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Understanding Spiritual Abuse with Dr. John Townsend

Uncharted with Ines Franklin

As you know we love to tell stories of people along their journeys of faith. Many times enjoy sharing high moments that we like to talk about and remember. But, we also go through difficult and challenging moments that we don’t tend to talk about but we could learn so much from if we can find a safe space to share those experiences.  Sometimes, we make those spaces to hear from you, the listener and sometimes we need an expert to speak into what makes those moments difficult to overcome or how to identify ways to navigate through the hardship. Today is a day for an expert. I am joined by Dr. John Townsend to talk about Spiritual Abuse. I’ve seen in many people’s stories how Spiritual Abuse has played a critical role. In some cases, it’s a divergent path but we find our back and again and for others, it completely devastates their faith. Dr. Townsend spends some time defining abuse, how to spot it, and how also offers advice for leaders and how we can work to avoid the hidden trap doors that may put you in a situation where you may be hurting others. Dr. Townsend is a business consultant, leadership coach, and psychologist. He has a Masters in Theology from Dallas Seminary and has written over 30 books, selling more than 10 million copies worldwide.  Join him on Facebook at Dr. Townsend LIVE for great Q&A. LINKS Official Website Become a Guest on Uncharted Ines Franklin on Instagram


28 Apr 2021

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Boundaries in Dating, Henry Cloud and John Townsend (romantic relationship)

Bookey App 30 mins Book Summaries Knowledge Notes and More

When you think of dating, what comes to mind? Is it romantic candlelit dinners? Or a suitable travel companion? Regardless, not every relationship has a happy ending, and that is a predicament that countless unmarried people face today. This book will show you that dating requires boundaries, which not only solve the problems that arise in a relationship, but also protect both parties and hold each person accountable. These things can help us grow while we are dating.


20 Apr 2021

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Boundaries with Kids, by Henry Cloud, John Townsend (education, parenting, self-control, responsibility)

Bookey App 30 mins Book Summaries Knowledge Notes and More

When living with children, many parents may unconsciously make the following common mistake, they have difficulty telling the difference between their responsibili-ties and their child's responsibilities. Over time, they may find that their children haven't learned to take responsibility for their actions. And it is the task of parents to help their children develop a sense of responsibility, self-control, and autonomy. This book will show you what children are responsible for and how parents can help them develop responsibility, self-control, and autonomy.


14 Apr 2021

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The Relationship That Wasn't, Sudden Love-Bombing Abandonment, Sharing Clingy Memes, and the book Boundaries by Dr. Henry Cloud & Dr. John Townsend

Head Over Feels: Love, Sex, and Relationship Advice

Interested in any of the books we've mentioned in the podcast? Go to audibletrial.com/headoverfeels to get one FREE audiobook with your FREE month trial of Audible!Submit your burning questions for us to answer on the show at www.headoverfeelspod.com/contactNeed some one-on-one coaching with one of us to work through your relationship woes?  Go to www.headoverfeelspod.com/coaching for more info!Facebook: /headoverfeelspodInstagram: /headoverfeelspodSupport the show (http://paypal.me/headoverfeels)


12 Apr 2021

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John Townsend

True Grit with Craig Kautsch

Ever wonder what the meaning of emotional intelligence really is?  My next guest is Dr. John Townsend has written over 30 books on the topic.  He has sold over 10 million copies, including the New York Times bestselling Boundaries series.  John is a nationally-known leadership consultant, author, and psychologist.  John founded and operates the Townsend Institute for Leadership and Counseling, and the Townsend Leadership Program. Both of which I’ve been deeply involved in. Dr. Townsend travels extensively for corporate consulting, speaking events, and to help develop leaders, their teams, and their families. John has a weekly video call-in program, Dr. Townsend Live.“If you don’t work on your insides...I promise it will sabotage you!” - John TownsendListen in while we unpack some really cool ideas that will help you connect your head with your heart!Useful Links and Book Mentions:Dr. TownsendBooks by Dr. TownsendAuthors Chip and Dan Heath


11 Jan 2021

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Dr. John Townsend on the effects of isolation and how to overcome

Susie Larson Live

Isolation and loneliness have always had a profound effect on people, so how do we find connection? Dr. John Townsend shares how to build and grow healthy relationships, from his book, "People Fuel: Fill Your Tank for Life, Love, and Leadership."


22 Oct 2020

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Dr. John Townsend Part 2: Loving God & People When Life is Tough

Pure Passion

On today’s podcast, renown psychologist, Dr. John Townsend discusses the struggle many have with the pain that God allows in our lives, and how we can break through to love and faith once more.


28 May 2020

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Dr. John Townsend Part 1: Loving God & People When Life is Tough

Pure Passion

On today’s podcast, renown psychologist, Dr. John Townsend discusses how to love and be loved - a key to finding freedom from sexual brokenness.


26 May 2020

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[BONUS] Quarantine Queens Eps 3: Dr. John Townsend on Structure, Connection, & Boundaries in a Pandemic

For The Love With Jen Hatmaker Podcast

On the best days, people are, well, a lot. They have feelings, they have opinions, they have needs—and as “responsible adults,” we have so many people relying on us at one time that sometimes it can feel like we cannot crumble, because who on earth knows what would happen if we did? Add in a virus, some upended lifestyles, extroverts and introverts forced indoors together, and well . . . let’s just say we need some guidance on how to get through this pandemic with our sanity intact. Thankfully, one of Jen’s favorite experts is here to lend a hand (and when we say favorite, we mean she’s quoted the book he co-authored, Boundaries, in *at least* six of her books): psychologist and NYT bestselling author Dr. John Townsend! Jen and Dr. Townsend go deep into all the pressure points we’re seeing in our relationships right now: how parents can walk teens through their hard feelings, how to spouses can learn to talk through their frustrations (especially since introverts and extroverts are responding so differently right now), even how to draw boundaries in a house where you’re stuck with a bunch of other people. Dr. Townsend’s chockfull of practical tips on how to emotionally care for ourselves and our loved ones well, even during a crisis.


30 Mar 2020

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"The Entitlement Cure" by Dr. John Townsend

Success By The Books: The Bev and Cliff Notes

Look hard enough and you might find entitlement in companies, customers, team members, our children, and ourselves.  Author Dr. John Townsend shows us how to get rid of this self-centered behavior no matter where we find it.  Join us for this podcast as we give you the Bev and Cliff Notes of "The Entitlement Cure". Music - "Burning Up My Goodyears" (music only) by Cliff Nelson and Joshua Rush.  "Beautiful Heartbreak" (full song) by Bev and Cliff Nelson, Matt Sumner, Kevin Fisher.


4 Feb 2020