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16 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Sarah Watson. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Sarah Watson, often where they are interviewed.

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16 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Sarah Watson. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Sarah Watson, often where they are interviewed.

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#76 Sarah Watson

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Alex Lloyd interviews Iraq veteran Sarah Watson.

Life on the Line tracks down Australian military veterans and records their stories. Sarah Watson was an Intelligence Officer in the Australian Army. She deployed to Iraq in 2006 and was the Intelligence Analyst for all Middle Eastern countries except Afghanistan during the Arab Spring. This is Alex Lloyd's conversation with Sarah about the challenges and victories she faced in uniform, and beyond.

To see photos related to today's interview, visit our website - www.lifeonthelinepodcast.com - or follow us on social media: @lifeonthelinepodcast on Facebook and Instagram, and @LOTLpod on Twitter.

May 25 2020 · 53mins
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Sex Therapist Sarah Watson

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Today, Dr. Emma talks to certified sex therapist Sarah Watson about issues relating to sex and intimacy.

We talk about the importance of communication between partners, adjusting your sex life after childbirth, pain during intercourse, and many other issues.

Sarah also explains why the goal of sex should be pleasure, and orgasm should be the bonus.


Esther Perel Podcasts: https://www.estherperel.com/podcast

Six Minute Sex Ed Podcast: https://teaandintimacy.com/

Sarah's Website: https://www.sarahwatsonlpc.com/

Call: 248-509-0503

Email: sarah@sarahwatsonlpc.com

Whole Family Wellness Website: https://www.wholefamwellness.com/

Call: 248-631-8245

Email:  wholefamwellness@gmail.com

May 25 2020 · 24mins

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FELICITY FRIDAY: "The Fugue" with Sarah Watson and Director Lawrence Trilling

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This Friday we are more than excited to have two spectacular guests to talk about THE FUGUE, the 16th episode of the first season of FELICITY. First up we have TV Writer, Showrunner and Creator of THE BOLD TYPE and Author of the brand new YA Novel MOST LIKELY, Sarah Watson on the podcast to talk all things Felicity, Noel and Ben. 

  And as a bonus we are glad to have EP and Director Lawrence Trilling(ALIAS, Parenthood, Pushing Daises) who directed this very episode to talk about the process of making FELICITY and working with the cast and crew of the show.

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May 01 2020 · 1hr 27mins

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093 - Sarah Watson (Creator of The Bold Type, Author of Most Likely)

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This week, host Gray Jones returns to the Skype format due to the Coronavirus quarantine, but you're sure to love his interview with Sarah Watson, creator of The Bold Type and executive producer on Parentood!

Episode 093 is sponsored by Pilar Alessandra of onthepage.tv. Pilar is offering a 10% discount on her interactive online class, Writing the First Draft, which started April 4th, but can be joined any time up to the second class on April 11th. To get your 10% off, use the code onthepage10 at checkout. 

Sarah is very open about the challenges along the way, and how she was able to spin some of the toughest experiences into victories, including her incredibly hopeful young adult novel, Most Likely. Just like the message of the book, she is optimistic that the world is changing for the better, and that the upcoming generation will be the key.

Learn about the innovative way she turned a class she taught at UCLA into a virtual writers room... how getting on staff wasn't the Holy Grail, but each new opportunity taught her invaluable lessons... how getting onto a network show really propelled her career forward, and how she really found her voice working with Jason Katims on Parenthood... how and why she cancelled a meeting and went straight to Disneyland to buy a season's pass... how taking a year off and being unavailable turned her into a hot commodity, even leading to a successful pitch to Steven Spielberg and an option on her book!

She also talks about what it was like to be in production on a pilot and getting ready for the big launch of her book, and having to shut it all down overnight because of COVID-19.


0:00 - Introduction2:57 - Interview starts3:15 - Shooting pilot, book launch interrupted by COVID-199:45 - TV writing course Sarah teaches at UCLA, and why that program is special13:38 - How Sarah got started, working on Rachel’s Room15:23 - Early days, how Sarah got on staff18:44 - How Sarah’s career really took off when she landed a gig on a network show24:21 - Working on The Middleman with Javi Grillo-Marxuach26:37 - Writing on Parenthood, and how she really found her voice29:14 - How she got an overall deal and started to develop shows 34:50 - All the details about developing The Bold Type which is on its fourth season38:38 - How a soul crushing year led to a hopeful YA novel 44:20 - Details about her untitled re-enactment pilot, and pitching to Steven Spielberg50:59 - On adapting her YA novel for Amazon51:45 - Advice to greener writers

Follow Sarah on Twitter: @SarahWatson42

Buy Gray’s book for only $4.99! Look for it on Amazon – How To Break In To TV Writing: Insider Interviews.

Didn’t get your questions asked? Make sure you follow Gray on Twitter (@GrayJones) so you can get the scoop on who is being interviewed and how to get your questions in. Also check out our TV Writer Twitter Database to find Twitter addresses for over 1,000 TV writers. Find previous episodes and other resources at www.tvwriterpodcast.com.

Upcoming weekly interviews will include Arika Lisanne Mittman (Paradise Lost, Timeless), Michael Narducci (The Originals), and lots more!

Apr 06 2020 · 1hr 4mins
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Sarah Watson Requests a Bathtub

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First Draft Episode #238: Sarah Watson

Sarah Watson is a television writer, producer, and novelist. She’s the creator of the Freeform series, The Bold Type, and was a Writer and Executive Producer of the critically acclaimed NBC drama,  Parenthood. She has also written for About A Boy, Lipstick Jungle,The Unusuals, and The Middleman, as well as other series. Her debut novel, Most Likely, is out now.

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Mar 10 2020 · 1hr 11mins
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Sarah Watson - Chairman, Global & NY CSO, BBH (E47)

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We were delighted, and somewhat overwhelmed, to welcome the legendary Sarah Watson onto the Love This Podcast.

From the snow-trodden offices of BBH New York, Sarah plunged into several topics that will pique the curiosity of marketers around the world. The role of planning in an agency today and why it’s still fundamental to making the work better. Marketing to mothers, our industry’s hiring decisions and defining customer archetypes. The important of a diverse team and why clients should push back on agency’s that don’t represent their customers. How and why we should use a combination of data and our instincts to evaluate the work. Tensions of every kind. There was even one point where we may have stepped out of the sound room, into the therapy room – see if you can spot it.

Building her career and the careers of those around her at two of the most reputable agencies in the world (DDB and BBH), Sarah’s wisdom and 50,000ft viewpoint on the world is one that should 100% be heard, and then shared.
Jan 19 2020 · 42mins
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Facebook Live For Musicians with Sarah Watson

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Welcome to the Rustic Songbird Podcast!

Are you a singer who’s afraid to put yourself out there online? What if no one watches? Or, what if they do?

In this episode of the Rustic Songbird podcast, Lydia Walker interviews Sarah Watson about her story of singing regularly on Facebook Live. Sarah shares about facing her fears of going live, and what it felt like to finally go for it. She also talks about the response from people watching, and how it’s helping to build her audience online.

Connect with Sarah on her Facebook pages, Sarah Beth Watson Music, and "I Love Christian Folk Music".

Say hi to Lydia on Instagram! @thelydiawalker

Email hello@rusticsongbird.com

Download my FREE CHECKLIST for "How To Prepare To Record In A Studio": bit.ly/recording-checklist

Nov 25 2019 · 38mins
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UN SDG14: Engineers must do more with Sarah Watson

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Welcome to WEC2019 Mini-Series, a mini-series introducing you to some of the speakers you will meet at the Convention in Nov 2019. Sarah Watson is our first guest and speaks to us about the importance of including engineers when discussing UN SDG14

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Oct 24 2019 · 27mins
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How It Feels To Be A Big-Picture Person - Sarah Watson, Chairman of BBH New York

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Sarah Watson likes big pictures. First, as an account planner then as a chairman, Sarah has been drawn to the big picture and to grand narratives and to drawing them out of people, companies, and brands. But, over time, she’s had to learn how to adjust to her clients and colleagues because not everyone knows what to do with a big picture. After all, you don’t usually just hang them on a wall, stand back, and think, “Lovely.” You have to turn them into action.

For more strategy talk:
1. Newsletter: http://www.markpollard.net/email-newsletter/
2. Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/markpollard
3. Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/markpollard
4. Facebook - join 7,000+ strategists: http://www.sweathead.co
The Kickstarter for "Strategy Is Your Words" launches November 5th.
Oct 21 2019 · 38mins
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BBH's Sarah Watson on home birth

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Sarah Watson, chairman of BBH NY and global chief strategy officer at BBH, talks about giving birth to both her children at home in her apartment, without anesthesia or painkillers. She also admits that she plays the flute, though not as well as Lizzo (yet), sings a famous beer jingle and actively tries to recruit more users to Foursquare.

Sep 17 2019 · 50mins