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Designing Space With a Human-Centered Perspective (with Chrissy Fehan & Sarah Davis)

Designed by Wingnut Social | Interior Design Business

What the heck is human-centered and data driven design, and how can it help you in your interior design business? Chrissy Fehan and Sarah Davis of Pophouse are here to fill us in on the importance of designing space with a human-centered perspective, and how the physical environment can have a positive impact on individuals. They’ll also share how this approach informed the Rock Ventures Headquarters, recently featured and on the cover of Interior Design magazine’s 90th anniversary edition. Sarah has over 17 years of experience working in business intelligence. She has performed extensive research in workplace strategy and has been instrumental in developing the strategy that informs the design for many Pophouse projects. Chrissy leads an interiors and industrial design team and oversees all brand strategy. Prior to her current role, Chrissy was an industrial designer and created numerous pieces of furniture, lighting, reception desks and outdoor spaces. *** ⭐️Chrissy and Sarah pride themselves on doing unconventional strategic and human-centered design. They use different types of evidence obtained from clients via interviews, surveys, and observations to understand how clients need to function in space. This combined with external research is used to drive their design. They believe spaces can positively impact people - how they interact, how they engage with each other. The space needs to be beautiful and aesthetically thoughtful, but if people can’t function in this space, it misses the mark. Chrissy and Sarah work to bring beauty and function together. ⭐️Pophouse thrives on a particular set of systems and processes that can be catered to different clients. The process usually begins with data collection, including client surveys and observation. Pophouse has also created mock settings for clients to utilize, and led focus groups. Talking to their clients in this manner helps gather feedback, which the clients are very willing to give because they care about the space they’re sitting in. To learn more about the teams they design for, Chrissy and Sarah gather information such as org charts, cultural documents, mission statements, core values, and more. They pair these internal findings with external discovery like benchmarking, research, and academic work. All of this information serves as the foundation for the design project and ultimately acts as a North Star to follow for the duration of the project. ⭐️Chrissy says that niching down their business has helped Pophouse in many ways. It has allowed them to bring on the proper team members that they need, and to grow their business. They are better able to see their future goals and pivot them around their clients’ needs. It’s helped them laser focus more - they aren’t stretched between many different types of design. Niching down has also helped Pophouse more thoughtfully select their clients and make sure their cultures align. Sarah explains that, even when niching down their business, there is still lots of diversity within the commercial office design space. Whether they’re designing a commercial office for a tech team, a marketing team, or a sales team, they all look totally different as the needs for each team vary. Chrissy explains that the scale of projects differs as well. Sometimes they take projects where they help a smaller client’s brand be visualized through their space. *** 📲CONNECT with Chrissy & Sarah: Website: https://pophouse.design Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pophousedesign/ 📲CONNECT with Darla: Darla’s Interior Design Website: https://darlapowell.com/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/darlapowellhome/ 📚Resources & People Mentioned: “Daring Greatly: How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent, and Lead" by Brené Brown "Identity Designed: The Definitive Guide to Visual Branding" by David Airey 🏠FOLLOW Wingnut Social: Website: http://www.wingnutsocial.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WingnutSocial/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/wingnutsocial Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/wingnutsocial/ Wingnut Webinars: https://wingnutsocial.com/webinar Get Wingnut Academy Updates: https://wingnutsocial.com/wingnut-academy/ 🎧SUBSCRIBE to The Wingnut Social Podcast: Apple Podcasts: https://apple.co/3RJzmtK Google Podcasts: https://bit.ly/designedongooglepodcasts TuneIn: https://bit.ly/designedontunein YouTube: https://bit.ly/designedonyoutube


19 Oct 2022

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Sarah Davis Director of Strategy at Pophouse | Human Centered Design, Driven by Data

Future Of Work Podcast

What happens when the built environment fails to keep up with modern business needs? Enter Sarah Davis, Director of Strategy at Pophouse Design. Through thoughtful and intentional design, their mission is to optimize the workplace for everybody – whether they’re in the office full-time or just passing through. Sarah talks with Frank Cottle about the human experience and how data-driven insights can transform the built environment into a space of connection, belonging, and enhanced performance. ____________________________________ Want to thrive in the world of work? You’ve come to the right place. We help workers and organizations understand and prepare for the #FutureOfWork Let's stay in touch 👇🏻 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/allwork.space/ LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/allw... Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/allwork.space Twitter: https://twitter.com/Allwork_space


6 Oct 2022

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S07 E08: Sarah Davis, Founder and President of Fashionphile

The Luxury Item with Scott Kerr

Sarah Davis, founder and president of leading luxury goods reseller Fashionphile, sits down with Scott Kerr for an in-depth discussion on the booming luxury resale market and the enormous success of the brand. Sarah talks about Fashionphile's rigorous authentication process, distinguishing itself from other luxury resellers, the pandemic's shot in the arm for resale, the flourishing partnership with Neiman Marcus, Gen Z trends that are fueling resale growth, and how luxury fashion house price hikes on signature handbags have impacted resale pricng dynamics. Plus: Why secondhand goods will play a significantly larger role in the future luxury fashion landscape.Featuring: Sarah Davis, Founder and President of Fashionphile (fashionphile.com)Host:Scott Kerr, Founder & President of Silvertone ConsultingAbout The Luxury Item podcast:The Luxury Item is a podcast on the business of luxury and the people and companies that are shaping the future of the luxury industry.Stay Connected: Twitter: @theluxuryitem, @scott_kerr, @silvertone_incEmail: scott@silvertoneconsulting.comDon't forget to subscribe, rate, and review!

1hr 6mins

16 Aug 2022

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S2E15, Part 2: Sarah Davis on Building a New Houseboat and a Community

Storied: San Francisco

The thing about houseboats is ... they sometimes sink. In Part 1, Sarah told us how the houseboat she and her brother grew up on with their dad sunk in Mission Creek. In this podcast, Sarah tells the story of how the three of them built a new houseboat, the one Sarah lives in today with her daughter down near the ballpark. She goes to describe efforts to get more active spaces built in the surrounding neighborhoods, areas that seemingly grow and change overnight. In case you missed Part 1, please go back and listen. We recorded this podcast on Sarah's houseboat in Mission Creek in February 2019. Film photography by Michelle Kilfeather


15 Aug 2022

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S2E15, Part 1: Sarah Davis's Childhood on a San Francisco Houseboat

Storied: San Francisco

Sarah Davis grew up unlike most of us. After her parents split up when she was young, her dad eventually decided to live in a houseboat down on Mission Creek. He brought Sarah and her brother with him part-time. In this podcast, Sarah describes growing up on that houseboat (she still lives in a houseboat, albeit a different one, on the creek today). She talks about some of the colorful characters who were her neighbors, and ends this episode on her parents, whose lives involved the art and music scenes of San Francisco in the '70s, '80s, and on. Join us again Thursday, when Sarah will talk about building the houseboat she currently lives in and shares details on the city's houseboat community today. We recorded this podcast on Sarah's Mission Creek houseboat in February 2019. Film photography by Michelle Kilfeather


15 Aug 2022

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They Said I was Industrious: Sarah Davis, Founder of Fashionphile

Superwomen with Rebecca Minkoff

When Sarah Davis received a Rebecca Minkoff bag as a gift from her sister-in-law many moons ago, she didn’t realize that she would one day be a guest on Superwomen! The talented founder of luxury “recommerce” site Fashionphile is a born entrepreneur, even if she didn’t know to call herself that at the time. Sarah worked for the forest service and went to law school before she ever realized she had a multimillion-dollar idea on hand, but her affinity for creative ways to make money date back to childhood. Whether it was selling soda at a parade, clipping hair in the dorms in college, or selling secondhand luxury items on e-bay to pay her way through law school, Sarah has always found a way to make a buck on her own terms. Entirely bootstrapped until 2019, Fashionphile is one of the most wildly successful resale sites for high-end accessories. Sarah shares the value in following your passion, being smart about your business, and most of all, how important it is to simply get started and keep going! Thanks for listening!  Don't forget to order Rebecca's new book, Fearless: The New Rules for Unlocking Creativity, Courage, and Success. Follow Superwomen on Instagram. Social Media @fashionphile Links The E-Myth Enterprise by Michael E. Gerber Big Ideas How to think about starting a business in order to set yourself up for success.--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/superwomen/support


26 Apr 2022

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#42 Paddle the Nile w/ Sarah Davis

Buffalo Roamer Outdoors

Sarah Davis is an adventurer and paddler. In 2018 she became the first women to paddle the worlds longest river, the Nile. We talk hippo attacks, whitewater rafting, Africa, Egypt, kindness of Sudan, police escorts, being detained at the border, joys of travel and pushing boundaries. Subscribe to Buffalo Roamer Outdoors, new episodes 1st and 3rd Friday of each month.

1hr 9mins

2 Apr 2022

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A View from the Top with Sarah Davis - Reflections on Governance and Leadership Lessons

The Collaboratorium Podcast Series

My "fireside chat" with Sarah Davis, former Loblaws CEO and experienced board director, was recorded on March 4th for the Directors College's foundational module on effective board governance. 


25 Mar 2022

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Ep 62- Sarah Davis

Life's A Beach

This week, Hoppo chats to Sarah Davis who fulfilled her dream of paddling the Nile River. They cover her journey towards this and what it took to get there. Jesse joins Hoppo in the beach shack for beach banter. For all things Life's a Beach, visit our site at https://www.lifesabeach.co/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lifesabeachau/?hl=en See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


20 Mar 2022

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Luxury Fashion's Resale Playbook with Fashionphile's Sarah Davis

Crash Course Fashion

For Fashionphile’s founder and president, Sarah Davis, selling pre-owned luxury isn’t new. An integral player responsible for pioneering the re-commerce approach to luxury, Davis began selling handbags on eBay as a law student in 1999. Now, more than two decades later, Fashionphile is the largest online platform for buying and selling luxury handbags and accessories in the U.S. Despite the pandemic, the luxury resale sector was estimated to be worth $25-$30 billion in 2020, proof that the stigma once associated with buying pre-owned items is fading fast. Ripe with opportunity, some luxury brands see resale as a vehicle to attract younger customers, boost sales, access data, and reinforce their sustainability credentials. However, for some, the rewards of the secondhand market don’t outweigh the challenges. While there’s a good case for luxury brands to embrace resale, many are reluctant to capitalize on the booming pre-owned market, concerned that resale could cannibalize the sale of new products. Fakes and stolen goods being smuggled into the resale market are also a concern as this could lead to market saturation that brands worry could dilute their exclusivity. For others, the potential financial rewards of resale don’t outweigh the complexity of implementing the logistics necessary to own their customer experience. As sustainability continues to grow as a priority for both consumers and companies, it’s clear that luxury resale is here to stay and those who don’t actively engage are missing out on business and brand-building opportunities. In this episode of the Crash Course Fashion podcast, SFF founder Brittany Sierra speaks with Sarah Davis about the future of luxury resale and how high-end brands can capitalize on the booming market by creating a comprehensive, data-driven strategy that brings meaningful value to the customer resale experience. — Short on time? Here are a few timestamps to get straight to the goods: 12:02 How the pandemic has impacted luxury resale. 15:50 Why brands are reluctant to get into resale. 18:50 Why luxury brands shouldn’t be concerned with market cannibalization. 24:30 How Fashionphile uses tech to accurately authenticate products. 34:47 How luxury brands can get started with resale. 44:17 When does a Chanel bag ever end up in a landfill? 51:20 What’s needed to encourage customer participation in luxury resale 52:35 Today’s shopper buys investment pieces/what it means for a brand if your brand doesn’t do well in the resale market


6 Jan 2022