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Making Herbal Vinegar with Kami McBride

Herbal Radio

Herb-infused vinegar is a fragrant and versatile formula for a myriad of purposes. Learn how to make a lavender and rosemary infused vinegar to be used for cooking, cleaning, and body care. Quick and easy herbal vinegar might soon be your new favorite herbal preparation! Click Here to watch the video of Kami and see the full recipe. Learn more about Kami McBride at: Living Awareness: Herbal Remedies and Healthy Living Check out her book to discover fun new recipes: The Herbal Kitchen You may also want to explore this blog: How to Make Herbal Vinegar! Join our community! Subscribe to the Mountain Rose Herbs newsletter Subscribe to Mountain Rose Herbs on YouTube Follow on Instagram Like on Facebook Follow on Pinterest Follow on Twitter Read the Mountain Rose Herbs blog Follow on TikTok Strengthening the bonds between people and plants for a healthier world. Mountain Rose Herbs www.mountainroseherbs.com


7 Oct 2021

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Lavender with Kami McBride

Herbs with Rosalee

Get full show notes and more information at: herbswithrosaleepodcast.comFor more behind-the-scenes of this podcast, follow @rosaleedelaforet on Instagram!The secret to using herbs successfully begins with knowing who YOU are. Get started by taking my free Herbal Jumpstart course when you sign up for my newsletter.If you enjoy the Herbs with Rosalee podcast, we could use your support! Please consider leaving a 5-star rating and review and sharing the show with someone who needs to hear it!On the podcast, we explore the many ways plants heal, as food, as medicine, and through nature connection. Each week, I focus on a single seasonal plant and share trusted herbal knowledge so that you can get the best results when using herbs for your health.Learn more about Herbs with Rosalee at herbswithrosalee.com.----Rosalee is an herbalist and author of the bestselling book Alchemy of Herbs: Transform Everyday Ingredients Into Foods & Remedies That Heal and co-author of the bestselling book Wild Remedies: How to Forage Healing Foods and Craft Your Own Herbal Medicine. She's a registered herbalist with the American Herbalist Guild and teaches many popular online courses. Read about how Rosalee went from having a terminal illness to being a bestselling author in her full story here. 


14 Jul 2021

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Interview with Kami McBride

The Plant Path

Herbal oil applied to the skin is an excellent form of self-care. Oils provide several benefits: there’s the healing from the medicinal constituents of the herb, the affirmation that we’re taking care of ourselves, and the self-healing power of physical touch. We need to overcome the incorrect notion that infused oils are for skincare or to look pretty or to take away wrinkles. We do need to keep in mind that when we use oils, we’re absorbing things into our skin. That’s why herb-based oils are better than petroleum-based oils. This week’s podcast guest is an expert in herbal oils. Kami McBride is the author of The Herbal Kitchen, and she’s taught herbal medicine at several colleges. Over more than 30 years, Kami has helped thousands of families make the highest-quality herbal remedies to prevent illness, take care of common ailments, and protect their health naturally. ———————————— CONNECT WITH SAJAH AND WHITNEY ———————————— To get free in depth mini-courses and videos, visit our blog at:  http://www.evolutionaryherbalism.com Get daily inspiration and plant wisdom on our Facebook and Instagram channels: http://www.facebook.com/EvolutionaryHerbalism https://www.instagram.com/evolutionary_herbalism/ Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyP63opAmcpIAQg1M9ShNSQ Get a free 5-week course when you buy a copy of the book, Evolutionary Herbalism:https://www.evolutionaryherbalism.com/evolutionary-herbalism-book/ ———————————— ABOUT THE PLANT PATH ———————————— The Plant Path is a window into the world of herbal medicine. With perspectives gleaned from traditional Western herbalism, Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine, Alchemy, Medical Astrology, and traditional cultures from around the world, The Plant Path provides unique insights, skills and strategies for the practice of true holistic herbalism. From clinical to spiritual perspectives, we don't just focus on what herbs are "good for," but rather who they are as intelligent beings, and how we can work with them to heal us physically and consciously evolve. ———————————— ABOUT SAJAH ———————————— Sajah Popham is the author of Evolutionary Herbalism and the founder of the School of Evolutionary Herbalism, where he trains herbalists in a holistic system of plant medicine that encompasses clinical Western herbalism, medical astrology, Ayurveda, and spagyric alchemy. His mission is to develop a comprehensive approach that balances the science and spirituality of plant medicine, focusing on using plants to heal and rejuvenate the body, clarify the mind, open the heart, and support the development of the soul. This is only achieved through understanding and working with the chemical, energetic, and spiritual properties of the plants. His teachings embody a heartfelt respect, honor and reverence for the vast intelligence of plants in a way that empowers us to look deeper into the nature of our medicines and ourselves. He lives on a homestead in the foothills of Mt. Baker Washington with his wife Whitney where he teaches, consults clients, and prepares spagyric herbal medicines.  ———————————— WANT TO FEATURE US ON YOUR PODCAST? ———————————— If you’d like to interview Sajah or Whitney to be on your podcast, click here to fill out an interview request form.


13 Jul 2021

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Handcrafted healing herbal oils with Kami McBride

Plant Love Radio

In this episode, we discuss handcrafted healing herbal oils, their uses, benefits, ways to make and incorporate successfully into your self-care routines. Today I am welcoming back my teacher Kami McBride, clinical herbalist, medicine maker, and herbal educator. Show Notes: https://plantloveradio.com/79 To explore Kami's free workshop visit show notes, or https://plantloveradio.com/kamiherbaloilsclass This episode is supported by Mountain Rose Herbs, to learn more visit https://plantloveradio.com/mountainroseherbs If you enjoyed this episode, please leave a 5-star rating and review at https://RateThisPodcast.com/plantloveradio


11 Jul 2021

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Ep.32: Kami McBride on Kitchen Culture and Plant Communication

Plant Cunning Podcast

We have a great time talking with Kami McBride about growing up in Northern California, learning to fish and forage with her grandfather, meeting Rosemary Gladstar at 22, and finding her inspiration of working with herbs. We talk about her book The Herbal Kitchen and how you can bring herbs into your everyday life by utilizing them in recipes. We talk about carminitives and gut health. And we have a great conversation about plant communication, and how she has helped her students remember and rediscover their inherent connection to the natural world and to plants, and how easy, natural and intuitive plant communication is. You can find her at https://kamimcbride.com/ And you can find our Patron at Patreon.com/plantcunning--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/plantcunning/messageSupport this podcast: https://anchor.fm/plantcunning/support


12 May 2021

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6.9 Creating a Healing Home Culture with Kami McBride

Simple Self Care Podcast

The home should be a place to rest and restore after your busy day and spend quality time with your friends and family. But because of the state of the world right now, our living space is not only our home, it's our office, our classrooms, and more.And because of these added distractions and responsibilities to our home life, we are having a harder time carving out space and time for rest, relaxation, connection - though we need it more than ever.To help us bring this much needed TLC back into our homes, herbalist and educator Kami McBride is here to share with us her expertise in creating and implementing simple and therapeutic ways use the power of plant medicine to calm our anxieties, build our immune system, and connect with our loved ones on a daily basis.Take a listen as we chat about:-how to make herbalism a part of your everyday life-the powerful medicine you have right in your spice cabinet -why it’s important to be literate in herbal remedies-how to get your kids and other family members excited about herbal remedies-what's missing from the covid prevention conversation-the importance of building your immunity and digestion in little ways every day-the power of therapeutic healing touch in the family-how to create a healing culture in your home-a simple five-minute practice to calm your nervous system and build your immune system daily-herbal care for pregnancy and postpartum-and more!Show Notes: www.naturallyrandikay.com/podcast


2 Nov 2020

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Kami McBride - The Herbal Kitchen Digging in the Dirt

WPKN Community Radio

My guest on this segment of Digging in the Dirt is Kami McBride. Kami is a clinical herbalist and the author of The Herbal Kitchen detailing uses for 50 Easy-To-Find Common Herbs and with over 250 Recipes. For at least 25 years she has been teaching people to grow and use herbs in their daily lives for every day common ailments.


2 Nov 2020

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240.Herbal Vinegars with Kami McBride

Real Herbalism Radio | Herbalism | Plant Medicine | Botany | Wild Crafting

Herbal Vinegars are so easy to make, and make, and make! But, what do you do when you realize you have loads more than your pantry can hold? Today, we're talking with Kami McBride, author of The Herbal Kitchen and teacher of Herbal Medicine since 1988 about Making and Enjoying Herbal Vinegars. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


17 Sep 2020

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68. Cultivating Resilience with Home Herbalism - Kami McBride

Medicine Stories

Relearning ancestral skills is the best antidote to the fear and chaos of these times. Let’s recreate a culture of simple home healing and feed the river of resilience so that all may drink from it. Check out Kami's wonderful online course Handcrafted Healing Herbal Oils: https://tinyurl.com/yxf6z22e IN THE INTRO: Cultivating self and community sufficiency IN THE INTERVIEW: How herbs help us ground into embodiment The screen needs to not be the only decompression space Decreasing susceptibility to our toxic culture Herbalism is human intelligence weaving together with the intelligence of plants in order to heal The cultural energy is mired in fear and chaos and information overload- In Ayurveda, what we are experiencing right now is classic Vata derangement The tight interplay between the nervous and immune systems Restoring our covenant with the earth that gives to us so generously- elderberry is out of stock everywhere, but the earth is always making more! (no need to hoard) The deeply restorative medicine of St. John’s Wort oil- the one herbal remedy neither one of us would ever want to be without How seemingly innocuous over-the-counter medications up our inflammatory markers and lower our immunity What happens when you bring a bottle of herbal oil to a gathering LINKS (if listening on an app that doesn’t support embedded links, find these at https://mythicmedicine.love/podcast): Kami’s online course Handcrafted Healing Herbal Oils: https://tinyurl.com/yxf6z22e Our NEW Herbal Homestead YouTube channel: https://tinyurl.com/ydx57a5o Medicine Stories Patreon (podcast bonuses!) My website MythicMedicine.love Take my fun Which Healing Herb is Your Spirit Medicine? Quiz Medicine Stories Facebook group Mythic Medicine on Instagram Music by Mariee Sioux (from her beautiful song Wild Eyes)

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15 Jun 2020

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Your Spring Herbal Kitchen with Kami McBride

Nature Evolutionaries

Is your kitchen ‘herb-ready’? Kami McBride can help! With the widespread increase in chronic and infectious diseases, having the antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant power of your herbs working for you at maximum capacity is what’s needed now. Setting up an effective herbal kitchen is the foundation for making sure you get the daily dose of herbs you need if you really want a pro-active herbal health care plan in place for your family.Stocking your pantry with herb-filled condiments is the easiest way to have an ‘herb-ready’ kitchen so you can fill your food with the healing power of herbs at every meal. Kitchen herbs not only add flavor to our food, but they also support our overall health on a daily basis with their anti-oxidant and anti-viral supporting activity. You don’t have to be an herbalist and you don’t have to be a good cook to benefit from the top disease-fighting spice rack herbs. With 30 years of inspiring families to feel confident in using herbs, Kami has developed some fast track tips that to help you sort through the herbal information overwhelm and enjoy using more herbs in your daily meals.Kami McBride’s 30 years of teaching herbal medicine is steeped in her calling to activate culture that embraces deep connection with the earth and inspire the next generation to love and care for the plants. Kami has taught herbal medicine at the University of California San Francisco School of Nursing and in the Masters’ program at the California Institute of Integral Studies. She has helped thousands of families learn to use herbs for self-care. She is the author of The Herbal Kitchen and her online workshops fuel the home herbalism movement to revitalize our relationship with the plant world and use herbal medicine for home wellness care. For more information about Kami and her work visit www.KamiMcBride.comSupport the show (https://www.natureevolutionaries.com/donations)

1hr 1min

17 May 2020