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Episode 7 - Salvage Solitude 8140, Potato Thriller (Classic), Temple Scramble w/ John Thibodeaux

Bundle Buddies

Episode 7! Our guest this week is John Thibodeaux (@john_ThiBOdeauX on Twitter) This weeks cause is the Southern Poverty Law Center, an absolute classic that is just as relevant today as when it was founded - The SPLC is a catalyst for racial justice in the South and beyond, working in partnership with communities to dismantle white supremacy, strengthen intersectional movements, and advance the human rights of all people. Visit their website and DONATE to help support the important work they do. As always if you send proof of donation to bundlebuddiespodcast@gmail.com we will shout you out on the pod! This week we played...... Salvage Solitude 8140 Potato Thriller (Classic) Temple Scramble About the podcast..... Welcome to bundle buddies, we are playing through the ENTIRE itch.io Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality. What is the itch.io Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality? In June 2020, in response to the massive social movement following George Floyds murder, Indie gaming marketplace / community itch.io but together a game/media bundle with all proceeds going to support organizations that are working directly with those affected by racial injustice. When all was said and done the bundle included 1741 items from 840+ creators. It raised $8,153,803.03 for the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund and Community Bail Fund split 50/50. A truly incredible amount, and a testament to peoples desire to see justice enacted. If you are one of those people who supported this worthy cause you have likely heard of the hits included in the bundle, but there is a LOT of stuff. Some great, some insane, and some bad. it's tough to know where to start, or if a game if worth it. So we're here! Each week we randomly dip into a few of the 1365 are games from the bundle and sharing our thoughts. In the spirit of this bundle, every episode we highlight a new cause and donate. If you donate we'll give you a shout out on the show. Tune and and play along or just tune in to listen to two video game enthusiasts play some very wonderful and weird games.....and also some bad ones. Theme Song: Neoishiki by Role Music Hosted & Produced by: Eric T Roth & Alex Honnet

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27 Oct 2020

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Friend: John Thibodeaux (Late Show w/ Stephen Colbert, The Second City)

What Would My Friends Do? Podcast

John Thibodeaux (Late Show w/ Stephen Colbert, The Second City) talks being an always-nude, thongs, how soon you can say the L word, the importance of persistence, and more!!!Pardon us for being very whiskey drunk from start to finish.

1hr 33mins

23 Feb 2017

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President Obama/Hamilton with John Thibodeaux

15 Minutes with Lincoln

I realized that after four episodes, I still hadn't told Abe that our current President is a black man. So I invited my friend John Thibodeaux (3Peat, Improvised Shakespeare) to inform President Lincoln about black culture, Lemonade, and pornography.


5 Aug 2016

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129: John Thibodeaux


JOHN THIBODEAUX (@john_thibodeaux) brings the maths and the musics to Penthouse Studio 4W! John talks about (briefly) being an engineer, his music project, the freakshow of politics, Game of Thrones and how the "comedy sausage" is made! SHOW NOTES 0:00 Intro 0:40 John is rocking an old school Padres cap. Sammy is shocked to learn John was an engineer. 3:35 He will be visiting Colombia in April.“Humor for me growing up was always like a--I don’t want to say defense mechanism--but like an infiltration mechanism...”6:55 Sammy quizzes John about what his life plans and goals were at various ages in his life and about the freezing desert epiphany that led to his comedy career. 18:25 John has a musical project inspired by Kathryn Casey’s true crime novel Deliver Us. We both like sad things because we’re involved in comedy. 25:00 Police are warning of roving trio of men challenging people to rap battles. John shares what he would and would not challenge other people to do.“I think if Hamilton has taught us anything it’s that real progress occurs when you rap it out.”30:10 The character of Hulk Hogan has a larger penis than the person playing him. Speaking of racists, hey, politics! We delve into the interesting, scary mess that is the 2016 election. John recalls his college years. 39:40 We are looking forward to the new season of Game of Thrones. John shares the shows he and his girlfriend can and can’t watch together.“If I really love something, the way that I show my appreciation for it is to learn how to create it.”47:35 Talking technology leads us into how the comedy sausage is made. 53:00 Outro, during which John recounts ThreePeat’s special award show attire. Thanks for listening! If you enjoyed this episode of the PopFury Podcast, please subscribe and rate us on iTunes or Stitcher!


17 Mar 2016

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Episode 116 - MBSing with John Thibodeaux​ - Gasoline

The Nerdologues Present: MBSing

When TBox told me he planned to discuss gasoline, I was all, "whaaaaat?" Then he outlined his work history with various responsibilities at refineries and rigs, and I was all, "coooooool!" A couple science nerds get to break down the chain that creates gasoline and other products from crude oil and the work that goes into getting that "devil jizz" out of the ground. TBox and I exist in the middle of a lot of very specific Venn diagrams, and this ep was a delight to relish in the details. Stick around for some excellent baseball talk at the end that's a preview of our hypothetical future baseball podcast. (If I find a guest who enjoys baseball, you cannot escape it being discussed, listener. And for this I will not apologize.)Thanks to Base Camp for sponsoring this episode and the Chicago Podcast Cooperative for coordinating sponsors.This is the published article on my college research project. At least you can look at the pictures?More about the gasoline/sodium cyanide explosion in Tianjin, China.

1hr 21mins

26 Aug 2015

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Episode 180: A Guided Tour of Roswell with John Thibodeaux

The Nerdologues Present: Poor Choices Archive

John Thibodeaux stops by to talk about Roswell, Chicago, and more.

1hr 1min

21 Aug 2012