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#137: Mario Martinez Jr. – How the PVC Method Leverages Sales

Scale Your Sales Podcast

In this episode, my guest talks about how to scale your sales by leveraging the PVC Sales Method. He goes into detail about what each of them means. We also talk about the company's diverse representation being as high as 72%, what this means, and the importance of this in sales. You're gonna love listening to my next guest, the CEO and founder of Vengreso; he spent 96 consecutive quarters in B2B sales leadership. In 2021, he earnt the number 1 spot of the top 10 most influential business leaders by "Beyond" magazine. He was selected as 1 of 20 sales influencers invited to appear in the salesforce.com documentary film: The Story of Sales. Mario Martinez Jr. is the host of the Modern-Selling podcast and co-founder of Vengreso. Timestamp: 00:00 - How the PVC Method Leverages Sales 06:00 - How to get leverage with the PVC Sales Methodology 11:00 - What to expect when assimilating to a larger organization 13:50 - The reason behind career decent 15:00 - Importance of the "intentional change" approach 17:45 - How to consciously bring diversity on a large organization 20:50 - What happens when you hire people of diverse background 23:11 - Importance of having a unique conversation starter - "The big fish in the wall" LinkedIn : linkedin.com/in/mthreejr Website: vengreso.com Blog: vengreso.com/blog Twitter: M_3jr Youtube: FollowOnYouTube.com https://vengreso.com/flymsg Janice B Gordon, the awarding-winning Customer Growth Expert and founder of Scale Your Sales Framework. She is by LinkedIn Sales 15 Innovating Sales Influencers to Follow 2021, the Top 50 Global Thought Leaders and Influencers on Customer Experience Nov 2020 and 150  Women B2B Thought Leaders You Should Follow in 2021. Janice helps companies around the world to reimagine revenue growth through customer experience and sales. Book Janice to speak virtually at your next event https://janicebgordon.com LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/janice-b-gordon Twitter: https://twitter.com/JaniceBGordon Scale Your Sales Podcast: http://scaleyoursales-podcast.co.uk/ More on the blog https://scaleyoursales.co.uk/blog Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/janicebgordon Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ScaleYourSalesJBG


16 May 2022

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How to Use Sales Automation to Prospect Better with Rashmi Viswanath & Mario Martinez Jr., #207

The Modern Selling Podcast

When it comes to making prospecting easier, the temptation can be to turn to sales automation to reach more prospects. But, modern sellers beware – sales automation has to be implemented the right way to increase the effectiveness of prospecting. From the sales automation best practices to automation tools to use, to the mistakes to avoid – we cover them all in this episode of the Modern Selling Podcast.  And, our expert guest, knows firsthand what goes into making sales automation work to expand sales pipelines and lead to more booked meetings. Rashmi Viswanath, is the Director of Growth and Sales at Apollo.io where she is responsible for expanding the reach of the 150-person company. Rashmi has 10+ years of extensive sales and growth experience, generating rapid and consistent pipeline growth within mid-market and enterprise target areas. She has quickly risen through the ranks in various roles in sales automation and development, strategic sales, retention and SDR management. Download the full conversation to hear what sales leaders need to do today to implement the most proven sales automation tools and strategies to help their sales teams hit quota – every month! What Are Sales Automation Best Practices?  With so many sales enablement tools flooding the market every week – it can be challenging to know what to use and what really moves the needle to find and engage with higher quality leads. I wanted to hear Rashmi’s thoughts on what she saw as the best practices B2B sellers should be following to maximize the success of any sales automation tool or strategy they deploy. She shares, “The goal with any sales automation tool you use is to take what you’re already doing that’s working and scale it faster and more efficiently. The problem usually is that sales leaders don’t know what’s working and they inadvertently scale a broken prospecting system.” The key to sales automation is not to make the sales rep obsolete. Instead, sales automation is designed to simply make sellers more productive at doing the same work. If there are repetitive steps that are done, then this is where sales automation can shine. But, the important thing to consider is that you must first understand your prospecting process and then look for ways to get more done, faster.  That’s where tools like FlyMSG can be really useful in scaling how you communicate with prospects to book more meetings, with less time and energy spent. Listen into the conversation and hear how exactly sales leaders should use sales automation to enhance their outreach cadences. What Are the Drawbacks of Sales Automation? As I always say, “a fool with a tool, is still a fool.” And, the same thing rings true for sales automation.  Sales reps must be well trained in prospecting and then add in sales automation as a way to empower them to do their work more efficiently. But, all too often, sales enablement leaders looking to implement sales automation in an effort to compensate for lackluster sales results. That’s why at Vengreso we follow the PVC methodology and use sales automation strategically to not cut steps out, but to make the steps flow faster. I wanted to get Rashmi’s take on the good, the bad, and the ugly of sales automation. Her insights are quite telling, “Automation shouldn’t replace using what we know works to get prospects to respond. When we pull in data from automation software, it’s so important to vet it before you use that data in sales outreach. Missing and misspelled names are always a dead giveaway that sales teams haven’t reviewed the data beforehand.” Jump into this episode and listen carefully about 8 minutes in to hear the “must-avoid” mistakes of sales automation that could derail your prospecting efforts. What Role Does Personalization Play with Sales Automation? The short answer is: EVERYTHING! Sales automation is a tool to help you be more efficient, but it should never replace using your brain. At Vengreso, we leverage sales automation to help us find prospects, but our sales teams still do their due diligence and find ways to personalize every interaction we make with potential customers. Rashmi shares her view on this, “At Apollo.io we do a host of hyper-personalization techniques that help to boost our prospecting success. It comes down to knowing your buyer persona and honing in on specific things that make them unique that you can mention in your initial outreach messages.”  And, with personalization – the proof is in the data! Over the past two years of our prospecting research, we’ve found that: 1-2 word subject lines including your prospect’s name perform best Incorporating a specific personal event or interest in the copy of your sales messages improves response rates by 61% Using an omnichannel approach to prospecting gets better results than sticking to only one prospecting method Inserting a short, 30-45 second welcome video in your first sales outreach message can dramatically increase responses The power of personalization is that you can never do ‘too much’ of it.  If your sales teams are not already investing time in looking on LinkedIn at prospect and buyer profiles before reaching out, then you could be sabotaging your results. At Vengreso, we follow a “3x3” rule of prospecting. Our SDRs spend three minutes online, looking for three specific things unique about the prospect.  Then those items are woven into the sales message that is super personalized and speaks directly to the prospect. We go much deeper into this and how to use sales automation and personalization to prospect and sell more! Download the episode now and listen until the end to hear exactly what’s working to move the sales needle.


22 Apr 2022

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3 Unique Social Selling Strategies with Mario Martinez Jr., #201

The Modern Selling Podcast

There’s no wonder that prospecting is still considered the most time-consuming part of the sales cycle by nearly 70% of sellers. From trying to find ideal prospects, to engaging with them through sales messages or social media, to following up to get a booked call – prospecting has become a science. And, those modern B2B sales professionals that know the right prospecting formula and have created a unique set of prospecting strategies are in a prime position to ultimately win the sales game. How to prospect in today’s post-pandemic business environment is the topic of today’s episode of the Modern Selling Podcast. I share a recent in-depth conversation I had with Jose {last name}, host of the {name} podcast where I detail some rarely used prospecting strategies that work for us to get more “hellos” and close more deals. Whether you’re an up and coming sales rep, a seasoned sales leader, or leading your organization’s sales enablement team – this episode is jam-packed with new things for you to implement to get in front of your target buyer more often. Download the full conversation to hear the ins and outs of how and why these prospecting strategies work. A New Approach to Prospecting in 2022 The world has changed drastically over the past two years. The sudden shift to online has not only given buyers more access to information, but it has actually given the modern seller more opportunities to reach their target audiences. Fifteen years ago the number of people on social media was a mere fraction of what it is today. Even video platforms like YouTube were still in their infancy. Today, whether it’s LinkedIn, email, paid ads, SMS messages – there are many more ways that the modern seller can engage with buyers. But, this also introduces the challenge of how to do it the right way. With more channels to find buyers, the amount of what I call “digital pollution” has also exponentially increased. Buyers are more skeptical and are willing to do their due diligence before ever reaching out to a sales rep. Sales teams are no longer the “gatekeeper of information”. Buyers generally know what 3-5 companies they want to buy from by the time they reach out to book a sales call. That’s why what’s really working in this post-pandemic environment is to prospect through thought leadership. Consider your buyer persona – what problem are they trying to solve? How do you solve this problem? What articles, posts, or videos can you share online that showcase how you solve this problem? The goal with 21st century prospecting is to be at the beginning of the buyer’s information journey so that they come to you for recommendations on what best next step to take (ideally it’s buying your product/service!) Listen to this episode to hear how I suggest every sales organization leverage LinkedIn to rapidly increase their sales pipeline with customers who are ready to buy. The Importance of Mastering the Art of Video Selling Here at Vengreso, we work with small business owners, entrepreneurs, individual sellers, all the way up to large Fortune 100 sales organizations – with one goal: to help sales leaders create more sales conversations and grow their sales pipeline by teaching them how to prospect better and sell more. Although there are lots of sales channels to choose from, our channels of choice are: LinkedIn and video. Our digital training teaches sales leaders and individuals how to create engagement with prospects at every stage of the sales cycle. That way, when your buyer is looking for a solution, you stay top of mind (and top of timeline) and are their first destination. Over the past 6 years of Vengreso, we have amassed a significant amount of thought leadership, whether it be blogs, podcasts, free video courses, etc. So when someone is searching for sales training online, we have a pretty good chance to be ranked very high on Google.  (In fact, our Prospecting Guide is currently ranked #3 in search). Of course, this strategy took time, but I highly recommend that all sales organizations invest in creating video content. Post it on YouTube, on your website, use it in sales email nurtures, and share it on LinkedIn. Video is one of THE top five global marketing tactics being used to capture people’s attention and lure them in for a sale, especially in this digital sales space. Most other forms of outreach – whether it’s email, text message, direct message, or phone call only engage one of the senses. Video messages are multi-sensory experiences for your prospect to hear, see, and experience your personality, your sincerity and start to build immediate rapport and trust with you.  If you’re not maximizing your use of video in your prospecting process, then download this episode to get some actionable ideas to follow.  How to Prospect on LinkedIn With the average buyer being bombarded with over 5,000 marketing and sales messages every day – it makes it even harder for yours to stand out from the crowd. That’s why I always say that in order to be interesting you must be interested. In other words, prospects are not usually going to instantly want to book a sales meeting with you just because you reach out to them. They need to know that there is something in it for them to even give a sales rep the time of day. So, whether you’re leading with value by sending them a free resource, sharing something that could help them solve a problem, or even crafting a personalized sales message – you have to make it more about your prospect and less about you. At Vengreso, we teach the PVC Sales Methodology for prospecting and it is how we have been able to become the largest digital sales training company in the world. Everything we do is personalized to our prospect, from how we research leads using LinkedIn Sales Navigator, to how we write the initial sales messages we send, to the sequence of our email campaigns that nurture our pipeline.  We also use a “3 by 3” approach, whereby each sales rep spends 3 minutes on a prospect’s LinkedIn profile to find 3 unique or interesting things to bring up in conversation to get them to lean in (and at least respond to our initial message). If used right, LinkedIn can easily become your digital rolodex and your way to attract, engage, and sell to millions of modern buyers. The challenge, however, is how to maximize your prospecting efforts using LinkedIn, without coming across as selling. Join the conversation I have with Jose and you’ll learn how you can tap into the networking (and sales power) of LinkedIn to streamline your prospecting and get more booked calls.


25 Feb 2022

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Building a Remote Sales Organization with Mario Martinez Jr., #200

The Modern Selling Podcast

In this episode of the Modern Selling Podcast, I share an insightful conversation with business powerhouse and my dear friend, Alice Heiman, the host of Sales Talk for CEOs. We go deep into the ins and outs of how I built Vengreso to become the largest digital sales training company in the world and the unique remote selling strategies I’ve used to leverage top talent from around the globe. If you’re a sales leader looking for creative ways to grow your sales team, to expand your digital sales reach, or to empower your sales reps with new strategies to book more meetings – then this episode is for you. Download the full conversation to learn how I recruit, onboard, and train the best sales professionals for a fraction of the cost. Laying the Foundation for Remote Selling I’ve been in sales for over 20+ years now and when people ask how I got into sales, they’re usually amused by the story. But, the same key principle I learned as a college student new to sales is the same key principle I instill in my sales team, now at Vengreso. My sales career started accidentally, when I was working as a photo finisher for Ritz Camera Center. Paying my way through college, I asked my Regional Manager at the time for a transfer to a store closer to campus. Although he did transfer me, he didn’t grant my transfer as a photo finisher – he transferred me as a salesperson.  For the two years I worked as a photo finisher, I consistently placed in the top 3 for sales for my entire region. It was because early on I realized that sales was the art of helping. As I helped my customers get the best quality photos, I was able to upsell them to services that were not just meeting their needs, but were solving their problems. That is why, some 20+ years later, I teach all of my remote sellers that to master sales you need to focus on helping (not selling). When everyone in your organization understands this point then it makes it easier to get your whole company involved in sales and engaged with the customer. And, when sales leaders have the understanding and the vision that sales is helping and that is how sales organizations can rapidly grow by helping their customers grow. It’s important to ask questions like: What's the business problem that we're solving? How are we helping our customers? How are we going to prove that we're helping them?  If you can focus everything around these core questions, then you’ll position your sales organization for success. Tune into the full conversation with Alice to hear the full story of how Vengreso was started and what three questions catapulted my career as a sales entrepreneur. The 3 Keys to Remote Selling In today’s virtual selling era, most sales organizations have pivoted to offer some form of digital or remote selling. However, what separates those organizations who do it “okay” from those who do it well comes down to three key components. I share with Alice my take on what you really need to win the digital sales game, in this new post-pandemic environment. Selling is not just for the sales team. As the CEO of Vengreso, I still have a huge role in sales. Whether I am training new sales reps, coming up with the sales strategy for the quarter, or facilitating client calls – I am immersed in the sales process of my organization. As I mentioned, sales is the art of helping – so why would I not help out as often as I can? When senior leaders can embrace this perspective, then sales teams won’t feel siloed and, instead, can feel supported in their efforts. Invest in training at every level. We have an extensive 6-month onboarding process for our sales reps that ensures they are ready to handle any type of sales conversation or sales objection that comes their way. Our Modern Sales Mastery training program is also designed to equip our sales reps with both the sales tools, the sales skills, and the coaching they need to perform a hybrid SDR/AE role. Find the right tools to generate sales. I always say, “a fool with a tool, is still a fool.” At Vengreso, we are creating a host of sales enablement tools such as our text expander plugin, FlyMSG. For any remote selling organization, you want to capitalize on building efficiency and increasing your sales team’s productivity. After all, you’re not in a physical office and you need your sales reps to be able to maximize the use of their time to get in front of more prospects, to book more sales meetings. Listen to the entire conversation I had with Alice because I dropped some ‘interesting’ sales gems that could help your sales team increase their conversions. How to Hire Remote Sellers Finding qualified salespeople, in general, can be challenging. But, once you add the complexity of needing that sales rep to work (and sell) remotely – this can introduce a new layer of challenges. That’s why when I started Vengreso, I knew I needed a unique model to help me both attract and retain top talent as a fast-growing startup. Being able to afford the salary of US-based sales reps would put a strain on the company’s finances, but I needed a pool of talent that I could pull from that could master the remote selling process we teach. So, I looked overseas to find highly qualified sales professionals who could learn the sales skills, the strategies, and the sales methodology needed to not just excel as a SDR, but to even advance to become AEs. That’s how Vengreso’s remote selling culture was born. For nearly a decade, we have leveraged the outsourced market to get top-performing sales reps from South America, Europe, and Asia. Hiring remotely is different and requires a different recruiting and vetting approach. We’ve created an entire remote selling playbook for sales leaders to follow to replicate our model with great success. Make sure to download the full episode to hear how we source our sales reps and the exact process we follow before bringing on a new remote sales rep.


16 Feb 2022

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Three Methods for Better Prospecting with Mario Martinez Jr., #198

The Modern Selling Podcast

The science of getting to the first “hello” has become a must-know skill for today’s modern seller. With so many marketing and sales distractions, coupled with the plethora of options the modern buyer has at their fingertips – the “spray and pray” method of prospecting is quickly becoming obsolete. In this episode of the Modern Selling Podcast, we switch things up and share a recent conversation I had with Greg Reffner in his podcast, The Abstrakt Podcast. We dive deep into the state of prospecting to explore what’s working, what’s not, and how modern sellers can leverage innovative new techniques to reach more prospects on the platforms they use. Make sure to download and listen to the full episode to get a front row seat to the winning prospecting strategies we use, here at Vegrenso, to get more hellos. What’s the current state of prospecting? In this new digital world, selling has become harder than ever before. To better understand the current challenges facing today’s sales leaders, we asked 1,295 sales professionals a simple, yet powerful question: What is the hardest part of the sales cycle?  Over the past 2 years that we have asked this question, the hardest part of the sales cycle has consistently been: prospecting. In fact, according to our October 2021 survey, 69% of sellers say that getting the first sales conversation is the most time-consuming part of the entire sales cycle. This reveals that we have a major problem when it comes to sellers being able to earn the right to even get a response back from a prospect. Join the conversation to hear what new sales enablement tools that I recommend sales leaders use to improve the prospecting of their sales teams. Why is prospecting so hard? With prospecting being the most challenging part of the sales cycle, the question then becomes: why is this the case? In my 25 years in B2B sales, I’ve found that there are a few reasons why prospecting is so challenging for today’s modern seller: More tech does not mean more success. Sales enablement leaders are very quick to invest in more sales tools to help increase prospecting success. However, without the right sales training and support, sales teams will still struggle to make quota. The key isn’t in getting the latest sales tool, it is in how sales leaders and sales reps are trained to use that tool effectively. Prospects are increasingly more distracted. With the average person receiving 5,000 marketing messages a day, our prospects have become numb to what I refer to as “digital pollution”. From the many emails, text messages, social media DMs, and phone calls, it’s hard to stand out from the growing sales crowd that is vying for your prospect’s attention. Lack of personalization. With information coming at our prospect from all directions, they’re able to spot a sales pitch a mile away. That’s why personalization has become so important to break through the white noise in their inbox. The days of using generic, impersonal cold outreach messages are gone, and sales leaders must train their teams to know exactly how to craft personalized messages to get people to want to open and read them. Listen in to the conversation to hear the specific personalization strategy I share that could be an absolute game-changer for your sales team. How to Master the Art of Prospecting Even just two years ago, how we prospected was almost completely different. The COVID-19 pandemic has ushered in a whole new virtual selling environment that so many companies have been slow to adapt to. Many people are working remotely, so getting someone on the phone has become even more challenging. Even the level of technology your prospect has access to, to prevent calls and sales emails, has exploded. People can re-route unknown phone numbers to voicemail or block them altogether and SPAM filters have become sophisticated enough to prevent your outreach messages from reaching your prospect’s inbox. That’s why to sell to today’s modern buyer, you need to master a very different approach. Sales reps have to be willing to meet their B2B buyers where they are, on the platforms they choose to interact on. For example, some buyers may be more responsive via email, others may prefer to communicate through LinkedIn messenger (or even leaving LinkedIn voice messages), and others may be easier to reach by phone. The point is that sales organizations have to understand this new cluttered sales space we’re in and be flexible to accommodate the modern buyer’s communication preferences. Tune into the full discussion and listen for the eight different connection points sales teams need to be focusing on to reach prospects. The Three Steps of Effective Prospecting To reach and engage with the modern B2B buyer, sales teams must follow a proven prospecting formula. It’s not about sending out more emails or more messages because what really moves the needle is to send the right messages, written in the right way, that will speak to your prospect’s pain points in a new way. At Vengreso, we teach the PVC Sales Methodology for Prospecting that shows sales teams how to master the art of cold outreach. We emphasize the importance of quality over quantity, so that sales organizations can get the most out of their prospecting efforts. The strategy of sending out hundreds of generic messages or making hundreds of cold calls won’t help you get traction with today’s modern buyer. Instead, to attract and engage with B2B buyers effectively, I strongly advocate using the PVC Method of: personalization, value, and call-to-action in every sales message that is sent to all of your prospects.  When your sales team knows how to personalize messages and include value-driven content in not just what they send to prospects, but also in what they post on social media, then you will be able to attract prospects that want and need what you have to offer. So, no matter if you focus on sales calls, emails, or social selling – using the PVC approach will help to increase the level of engagement and responses from your prospects.  Listen to the conversation and hear the highly tailored prospecting methods Vengreso’s sales team uses to increase our sales pipeline and prospect better (and faster)!


25 Jan 2022

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Finding Success by Building a Remote Sales Team With Mario Martinez, Jr.

Sales Talk for CEOs

HIGHLIGHTS02:11 Mario's accidental entry into sales and realizing that sales is the art of helping09:44 From accidental salesperson to accidental entrepreneur 12:54 Ask yourself these questions before striking out and becoming an entrepreneur 17:23 Being CEO means you are still involved in sales21:26 Scale your business with remote sellers29:56 CEOs must oversee sales teams and ensure company values are preserved34:15 Future forecast for Vengresso and technologyQUOTES08:51 "We're just focused on, really, sales as human to human. Human to human engagement. That's it. That's as easy as it is and if we understand that, then we can explode our sales."19:02 "As a CEO of any size company, small or large, you will always be selling. You're always going to be selling no matter what."25:25 "I could hire somebody with an amazing great income out of Colombia for a couple thousand dollars a month, they live like kings as a result of that type of salary, and I save 40,000 dollars a year."33:19 "It is no different than if you think of a salesperson. That evolution, instead of it happening over 21 years with a child, it really happens over the course of 2 years with a salesperson."36:37 "So that is critical to a salesperson and a CEO is making sure that you've got the skill mapped to the technology."Connect with Mario Martinez Jr. and Vengresso in the links below.LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mthreejr/Remote Selling Made Simple: 5 Practical Tips for a Successful Organization: https://vengreso.com/blog/what-is-remote-sellingFlyMSG: https://vengreso.com/flymsgYou can learn more about and connect with Alice Heiman in the links below.Website: https://AliceHeiman.comLinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/aliceheiman/


31 Jul 2021

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943: Social Selling vs Social Media Marketing, with Mario Martinez Jr

Sales Enablement Podcast with Andy Paul

Mario Martinez Jr is Founder and CEO of Vengreso. In this episode we discuss the following conundrum: 68% of sellers today believe that the hardest part of selling is prospecting, when low win rates would tell us that actually selling (helping the buyer make their decision) is where most sellers are struggling. We also dig into the current state of social selling and Mario shares his 4 tips for effective selling via social. Including why social selling is not the same as social media marketing. And, why you should NOT engage in online or offline sales prospecting until you fix your personal and professional brand.Follow Andy: LinkedIn | https://bit.ly/Andy-LinkedInSponsored by:ringDNA | Transform your sales team into a high-performing revenue engine | www.ringDNA.com/andyBlueboard | A rewarding alternative to President's Club | https://podcast.blueboard.comExplore the ringDNA Podcast Universe:Sales Enablement Podcast | https://bit.ly/SEP-LPSelling with Purpose Podcast | https://bit.ly/SWP-LPRevOps Podcast | https://bit.ly/RP-LP


15 Jul 2021

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Mario Martinez Jr., CEO at Vengreso

Universal Sales Truths

Mario Martinez Jr. is the CEO, Founder and Modern Sales Evangelist at Vengreso. He has spent 84 consecutive quarters in sales & leadership helping to grow revenues for small to large fortune 100 sales teams. In this episode, we talked about the Universal Sales Truths that were true yesterday, are true today, and will be true tomorrow. Take a listen to the episode to find out which universal truths Mario talked about.


25 Jun 2021

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Episode 137: #137: Mario Martinez Jr. of Vengreso — Getting More First Conversations

Sales Leadership Podcast

Recent research shows that 60% of salespeople find the most difficult part of sales is getting that first conversation with a prospect. Mario Martinez and his team at Vengresso have been helping sales teams worldwide prospect effectively in the digital era. If your pipeline is your lifeline in sales…this is an episode you’ll refer to over and over again. Mario brings a blueprint of sales prospecting excellence in his trademark style of both style and substance. Want to know what’s working today? Listen to Mario and find out. In addition, Mario provides the following resources to each listener. Check each of these out: "Prospecting" - https://vengreso.com/blog/what-is-prospecting "Remote Selling" - https://vengreso.com/blog/what-is-remote-selling "Video for sales" - https://vengreso.com/blog/video-for-sales


20 Apr 2021

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Mario Martinez Jr - Video in Selling: Fools with Tools?

Sales Today

Buyer engagement and the methods to sell are now perfectly aligned - and video is the way to leverage this. Mario M. Martinez Jr. covers the why, what and how. An incredibly generous evangelist for modern selling, he shares techniques that can be used immediately to make a difference. But can sales leaders step up to the challenge? Key insights include: making a deep psychological impact; use cases for video; monkey see, monkey do. Connect with Mario on LinkedIn and find your host Fred Copestake at https://linktr.ee/fredcopestake.


5 Apr 2021