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026 - A Better Way with Dr. Tabor Smith

Healthy Living Simple with Dr. Lisa O

In today’s episode, Dr. Lisa chats with now movie producer, Dr. Tabor Smith. They discuss his documentary, A Better Way, and the reason behind why this Chiropractor took on a massive project in filming a movie.  In the United States, we’re trained to take a drug to cover up a symptom, but we’re never taught to figure out the root cause as to why we’re having a problem. Dr. Lisa and Dr. Tabor discuss why there’s truly, a better way. Watch the movie here: https://www.abetterwayfilm.com/ref/drlisa For virtual consults with Dr. Lisa: bitly.com/drlisaconsult


19 Nov 2020

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Interview with Tabor Smith

Resurrecting Our Freedom

Dr. Tabor Smith: A Compelling life story that inspired an investigative exposure to Big Pharma and the fallacy of our health care system in America!


22 Jun 2020

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Dr tabor Smith is our guest

FR33DOM FORMULA / Men of iron Podcast

His fire, his passion, the bumps, the bruises, the commitment to the spinal hygiene movement and now www.abetterwayfilm.com


6 Jun 2020

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Ep 178: Daily Spine Care When You Can’t Get to The Chiropractor with Dr. Tabor Smith

The Health Fix

Have you moved your spine efficiently today? The average person only moves their spine in one plane of motion daily, weekly or yearly. Your spine needs to be moved in it’s 3 planes of motion to get nutrients to discs, preserve normal curvatures and maintain mobility. By spending a few minutes a day Dr. Smith has found a routine that helps nourish and support spinal health. In this episode, Dr. Jannine Krause interviews Dr. Tabor Smith on what you need to be doing every day to maintain a healthy spine. What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode: How a spinal routine can keep your spine healthy for life How spines are decaying at a faster rate due to lack of spinal mobility Why your posture and repetitive workouts are damaging your spine How using technology is ruining your normal spinal curvatures


9 Apr 2020

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A Better Way - Documentary Genius with Dr. Tabor Smith

The 100 Year Lifestyle Podcast

Dr. Tabor Smith is the creator of A Better Way - The Documentary that is due out in the summer of 2020. In this interview, Dr. Plasker and Dr. Smith discuss the principles behind the film and the stories in the film with a focus on how you can apply them to your life.In the wake of the CORVID-19 crisis and craziness, this message is very timely and can empower you to make choices to ...Become a Less Vulnerable PersonMake Healthier ChoicesRaise Healthier FamiliesThink Differently About Your HealthGet More Excited than Ever About Your Own Human PotentialGive You Direction On Choosing Your Health Care ProvidersDr. Tabor Smith and his wife Dr. Gina Smith have an office in Houston, TX called Pure Life Family Wellness. He has been a practicing chiropractor for 12 years and speaks around the country on Spinal Hygiene. You can access the film at ABetterWayFilm.com. Dr. Tabor's office is listed here on 100YearLifestyle.com.


25 Mar 2020

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Automating patient education for a bigger impact with Dr. Tabor Smith

The Get Naked Show with Dr. Aura

Dr. Tabor Smith is a practicing chiropractor in Houston TX. He owns and runs one of the largest chiropractic offices in the state of Texas, where he has treated thousands of patients and developed the life changing lessons that he teaches today. Over the last 16 months he has been working on a feature-length health documentary titled A Better Way, that will be coming out this summer. This documentary will both, expose the corruption in our current health care system, and share true stories of people who have changed their life and found a better way to get and stay healthy! Learn more about this project at www.ABetterWayFilm.com Thanks for listening and rating my podcast. It is my true pleasure to bring you innovative interviews with amazing individuals full of successful stories for you to keep getting naked and live your best life. If this resonates with you and you would like to know if my online or personal programs are right for you, message me at www.Dr-Aura.com. Love and appreciate you, stay Naked and true to yourself, Dr. Aura


17 Feb 2020

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S1E10: Interview with Dr. Tabor Smith

Legendary Chiropractor Podcast

Join them and share with your corner of this amazing virtual world as they dive DEEP into:-Spinal Hygiene: Why the world needs it and why chiropractors need to embrace it and teach it🔥For more: https://linktr.ee/thelegendarychiropractor


25 Apr 2019

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Practice Building Masterclass Podcast - The Spinal Hygiene Movement With Dr. Tabor Smith | #56

Practice Building With Chiropractic Masters

If dentists can monopolize dental hygiene...kinda only makes sense that Chiropractors could monopolizespinal hygiene.Listen to my MasterClass PodCast here.


30 Oct 2018

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Spinal Hygiene Principles to Build Your Practice with Dr. Tabor Smith

The Modern Chiropractic Marketing Show


8 Jun 2017

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#043: Spinal Hygiene To Prevent Spinal Decay with Dr. Tabor Smith

The Modern Desk Jockey

Dr. Tabor Smith is on a mission to help desk jockeys prevent spinal decay and degeneration with some easy to perform strategies and treatments. 85% of the U.S. population is suffering from early onset spinal degeneration and his spinal hygiene regimen is one of the best out there and will help you prevent spinal degeneration. For more information, and links to the resources mentioned by Dr. Tabor Smith, visit http://ModernDeskJockey.com


17 May 2017