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Paola Antonelli on MoMA, video games and catching the waves of life

On Design with Justyna Green

Paola Antonelli is the senior curator at The Museum of Modern Art in the Department of Architecture & Design, as well as MoMA’s founding director of Research & Development.  In our conversation Paola discusses her role at MoMA, the current exhibition Never Alone: Video Games and Other Interactive Design and digital collections. A lovely part of our conversation is also getting to know Paola personally and learning about how her career and life choices came to be. She uses a beautiful metaphor of catching a wave which I know will resonate with you. MoMA's website: www.moma.org Never Alone: Video Games and Other Interactive Design: moma.org/calendar/exhibitions/5453 MoMA's R&D Salons: momarnd.moma.org/salons -- Today's sponsors: Tylko is an online-only, modern furniture brand that lets you create your own unique furniture in just a few steps. Visit tylko.com, to create your one-of-a-kind furniture today, and use code ONDESIGN at checkout to save 35%. Offer valid until 31.03.23 on orders above €500. Everpress is a global platform that allows artists to create t-shirts and other products in ways not possible before. Since its launch in 2016, Everpress’s has paid over £7 million to creatives in profits to date. Visit everpress.com to shop and support independent artists or create & sell your own design. -- Sign up to the On Design podcast newsletter at ondesignpodcast.com/newsletter. -- Podcast music: James Greenfield Production: Green Podcast Productions


1 Mar 2023

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CC: Paola Antonelli | Senior Curator, MOMA

The Architecture of Contemplation

This is a Contemplation Capsule. A distilled moment, to step inside Paola Antonelli's places of rest, respite, and contemplation. Happy listening. H


19 Jan 2023

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Guide | Paola Antonelli | Senior Curator, MOMA

The Architecture of Contemplation

"Bullies don't like for others to have perspective, because all of a sudden they are put in their place, and you see that they're just one dot amongst billions." Today I am speaking with Paola Antonelli, Senior Curator of the Department of Architecture & Design at MOMA. We perambulate through a host of topics and thought bubbles, from using museums as the R&D labs of a society, the age of the bully, objects as portals, and the joy of curiosity. Rest, respite and contemplation come in a variety of forms too. I'll use one word to hint at the theme - suspension. And that's where I'll leave that... Without further ado, I bring you Paola Antonelli. H To support this podcast: - Share it, leave a review, show someone a little grace; - Join in @thearchitectureofcontemplation; - You can treat a coffee over at Patreon @hkaur (this is copiously consumed during a conversation; if I'm feeling particularly loquacious, I'll hit the matcha or cha).


18 Jan 2023

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EP 02 | Paola Antonelli on Her Philosophy of Design and The Power of Objects

Deem Audio | The Sweet Flypaper

In this episode, Marquise speaks with design legend Paola Antonelli, who has contributed her expertise to MoMA since 2014, serves as the Senior Curator of the Department of Architecture & Design and also Research and Development. We discuss her career and philosophy of design as power. For Antonelli, her “gift” as a creative is to lose herself in objects, in the process of understanding how they work, what’s behind them, and their purpose. Antonelli sees a responsibility in sharing this gift with the world to empower people to make better decisions and take control of their lives. She is the co-host of Design Emergency and received the Smithsonian Institute’s National Design Award in 2006, and in 2007 was named one of the “25 most incisive design visionaries” by Time Magazine.


1 Nov 2022

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Extra: Paola Antonelli at Singapore Design Week

Monocle 24: Monocle on Design

A senior curator at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, Paola Antonelli developed the Design Futures Symposium for Singapore’s Design Week. We caught up with the architecture and design specialist to find out about the conference.


15 Sep 2022

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Encore: Paola Antonelli

In Your Shoes With Mauro Porcini

Learn why Paola Antonelli, senior curator in the Department of Architecture and Design, and Director of R&D at the MoMA, thinks that the humble sticky note might just be the highest form of design.Explore more from PepsiCo Design + Innovation:📱https://www.instagram.com/pepsico_design/🖥https://design.pepsico.com/


30 Aug 2022

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Paola Antonelli on Solving the World’s Biggest Challenges Through Design

Time Sensitive

There is perhaps no one on the planet with a bigger-picture view on the impact of design—in all of its manifestations—than Paola Antonelli. As the Museum of Modern Art’s senior curator of architecture and design as well as its director of R&D, Antonelli consistently expands notions and definitions of what might be considered “design,” and shows how, in no uncertain terms, design connects to practically everything we see, touch, hear, taste, smell, and do. With great passion and energy, she is the ultimate clear-eyed booster of this wide-ranging realm she holds dear. Antonelli’s most recent output—the book Design Emergency: Building a Better Future (Phaidon)—is not only an outgrowth of her prolific 28-year career at MoMA (during which she has worked on related projects including the 2005 exhibition “Safe: Design Takes on Risk,” the 2015 book Design and Violence, and the 2019 Triennale di Milano exhibition “Broken Nature: Design Takes on Human Survival”), but also a result of the pandemic. During lockdown in spring 2020, Antonelli, together with the British design critic and writer Alice Rawsthorn, conceived and launched @designemergency on Instagram, a still-ongoing feed that highlights voices central to key global issues, all of them related to improving the world through design. The effort is yet another example of Antonelli’s talent for synthesizing a vast array of provocative projects, designers, products, and ideas; bringing them to the forefront; and giving them much-needed attention. On this episode, Antonelli talks with Spencer about time as a frustration, the myth of speed, the importance of going with the flow, and the many design emergencies constantly taking place all around us.Special thanks to our Season 5 sponsor, L’ÉCOLE, School of Jewelry Arts.Show notes:Full transcript[04:15] Museum of Modern Art[04:15] @curiousoctopus[05:38] Objects of Design: From the Museum of Modern Art[06:09] “Machine Art”[12:54] “Humble Masterpieces”[15:44] “Mutant Materials in Contemporary Design”[17:42] “Design and the Elastic Mind”[25:14] “Neri Oxman: Material Ecology”[29:34] Design Emergency[29:34] Alice Rawsthorn[33:43] @design.emergency[45:18] “Items: Is Fashion Modern?”[47:02] The 3,000-Year History of the Hoodie[51:03] “Safe: Design Takes On Risk”[01:04:45] Design and Violence

1hr 6mins

25 May 2022

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Il Granello - E47 - Paola Antonelli - Curatrice di Architettura & Design @MoMA, NYC

Il Granello

Episodio 47 - Paola Antonelli : Curatrice di Architettura & Design @MoMA, New York. “My ambition was never to climb the glass ceiling, but to have influence.” (PA)


6 May 2022

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Paola Antonelli: A Curator on a Mission

The Grand Tourist with Dan Rubinstein

As one of the leading design curators in the world, MoMA’s Paola Antonelli has consistently led the global conversation in her field. On this episode, Dan speaks with Antonelli about her new book with critic Alice Rawsthorn, “Design Emergency,” getting the job that would change the course of her life, and how design can truly build a better future. Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.


20 Apr 2022

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Riding waves, by Paola Antonelli

Meditative Story

One summer night Paola Antonelli, now curator and head of R&D at MoMA, sets sail off the coast of Sardinia – snaking through the wavy sea with friends. She jumps off the boat, slides into the water, and makes her way to the rocks as her friends hang back, making dinner aboard. While keeping her eyes on the horizon and the setting sun, her mind wanders to the rockier questions in her life: How will she make the right choice for her future? The answer, she realizes, is right in front of her. Life is just like sailing: Some days there are bright skies, some days rolling waves. She just has to look for the right winds and waves to take her where she wants to go.Each episode of Meditative Story combines the emotional pull of first-person storytelling with immersive music and gentle mindfulness prompts. Read the transcript for this story at: www.meditativestory.comSign up for the Meditative Story newsletter: http://eepurl.com/gyDGgDSee Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.


28 Jul 2021