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Yeda sings Alex Turner (6 songs Live Streaming without rehearsal)

The Yeda radio

Yeda sings along to Alex Turner (6 songs Live Streaming without rehearsal) Accepted a challenge by the followers to sing along to Alex Turner's songs, on a live streaming show with all the sound difficulties that a Live show implies  www.silviadossantos.net/podcast 


9 Oct 2021

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11 - Attainable Utility and Power with Alex Turner

AXRP - the AI X-risk Research Podcast

Many scary stories about AI involve an AI system deceiving and subjugating humans in order to gain the ability to achieve its goals without us stopping it. This episode's guest, Alex Turner, will tell us about his research analyzing the notions of "attainable utility" and "power" that underlie these stories, so that we can better evaluate how likely they are and how to prevent them. Topics we discuss: Side effects minimization Attainable Utility Preservation (AUP) AUP and alignment Power-seeking Power-seeking and alignment Future work and about Alex The transcript Alex on the AI Alignment Forum Alex's Google Scholar page Conservative Agency via Attainable Utility Preservation Optimal Policies Tend to Seek Power Other works discussed: Avoiding Side Effects by Considering Future Tasks The "Reframing Impact" Sequence The "Risks from Learned Optimization" Sequence Concrete Approval-Directed Agents Seeking Power is Convergently Instrumental in a Broad Class of Environments Formalizing Convergent Instrumental Goals The More Power at Stake, the Stronger Instumental Convergence Gets for Optimal Policies Problem Relaxation as a Tactic How I do Research Math that Clicks: Look for Two-way Correspondences Testing the Natural Abstraction Hypothesis

1hr 27mins

25 Sep 2021

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Hunger games, Evan Peters y mi fantasía con Alex Turner.

cam indoors

En este episodio auto terapéutico, Cam habla sobre su primera vez viendo Los Juegos del Hambre, su deseo de ser una chica es una canción de AM y consejitos gratis para ser mejor que el resto ✨.


25 Aug 2021

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Suck It And See: Alex Turner y Alexa Chung

Yo tampoco te quiero

Un karaoke en Escocia, un videoclip, una carta olvidada en un bar y un álbum: Suck It And See. Esta es la historia de amor entre Alex Turner y Alexa Chung.

1hr 6mins

7 Jul 2021

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Alex Turner: ¿Me quedo con el viejo o con el nuevo?

Vistiendo Palabras

Una reflexión sobre cambios y transformaciones. Relato originalmente publicado en romigoletto.com ¡Visita el sitio para más historias y accede a la newsletter exclusiva! Contame qué piensas en Twitter @romigoletto. También puedes visitar mi anti-instagram.


26 May 2021

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54-Chelsi Griffin and Alex Turner

Crime on the Couch

Chelsi and Alex met at a young age and instantly fell in love. When Alex shared with Chelsi about his dangerous, secret job, she felt sorry him. She wanted to help, so when he came to her asking for her help in concealing the death of his own parents, she obliged. Listen as Coral and Dusty discuss one of the more unusual symptoms of antisocial personality disorder.


27 Apr 2021

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Un film, un album : Submarine - Alex Turner


Chaque jeudi, Tournedisque revient sur un album mythique. Cette semaine, Submarine d'Alex Turner, bande originale de la comédie bleue, rétro et mélancolique de Richard Ayoade. -------- Les épisodes précédents de Tournedisque : https://tournesound.com/podcasts/tournedisque ------- Retrouvez nous sur : Notre site : https://tournesound.com Twitter : https://twitter.com/tournesound Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/tournesound Facebook : http://facebook.com/tournesound ------- Tournedisque est un podcast produit par Tournesound et présenté par Valentin Flamant et Nathan Thomas Direction Artistique : Valentine Riviere 


22 Apr 2021

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Alex Turner #NumMinuto


Recomendação de Diogo Oliveira. Segue o Espalha-Factos. Site: https://espalhafactos.com/ | Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EspalhaFactos | Instagram: http://instagram.com/espalhafactos | Twitter: http://instagram.com/espalhafactos


6 Jan 2021

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Episode 27: Featuring Alex Turner

The Boneyard Podcast

Welcome back to the Boneyard Podcast, where 2 recent ECU Alumni sit around, drink beer and talk about ECU sports. This week's episode was a tough one with some hard topics to cover, but the guys still found a way to bring the energy. Episode 27 features an interview with former ECU Defensive Lineman and Scholar, Alex Turner. On this weeks episode the guys cover the following topics: - NFL Week 1 Recap + Fantasy - ECU & UCF Game Time and TV Selection - ECU football families at games - Alex Turner Interview - College Basketball is Coming Soon - Walk The Plank!! We hope you enjoy this episode of the Boneyard Podcast! Feel free to follow us on Twitter and Instagram, also make sure to subscribe to the podcast wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts and also please rate us and let us know what you think so far! Please subscribe and leave us a review! Make sure to follow us on Twitter https://twitter.com/BoneyardPodcastWe hope you enjoy this episode of the Boneyard Podcast! Feel free to follow us on Twitter and Instagram, also make sure to subscribe to the podcast wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts and also please rate us and let us know what you think so far! Please subscribe and leave us a review! Make sure to follow us on Twitter https://twitter.com/BoneyardPodcast--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/boneyard-podcast/message

1hr 13mins

17 Sep 2020

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Episode 21 - "It was Simple, I Just Wanted to be Better."A Parenting and Honest Conversation with Alex Turner

The MomBabe Podcast

Mamas, if you are not following Alex Turner from @turnertalks on Instagram YOU NEED TO BE!  What a mama, and what a woman! This episode is one for the masses where Alex shares with us how she went from corporate mama, like big time news reporter to stay at home mom. She is raising three beautiful children and yet still keeping her passions of writing a constant thread in her life. She talks and offers tips on how she respectfully parents, she gives her two sense on what it means to be flexible in her world and I absolutely love how she shares how she finds so much joy in her everyday mess.  Raw, real and funny, Alex is far from perfect; but how she explains it, that's just how she likes it.   Follow along with Alex here.


8 Sep 2020