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TWLX 22: Winning Processes → Winning Experiences with Jordan Muela, Peter Lohmann, Wolfgang Croskey, Zach Berkompas, Sam Schwetz

Triple Win Property Management

A broken process can cost your team and investors time and money. Identifying the cause can be difficult if you don’t know exactly where to look, and getting your team on board can be even harder.  In this recording from TWLX 22, Jordan Muela of ProfitCoach leads an incredible panel of industry experts, featuring Peter Lohmann (RL Property Management), Wolfgang Croskey (The Perfect Tenant), Zach Berkompas (LeadSimple), and Sam Schwetz (Mesa Properties). Listen as they provide real-world scenarios and offer actionable advice for moving your processes forward. The book Zach mentions, The Checklist Manifesto, can be found here: https://www.amazon.com/Checklist-Manifesto-How-Things-Right/dp/0312430000 Like what you’ve heard and want more content? Sign up for our newsletter https://rbp.secondnature.com/community#signup Got questions? Email us at triplewin@secondnature.com To see what other professional property managers are doing in your area, schedule a call at https://rbp.secondnature.com/triplewin Join our private Facebook group just for professional property managers at https://bit.ly/3jezcLp Stay up to date on events and resources at https://bit.ly/rbp-home Follow the Triple Win Property Management podcast by Second Nature and never miss an episode! Hosted by Jordan MuelaFeaturing Peter Lohmann, Wolfgang Croskey, Zach Berkompas, Sam SchwetzProduced by Andrew Smallwood, Laura Mac, and Carol HouselEdited by Isaac Balachandran


10 Nov 2022

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Jordan Muela - Owning The Outcome

Owner Occupied with Peter Lohmann

Season 2, Episode 2 of the Owner Occupied podcast with Peter Lohmann & special guest Jordan Muela. In this episode we discuss: (00:00) Intro (01:24) Jordan’s background & career (03:15) What is it about Property Management that drew you into the industry? (06:49) How does one coming from VC get so passionate about SMB? (10:23) Is there a place for VC in Property Management? (15:36) Moving closer to the customer and owning outcomes (24:33) Thoughts on Fees & Customer Surplus (33:46) Jordan’s Benchmarking Study (37:43) LeadSimple (47:10) Being able to adjust your level of involvement in your Property Management business (52:56) What is the level of centralization in your business due to your own involvement? How do you set salaries with owners who have varying levels of involvement? (58:55) When you’re evaluating opportunities, what are you looking for to determine the best use (01:06:03) What’s the best way for a Small Business Owner to grow and market their business? (01:18:03) Final Thought Learn more about Jordan Muela & how to connect with him here: LeadSimple ProfitCoach The Profitable Property Management Podcast Jordan@LeadSimple.com Learn more about Peter Lohmann & how to connect with him here: Follow Peter on Twitter Join Peter’s Newsletter Visit Peter’s Website RL Property Management Mentioned in this episode: Growth Metrics for Property Management Entrepreneurs Your Leads are Not Your Growth Strategy

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15 Jun 2022

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Ep 41: Building Systems That Can Scale with Jordan Muela, CEO of Lead Simple

The Latchel Property Management Podcast

If your company were to double in size tomorrow, what in your processes would break? What's the best way to build systems today that will support future scalability? What core traits do some of the most successful Property Management companies have in common? We dug into these questions and more with Jordan Muela - CEO of Lead Simple, Cofounder of Profit Coach, and host of the Profitable Property Management Podcast.  Tune in to take the deep dive with us. Bring your notepad, this one is full of rich and actionable value sure to motivate and inspire the path to growth. 

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21 Mar 2022

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Episode 42: PM Veteran Series - LeadSimple CEO Jordan Muela

300 to 3,000

If you've been in the industry for any amount of time, you probably know our next guest. He's a serial entrepreneur who recently sold some of his businesses to focus on scaling the CRM he founded and runs, LeadSimple. Listen in as Matthew and Spencer welcome Jordan Muela to the show and dive into the following topics… How Jordan built and scaled LeadSimple The importance of “delegate and elevate” as a leader Jordan’s prediction for the future of the SFR industry The difference between managing 300 and 3,000 houses Tune in. 🎧 ----------------- Connect with Matt and Spencer at Evernest: Evernest.co Visit the Podcast Website: 300to3000.com Guest: Thad Tarkington, Co-Founder and CEO of Second Nature Email the Show: podcast@evernest.co =================================== Do you own a property management company? Do you think it would be fun to help us get to 25,000 properties? We’d love to talk to you! Email us at mwhitaker@evernest.co if you’re interested. =================================== Production House: Flint Stone Media Copyright of Evernest 2022.


7 Mar 2022

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Episode 47: Property Management Processes, Featuring Jordan Muela, CEO at Lead Simple

Property Management Brainstorm

What is a "process" and why do we need it as a landlord or property management company? Webster’s defines process as a series of actions or steps taken in order to achieve a particular end. All you property managers out there, sound familiar? Our daily workflow in this business requires us to follow certain steps for several reasons: legal compliance, efficiency, profitability to name just a few. Think of the activities in our jobs which need to stay streamlined: business development, owner onboarding, move-ins/outs, rent collection, evictions, and more. On today's episode, Bob discusses the need for property management processes with Jordan Muela, CEO at Lead Simple.Topics Covered[2:45] Jordan introduces himself, his various business ventures related to property management, and Lead Simple's new workflow solutions module to help bring process to the property management lifecycle.[7:25] Is a process the same or different from a checklist, workflow, standard operating procedure, or system?[9:20] Why are processes so critical in a property management company?[12:50] A process can’t be “set it and forget it”.[16:00] How having processes documented can help with risk management in a property management company.[18:20] Where to property managers start in writing their processes?[21:15] Jordan explains how the Lead Simple process solution fits in the market with its unique differentiation.[25:35] Jordan tells the story of how he has learned to confront conflict openly and transparently in his organizations. Connect with JordanLead Simple jordan@leadsimple.comConnect with BobNorth County Property GroupThis episode is always available for listening, sharing, or download at Property Management Brainstorm. Subscribe to Property Management Brainstorm on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify,  TunedIn,  iHeart Radio and YouTube.


15 Oct 2020

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DGS 67: Growing Your Property Management Business with Jordan Muela

#DoorGrowShow - Property Management Growth

Even if you are doing sales, closing business, and adding doors, your life and business can still be a disaster - if you don't know what it means and how to optimize for profit. Today, I am talking with Jordan Muela of LeadSimple and ProfitCoach, which provides third-party fractional CFO advising. They help you take the guesswork out of property management business growth. You'll Learn... [05:10] NARPM Accounting Standard: ProfitCoach provided first set of financial benchmarks for the industry. [06:59] Numbers are not everything, and it's not just about doors; there's a lot that numbers can tell you that we don't know because people don't track their data. [08:36] Lifestyle is a factor when growing companies; make sure you have a business that serves your needs and meets your goals in life. [10:00] Unique ability involves networking and research to develop opportunities and build new businesses around needs; cost and penalty you pay for being a visionary. [12:12] Nobody can validate that your heart's desire is for your business or life; start making decisions and seek clarity. [16:25] Separate work from playtime and sense of isolation/lack of connection; create a life that supports you and gives you what you need - it's not just about making money. [19:09] Growth - a good idea or distraction; greatest determiner of your ability to grow is not the quality of your service offering, but your ability to execute. [25:25] Business and sales happen at the speed of trust; people don't buy what you do, they want to find someone they can trust. [27:45] Businesses establish themselves as leaders and capture more business by expressing and expanding their vision, values, mission, and purpose. [30:48] Content Marketing: Find the most efficient mediums/processes to spread value to target market; people consume content in different ways (i.e videos, conversations). [33:50] Difference between content for the sake of building authority and helping people vs. content for the sake of SEO and SEO-driven context. [41:57] Biggest growth opportunity for business owners who focus on everything outward is to change themselves; business is just a means to an end. [54:00] Growth doesn’t have to be painful; a healthier way of growing and scaling a business is by giving employees meaningful work. Tweetables Future of Business: Giving employees meaningful work. Numbers are not everything. It's not just about doors or money. Lifestyle is a factor when growing companies. Business and sales happen at the speed of trust. Resources Profitable Property Management Podcast ProfitCoach NARPM Accounting Standards LeadSimple PM Grow RealManage Manage My Property DGS 65: The NARPM Standard of Accounting with Brad Larsen Dan Sullivan Myers & Briggs Toastmasters Simon Sinek's TED Talk Alex Charfen (Business Coach) Richard Branson DoorGrowClub Facebook Group DoorGrow Live

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26 Feb 2019

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019: Alex Osenenko and Jordan Muela

The Property Management Mastermind Show

Today’s show is sponsored by Marc Cunningham of Grace Property Management. Marc has created some amazing products for property management companies, which we can say firsthand as we’ve implemented his systems here. Visit their website and try out their products! To get a 10% discount on any of Marc’s products, use the promo code “Brad”! We’re also sponsored by LeadSimple and Fourandahalf. Together, they’ve come up with one of the best conferences for property managers, called the PM Grow Summit. This event is laser-focused on growth strategies and brings together some remarkable thought leaders from around the country. I attended last year and was thoroughly impressed all around -- and that was just their first year! The next conference will be in San Diego in 2018, and I’ve already booked my spot. Go to pmgrowsummit.com to learn more, and enter promo code “Brad” to get a $100 discount on your ticket! That description of the upcoming conference is a perfect introduction to today’s two guests, Alex Osenenko and Jordan Muela. Together, they represent the two companies coming together to put on the summit, with Alex coming from Fourandahalf and Jordan coming from Lead Simple. Of course we’ll talk about the summit in depth, with Alex and Jordan going over some of the remarkable speakers who will be attending, talking about the venue, and explaining why the weather alone should be a persuasive reason to attend! Before that, though, we talk about many other topics relevant to anyone in the property management industry. We start off with a discussion of LeadSimple and its value for property managers in terms of efficiency, then cover various recent and upcoming trends within the industry. We address fee maximization and discuss the fact that customers are increasingly happy to do their showings themselves. Tune in for all this and much more with these two influencers in the property management world! Here’s where you can find Alex and Jordan: Alex Osenenko on LinkedIn Alex Osenenko at Fourandahalf Alex Osenenko on Facebook @PMGrowSummit on Twitter Jordan Muela on LinkedIn @ManageMyProperT on Twitter Show Notes [02:56] - Alex gives us a quick intro to who he is and what he does. [05:23] - Brad chimes in to tell a quick story about his first attempts to implement LeadSimple, and his return to it later. [06:02] - Jordan tells us about who he is and what he does, explaining that he’s the CEO of LeadSimple. [06:59] - One of the things that Brad likes about LeadSimple is that it prompts you with a list, allowing his staff to work straight off that list every day. [09:36] - We hear a reminder that the consumer has different criteria than we have as experts in the property management industry. We also get advice on what to do once someone requests the analysis that Brad has just been talking about. [12:41] - Brad explains that the part of his website that talks about free market estimates shows the graphic that people are going to get, which improves his capture rate. [15:30] - We learn about how inbound call tracking and texting can function within the process that Brad, Alex, and Jordan have been talking about. [16:52] - Brad shifts us to different trends, bringing up the topic of fee maximization. [18:07] - Alex has been thinking a lot about fee maximization lately, he reveals, and shares his thoughts and perspective on the topic. [19:49] - How does Brad set his pricing? He answers, and then offers a tip to listeners about using a flat-fee, tiered pricing system instead of percentages. [21:33] - Brad steers Alex and Jordan to talk about the conditioning of customer expectations in terms of not needing to talk to anybody and have privacy.[25:33] - Does Brad know offhand how many states what he’s been describing about co-brokering is relevant for? [26:32] - Alex points out that the one-star reviews that every property manager gets are from tenants who never got a showing. [28:00] - Brad admits that a lot of property managers, including himself sometimes, are very hesitant to implement things. [30:38] - You’re often competing against the status quo, Jordan explains. [32:17] - Brad transitions to talking about PM Grow Summit, offering Alex the opportunity to explain why this is such a valuable event and resource for property managers. [36:07] - We hear about Brad’s personal experience at last year’s PM Grow Summit, in terms of both having a great time and making valuable connections with people he still speaks with today. [37:30] - Alex and Jordan spend a huge amount of time vetting and interviewing potential speakers for the summit. [39:06] - We hear more about the personal development aspect of the summit. [41:46] - The venue for the summit is the US Grant Hotel in sunny San Diego, which should be a pleasant relief in terms of temperature in January! [43:40] - We learn about the impressive caliber of speakers who will be present at the summit, with Alex and Jordan listing a few of the most noteworthy speakers and talking about their qualifications and areas of expertise. [53:13] - Where can listeners learn more about the PM Grow Summit? At pmgrowsummit.com for the upcoming event, or at 2017.pmgrowsummit.com for last year’s event. Links and Resources: Alex Osenenko on LinkedIn Alex Osenenko at Fourandahalf Alex Osenenko on Facebook @PMGrowSummit on Twitter Jordan Muela on LinkedIn @ManageMyProperT on Twitter LeadSimple Fourandahalf PM Grow Summit ShowMojo NARPM Tony Robbins Robert Kiyosaki US Grant Hotel PM Grow Summit 2017


2 Aug 2017

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26: Jordan Muela on the Fastest Way to Build Authority

The Effective Founder

For the next 3 weeks, I’ll be releasing an episode on Tuesdays and Thursdays, to gear up for on April 9th. These episodes will be focused on self-funded, often solo-founders. Some are on the smaller side, while others have ARRs over 7-figures, but they all have valuable lessons to share for any founder. Today, on the Early-Stage Founder Show, I’m talking with , the CEO and Co-Founder of , a bootstrapped SaaS startup that is building a better sales experience for property managers. In my chat with Jordan, we cover everything from getting stuck in refactoring hell to the biggest contributor to LeadSimple’s growth, but the focus of this episode is on the conference Jordan and his team just put on. Hosting a conference gives any startup immediate authority, but it’s a ton of work to pull it off, not to mention the financial risk involved of booking a venue before selling any tickets. Luckily for us, Jordan covers everything you need to know to decide if hosting your own conference is right for your startup and lays out the steps to take to get started.


23 Mar 2017

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How to Setup a Solid Sales Process for Your Property Management Company with Jordan Muela

The Property Management Show

Subscribe to The Property Management Show on iTunes Today to Stay Up to Date on the Latest Episodes My Co-Host and colleague Jordan Muela, with LeadSimple, visited the Fourandhalf studio to help me map out a solid sales process for your property management company. How to Set Up a Solid Sales Process for Your Property […] The post How to Setup a Solid Sales Process for Your Property Management Company with Jordan Muela appeared first on Fourandhalf Marketing Agency for Property Managers.


18 Mar 2016

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10 Property Management Business Growth Hacks for 2016 with Jordan Muela, Hosted by Alex Osenenko

The Property Management Show

Subscribe to The Property Management Show on iTunes Today to Stay Up to Date on the Latest Episodes Our guest today is Jordan Muela, CEO of LeadSimple, a company that provides CRM solutions to the Property Management industry. Alex, who hosts the podcast, is the CEO of Fourandhalf, a digital marketing agency that works exclusively […] The post 10 Property Management Business Growth Hacks for 2016 with Jordan Muela, Hosted by Alex Osenenko appeared first on Fourandhalf Marketing Agency for Property Managers.


14 Jan 2016