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Feed & Flourish: The Klosters Forum in conversation with Tom Hunt

The Klosters Forum Podcast

Hannah MacInnes joins Tom Hunt, an award-winning chef, writer and climate change campaigner. He is the author of the new cookbook Eating for Pleasure, People & Planet, And The Natural Cook, on The Klosters Forum Feed & Flourish Podcast series, to discuss the topic of biodiversity and ways in which we can transform our food systems in order to positively preserve our planet. Hunt also writes about food sustainability in magazines and newspapers including a regular column for the Guardian and Vegetarian Living Magazine.His Bristol restaurant Poco has won numerous awards including Best Ethical Restaurant at the Observer Food Monthly Awards. He has written for many newspapers and magazines and writes a weekly column for Feast magazine in the Saturday Guardian offering ingenious no-waste recipes.He is an experienced speaker and cook at events, including Taste of London, Borough Market, Feastival and Abergavenny Food Festival. He is a campaigner and ambassador for Action Against Hunger, Soil Association, Slow Food International and The Fairtrade.


27 Jan 2021

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Tom Hunt

The My Future Business™ Show

My Future Business Show Interview With TOM HUNT#Podcasting #bCast #TomHuntHi, and welcome to the show!On today’s My Future Business Show I have the pleasure of spending time with entrepreneur, business owner and founder of podcast hosting platform bCast, Mr. Tom Hunt.During the call, not only does Tom share some details about his personal life, he also opens up about what it was like to start bCast, how the idea for bCast came about, and the journey since launching it on AppSumo.On this wonderful call, Tom talks about the power of podcasting, and where he sees podcasting going as an industry. On top of that, Tom also introduces some of the many features and benefits of the bCast platform, and shares some of the strategies he’s used to improve his internal marketing and the marketing of his clients.As someone who has used almost every podcast hosting service out there, I have to mention that I would not have spent the time switching over to a podcast host that I was not confident in. To get to this point, I spent several months testing the bCast system. Everything from adding new podcast episodes, uploading images, interpreting reporting data inside the analytics tab, to Tom’s active presence on social media, and the bCast roadmap. I’ve taken a lot of time to make sure before coming over to bCast, and I’m really happy that I did.As a result, today you will see bCast in action across The My Future Business Show website. You can see it on the home page being used as an audio advertisement service, and you will find it being used in a long list of amazing interviews, like this one!Just to give you a taste of the power behind bCast, when setting up an interview, you can add an audio message at the start and finish of each podcast episode. You can add these audio messages to your entire library of podcast episodes, or you can be more selective and add them to episodes that align with your audio message.So, for example, let’s say you have a webinar coming up next week, you can set up your audio message to promote your upcoming webinar. You can set the webinar audio messages to expire and stop on the day of the webinar. You can apply any sort of time sensitive promotional messages using this system.Another noteworthy feature, is bCast’s auto optin feature. bCast provides an email address that podcast hosts can read out during their show, and listeners can send a blank email to this address to receive an eBook, sign up to a webinar, or to simply subscribe to future episodes. Leads are then passed through bCast into your email autoresponder or CRM. This feature alone is going to change how you connect with your audience.In terms of the user experience, I’m impressed with the speed at which the bCast website responds. Navigating around my account feels natural and intuitive, which is a better experience than I’ve had elsewhere.Besides how easy it is to embed bCast players into my WordPress posts and pages, I also have the option to use bCast’s inbuilt landing page builder where my bCast podcast player, notes and clickable links are shown on a single page hosted on the bCast servers.As someone who embeds the bCast player directly into my website, I don’t use the page builder. That said, I can see how this will benefit users who don’t want to create or host their own dedicated podcast website. When a new episode goes live, you can also directly email the episode to selected people from inside the bCast interface.In terms of the number of podcasts you can run, and the bandwidth you can use, this is dependent on the bCast plan that you ultimately choose. You also have the option to import an existing podcast from another host. Once that’s done, you are given a bCast specific RSS feed, which you submit to Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and other podcast directories.And that’s not the end of it. With bCast, you can use their inbuilt transcription service to turn your podcast interviews into text that you can in turn,


30 Sep 2020

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Tom Hunt: Eating for Pleasure, People and Planet

Cooking the Books with Gilly Smith

Eco chef Tom Hunt’s root to fruit philosophy has made him the king of sustainability in the food world. His restaurant, Poco Tapas in Bristol is a showcase of sustainable cuisine and his new book, Eating for Pleasure, People and Planet is a manifesto for getting our climate balance right. Gilly Smith whose book Taste and the TV Chef: how storytelling can save the planet is out this month, finds out how to make the changes we need to make save the world. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


17 Sep 2020

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6: Eating for Pleasure, People & Planet with Tom Hunt

What The Focaccia with Niki Webster and Bettina Campolucci Bordi

Niki and Bettina are joined by  award-winning chef, writer and food waste campaigner, Tom Hunt. His Bristol restaurant Poco has won numerous awards including Best Ethical Restaurant at the Observer Food Monthly Awards. He has written for many newspapers and magazines and writes a weekly column for Feast magazine in the Saturday Guardian offering ingenious no-waste recipes. He is an experienced speaker and cook at events, including Taste of London, Borough Market, Feastival and Abergavenny Food Festival. He is a campaigner and ambassador for Action Against Hunger, Soil Association, Slow Food International and The Fairtrade Foundation. His first book was The Natural Cook and Eating for Pleasure, People & Planet is his latest book. He talks to Bettina & Niki about his three pillars for all of us to be able to eat better and more sustainably and about the importance of eating for pleasure. This episode is sponsored by Odysea and was recorded remotely.


20 Aug 2020

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Growing a SaaS Using Podcasts, with Tom Hunt

SaaS Boss

On this episode of the podcast I speak with Tom Hunt about growing a SaaS business via podcasting. Tom builds and grows software businesses. He is the co-founder of a podcast host called bCast and he is the creator of the Confessions of a B2B marketer podcast. He also writes amazing SaaS growth case studies at saasmarketer.io We discuss: - How SaaS businesses can benefit from podcasting - How to produce and promote your podcast efficiently - How SaaS founders can improve their interviewing skills - The benefits of properly positioning your podcast in your industry Resources – Connect with Natalie on Facebook – Join SaaS Boss Facebook Community


6 Aug 2020

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S1 E10 MotherFood: the Dad’s edition. Father’s Days special with eco chef Tom Hunt


To celebrate Father’s Day this episode is dedicated to the experience of parenthood from a dad’s perspective, featuring eco chef, food writer, sustainability campaigner and restauranteur, Tom Hunt. We talk about baby weaning, batch cooking, family meals as well as how to practice sustainable living as parents. Tom offers plenty of insight and offers practical advice as well as shares some cooking ideas for affordable nourishing meals. Join in the conversation on Instagram @alissatimoshkina and @cheftomhunt Find out more about Tom and his work on tomsfeast.com


19 Jun 2020

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Reducing Food Waste, with Eco-Chef Tom Hunt

The CHEF Radio Podcast

Chef Tom Hunt is a self described Eco-Chef who is focused on reducing food waste. We talk with Tom about cooking from home, food sustainability, and his new cookbook, Eating for Pleasure, People & Planet. Tom has a weekly column in The Guardian called Waste Not and is the founder of Poco Restaurant in Bristol, England where they serve climate friendly cuisine. He is also the host of The Chef's Manifesto, a podcast about cooking climate friendly cuisine.

1hr 4mins

18 Jun 2020

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Episode 6 - Tom Hunt’s Formula for Driving B2B Sales with Podcasts

SaaS Marketing Superstars

In this episode, I spoke with Tom Hunt, the founder of bCast. Tom shared his formula for driving B2B sales through podcasts and how he has applied that process to over 6 businesses.Check out the show notes and get links to all the resources mentioned in this episode here: https://aaronzakowski.com/podcast-tom-hunt-bcast


17 Jun 2020

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Tom Hunt, Eating for Pleasure, People & Planet

Sabah Al Yasmine - Ramblings of a Chef

Sabah Al Yasmine, the radio show with Chef Fadi Kattan from Bethlehem. Fadi and Tom Hunt chat about responsible sustainable cooking, Tom's trip to Palestine and his new book.  


26 Apr 2020

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Ep 36: Eco-chef Tom Hunt - Eating for pleasure, people and planet

Food Tribe

FOOD TRIBE IS BACK! Like many of us, I’ve become a lot more interested in the connection to our food, where it comes from, how it’s grown, the impact our decisions have on our food system and what that means for our environment.  So, this season I’ve decided to expand the guest list to include some farmers and producers and chefs leading the way when it comes to growing, producing and cooking in a sustainable way.  This episode I’m chatting to Tom Hunt - a chef, a food writer, co-owner of Poco restaurant in Bristol, a cookbook author, sustainability consultant and a climate change activist. Tom’s mission is to connect us to the true value of our food and where it comes from, and to teach a way of eating that prioritises the environment without sacrificing pleasure, and flavour. To do this he’s developed an approach of "Root to Fruit" eating which is a guide on how we can all support a better, fairer food system by the way we shop, cook and eat.  Tom has just published his second book Eating for Pleasure, People and Planet, which is really a culmination of his work in this space. So much more than a recipe book, it’s a modern guide on how to cook, shop and eat in today’s world. It’s a celebration of food, how it’s grown, the farmers who grow it, and how we can all make small changes to eat in way that’s good for us, that’s good for our environment and that’s ultimately delicious. I headed over to Tom’s for coffee and a chat. We talk about his new book, his whole approach to food, and his background and why he became a chef on a mission... 

1hr 23mins

20 Mar 2020