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6 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Rudi Kennard. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Rudi Kennard, often where they are interviewed.

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6 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Rudi Kennard. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Rudi Kennard, often where they are interviewed.

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Episode 30: Dealing with Difficult People with Rudi Kennard

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Rudi Kennard is this week's guest on the podcast as we talk about those 'difficult people' that seem to show up in our lives from time to time.

We talk about how experiencing a change in our relationship with anyone can be a one-way affair - we needn't actually get them involved, and we don't need to find clever ways to get them to change their behaviour.

Sound too good to be true - have a listen - I really enjoyed creating this episode for you.

Feb 01 2018 · 51mins
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Rudi Kennard - Perception; A Construction not an Instruction

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Rudi and Denise talk about a behavioural performance model; that dealing and working on poor behaviours, with consequences, and discipline procedures are missing the point, i.e. it is too late by then as all responses are an effect of a person’s state of mind in the moment and not the cause of the problem.

Whatever people think, it is going to look real and true to them; however, with a glimpse of how the mind works to create our separate realities, you can take a step back and see that thought is a construction, not an instruction. We gain a deeper respect for diversity; wisdom shows us we no longer need to be right.

How does an understanding of the inside out nature of life change the use of the Performance Analysis? Are sportspeople mistakenly comparing and over-thinking today about yesterday’s performances? Is this preventing a stronger download signal of fresh, innovation in the moment?

Dec 24 2017 · 19mins

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Rudi Kennard - Talent Identification - Performing from Source (Pt 4/5)

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Traditionally, we identify talented athletes as those who demonstrate attributes, i.e. being self-determined, keen willingness to learn, capacity to overcome adversity, self-less, highly driven, ability to self-analyse, and be self-motivated etc. If you were to truly understand that experience is created from within and projected out as our separate realities and is not caused by the situation or circumstances, how different would this list be of desirable characteristics?  If athletes profoundly know that no-one or nothing is to blame for their feeling state, how many of these attributes are redundant? If athletes are not afraid of their experiences and merely allow their minds to clear naturally, qualities to 'get over' poor performances wouldn't be required. Is it possible that athletes who have learned to control and manage their thinking fall into mediocrity, and settle for something way short of what's possible given the infinite divine intelligence to produce incredible human performances? 

Dec 17 2017 · 11mins
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Rudi Kennard - Insight v knowledge Based Learning - (Pt 3/5)

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The subject of adaptation is widely researched and discussed, especially in the field of sport. Many people resonate with knowledge-based, application of tools and techniques which appears to result in change over time. Few, however, refer to the sustainable transformations, which happen naturally, when a person experiences an insight or deep realisation. Rudi Kennard and Denise Holland, look beyond information and experience to develop and master human performance, towards what is innately part of every human being, irrespective of knowledge gained cognitively.

Dec 10 2017 · 9mins

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Rudi Kennard - Everest Base Camp (Pt 2/5)

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It is difficult to conceive as humans the notion that, we (the person) are not in charge and that we connect to a higher power in us, which seems to have life unfold perfectly. As Sydney Banks referred to often, the IS-ness! Many questions arise, including, what's the point then, if we are merely the vessel and not the captain? There are times in our lives with little or no personal thinking that we are capable of extraordinary things. Rudi talks about his experience at Everest Base Camp, which points to two things:

1) Our connection to a divine intelligence which fuels our bodies and minds, and 

2) We are more likely to sink into that performance zone (flow) state when we are not distracted by the personal head noise.

Dec 03 2017 · 9mins
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ACL 018: Rudi Kennard

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Rudi Kennard is a well-being and resiliency consultant in the UK who is a facilitator for the “Three Principles.”

In this episode of A Congruent Life, Rudi discusses:

  • pursuing a long-term passion project even though he couldn’t see how it could possibly happen when he began,
  • a surprising approach to reducing crime and working with the incarcerated and ill,
  • making personal sacrifices and the meaning of true financial freedom,
  • letting your heart guide you more than your head, and
  • a fresh paradigm of mental health that is based on health rather than illness.


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