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Andy Prince x Jamie Gordon

Drummers Talk With Bass Players

Andy Prince of Manchester Orchestra talks with Jamie Gordon of Kid Kit Covers presented by the Indie Drummer Collective. https://bit.ly/3AKq4VI


10 Sep 2021

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Ep 34 - The Musically Gifted Jamie Gordon

A Little Bit Serious With Sahib

In this weeks episode I have the one and only Wembley's Finest and second member of the Fellow Kids Mr Jamie Gordan.  We chat about a couple different things:  - What is it like being in band (Fellow Kids Check them out) - Why is he such a beta - His world travels to Asia & South America (he's English he like 'discovering things') - Why he moved to Canada? - What does his future look like  - Talks about Jolly Old England  - Working in Pub  - Who his top 5 musical influences are. + much more!!  Go Subscribe to Fellow Kids on Youtube, Instagram, Facebook 

1hr 3mins

30 Apr 2021

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Jamie Gordon: Chief Disruption Officer* at The Mighty Shed: on the role of social scientists in business and the ways empathy can serve both business and humanity

The Human Show: Innovation through Social Science

Jamie Gordon is a social scientist and consultant whose body of work includes a couple of decades worth of insights and strategies that have been put into action by a global community of brands, corporations and the agencies that serve them. With a B.A. in Anthropology and a M.A. in Applied Sociology both from the University of Central Florida, Jamie has extensively implemented ethnography in the marketing industry as a brand and innovation strategist reaching out to clients through human and cultural insights, storytelling and futuring. Among the many clients she worked with are: The Coca Cola Company, Powerade, Cambell’s Soup, Heineken, Unilever, Ford, Google and EBay. Jamie considers turning insights and strategic implications into empathetic narratives that motivate behavior change to be her main mission. Jamie takes us through her journey of becoming a cultural strategist working for the biggest corporate names – a path, she says, that her younger self would not have imagined. Yet she is loving every bit of it and is sharing with us her enthusiasm for the job she does in which ethnography is her main tool to make a difference. How did Jamie move from research to innovation? A social scientist has the rare ability to become a practitioner of many tools and marketing can be the place where we can actually change the world in many ways, says Jamie. She shares examples of how has she managed to bring humanity into business and what methods she relies on to get her insights to have a real impact. We talk about the power of storytelling and the potential of anthropology. *at the time of this recording, Jamie was a freelance strategist.  In February 2020 she joined the amazing team at The Mighty Shed.Mentioned in Podcast:EPIC, https://www.epicpeople.org/Consumer culture theory, https://www.facebook.com/groups/213134458706536/AC Nielsen, https://www.nielsen.com/be/en/The Soulful Project, https://thesoulfullproject.com Social Media:LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/brandsherpa/Twitter: https://twitter.com/thebrandsherpa?lang=en


24 May 2020

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New Year's Resolutions with Jamie Gordon

We Call B.S.

New year, new you. It’s that time of year again for new year’s resolutions. Whether it’s losing weight or saving money, it seems that everyone sets out to create a goal for themselves. We all set out with good intentions to make a change for the better.  Unfortunately, an overwhelming majority of people do not reach and/or maintain their resolution. Slowly, those bad habits creep back in, resulting in us feeling terrible about ourselves. Why is it so difficult to find success with these resolutions year after year? Today we are chatting with Jamie Gordon, a certified transitional life coach. Jamie helps clients clarify their vision and create a new future for themselves without shame. She focuses on being, rather than doing. Jamie shares with us how focusing on our personal emotional development can help us reach, maintain, and exceed our goals. We learn that you can’t use a physical fix for an emotional need, and how to take meaningful action steps that will lead you to making a change.  We call B.S. on New Year’s Resolutions In this episode we’ll explore: Why New Year’s Resolutions don’t typically work How honoring your feelings can help you explore the root of your problems Focusing on the journey rather than the reward Creating a vision for yourself, rather than a resolution, and how to put it in motion “When you’re working with someone on health, you’re often actually working a lot on emotion, without them even knowing all of the time. There’s always a root cause that’s holding them back, and that’s in the subconscious mind quite often.” --Sinead Quinn Resources and Links Mentioned in this episode:  The Official Podcast Instagram Sinead’s Instagram Brittany’s Instagram Connecting with Jamie Gordon: Jamie’s Website Jamie’s Instagram Jamie’s Facebook


6 Jan 2020

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November 27th: Chemical Poet Alasdair Maloney and actors Gilchrist Muir and Jamie Gordon

Scottish Poetry Library Podcast

In this bumper packed edition of the SPL Podcast, Ryan chats with actors Gilchrist Muir and Jamie Gordon about reciting poetry to all and sundry at the Poetry Garden in St Andrews Square. He also discusses poetry and hip-hop with multi-talented poet and performer Alasdair Maloney whose track "Thunder and Sun" with his band Sileni rounds off this week's episode. Presented by Ryan van Winkle. Produced by Colin Fraser. Incidental music by Ewen Maclean. For feedback, mail splpodcast@gmail.com


26 Nov 2009