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Episode 5. Aeropress Bloom Times w/ Erica Jackson

Not Caffeinated Enough Podcast

Erica Jackson (@blkcoffee4life) joins me once again to experiment with Aeropress brews. Blooming your coffee has been shown to increase its extraction in all kinds of brew methods--including immersion. But how does extending the bloom time in an Areopress affect the taste? Erica and I get similar, yet different results (again). We also talk about how we all could sometimes use some help--for work stuffs and emotional support alike. Music: Cxnnect by Bartholomew Jones of CxffeeBlack


10 Jan 2021

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Erica Jackson On Listening and Being Present With Yourself [114]

Boss Barista

There are a lot of reasons I continue to do Boss Barista, especially as the show has evolved and changed. One of the reasons is to connect with people I wouldn't have met otherwise. There are at least a handful of folks I know and consider my friends because of the show—people I've become closer to through interviews, through sitting down and having a really focused conversation. Doing this show has also made me a better listener—I’m still learning how to listen, but I also listen for other listeners. That’s a little silly, I know, but I’ve learned a lot about how people listen by doing this show. It’s the moments where I hear others give people space to explore ideas, or repeat a question to make sure they really understand it. And I noticed all these things when I listened to another podcast featuring today's guest, Erica Jackson. Erica is a barista, originally from Birmingham, Alabama but currently based in Charleston, South Carolina, and she was recently a guest on a show called Nicole's Hen House.  In this episode, we talk about Erica's journey into the world of coffee, but we also delve deep into how we communicate and how we remain present in our own lives. A lot of these themes are mimicked in our coffee work—being a good service worker requires being present, and many of us are drawn to coffee because of the potential to build community and make connections with others. I think, more than anything, this episode is an encouragement to remain present in your own life and notice what's happening around you. We talk about defining moments both big and small and how to connect deeply with coffee—beyond making it, beyond working behind the bar, but finding the way it speaks to you as an individual, and honoring its place in your life. Here's Erica. - Donate to these organizations:  BRAVE SPACE ALLIANCE ASSATA’S DAUGHTERS BLACK LIVES MATTER CHICAGO LIST OF VENMO/CASHAPP OF BLACK COFFEE PROFESSIONALS - ACTION PLAN FOR BOSS BARISTA TRANSCRIPTION


11 Jun 2020

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Erica Jackson - Barista

Nicole's Hen House

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14 Apr 2020

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HC039 - The Heartizan Way - with Vicki Smith, Erica Jackson, & Chrissie Lowery

Live it Love it Sell it

This special episode is to celebrate Heartizan. An online marketplace and community for crafters that was founded by Chrissie Lowery. Not only have they now grown and achieved awards and much more, the new book is now published and so we celebrated by chatting to two of the suppliers to the Heartizan marketplace who are also 'Madmins' who work with the Heartizan team and of course the founder Chrissie Lowery. Here are the links:- Vicki Smith - Creations where ideas come aliveOne link to all - https://linktr.ee/creations.bizErica Jackson - Coffee Monkey Mugswww.facebook.com/coffeemonkeymugs www.instagram.com/coffee_monkeymugs www.twitter.com/coffee_monkey18 www.coffeemonkeymugs.co.uk www.heartizan.uk.com/crafter/coffee-monkey-mugs/ Chrissie Lowery - Founder of Heartizan https://www.heartizan.uk.com/ https://www.facebook.com/heartofhandcrafting/ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfq44gx8uF-byDPQEeyXXSgThe book - https://www.amazon.co.uk/Build-Your-Creative-Business-Heartizan/dp/1689959517This is longer than my usual episodes as it is three interviews in one! Grab a cuppa and enjoy! Jules x


18 Oct 2019

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