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Old friends Phil Koch, Richard Rosen, and Tom Weinberg talk about life and their careers

Rick Kogan

Director Phil Koch, author Richard Rosen, and documentary producer Tom Weinberg join WGN Radio’s Rick Kogan talk about life and their careers. Phil shares about first public showing since 1978 of “Medusa Challenger” this Thursday at 8:15pm at Music Box. Richard talks about being in town for the filming of a documentary based on his book “Tough Luck: Sid Luckman, Murder, Inc., and the Rise of the Modern NFL.” And Tom discusses his online streaming website Media Burn which has 6000+ independently-produced nonfiction videos from the 1970’s to the present. https://serve.castfire.com/audio/3865909/3865909_2021-08-16-004109.64kmono.mp3 Follow Rick on Twitter at @rickkogan or on Facebook @afterhourswithrickkogan

16 Aug 2021

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Becoming a Civil Rights Lawyer: A Case Study of the Life and Career of Julius Chambers with Professor Richard Rosen

Civil Rights University

Julius Chambers was the most significant Civil Rights Attorney in the U.S. after former Associate U.S. Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall. In this episode we talk to Professor Richard Rosen, law professor and co-author  along with Dr. Joseph Mosnier, of the Book, Julius Chambers: A Life in the Legal Struggle for Civil Rights. In our wonderful and enlightening conversation with Prof. Rosen we discuss:  Origins of Julius Chambers' Life  How and why Julius Chambers became a lawyer  How Julius Chambers started a Civil Rights Law Firm  The life and career of a civil rights lawyer  The types of cases that a Civil Rights lawyer handles  Lessons to be learned from the life and career of Julius Chambers  If you like this and other episodes, please support us on patreon, here: or go to: https://www.patreon.com/civilrightsuniversity Thank you in advance!


2 May 2021

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Intro to Pranayama (Breath work) with Richard Rosen

On and Off Your Mat Yoga Podcast

For our 41st episode, I sat down with Richard Rosen. Richard a renowned yoga teacher and the author of five books on yoga. He trained in Iyengar Yoga in San Francisco, and has been teaching for more that 30 years. He, Clare Finn, and Rodney Yee founded the Piedmont Yoga Studio (now called "Nest Yoga") in Oakland in 1987. He is a contributing editor of the Yoga Journal and president of the Yoga Dana Foundation. He has written hundreds of reviews of yoga books and videos for magazines including Yoga Journal, and has given workshops in countries all around the world. Today we sat down to talk about the basic concepts around pranayama.5 BIGGEST TAKE-AWAY FROM THIS EPISODE1- You can't push yourself in pranayama. You have to remain calm, patient, take your time and back off from your desire to get something done. If you feel, anxious, frustration or anger, you're pushing to hard.2- When we are not breathing efficiently, generally in comes form tension in the body, and emotions like fear that make us contracted.3- To begin a breathing practice, start by getting comfortable with watching the breath. Don't do anything. Let the breath have it's own way.4- Be patient, do it frequently, start laying down on the floor, add support under the spine to open the chest. Sandbags and earplugs are also very useful to support you in your practice.5- Pranayama is usually done after asana and a gateway to meditation. Asana prepares you to sit and then, Savasana is the most important preparation for pranyama. You actually prepare for pranayama by doing nothing. If you cant sit in alignment, breathing becomes difficult so stay reclined and breathe laying down.QUESTIONS HE ANSWERED DURING THIS EPISODE :Can you tell us about yourself and your yoga journey?Can you explain what is prana and pranayama?You talk about becoming a witness when we practice… What does that mean?Why you are passionate about this particular limb of yoga?What does it mean to be an efficient breather? What are the common defects of the breath?What are the elements of the breath?How do we prepare for pranayama? What’s the foundation we need to establish? Why practice pranayama? What are the benefits? How does pranayama affect our state of mind or prepare us for meditation.What’s the link between prana and consciousness?Tips, tricks, guidelines for beginners? Or reminders for regular practitioners?For students that are new to pranayama, where’s a good place to start?For newer teachers that would like to start including some pranayama in their classes, can you give some ideas of how to build a breath pattern into a whole class, or use pranayama as a theme for the practice?Is it realistic to include pranayama in 1h class?Why is pranayama not a very popular practice?Do you think people need to understand the koshas to practice pranayama?SUBSCRIBE, RATE & REVIEW!GIVEAWAY WINNER. DO YOU WANT $75 OF SHOPPING?DONATE OR BECOME AN EXCLUSIVE MEMBER TODAY.Thank you so much for listening and being part of our 41st episode! We have other great guests lined up for you so make sure to subscribe to the podcast where ever you listen to not miss an episode or get on my mailing list!As always, I really appreciate your support. So as you leave a review on iTunes or on your iPhone podcast app, you automatically enter a giveaway. Athleta is generously continuing to support this podcast in their effort to ignite a community of strong women who lift each other up, and is giving out a 75$ shop card! If you're not sure how to leave a review, check this article. ​ The winner of this episode's giveaway is iTunes user D. Coyle. Congrats! Email me at erika.belanger@gmail.com or DM me on instagram @erika.belanger and I’ll send you your shop card!On and Off Your Mat is also now part of Patreon. Patreon is a web platform where you can donate to financially support this podcast or you can become a monthly member. Donators get shoutouts on the episode and as monthly members you receive exclusive content : mini-shows, guided meditation, guided flows and so much more. Visit my patreon page at here to become a member and get access to all the exclusive content from the last few months! You can make a one time donation or become a member at 5$ Tier to listen to what you have missed so far. In November, you’ve got a video flow of one of my favorite warm-up sequence, it was requested by a listener that comes to my classes. Coming up in December, you’ll get a pranayama practice to go with this episode! Your support means the world to me. I really want to continue to offer this podcast, but financially it’s challenging, so even with something as small as 5$/month makes a really big difference and helps me continue to share, educate and inspire thousands of students around the world every episode. Thank you in advance.ABOUT OUR GUEST​​Richard began his practice of Hatha Yoga in 1980 at the Yoga Room in Berkeley, and from 1982 to 1985 trained at the BKS Iyengar Yoga Institute in San Francisco. In 1987 he co-founded the Piedmont Yoga Studio with his good friends Clare Finn and Rodney Yee, and taught there for nearly 28 years until it closed its doors in January 2015. Richard continued on with the new owners of You and the Mat until July of 2018, when Nest Yoga purchased You and the Mat’s Oakland location.Richard is a contributing editor at Yoga Journal magazine, and since 1990 he’s written feature articles, book reviews, a variety of columns, and over 300 yoga video reviews. He’s also the author of four books, The Yoga of Breath (Shambhala 2002), Yoga for 50+ (Ulysses 2004), Pranayama Beyond the Fundamentals (Shambhala 2006), and Original Yoga (Shambhala 2012), as well as recording a seven-CD set titled The Practice of Pranayama (Shambhala 2010). Since 1989 he’s been on the board of directors of the California Yoga Teachers Association, and in 2008 helped form CYTA’s grant-making wing, the Yoga Dana Foundation, which supports California yoga teachers working with underserved populations, such as at-risk and incarcerated youth and disabled students. Learn more about him : His websiteGet his books :Original Yoga: Rediscovering Traditional Practices of Hatha YogaThe Yoga of Breath: A Step-by-Step Guide to PranayamaYoga FAQ: Almost Everything You Need to Know about Yoga-from Asanas to YamasYoga for 50+: Modified Poses and Techniques for a Safe Practice** Edited and mastered by Alexandre SabaSupport this show http://supporter.acast.com/5a5fdec3a4d96aa520f89227. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


18 Nov 2019

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#36: Richard Rosen - Author of "The Yoga of Breath" and Yogi for 39 Years

The SpiritBros Podcast

Richard Rosen is an author of six books and a long time practitioner and instructor of yoga. He is best known for his book on Pranayama, “The Yoga of Breath.”He co-founded Piedmont Yoga Studio in 1987 and helped run it for 28 years, and is a contributing editor at Yoga Journal as well as internationally touring teacher.

2hr 11mins

27 Jun 2019

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E24-Acute Retinal Angiographic Changes with Intravitreal Injections-Dr. Richard Rosen

The Retina Channel Podcast

Dr. Richard Rosen discusses a review of perfusion density changes (measured by OCT-Angiography) as measured before and immediately after intravitreal injections.  Full reference of the article: Barash, A., Chui, T. Y. P., Garcia, P., & Rosen, R. B. (2019). Acute Macular and Peripapillary Angiographic Changes with Intravitreal Injections. Retina. doi:10.1097/IAE.0000000000002433


31 Mar 2019

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triyoga talks episode 4: Richard Rosen on authenticity, yoga’s evolution + the purpose of asana

triyoga talks

Subscribe: iTunes | Spotify | Stitcher Richard Rosen has been a student of yoga for nearly 40 years. He trained at the Iyengar Yoga Institute in the 1980s and, in 1987, co-founded the Piedmont Yoga Studio with Rodney Yee. He has also written four authoritative books on breath, pranayama and the traditional practices of yoga. In the latest podcast in our triyoga talks series, he talks with Genny Wilkinson Priest about yoga in the modern world, how traditional practices have evolved over the centuries, and whether there is really any such thing as authentic yoga. When asked whether yoga’s popularity opens it up to distortion, he says, “Westerners are often accused by traditionalists of distorting yoga. But the fact is that what we received was already a distorted version of the practice to begin with; although we were told differently and we didn’t really know what we were getting. “And the question is, why did this happen? The Indian teachers who reinvented yoga, they found themselves between a rock and a hard place. Regarding the practice, the one thing that they valued most was age and tradition. The older something was, they believed the more authority it had. So they distrusted innovation and newness. The problem was then that what they had in their hands was an entirely new form of yoga, which by their own standards lacked authority.” On the purpose of asana and whether it matters why we practice, he adds, “I think it matters more how you practise yoga than why. You can probably practise yoga for self-aggrandisement or to profit off it in some way. Even practising for the wrong reasons, we might reserve judgment to see if the practice changes the student’s purpose. Despite all its shortcomings, modern yoga can have a really transformative effect, even if you’re not really expecting it. In yoga, it is really important how you practise, with attention and with dedication.” Richard will be teaching an online workshop with Annie Carpenter entitled ‘the evolving practice’ on 8th September 2020. Click here to learn how to sustainably evolve your practice over the years from this pair of incredibly experienced international teachers.   Listen to our other podcasts in the ‘triyoga talks’ series here. Click here to read Richard’s follow up to the podcast, with more on Vedic secrecy, the sutras and God. The post triyoga talks episode 4: Richard Rosen on authenticity, yoga’s evolution + the purpose of asana appeared first on triyoga.


13 Aug 2018

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Episode 5 w/ retired Criminal Defense attorney, Richard Rosen

$1 Pound Show

In this episode, Ryan and Joey sit down with retired criminal defense attorney, Richard Rosen. For years, Richard was the go-to attorney when it came to cannabis related cases. We explore why Richard became an attorney and how he began to specialize in the criminal defense of the cannabis industry. As someone who has been fighting against the drug war for 30 plus years, Richard has tremendous perspective on the past, present and future of the cannabis industry.

1hr 1min

7 Aug 2017

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Richard Rosen Talks Yoga Camp, Breath-Work, & Parkinson's Disease

Yogaland Podcast

Richard Rosen returns to the podcast and answers some common questions about hatha yoga, including who the "original yogis" were, the meaning of the word "hatha," plus he opens up about Parkinson's Disease and shares his love for pranayama (breathing practice). See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


22 May 2017

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Richard Rosen on Patanjali in Modern Yoga Practice

Yogaland Podcast

Richard Rosen is a yoga scholar and teacher who has authored five yoga books that are well worth reading. I talked to him about his most recent, "Yoga FAQ, Almost Everything You Need to Know about Yoga -- from Asanas to Yamas." This book is rich with tons of historical info and yet, Richard is refreshingly honest about how traditions change and evolve. We focus mostly on his Patanjali's Yoga Sutra -- who was Patanjali? Who was Vyasa? And why is this text a seminal part of modern Western yoga? Shownotes: yogalandpodcast.com/episode39/ See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


13 Mar 2017

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LG29 – Richard Rosen – Yoga For Everyone

Lonely Guru Dialogues with Ryan Spielman

My guest on this episode is Richard Rosen. Richard has been an emissary for the modern Yoga world from the opening of Piedmont Yoga school with Rodney Yee in 1987 to his many articles in The Yoga Journal to his most recent of three books on early hatha practices, Original Yoga: Rediscovering Traditional Practices of Hatha Yoga. You […] The post LG29 – Richard Rosen – Yoga For Everyone appeared first on Ashtanga Yoga with Ryan Spielman.


14 Dec 2015