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38 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Nicholas Kusmich. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Nicholas Kusmich, often where they are interviewed.

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38 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Nicholas Kusmich. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Nicholas Kusmich, often where they are interviewed.

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[Part III] A New Way To Sell with Nicholas Kusmich

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Running cold traffic direct to checkout? Listen in as Facebook Ad Expert Nicholas Kusmich shares how he is creating scalable advertising campaigns by throwing out his own playbook. 

Aug 11 2020 · 16mins
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Capitalizing on Facebook Advertising with Nicholas Kusmich

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Join Jared Nichols as he talks with Nicholas Kusmich, a world-leading Facebook advertising strategist as they discuss how to capitalize on the most effective advertising platform on the planet, Facebook. They dig-in to how the potential exposure from Facebook, coupled with the ability to better target, or micro-market, to possible customers is driving businesses to rely more on Facebook for business marketing.

Nicholas Kusmich is an international speaker and founder of the H2H Media Group. He works with A-List clients including top thought-leaders, NYT Best Selling Authors, Top Inc 500 and fast growth companies creating advertising campaigns that actually work. He is the creator of The Art Of Lead Generation is known for having the highest ROI’s in the industry (up to 30, 973.32%).

You can get involved with Nicholas through:

1) The Council

2) The Intensive

3) The Accelerator Group


Additional Resources:

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Jared Nichols is the founder and creator of The Foresight Academy, a groundbreaking program that teaches leaders and teams the same skills that innovators, industry disruptors, and change makers, have used to guide and shape the future they wanted to see. Jared is also a futurist, advisor, and professor of Strategic Foresight at the University of Tennessee’s Haslam College of Business, in Graduate and Executive Education. He teaches leaders, teams, and individuals, how to think like futurists so they can create the best future for themselves and the people they serve.

His insight and expertise is utilized across a wide variety of sectors and industries from Fortune 500 companies to government municipalities, entrepreneurial start-ups, as well as his work in Hollywood with accomplished actors, writers, and producers, helping them reinvent themselves and discover new areas for growth both inside and outside the bounds of their industry. Jared is also a musician, composer, competitive cyclist, and trail runner living in Charlotte, North Carolina with his wife and their two sons.

Learn more at: www.thenewfuturist.com

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May 29 2020 · 56mins

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Nicholas Kusmich — Tripping, Testosterone and Transformation

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Nick Kusmich, author of Give, founder of the Marketers Council and host of The Art of Lead Generation Implementation Intensive shows us behind the scenes at how he’s completely changed his life, body, business and mind in the last five years.

Check out Nic’s website, and stalk him on Facebook.

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Mar 02 2020 · 44mins
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Ep. 200 - A Conversation With Nicholas Kusmich - The World's Highest ROI FB Ads Expert

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Welcome to Episode 200 of the Cody Builds a Business Show! We did it!

To ring in the bicentennial of the show (started April 2018) I have a very special guest today - none other than FB Ads, marketing, and branding guru Nicholas Kusmich.

Learn more at http://nicholaskusmich.com/

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Here's to 200 more episodes (and more!) 

- Cody 

Aug 14 2019 · 42mins

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Nicholas Kusmich - The Perfect Facebook Ad Funnel

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Who would ever guess that a former church pastor is now a leading authority on Facebook advertising? Twenty years ago, Nicholas Kusmich was doing just that and was looking for ways to supplement his income. So he started an online business which leads to internet marketing, creation of an ebook, and then a course.

Present day, Nicholas runs intensive classes as well as runs an agency that helps businesses with Facebook consulting. He focuses on how to get someone off Facebook, what lead magnets should be used to get them on a list, and how to retarget them later.  He also explains how Facebook is still the most underpriced, direct response place to advertise among all the other channels.

Nicholas has great insights about Facebook advertising where he goes beyond content marketing and dives into how to create a great “godfather” offer, i.e. something so good you can’t refuse. His enthusiasm for advertising is contagious and it’s no wonder he is one of today’s leading Facebook ads strategists.  

Most people ignore the cheetahs and the tortoises. Your cheetah is the trick to profits early on and the tortoise is the trick to real profitability.” - Nicholas Kusmich

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • How to run the ads and this episode will teach you where to send all that traffic and you’ll be good to go
  • A resource for uploading podcast data to Facebook
  • How to position an offer to all types of potential buyers
  • How to mirror a campaign when using Facebook ads
  • 4 elements to a great offer
  • How to promote a podcast with Facebook ads
  • What makes a great lead magnet
  • How to make your ad costs back immediately and set yourself up for the future
  • An important distinction of advertising on Facebook vs. other platforms
  • And much, much more

Contact Nicholas Kusmich:

References and Links Mentioned:

Jun 06 2019 · 1hr 7mins
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How to Scale & Leverage a Guru Business, with Nicholas Kusmich

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Reframing Consulting To Build Wealth.

As a 17-year-old in Canada, Nicholas Kusmich found himself tasked with the responsibility of being the primary breadwinner in his family. Now he’s an author and renowned guru in Social Conversion, Facebook Ads and High ROI campaigns. He has a team of consultants and is ready to leverage his success for more freedom in the future. In this episode (recorded at War Room) he and Roland Frasier discuss his biggest challenge.

How to move a Guru model / Consulting business past the point of HIGH Income, LOW exit opportunity - one of the common problems with what's come to be known as a 'dancing bear' business.

Roland has some key questions to consider and shares how he and other high-level entrepreneurs (like Ryan Deiss) have made this transition. He proposes a strategy and paints a picture of how to build a WIN WIN personal brand and consulting Re-Frame.

Visit NicholasKusmich.com and RolandFrasier.com

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Mar 06 2019 · 39mins
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Over a Pint with Nicholas Kusmich

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This week we’re joined by Nicholas Kusmich, one of the best, if not THE best, Facebook Ad strategists in the entire world.

We talked about how he turned down a job from @Gary Vaynerchuk, how he first started running ads, why images we prefer images to video for lead generation, and so much more.

*IMPORTANT* → Stay tuned until the end if you’re a real estate agent in the GTA, Nicholas is looking for an agent to help him build his real estate portfolio and has a challenge for those who want his business. Head over to the Just Sell Homes Facebook page, find this video on there, and you can apply in the comments.

This was a great episode over a few ! A big thank you to Jessica Botelho, a great agent from Mississauga who helped us find a place to film!

Dec 14 2018 · 1hr 16mins
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Ultimate Facebook Ads Formula: Nicholas Kusmich

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Nicholas Kusmich is a Canadian entrepreneur, Facebook Marketing Expert, and author based in Toronto, Canada. A pastor turned marketing consultant, he and his wife's firm H2H Media has garnered millions and revenue in revenue and has helped a number of high-profile clients. His success has been featured in major publications such as Forbes and CNBC and has written the Amazon best-seller Give: The Ultimate Guide To Using Facebook Advertising to Generate More Leads, More Clients, and Massive ROI.

In addition to Facebook Ad Consulting, Kusmich speaks at conferences across North America, runs online courses, and offers his flagship Art of Lead Generation 2-day implementation program to prospective clients. Since Kusmich operates the H2H Media Group primarily as a boutique agency, his white glove approach for 12 exclusive clients offers them a guarantee of services and working with him directly.

In 2017, Kusmich published his book Give: The Ultimate Guide To Using Facebook Advertising to Generate More Leads, More Clients, and Massive ROI. Although Kusmich thought he would never write a book, what motivated him to follow through with it was seeing the sea of misinformation that exists and recognizing the need people have for reliable marketing information to study at their disposal. In Give, Kusmich writes the book from the perspectives of the needs of a Chief Marketing Officer of a Fortune 500 company as well as entrepreneurs who are looking to launch their product off the ground. The book became an Amazon best-seller list in 3 different categories, broke top 500 paid books in Kindle store overall.

Watch the full episode here: https://projectegg.co/ultimate-facebook-ads-formula

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Our goal is to give you a fresh, unscripted and unedited look into the lives of real entrepreneurs from around the globe. From billionaires to New York Times best selling authors to Emmy Award winners to Forbes 30 Under 30 recipients to TEDx speakers – we present their real stories – uncensored and uncut.

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Sep 29 2018 · 1hr 1min
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103 . Facebook Advertising Secrets That Work Like Crazy in 2018 – With Nicholas Kusmich

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World renowned Facebook marketing expert, Nicholas Kusmich unleashes a barrage of actionable ad creation, campaign crafting, and targeting techniques you need to know if you want to get maximum results from your Facebook ads in 2018.


Connect with us on:http://facebook.com/derekgehl http://twitter.com/DerekGehl_4Realhttp://instagram.com/derekgehl

Aug 18 2018 · 55mins
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EP9: Nicholas Kusmich, CEO and Facebook Ads Expert on Creating Facebook Advertising Campaigns That Actually ROI

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Nicholas Kusmich is the world’s leading Facebook advertising strategist with the highest ROI’s in the industry. His strategy is simple, you must give before you ask for anything in return. And he has seen this strategy pan out again and again in his advertising campaigns.

In this episode Nicholas sits down with Garrett in the DigitalMarketer Bat Cave to break down how Facebook ads have evolved over the years, outlining specific tactics and strategies to create better ads for your business. Listen in as Nicholas shares the biggest mistake marketers make on Facebook, as well as the secrets behind some of the largest campaigns he’s ever created.

  • The biggest changes in advertisements and how it affects what you can and can’t do in direct response marketing
  • What you need to understand to run a successful Facebook advertisements
  • Why Facebook’s continued updates on ad regulations is a really good thing for you and your business
  • What marketers and business owners are getting wrong in their Facebook ads (and how to fix them)
  • The 4 M’s of advertising and how to use them to boost your ROI
Aug 02 2018 · 33mins