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Australian Entrepreneurs Ep #06 - Yasmin Grigaliunas

Talking Leadership Podcast

As always hope you enjoy the wisdom imparted by my podcast guest. Today’s guest is Yasmin Grigaliunas the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of the World's Biggest Garage Sale.  I was inspired by her story and how she came to be in the leadership / entrepreneur space. A few elements stood out for me during the discussion.  The first being that leaders have a responsibility to do more for their communities.  I took this to mean that leaders have influence and by the nature of their roles they can get things done and in her case, Yasmin outlines the passion for her business which she states is about people, planet and purpose or put another way - building people, impacting communities and encouraging conscious consumption.  As always I hope you enjoy the podcasts today and I hope you are all keeping safe and well through COVID-19.


24 Aug 2020

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S1Ep06 Yasmin Grigaliunas | Reinvesting dormant goods back into the circular economy

Global Shapers Gold Coast Podcast

There is over $44 billion of under utilised STUFF in Australian homes, and we produce 50 million tonnes of waste each year. What can we do about it? Yasmin Grigaliunas, Co-founder & CEO of World's Biggest Garage Sale in Brisbane talks to us today about how we can reinvest our dormant goods back into the circular economy. Yasmin is an Impact Entrepreneur who quit her job to start this business in a leap of faith. Today we explore the 3 pillars of people, purpose and planet and the significance of Queensland's nurturing Innovation ecosystem.Yasmin's Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/yasmingrigaliunas/WBGShttps://worldsbiggestgaragesale.com.au/Global Shapers Gold Coasthttps://linktr.ee/GoldCoastGlobalShapersRecommendations:Books: WEconomy: You Can Find Meaning, Make A Living, and Change the WorldMovie: The Big Gap


28 Apr 2020

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#73 How To Make A Social Impact with Yasmin Grigaliunas

Stories Behind the Grind

On this episode of Stories Behind the Grind listen to my conversation with Yaz, founder of the World's Biggest Garage Sale who have diverted over 3.3 million kilograms of goods from Landfill.   We discuss why leading with authenticity builds stronger connections, the power of transparency in business and how you can get involved with the circular economy.   Also discover   What prompted Yaz to leave a lucrative corporate job to start the World's Biggest Garage Sale.   Lessons learnt from failing multiple times   Practices you can use to get back up again after a setback   The power of authenticity and being the true version of yourself   Yaz's Favourite quote she teaches to her kids   How to build an authentic business   How running an authentic business has allowed the World's Biggest Garage Sale to become more impactful   Cascading impacts to the community   Why you should take your community with you on your business journey   How people can get involved in the circular economy   The power of incremental change   How to make the most out of your people   What Yaz learnt from the passing away of her mother   Yaz's personal and professional struggles   What it all comes back to   Connect with Yasmin Here https://www.linkedin.com/in/yasmingrigaliunas/ https://worldsbiggestgaragesale.com.au/Be sure to follow me on Instagram and say Hi @aidanvoc Subscribe to the podcast on Apple, or anywhere else you listen to your podcasts. You can find this episode plus all the previous episode here. About the Host


23 Mar 2020

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Collaboration And The Second Hand Economy - Yasmin Grigaliunas

Bringing Business to Retail

Live from Inside Retail 2020;  Yasmin Grigaliunas shares her experiences running a business with passion and purpose at the core of everything they do. In 2013 Yasmin and her husband Leigh started Worlds Biggest Garage Sale. What was intended to be a one off event where they would sell dormant, unused goods, to raise money for charity, has grown over the last five years to raise more than $314k for charity benefactors and divert over3.3million kilograms of unused goods going to landfill.   Thanks to our friends at Inside Retail Live for permission to record this session.  After the show, join the conversation or simply stay in touch at https://www.facebook.com/thesalenaknight/ or https://www.instagram.com/thesalenaknight/ The Bringing Business To Retail Podcast is an independent podcast produced by Salena Knight in collaboration with The Retail Academy. This month's feature product is my Recovering Lost Sales Business Builder Workbook. Grab a copy today and start injecting 20, 30 or 40% of lost revenue back into your store. Find it at https://theretailacademy.net/shop/ For more click here


27 Feb 2020

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Retail Smarts 1: Yasmin Grigaliunas and Cameron Douglas

The Retail Smarts Podcast

Dominique Lamb hosts the Retail Smarts Podcast, with our guests today being Yasmin Grigaliunas of World's Biggest Garage Sale and Cameron Douglas of Videopro. Just try to keep these two on topic!They talk all things retail, current events, and more.


5 Nov 2019

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Ask/Gives & Aligning Investors to Your Purpose with Emily Bland & Yasmin Grigaliunas, SucSeed


When you're a bootstrapped entrepreneur how do you grow your business when writing cheques isn't always an option?  For Emily Bland, SeedEO of SucSeed and Yasmin Grigaliunas, co-founder of World's Biggest Garage Sale, that meant learning to ask for what they needed, while also offering what they did have in exchange. Both Emily and Yas use Ask-Gives to create meaningful, strategic partnerships that help grow their businesses and provide immeasurable value to all parties involved.  In this episode: The immeasurable benefits of strategic partnerships Asking for what you need and offering what you have to give  Aligning investors and partnerships with your purpose Breaking the rules to grow on your own terms We invite you to become a SheEO Activator or apply to be a SheEO Venture at SheEO.World.


1 Aug 2019

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Episode 3 - CEO of The Worlds Biggest Garage Sale, Yasmin Grigaliunas

The Cube with Macca

Yasmin is a high energy, high achiever that has been inspiring communities around Australia with a new, sustainable way to give back.  The mother of two quit corporate life sold the family home, cars and all luxuries to turn her hobby business into a thriving eco system giving millions of dollars back to the community and diverting hundreds of thousands of tons of goods destined to landfill back into the economy. In this episode we uncover the challenges Yas has faced and what keeps her moving forward!The Cube is a podcast hosted by Conpago co-founder Mackenzie Jackson that interviews CEO’s, entrepreneurs, executives and high performers to discover their journey, their mistakes and their lessons.


8 Apr 2019

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Purpose Chat with Yasmin Grigaliunas - On Circular Economy and building a culture of impact

SEVENTEENx - SDG Convos with Mick Hase

 Hear about a simple idea to de-clutter turned into a movement to build a circular economy that is changing lives. Also the fun of balancing family and business and how to use your team to build the culture of giving back into a brand legacy. 


7 Apr 2019

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Episode 115 (2018) Yasmin Grigaliunas On Human Connection & Accelerating Your Entrepreneurial Impact

Impact Boom Podcast - Social Enterprise & Design

Yasmin Grigaliunas of World’s Biggest Garage Sale shares insights about leading a profit for purpose organisation, with an emphasis on the importance of human connection and putting people first, which then sees profits follow.


22 Oct 2018

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Ep. 13 - The World's Biggest Heart, with Yasmin Grigaliunas

The Shiv Show

Meet Yasmin Grigaliunas, the founder of The World’s Biggest Garage Sale, and a lady with the worlds biggest heart! Throughout this episode, we discuss Yasmin’s story of how she went from working in IT to now following her dreams and literally changing lives every..single…day. Yas is extremely impressive, and I thoroughly enjoyed interviewing her. Her thoughts on positivity are very in line with my own…scary! Tune into The Shiv Show to listen in on Yasmin’s interview! See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


11 Oct 2017