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How to Thrive in a Disruptive Economy and Spark your Passion with Lisa Thee

Roar with Lakecia Gunter

“Getting to a place of power and authority, it was important to me to not only focus on the problems that have already been looked at, but to shift the attention and change the conversation to the bigger issues that I really cared about.” - Lisa TheeAs we progress in our careers, it’s natural for our goals to get pushed forward in accordance with our accomplishments. First, it’s getting the big job with the fancy title, then the goal becomes working with a top tier company in your field, until one day it’s all about getting a seat on the Board of Directors. But once you’ve earned those achievements, you might start to feel like there’s more to the ladder than the steps leading up to its summit. For some of us, there comes a time when we’re ready to start building our own ladder.   Following a disturbing scene on a business trip abroad early in her career, my guest today made a promise to herself. She vowed that someday when she had accumulated the experience and influence necessary to create change, she was going to dedicate her life to making an impact. So, she worked her way up the corporate ladder and gained the non-profit and volunteer experience she needed during her free time. Eventually, she decided to pivot, recognizing that the time had come to make her move from success to significance. My guest today is Lisa Thee, the CEO and Founder of Launch Consulting Group’s Data for Good Practice. The safety-focused software startup helps innovative healthcare, technology, and gaming companies accomplish their goals relating to digital safety, anti-toxicity, upskilling programs for diverse populations, and applying AI and machine learning for innovation in healthcare. Lisa was on the road to burnout as a busy working mother and technology company executive for a multinational company. So in 2018, she took the reins of her career and became an entrepreneur.  Today this female founder has become a Board of Directors Member, Keynote Speaker, and sought-after Consultant.  She was named to the top 100 Human Trafficking and Slavery Disruptors list, and has a TEDx talk coming in 2021 on “Using AI to Disrupt Human Trafficking in the Digital Age”.  She is an advisory board member for Engineered Medical Solutions, Marketplace Risk, and Humaxa. She is a Board of Directors member for 3 Strands Global Foundation and the Sacramento Entrepreneurship Academy.Today, we’ll hear how Lisa made her transition into entrepreneurship. We’ll also discuss why that leap towards a career with purpose was so transformative both personally and professionally. If you’re considering a pivot from your successful career towards something with a greater social impact and personal significance, Lisa’s story is one that will motivate and inspire you to take action in your own life and career, sparking the alignment of your strengths and passions. Some Questions I Ask:How did growing up in Detroit shape you? (3:14)What moment stands out in your career that really helped you find your ROAR? (6:24)What inspired you to start your personal journey to become a business owner? (9:40)How did you leverage your passion to move into a space of not just success in your work life, but significance? (13:00)What shifts did you have to make to transition from employee to intrapreneur? (14:23)How did you navigate all of the challenges that come with starting your own business? (17:44)What are some of the key characteristics that you believe one must possess to become a successful entrepreneur? (19:29)What role did your support system play that really helped contribute to your success in business? (20:54)How did you become an advisor, and what advice do you have for others aspiring to become advisors? (23:41)What advice do you have for founders and entrepreneurs who want to follow their passion? (34:12)What You’ll Learn About in This Episode:Learning from our inadequacies (4:52)Turning pivotal moments into life-shaping legacies (7:24)Allowing your personal story to direct your professional values (9:21)Accepting the qualities that others see in us (14:31)Asking ourselves the big questions (15:21) Debunking the myths and stereotypes of the American entrepreneur (19:49)Knowing when to say yes and when to say "no, but here’s someone who can help you with that” (29:01)Recognizing burnout and what you can do when you’re feeling it (30:08)Connect with Lisa Thee:TwitterLinkedInResources:WebsiteSpark Passion E CourseBook: The Lost Symbol by Dan BrownDocumentary: The Social Dilemma See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


20 Oct 2020

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Raising awareness of human trafficking with Lisa Thee.

Business Leaders Podcast


12 Apr 2020

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15 Nov 2019

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031 Blow Up Your Career & Redesign Your Life with Lisa Thee

The Empower Podcast with Emily Kennedy

She was surviving, but not thriving, and so she decided to reevaluate everything and leave her safe corporate job to lead a social impact startup. Lisa Thee shares the good, the bad, and the ugly of those early days, how to define success for yourself, and how to blow up your career and reinvent it as something that serves you better. FOLLOW OUR GUEST Connect with Lisa on LinkedIn and Twitter Learn more about Bark and Parenting in a Tech World on Facebook LINKS TO BOOKS WE DISCUSSED Tribe of Mentors, by Tim Ferriss TED Talks: The Official TED Guide to Public Speaking, Chris Anderson On Managing Yourself, Harvard Business Review Brotopia: Breaking Up the Boys’ Club of Silicon Valley, Emily Chang Radical Candor: Be a Kick-Ass Boss Without Losing Your Humanity, Kim Scott Women in Science: 50 Fearless Pioneers Who Changed the World, Rachel Ignotofsky LINKS TO WHAT WE DISCUSSED Twitter post about Calendly Calendly Lisa’s article: “Pivoting My Career Focus: Significance vs. Success” Startup Podcast Masters of Scale with Reid Hoffman The Lean Startup: How Today’s Entrepreneurs Use Continuous Innovation to Create Radically Successful Businesses, by Eric Ries Lean Canvas Model RATE & REVIEW Rate & Review on iTunes! Leave me a review and let me know what you liked about this episode or what you’d like to hear more about. CONNECT WITH EMILY On Twitter & LinkedIn - @heyemilykennedy Sign up for the email newsletter: www.emilykennedy.org QUOTES FROM THE EPISODE “If not me, then who?” “Do I want to impact a million lives, or do I want to make a million dollars?”  Music by: Taste the Vibe - “Arctic Monkeys - R U Mine? (Mungø Remix)” unedited, via Creative Commons

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18 Jul 2019

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Parents Fail to Protect Children Online - Dire Consequences (Interview with Lisa Thee)

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Good parents all over the world are failing in major ways to protect their children online. In this podcast, Craig and his tech expert guest Lisa Thee blow the myths parents cling to not be more proactive in monitoring their children's online activities out of the water. And they provide a solution - the first one endorsed by Coach Craig in the 7 years he's been coaching. Sexting, the sharing of sexually explicit content such as nude or risqué photographs via text or social media messaging, is a growing phenomenon among youth and teens. Recent research from the Journal of the American Medical Association conservatively estimates that more than one in four teens has received a sexually explicit text message. With the rise of technology distribution and social media acquisition among youth and teens, the prevalence of sexting, and sextortion (the use of shared content to exploit, abuse, or bully) is rampant.


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