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Ep 10 Woo Woo Realtor with Amy Sherman

Woo Woo Realtor

Woo Woo Realtor talks with Amy Sherman, the Brand Strategist & Web Designer behind Happy Sun Creative, a boutique web design studio in sunny Scottsdale, Arizona. I help entrepreneurs create websites that are a magnet for the right clientele. Together we collaborate and create a beautiful, clear and client-focused website to help you generate abundance and energy around your business. The One Week Website is a 1-1, VIP experience perfect for coaches and consultants, wellness professionals and online shops. Websites are built on Squarespace, an all-in-one managed solution — options include e-commerce, scheduling and email marketing — without worrying about any of the tech. I’ve also recently launched a new service that I’m really excited about. The Passion Page is a one-page website for people wanting to test and validate a new business idea.


16 Apr 2021

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Food Writer and Editor Amy Sherman

Women Beyond a Certain Age Podcast

Food writer and gig juggler Amy Sherman talks with Denise about the business of culinary writing. Amy is Editor-in-Chief at The Cheese Professor and The Alcohol Professor. You can submit articles to Amy at editor@cheeseprofessor.com or editor@alcoholprofessor.com Read Amy’s article, 10 Mistakes Not to Make When Working with an Editor. Read Amy’s blog and follow her on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Women Beyond a Certain Age is an award-winning weekly podcast with Denise Vivaldo. She brings her own lively, humorous, and experienced viewpoint to the topics she discusses with her guests. The podcast covers wide-ranging subjects of importance to older women. Visit our podcast website, join our Facebook Group and like our Page, get links to past episodes on our community website, follow us on Instagram or drop us a line! Denise Vivaldo, host and producer. Denise’s books on Amazon.Producer, editor, and everything even remotely techie is handled by Cindie Flannigan. See Cindie’s work here. Join our community, listen to past episodes, or drop us a line!


14 Mar 2021

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Interview with Amy Sherman, Cheese Professor

Cutting the Curd

Cara interviews Amy Sherman, Editor in Chief of the Cheese Professor. They discuss the new educational website and what it's like to curate cheese content online. Plus, a new cheese competition is announced for May 2021. (NYICC) New York International Cheese Competition. Image courtesy of Amy Sherman.Heritage Radio Network is a listener supported nonprofit podcast network. Support Cutting the Curd by becoming a member!Cutting the Curd is Powered by Simplecast.


2 Feb 2021

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Are You Guilty of Irrational Thinking? - Amy Sherman

Divorce, Dating & Empowered Living Show

Are You Guilty of Irrational Thinking? Host, Amy Sherman, Licensed Mental Health Counselor, shares her expertise on the challenges of irrational thinking and how it can cause inappropriate behaviors. Learn about the 10 most common irrational thoughts and what you can do to improve your self-awareness of this impulsive mind-set. Divorced, Dating & Empowered Living Show on WGSN-DB Going Solo Network Radio, TV & Podcasts - #1 Internet Singles Talk Network. (www.goingsolomedia.com)


19 Feb 2020

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Amy Sherman and Our Part in God's Story

The Faith & Work Podcast

What territory has God given you to work toward the common good? What are the ways that your job or your profession or even your industry could address real needs in your community? Amy Sherman, author of Kingdom Calling: Vocational Stewardship for the Common Good, provides some context for our particular moment in God’s larger story and shares a few stories of people who found their “redemptive edge.”


30 Jan 2020

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60. Shalom for the City, with Amy Sherman, author of Kingdom Calling

Spiritual Life and Leadership

When I read Amy Sherman's book, Kingdom Calling, it felt like the lights turned on for me.  As I read, it became more and more clear that God wants to restore healing and wholeness in our world, not merely through spiritual vocations like pastors and missionaries, but through every vocation.  Every kind of work is a way by which we love our neighbors and bring shalom into the world.In this episode, Amy Sherman unpacks the first part of Proverbs 11:10, which says, "When the righteous prosper, the city rejoices."  Why would a city rejoice at the prosperity of the righteous?  Wouldn't they be envious?  And yet...  There's something about the prospering of the righteous, both in the ancient world and the present day, that causes people and cities to rejoice!THIS EPISODE'S HIGHLIGHTS INCLUDE:Amy Sherman is Senior Fellow and Director of the Center on Faith in Communities at the Sagamore Institute.   Amy is also the author of Kingdom Calling:  Vocational Stewardship for the Common Good.The key verse on which Kingdom Calling is Proverbs 11:10a, which reads, “When the righteous prosper, the city rejoices.”The “righteous” are, in Hebrew, the tsaddiqim.  These are people who are so in love with God and so committed to his purposes in the world that they understand everything they have been given as blessings to be poured out for the sake of others and in worship of this God.The tsaddiqim understand that they have been blessed to be a blessing.This is different from the prosperity gospel, which teaches that our prosperity is for our own enjoyment, rather than for the common good.We can think of “righteousness” as “set-rightness.”  God longs to set all things right.  And this reminds us of that wonderful Hebrew word shalom.God wants flourishing not only for our souls, but also for our bodies.Peace with God is part of a fourfold shalom.  You can find out more about the four-fold nature of shalom in episode 3 of Spiritual Life and Leadership, The Fourfold Nature of Shalom.Vocational stewardship refers to “the intentional and strategic deployment of all of the dimensions of our vocational power to advance foretastes of the kingdom of God.”Life in the new heaven and new earth will be marked by such things as intimacy with God, perfect justice, peace, security, safety, health, beauty, and joy.  We are called to steward our vocations in ways that lead to all these things for our neighbors today.Amy Sherman shares two present-day examples of people who are living as the tsaddiqim today.  The first is a contractor who builds homes and neighborhoods designed to foster shalom.  The second is an interior designer who focuses on designing spaces that are for everyone, especially in regard to accessibility and mobility.You can find out more about Amy Sherman and her work at www.vocationalstewardship.org. RELEVANT RESOURCES AND LINKS:Amy Sherman:Website:  http://www.vocationalstewardship.org/Books mentioned:Kingdom Calling: Vocational Stewardship for the Common Good, by Amy ShermanTo leave a review of Spiritual Life and Leadership:https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/spiritual-life-and-leadership/id1435252632Support the show (http://patreon.com/markuswatson)


25 Nov 2019

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Audio Appendix Ep 7: Faith and Work with Amy Sherman

Third Church Sermons

Corey Widmer interviews Amy Sherman, author of the book Kingdom Calling, about the origination of the concept "vocational stewardship," what it means for us in our every day labors, and how to incorporate spiritual disciplines into our work.


12 Nov 2019

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#071 Flourishing and the Common Good - with Andy Crouch and Amy Sherman

Regent College Podcast

Today's podcast is all about the flourishing of the vulnerable in community, and how that relates to the common good. We had a great conversation with Andy and Amy about how the church can join forces with other institutions for the flourishing—not just a material flourishing but a holistic one—of our communities, families, and churches.To learn more about Regent College and its upcoming courses visit:www.regent-college.edu/


16 Aug 2019

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Amy Sherman & Justin Buzzard | Panel Discussion On Faith And Work

Center for Faith & Work Los Angeles

Sagamore Institute Senior Fellow Amy Sherman and Garden City Church Senior Pastor Justin Buzzard share in a Q&A time during the Center for Faith and Work Los Angeles' 2019 Annual Conference at Tapestry LA on April 6, 2019. Sherman is the author of Kingdom Calling: Vocational Stewardship for the Common Good. Buzzard is the co-author of Why Cities Matter: To God, the Culture, and the Church.


8 May 2019

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Amy Sherman | Stewarding Vocational Influence

Center for Faith & Work Los Angeles

Sagamore Institute Senior Fellow Amy Sherman shares the plenary talk on Stewarding Vocational Influence for the Center for Faith and Work Los Angeles' 2019 Annual Conference at Tapestry LA on April 6, 2019. Sherman is also the author of Kingdom Calling: Vocational Stewardship for the Common Good.


8 May 2019