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Episode #45: Go Down Leg, Stand Up Leg with Adarian Barr

Jacked Athlete Podcast

Notes here: https://jackedathlete.com/podcast-45-up-leg-down-leg-with-adarian-barr/


6 Sep 2021

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257: Adarian Barr on “Collision Management” in Jumping, Landing, Throwing, and Sprinting

Just Fly Performance Podcast

Today’s show is with sport movement expert Adarian Barr.  Adarian has been a many-time guest on this podcast, and has been my primary mentor in the world of sport movement and biomechanics.  Adarian has many years of coaching experience on the college, high school, club and private level of track and field, as well as in private sports training and movement analysis.There is a lot of talk in sports performance circles about “absorbing force”, as well as being able to “decelerate” in order to “accelerate”.  Although it is certainly helpful to speak outside of concentric/pushing muscle actions only in athletics, a key point is that sport movement is much more than simply accelerating and decelerating things.  Moving outwards to another layer of awareness, sport is much more about re-directing momentum than it is abruptly stopping and starting it.  Many top experts in speed training now are putting much less emphasis on deceleration, and more on change of direction.Change of direction concepts can be taken into much more than just running, however, but can be looked at in jumping, throwing, and pretty much any sport skill an athlete will undertake.  When we look at the dynamic work we are doing in training from a “collision” perspective, it helps us to appreciate athletic movement, and movement transfer to a higher degree.On today’s show, Adarian Barr talks details on setting up and managing collisions in sport movements, as well as lots of plyometric considerations.  We finish off the show with a brief chat on how this applies distinctly to the foot and sprinting from a timing and lever-based perspective.Today’s episode is brought to you by SimpliFaster and Lost Empire Herbs.  For 15% off your Lost Empire Herbs order, head to www.lostempireherbs.com/justflyView more podcast episodes at the podcast homepage.Timestamps and Main Points6:13 Adarian’s take on training landings and a criticism of “snap down” exercises to train landings14:44 Why it takes guts to hit a big collision in sport, and Adarian’s top collisions for athletic performance ability21:35 Discussing the “ultimate” collision in sport, the javelin-throw final step31:13 Considerations on setting up, and managing collisions in sport34:30 Thoughts on using small boxes to manipulate jump takeoffs in track and field40:25 Low rim dunks in basketball, in respect to collision management44:55 Adarian’s thoughts on if “landing training” is a good idea for athletes46:25 What plyometrics actually transfer well to setting up and managing collisions53:40 Squatting and folding up in context of plyometrics and sprinting1:01:13 How we can get to the ball of the foot at an optimal rate in sport movement“There is something people don’t understand about collisions; the impact force at the feet is not the same as what is being transferred to the rest of the body”“I’m not trying to absorb (the collision) I’m trying to manage (the collision)…. We are not taught to manage the collisions, we are taught to absorb.  If you are practicing to absorb collisions, you had better be strong”“There’s very little times where you are going to come to an abrupt halt in a landing (like a snap-down)”“When I chew my food, I do a plyometric”“If you want to build up that (collision management ability) teach everyone to triple jump”“What do athletes do better than anybody else, they manage collisions better than anybody else, because they don’t have fear”“As soon as you have fear in the equation, all of a sudden, you can’t manage the collision and you have problems”“People miss, more than anything, is how you set up the collision; and snap downs don’t teach you to set up the collision”“Two things to know: 1. How do I set up the collision, and 2. How do I manage the collision”“When the (cricket bowler) takes that big leap (4 steps out from the plant), that’s where it all starts”

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3 Jun 2021

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Episode #39: Collisions with Adarian Barr

Jacked Athlete Podcast

Notes here: https://jackedathlete.com/podcast-39-collisions-with-adarian-barr/

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17 May 2021

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Adarian Barr

Perfection: An Athlete's Perspective

It was an honour to talk with Coach Barr. A true innovator in the speed training game. We discussed the weight room and why it is not always the key to athleticism, speed training and how training the arches of your foot will help optimise movement.If you want to find and speak to Coach Barr, find him on Instagram @barrunning. If you're interested in even more dialogue from him as well as purchasing some of his revolutionary insoles, head to barrunning.comGuys, please remember to like, share and review! It means a lot for the channel! If you want to reach out to me, you can find me on Instagram or Twitter @yourfavouritedb See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


15 Mar 2021

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Episode 1 - Adarian Barr

Effortless Athlete

Episode 1 features world-class sprint coach and innovator, Adarian Barr. Adarian shares his expert opinions on what athleticism really means, why understanding speed is the key to athletic performance, and the things coaches should really focus on when developing young athletes. We discuss the impact of running on curved angles, foot strength and the transition from Class 1 to Class 2 levers. Finally, Adarian explains why athletes need to understand and trust their teammates and the issue in relying too heavily on trainers and coaches. 

1hr 19mins

24 Nov 2020

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229: Adarian Barr on Decoding the Weight Room (and Olympic Lifts) for Athletic Performance Transfer | Sponsored by SimpliFaster

Just Fly Performance Podcast

Our guest today is Adarian Barr, athletic movement coach, inventor and performance consultant.  Adarian has been a mentor to me for almost 5 years, and opened up my eyes to the movement potential of the human body, how to observe it, and coach it more optimally.  He has been on this podcast for many prior episodes, and has recorded a number of webinars for Just Fly Sports.  The best way I can describe Adarian is that he just sees things that nobody else does in human movement, and creates a wonderful groundwork for us to creatively express those principles in our own training setups.One of the biggest realizations, that I’m still regularly checking in on the implications of in my day to day coaching and athletic life, is how, when the joints and levers of the body are working optimally in “3D”, we tend to need much less barbell strength than we think we do to reach our highest speed performance potential.  Not only this, but when we only operate in “2D” and don’t use our levers well, we need more weight room strength to be better athletes in that 2D paradigm.One thing that Adarian does not post about often is weightlifting.  Part of this is because the world of coaching is very hung up on “force” as a binary entity in human movement, and we need more education on joints and movement, rather than how to split hairs on lifting sets and reps.  Adarian’s eye for movement does go well into the weightlifting world, however, and was can learn a lot from his recent observation in the area.On today’s podcast, we dive into the Olympic lifts in particular, and how they can either foster athleticism, or suppress it, based on the lever systems we use in the execution of the lift.  We get into this, and much more, such as the feet, torque, the drawbacks of hinging in the weight room, crawling, natural learning and much more in this in-depth episode.Today’s episode is brought to you by SimpliFaster, supplier of high-end athletic development tools, such as the Freelap timing system, kBox, Sprint 1080, and more.View more podcast episodes at the podcast homepage.Timestamps and Main Points6:00 The redundancy of “coaching up” natural-skill-based human strength movements16:45 Adarian’s history with weightlifting as a football player and track and field athlete24:50 Deconstructing the Olympic lifts in regards to what transfers to athletic speed and what does not33:40 Good and poor “class 1” levers of the foot41:25 Thoughts on the initial stages of the pull off the ground in athleticism45:25 Using the hands more effectively to change the emphasis of exercise to the body50:10 Full catches in the Olympic lifts, foot pressure and internal rotation, and how these can be optimized for athletic transfer57:10 Why Adarian is not a fan of hinging from a foot loading perspective“The feet are pointing out for a reason in (natural) squatting, because the calves are rotating them”“A lot of people equate lifting to athletic ability, that the lift makes you athletic.  The biggest thing is when I see the levers…. Some people when they (Olypmic) lift to get strong, I see them shrug, then they do a plantar-flex, which is a class 1 lever, then they catch the bar.  That’s not going to transfer over (to athleticism) they are probably just going to get stronger”“What do they say, look at the (lift) numbers he is doing that’s what made him fast.  No! He can do those (lift) numbers because he is fast!”“I used to think (Olympic lifters) were bumping the bar with their hips.  What do you actually see? When they hit the bar with class 2 (foot position) it bumps them backwards (class 2 being advantageous for athleticism)”“If the Achilles (tendon) isn’t working, you will be quad dominant or hamstring dominant”“There are two “class 1” motions, there’s inversion/eversion, and there is plantarflexion dorsiflexion.  Those ones that use inversion/eversion are going to really do som...

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19 Nov 2020

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Upper Left Performance #29 Speed Roundtable with Adarian Barr, Mike Kozak and Jermaine Dixon

Upper Left Performance

We go off the rails a little bit in this week's episode as Adarian comes back on with Mike and Jermaine to talk all things speed. Mike is the owner and head coach at Soar Fitness in Ohio and Jermaine is a coach out of Florida, working with a variety of youth athletes.  Some of the topics addressed: -Injuries in sport and the RTP process -Top speed ground contacts -Deceleration training in isolation -Practical applications that have been working for Mike and Jermaine -How multidirectional speed is linear speed -There's a timezone change in the Florida panhandle?? This was so fun and organic. Hope you enjoy this change of pace! Mike's IG is @soarfitness. Jermaine's is @dixonsports and Adarian's is @barrunning. The Youtube version (with some video from Adarian) is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kRxqsZGzuW4&t=1s

1hr 7mins

20 Jul 2020

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Episode 23: Adarian Barr on if triple extension matters, how we use torque, training levers & biomechanical considerations in running | sponsored by Boomerang Energy

Complete Performance Systems

In this episode Adarian Barr talks about his background in track and field and coaching. He covers biomechanical considerations in running, How we use torque, His thought on injuries, how to train levers, thoughts on triple extension, training extension and flexion, the strength curve in sports & not teaching birds to fly. The Complete Performance Systems Podcast is sponsored by Boomerang Energy - “Get Your Real Good Energy back with Boomerang, the natural energy drink.” - https://boomerangenergy.com/ Adarian's website: https://www.barrunning.com/Sys/Login Adarian's Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/barrunning/?hl=en


15 Jun 2020

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Upper Left Performance #19 Adarian Barr - Speed Concepts: Effort not Force, Playing not Training, Impulse and Timing

Upper Left Performance

Adarian Barr is a human movement coach located in Northern California. His sprint concepts are gaining notoriety in the S&C world and they are a breath of fresh air in a realm where things have been getting quite stale. I have been fortunate enough to get to know Adarian the past six months and talking with him about movement has been instrumental in my development as a speed coach. In the episode we discuss force and effort and how we can use our bodies to apply force in more effortless ways to go faster. We also touch on his foundational concepts for young athletes and why play and self-discovery are so important. Finally we dive into impulse and ground contacts times and why stiffness or pretension might not be ideal to promote timing and smooth gait. This will hopefully be the first of many chats I have with Adarian. His passion and ability to piece together thoughtful analysis and information is unparalleled. To learn more about his concepts check out barrunning.com for learning modules, products and seminars. He is also on IG @barrunning.


25 May 2020

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10. Adarian Barr - "Falling" vs "Pushing", Best Ways to Simplify Cueing, Why the Transverse Arch Unlocks Speed, & What we can Learn From the Top Sprinters

The Pinnacle Performance Podcast

Get ready to get your mind blown!


1 Apr 2020