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When a Word is Worth a Thousand Complaints - with Jordan Monson

Working for the Word - a Bible translation podcast

When talking about Bible translation what often gets avoided or buried is all the stuff that goes on behind the scenes that isn’t ideal. Many people like to imagine that their Bible translation came to them through perfect, peaceful processes, via perfect, holy men of God without struggles or weaknesses. But that’s just not the case, and we need to be transparent and honest about these things. Christianity is not about putting on enough makeup to hide our blemishes, nor is it about rewriting history to make ourselves look better. We are all broken people through whom God is glorifying himself by saving us and slowly making us more like Jesus. It’s messy, and it’s not helpful to be in denial about that. Today we’re going to look at some of the difficult, strange, or even sad things that go on in the background of some of the translations we love. Definitely check out all of Jordan's article here. And you can get Peter Thuesen's book here. my books | free Scripture prayer apps | music | Hebrew | academic articles | facebook


13 Feb 2021

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The Mystery Grappler - Jordan Monson

Capital City Church

One of the most eerie texts in the Bible. Jacob wrestles with God for more than a name. What on earth?Delivered 9/6/2020


12 Oct 2020

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Finding Buried Treasure - Jordan Monson

Capital City Church

What is the Kingdom of Heaven like?Delivered August 23, 2020


19 Sep 2020

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Death In The Street - Jordan Monson

Capital City Church

What does the Bible say about racial justice?Delivered 6/7/2020


25 Jun 2020

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Grace and the Old Praying Man - Jordan Monson

Capital City Church

What’s the real story behind the famous photograph of the old praying man? What does it have to say about grace in a disenchanted age?Delivered May 31, 2020


8 Jun 2020

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The Real Proverbs 31 Woman - Jordan Monson

Capital City Church

The idealized Proverbs 31 woman is often used to bolster up a certain view of womanhood and gender roles. But what does the Bible actually say in that proverb?Delivered May 17th, 2020*Cover art produced for this sermon. Thanks to Jeannine Pringle!


2 Jun 2020

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Soil and Subways - Jordan Monson

Capital City Church

In the late 2000s, the most famous violinist in the world went busking in the DC subway. What happens when great seed falls on hard packed soil?In Jesus's famous parable of the sower of seeds, what type of soil are you?Delivered May 10, 2020


24 May 2020

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Sclerosis of the Heart - Jordan Monson

Capital City Church

How do we bear with one another during social isolation?Delivered 4/26/2020


23 May 2020

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The Other Judas - Jordan Monson

Capital City Church

When you think of Judas, who do you think of? But there was another Judas. He's remembered for only one episode, but there's a larger story outside the pages of Scripture. And more than anybody except Peter, he shows what an amazing turning point that remarkable Sunday morning was.Zoom serviceEaster Sunday, 4/12/2020


28 Apr 2020

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Let Justice Roll Down Like Waters - Jordan Monson

Capital City Church

Does systemic injustice still exist today? What's the church's role in combatting oppression and bringing justice?Delivered Feb 2nd, 2020


3 Feb 2020