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The Big Challenge for Marketers and Marketing in 2021: Michael Barber on Marketing Smarts [Podcast]

Marketing Smarts from MarketingProfs

How can we marketers build up our own brand (collectively) and ensure that Marketing is included in organizational-level decision-making? Michael Barber shares his insight and experiences as we tackle some of the challengers marketers are facing in 2


4 Feb 2021

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Turn Your Small Email List Into a Big Business, with Michael Barber

Content Heroes

#48: Michael Barber is an award-winning creative and marketing leader, and is widely recognized as a top email marketing expert.In this episode, we cover how to turn your email list into a profitable business (even if your list is small), how to organically grow a list of highly engaged subscribers, and the biggest misconception people have about email marketing.You'll also get to listen in as I get some live coaching on how I can use my email list to grow Content Heroes into something more than just a podcast.If you're the type of person who wants to maximize your ROI with email marketing and grow your business into the stratosphere, you'll definitely want to listen to this episode.Show notes and episode transcript at contentheroes.com/48Get the Content Heroes Book ☝️ Get a FREE copy of THE Content Marketing Book of the Year!Join Content Heroes Podcast Community ☝️Join our community for more resources, behind-the-scenes, and connect with other Content Creators.


8 Sep 2020

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Dr. Michael Barber - Peter, Paul and the 1st Church Council - Applied Biblical Studies, Sess. III

Cafeteria Catholics



11 Aug 2020

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Dr. Michael Barber - Revisiting the Apocalypse

Cafeteria Catholics



8 Aug 2020

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Brant Pitre & Michael Barber – Paul, a New Covenant Jew


Who was Paul? How might we understand him as a Jew? What type of Jew was he? How do our answers impact our interpretation of Paul’s theology of justification, Christology, the death of Christ, and more besides? In this episode, Matthew Bates and Chris Tilling talk to two of the co-authors of the new book, Paul, a New Covenant Jew: Rethinking Pauline Theology, by Brant Pitre, Michael P. Barber and John A. Kincaid (Eerdmans, 2019). After presenting a case for thinking about Paul as a new covenant Jew, the authors discuss Paul and apocalyptic, Pauline Christology, the cross and atonement theology, justification through divine sonship and the Lord’s Supper. Sparkling with fresh insights, this book contributes to numerous debates in exciting ways. This is, as one reviewer put it, “Paul the pop-up book”!The post Brant Pitre & Michael Barber – Paul, a New Covenant Jew first appeared on OnScript.

1 Jul 2020

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#9607 The Divinity of Christ in Scripture - Michael Barber

Catholic Answers Live

Dr. Michael Barber explains the divinity of Christ in the Bible.Questions Covered:16:46 – Can you explain the word “Lord” in Scripture? What does it reveal? How is St. Paul using this word? 46:40 – In Acts 2:36, it says, “God made the same Jesus…Lord and Christ.” Why do we ascribe the Divine Name to him when God MADE him? He was created. …

2 Jun 2020

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Rethinking Pauline Theology (Guest: Dr. Michael Barber)

Power & Witness

Michael Patrick Barber is Associate Professor of Scripture and Theology at the Augustine Institute Graduate School of Theology (Denver, CO). In addition to teaching, academic research, publishing, and participating in scholarly conferences (Society of Biblical Literature, Catholic Biblical Association), he also gives popular-level presentations at Catholic conferences and parish events around the United States. He lives in Aurora, CO, with his wife Kimberly and their six children.


21 Nov 2019

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#250: Michael Barber - Reading Scripture in Context

Outside the Walls

Dr. Michael Barber, of the Augustine Institute, joins us to talk about the importance of reading scripture in its literary and historical contexts, and discusses his new books Paul, a New Covenant Jew and Salvation: What Every Catholic Should Know. An extra 14 minute segment is available to all our Patreon supporters at https://www.patreon.com/posts/29417229. 


24 Aug 2019

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Sir Michael Barber - Delivery Associates

Leading in a Climate Changed World

This episode sees Robin talk to Sir Michael Barber Educationist and founder and chairman of Delivery Associates, an advisory firm focussed on working with governments and other organisations to help them deliver improved outcomes for citizens. The focus of this discussion is very much based on leadership from governments around the issue of climate change, starting with the question about why it has taken so long to them to begin to take it seriously. Robin and Michael focus on influential leadership and discuss what the key levers are to help governments deliver on the promises they have made. They also talk about the role of civil disobedience and the role it can play, when you look at the effect, historically. Is this the type of renegade leadership we should be encouraging? Do governments see the roles of Extinction Rebellion and Greta Thunberg as irritations or motivations? They discuss the qualities of leaders that we need to balance a sense of urgency, with the space and innovation to create solutions. They also consider how best to embody hope, rather than despair. Find more of our podcasts on leadinginaclimatecangedworld.com or our parent site oliviermythodrama.com – or search for Olivier Mythodrama, wherever you get your podcasts.


1 Aug 2019

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July 11, 2019 – Jennessa Terraccino “Road Signs for Catholic Teens” and Michael Barber “Salvation: What Every Catholic Should Know”

Meet the Author with Ken Huck

Ken talks with Jennessa Terraccino “Road Signs for Catholic Teens” (Our Sunday Visitor) and Michael Barber “Salvation: What Every Catholic Should Know” (Augustine Institute/Ignatius Press).  Jennessa’s book is available at: https://www.orderosv.com/product/road-signs-for-catholic-teens  Jennessa’s website: https://www.femmeorfaux.com/ Michael’s book is available at: https://www.ignatius.com/Salvation-P3339.aspx  Follow Michale at:  https://www.facebook.com/ProfMichaelBarber/  and http://www.thesacredpage.com/?fbclid=IwAR3RbUWsvILTF7AH0GjllMqQAFnpcPRdjQEu7RiAOuKzLq2-x3v8Rnxu1wc


11 Jul 2019