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Raise Your Income Challenge with Greg Todd

Alternative Healthcare Careers

Raise Your Income Challenge with Greg Todd For this episode, Dr. Mike Chua is with Greg Todd. He is a business owner and an all-around life coach. Together they talk about how changing your mindset can help you find your alternative career. Greg also discuss his upcoming plans and how to raise your income challenge In this episode: 03:10 – Who is Greg Todd and what does he do? 05:40 – What prompted Greg to change his mindset and find his alternative career? 08:15 – Greg shares what kept him going. 12:55 – Greg talks about the importance of finding your passion. 22:25 – Greg encourages the audience to be great relative to the competition. 25:10 – What is niching? 27:55 – How does Greg’s coaching program work? 30:10 – How can we upgrade our skills? 34:10 – What is internal and external economy? 42:15 – Greg shares his parting wisdom with the audience. Website: https://raiseyourincomechallenge.com/ --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/althealthcareers/message


27 Oct 2022

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Should You Outsource Social Media For Your Small Business | Greg Todd | The Venue RX

The Venue RX

If you are a new or existing venue owner and want a professional team to operate and mangage your venue business click here! https://www.cseventservices.com In this video, our host Jonathan Aymin sits down with Greg Todd owner of GT Marketing & Consulting to discuss why its important to look at marketing in terms of overall business goals, how to create content without getting overwhelmed and what to look for when hiring for social media management.    About Our Guest:    GT Marketing & Consulting was founded by Greg Todd to provide small business owners, wedding creatives, and fellow entrepreneurs with online marketing tools and resources to make Social Media, SEO, and Paid Ads easy on you! His company offers "done for you" services including social media management, content creation, website audits, and more.   Greg brings a vast knowledge and a proven record of success.  His varied background in marketing, sales, and leadership allow him to relate and understand the pressures of small business owners, media buyers, and non-profit administrators.    Ultimately, Greg sees his role as a partner with each client.  He will work diligently to ensure that customers reach their personal goals by offering content marketing, brand development, and social media integration and optimization.    He is also a passionate coach that helps entrepreneurs streamline their business practices.  He is an avid proponent of creating systems to allow you to work on your business rather than always working in it.   Greg is also a respected public speaker.  He has been a keynote speaker for The Inspire Design Workshop in New Orleans, and has been a guest on The Two Bright Lights Podcast.     Greg is a devoted husband, father of four, and lover of Presidential history.  You can find him helping his beautiful wife on weekends with their wedding and event design business.  On a rare day off, look for him on a golf course!   Find Him Here:  Website: https://www.gtmarketingandconsulting.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gtmarketingandconsulting Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/gtmarketingco Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gtmarketingandconsulting/ YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC85yezYGXggu73E5QwQSmKQ Thanks for checking out The Venue RX on Youtube. Where we document and share best practices for owning & operating profitable world class venues! BE A GUEST! If you are interested in being a guest on our show, or you know someone who you would recommend, go to our website and submit a request!  We will review your application and get back to you promptly. ► Website http://thevenuerx.com/submit Don’t forget to smash that LIKE Button. Remember to SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel and click the BELL ICON to set alerts for all our new weekly videos!  CONNECT WITH US & SUPPORT!!! ✩ Instagram https://www.instagram.com/thevenuerx/ ✩ Facebook https://www.facebook.com/thevenuerx ✩ Website: www.thevenuerx.com ✩ Anchor: https://bit.ly/3gKSshE LISTEN / SUBSCRIBE TO THE PODCAST ✩ Apple Podcasts: https://apple.co/3qW7ntS ✩ Spotify: https://spoti.fi/3gIz7h3Android: https://bit.ly/3njXOTE


12 Sep 2022

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Ep#29: Raising Our Income and Changing Our Mindset with Greg Todd

Empower Your Pelvis

My business coach, Greg Todd, has changed my mind and my life. I am so excited to have him on the show. Tune into his upcoming challenge he is having to find out more: http://www.raiseyourincomechallenge.com


11 Mar 2022

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Stop Trading Time for Money with Greg Todd

The CashPT Lunch Hour Podcast | Build a Successful Physical Therapy Business Without Relying on Insurance

On today’s episode, I’m speaking with Dr. Gregg Todd, one of the world’s top healthcare business coaches. He’s helped thousands of physical therapists renew their careers, restart their lives, and make more money all while helping more people. He’s the founder of Smart Success Health Care Live! Greg is one of my best friends and has been on the podcast before. He’s also going to be a speaker at PT Biz Con 2022. Greg gives valuable insight on why you should stop training time for money and how you can shift the narrative in your business with a shift in your mindset. He talks about solving problems in various way and giving people multiple ways to afresh their problem. You don’t want to miss this interview!We talk about:-PT Biz Con 2022-Trading time for money-Becoming a person of authority-The value of identifying problems-The importance of communication-Matching your passions with your proclivity-Niching downTIME STAMPS:1:00 Intro2:01 How to stop trading time for money9:00 Doing things differently today14:55 The mindset of getting referrals19:00 Expectations versus realities24:15 The value of identifying problems28:00 Sales as communication31:43 How to become a person of influence37:25 action steps to stop training time for money42:20 How to find Greg44:00 mindset of abundance46:00 PT Biz Con ticketsConnect with Greg:WebsiteInstagram Connect with Aaron:FacebookInstagramCashPT Nation Facebook GroupJoin us a PT Biz Con!Where in 2 days you’ll get exposed to the 6, 7 & 8 figure mindset, learn the latest business marketing, sales and growth strategies, have an opportunity to hear how leaders in our industry are crushing it and get your own personalized game plan to 10X your business in the next 12-24 months.www.PTBizCon.com


4 Mar 2022

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Expecting Greatness with Greg Todd

Fit As A Fiddle

On today’s show, we learn how to overcome obstacles to achieve the type of life we want to truly live. Greg Todd is a Father, Physical Therapist, Entrepreneur, Mentor and Business Coach. He has founded several businesses and is a physical therapy clinic owner. Greg has helped hundreds of healthcare professionals achieve their dream careers through his coaching, seminars, and leadership skills. Here, Greg talks about his journey from making a fraction of minimum wage to being a celebrity physical therapist and business owner. While this conversation is primarily to help aspiring students enter the field of physical therapy, Greg’s message is universal across careers and across the lifespan.This talk was originally intended for a seminar held through the 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization Physical Therapy International Service Foundation (PTIS), founded by our host Dr. Sneha Gazi. One of the programs that PTIS offers is free professional advocacy workshops to students in underserved communities. The workshops serve to promote healthcare fields and assist students in entering graduate programs for further studies. Connect with Greg at www.gregtoddtv.comConnect with PTIS at www.ptisfoundation.org


16 Sep 2021

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Greg Todd RVE #145

The Joe Lemon Podcast

In this throwback episode with Gregg Todd we discuss the importance of energy. Real Value Exchange community seeks to close the gap between medical and fitness by amplifying the voices changing the sickcare narrative.Greg Todd Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/PhysicalTherapistProConnect with Joe LemonInstaGram: https://www.instagram.com/joealexlemon/Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/joealexlemon/Website: JoeAlexLemon.work

1hr 9mins

29 Aug 2021

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Breaking Through Your Limiting Beliefs With Greg Todd

The Practice Revolution

Do you feel stuck in your business?In this week's episode, I will be joined by Greg Todd. Greg is a top coach for helping people start, grow and maintain a lifestyle business. He has helped thousands of entrepreneurs grow this type of business that allows them to focus on other aspects of their life while growing a business that allows them to have a massive impact and income.In this episode, we talked about breaking your limiting beliefs. Learning from his first 2 of 3 investments as an entrepreneur. Finding your clarity of what you want. You need to want  your dream so bad that you will do anything to achieve it.  You have to believe in the quantum leap. Additional information:If you are tired of trying to figure out this game of business, marketing, and sales, all on your own, and  you are ready to just implement what's already proven to work, rather than reinventing the wheel head over to healthcarebusinessradio.com/insider right now and there you will find over $7,000 worth of trainings, resources, and coaching available only for listeners of this show.https://www.healthcarebusinessradio.com/insider


1 Jun 2021

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entrepreuneurship, homeschooling, and college w/ greg todd

Dipping into Adulthood

hello everyone. in today's podcast, i have not only a special guest but also my first guest on this podcast channel. let's give a warm welcome to Greg Todd, my father. Greg Todd started his journey as a regular college graduate and is a well-known entrepreneur in the physical therapy world. we both discuss entrepreneurship, homeschooling, and college in this podcast. in this episode, you will learn more about the entrepreneur world and what is the next steps in life after high school. hope you all enjoy and come back next week to listen to a new episode.  important links insta - adryanazanae snap - amazingadry youtube - Adryana Zanae


19 May 2021

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Ep. 245 - For Those Who Are Making a Comeback in 2021 w/ Greg Todd

PT Student Center

Another Wednesday and another episode with the one and only Greg Todd!! Gabby and Sarah sit down with Greg for a third time on this podcast and talk about how he got to where he is today and why he is so passionate about hosting SSHC Live. Greg will have you feeling the whole range of emotions with the stories and advice he gives. This man speaks wisdom and truth in every word, and you will want to listen to him talk all day! So go ahead and download this episode so that you can have it on repeat! Don't forget to book your tickets for the SSHC Live event happening in Florida on June 5-6, 2021. This weekend will be filled with so many lessons and fun events that you will not want to miss out on! See the link below for more information.  Don't forget to get your ticket here for the SSHC Live Event June 5-6, 2021 https://www.sshclive.com/sshc2021?affiliate_id=2299690 Go to Physiomemes.com and use this code for 20% off your next order: GRADITUDE20 --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/ptstudentcenter/support


12 May 2021

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How to Find Your Alternative Career with Greg Todd

Alternative Healthcare Careers

How to Find Your Alternative Career with Greg Todd How about switching your mindset? Greg shares his humble beginnings that led him to be a successful entrepreneur and how he found a new path by switching one powerful thing – MINDSET. In this episode: 02:55 – QOTD “When the dream is big enough, we find the motivation to get through the tough times.” 04:40 – Introduction of Greg Todd. 06:50 – What does Greg do? 08:25 – I help you match your career with your calling. – Greg 09:10 – Greg’s shares his humble beginnings. 12:30 – 17 years later he has become a budding entrepreneur – co-owner of 3 clinics, co-founder of virtual staffing agency, helped coaches and mentored professionals, hosting events. 15:45 – If you want to find your freedom you have to be flexible. – Dr. Mike 16:20 – How do we find our gift? 19:30 – Rick Warren’s S.H.A.P.E. 32:45 – Be passionate about helping people using your gifts. 35:20 – Greg’s upcoming event on June 5-6 – sign up at www.SSHClive.com 37:40 – Do you have a blueprint? 39:15 – Greg’s upcoming event on June 5-6 will be in Orland World Center Marriott. 44:20 – The alternative that you are looking for cannot be found by switching careers, jobs, teammates – the alternative can be found by switching your mindset. 46:10 – I want you to be inspired and change your life. – Greg 51:30 – Take that first step and everything else will follow. 53:40 – Inspiration is gasoline on the fire. 56:45 – The alternative is doing the alternative in the career you are in. Let us teach you the alternative! 58:20 – Always remember the word FAST. --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/althealthcareers/message

1hr 2mins

4 May 2021