outdoor community. For nearly 30 years Conrad led the North Face athlete team and his resume of climbing achievements is largely unmatched, both in terms of difficulty and longevity.Conrad is also a mentor, philanthropist and activist – all important passion areas for him that we talk about today. With the election underway, Conrad and his colleagues at Protect Our Winters and upping the volume on the climate crisis. Conrad’s had a front row seat to climate change in his many years traveling to wild landscapes significantly altered by warmer temperatures, more extreme weather, and many other factors.Conrad is also a Montanan. He and his family live in Bozeman and are actively engaged in the environmental politics of our state. He wants people to vote and he wants people to think about the climate when they do.Protect Our Winters: https://protectourwinters.org/PC: Jimmy Chin


16 Oct 2020

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Electric Election Roadtrip EP 10: Conrad Anker

Electric Election Roadtrip Podcast

Today we are joined by professional rock climber Conrad Anker to talk about climate injustice and effectively protecting our environment.   This is episode 10 of 30 on our 45 day odyssey to bring you local stories about the many environmental solutions taking place across the country in the lead up to Election Day.  Subscribe via the podcast platform of your choice by searching Electric Election Roadtrip!


5 Oct 2020

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From Home Edition | Renowned Alpinist Conrad Anker


JT catches up with the legendary Conrad Anker, discussing the global impact of the Coronavirus, the role of empathy, and what it means to be human.

1hr 17mins

29 Jun 2020