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Patrick Karnahan & Jim Nelson of the Black Irish Band

Party Like A Rockstar Podcast

Patrick Karnahan & Jim Nelson are members of the Black Irish Band out of Sonora, California. The Black Irish Band write, produce, and perform historically-accurate original and traditional songs and ballads. They perform both old and new music in many styles, including Celtic, Sicilian, Spanish, railroad, Gold Rush, and maritime. Founded in 1989, the band has delivered 27 albums, more than 100 original songs, and 199 videos.


16 Jun 2021

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Jim Nelson and Rene Agredano, founders of Live. Work. Dream., encourage people to ‘be more dog’ in Episode 116

The Workamper Show Podcast

Today I am going to talk with a couple who jumped in to the RV lifestyle as a favor for their dog who lost a leg to cancer. They wanted to give him an adventure of his lifetime, but the experience changed them to the point they continue traveling in their RV to encourage others to “be more dog.” Jim Nelson and Rene Agredano hit the road in 2007 with their furry friend, Jerry G. Dawg, a German Shepherd who they describe as the chief fun officer of their graphics design company. When Jerry developed bone cancer and had to have his left front leg amputated, Jim and Rene felt bewildered, scared and alone. Jerry’s illness prompted the couple to sell everything and buy an RV so they could take a year off to travel with Jerry, who was only given a few months to live. They wanted to travel as a way to pay Jerry back for all the fun he had given them during the course of his life. About a year into their adventure, with Jerry still hopping strong on his three remaining legs, Jim and Rene started a blog called Tripawds to help families who have a three-legged cat or dog. It has grown into a community of 20,000 members. They wrote a book about their experience and created an online resource to sell gear to help tripawds navigate through life. The primary reason for developing the group was to assist pet owners who often need more support than the animals themselves after an amputation. Jim and Rene estimate they traveled at least 170,000 miles on their journey and are on their second Arctic Fox fifth wheel towed by the same Dodge Ram diesel pickup truck. There are still a few states in New England and the east coast they would like to visit someday. Since the COVID restrictions went in place last year, Jim and Rene have hunkered down at an RV resort in southern California. They have used Workamping as a way to save on rent, but the couple also developed multiple income streams to support their travel lifestyle. For example, Rene works as a freelance writer for a number of RV-related publications and sells handcrafted jewelry as well. Jim is a handyman who also performs graphics work and provides tech support online. They have several blogs and produce a number of educational videos. They have had Workamping jobs at RV resorts, an animal rescue, on a farm and even at a dude ranch in Colorado. They describe some of their favorite memories from those experiences. Jim and Rene also share some important lessons they learned, such as the need for RV roadside assistance. When humans get the news that their pet needs to have a leg amputated, they sort of freak out with worry and confusion. But the pets wake up from surgery the next day and simply realize they need to adjust their stance and gate so they can get on with loving life. That’s why Jim and Rene want to encourage people to “be more dog.” Tripawds don’t feel sorry for themselves or their conditions, they simply adapt to their new normal and get on with living life to make the most out of every moment. I really love their tagline, “It’s better to hop on three legs than to limp on four.” That’s a great message of encouragement, resilience, perseverance and gratitude for all of us. Jim and Rene had to make some small modifications to their RV by laying down non-slip rugs on the floors and get a special harness with a handle on top to help Jerry up and down the stairs. Their book, titled Be More Dog, is available on Amazon or on their website at www.bemoredog.net. You can tell that Jim and Rene are taking their own advice to heart in being more dog by enjoying life one day at a time. In fact, they love the flexibility and variety that comes from avoiding routine tasks to embrace whatever needs to be done. I appreciated Jim’s observation that Workamping has changed over the past five years from a way to just save on rent to make RVing more affordable to the point people expect employers to provide paychecks and work-like benefits. He encourages people to develop separate income streams to support their nomadic lifestyle and then supplement that with Workamping as a way to save on rent and earn some extra cash to explore new places or pay for experiences. Jim and Rene also have another blog devoted entirely to the RV lifestyle, which can be found at www.liveworkdream.com. Their Facebook group has nearly 50,000 members. I encourage everyone to check it out. Today’s show is sponsored by the Small Business RVer School. This new course from Steve Anderson, co-creator of The National RV Training Academy and National RV Inspectors Association, is designed specifically for entrepreneurs on the move and helps you build a business you can run anytime from anywhere. The self-directed course helps you be your own boss while reducing stress and saving on taxes. Through a series of online videos, and monthly calls, you are taught the steps necessary to build and manage a successful mobile business. Life is too short. So, choose what you want to do and when you want to do it by starting a business of your own. For more information, visit www.smallbizrver.com.


13 Apr 2021

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4/8/2021: Jim Nelson, Greg McCullough, Tod Brown, and Brad Schlossman

Hot Mic with Dom Izzo

Guests include Jim Nelson, Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier, Greg McCullough, Edgewood Head Professional, Tod Brown, NDSU baseball coach, and Brad Schlossman, Grand Forks Herald. Watch Hot Mic with Dom Izzo weekday mornings from 9 to 11 on WDAY XTRA and streaming live at Inforum.com.

1hr 29mins

8 Apr 2021

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Jim Nelson interview - Episode 379

Reading And Writing Podcast

The 379th episode of the Reading & Writing podcast features an interview with Jim Nelson, author of the novel IN MY MEMORY LOCKED.Support this podcast at — https://redcircle.com/reading-and-writing-podcast/donationsAdvertising Inquiries: https://redcircle.com/brandsPrivacy & Opt-Out: https://redcircle.com/privacy


26 Mar 2021

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Jim Nelson on Work

Grace & Peace Podcasts

Welcome to our new podcast series on work. The week we're talking with Justin Shepherd. New episodes will be published each week. 


20 Jan 2021

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GSMC Book Review Podcast Episode 260: Interview with Jim Nelson

GSMC Book Review Podcast

Sarah welcomes Jim Nelson back to the podcast to talk about his two new books: The first is a cyber-noir thriller called In My Memory Locked, and the second is Stranger Son, the latest book in his Bridge Daughter series.As always, if you enjoyed this episode, follow us and subscribe to the show: you can find us on iTunes or on any app that carries podcasts as well as on YouTube. Please remember to subscribe and give us a nice review. That way you’ll always be among the first to get the latest GSMC Book Review Podcasts.Visit http://linensandhutch.com and use the promo code GSMCBOOK for 70% + FREE SHIPPING on everything sitewide!We would like to thank our Sponsor: GSMC Podcast NetworkAdvertise with US: http://www.gsmcpodcast.com/advertise-with-us.htmlWebsite: http://www.gsmcpodcast.com/book-review-podcast.htmlITunes Feed: https://itunes.apple.com/…/gsmc-book-review-po…/id1123769087GSMC YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N-EKO3toL1ATwitter: https://twitter.com/GSMC_BookReviewFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/GSMCBookReview/Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gsmcbookreviewDisclaimer: The views expressed on the GSMC Book Review Podcast are for entertainment purposes only. Reproduction, copying, or redistribution of The GSMC Book Review Podcast without the express written consent of Golden State Media Concepts LLC is prohibited.

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30 Oct 2020

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THE ARTISTS ( indie filmmakers podcast)

"Somewhere on an airplane a man is trying to rip open a bag of peanuts"Check out this old Harley Davidson Dreamy ad- on the net that is going viral. We talk to the creative direcor copywriter Jim Nelson about creating this timeless piece of work. Find Jim here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jim-nelson-b2684242/(THE ONLY PLACE YOU CAN FIND HIM)1) How do you tell a story when you are selling something- 2) What are the components to keep in mind while trying to reach a certain audience3) Knowing your audience and keeping the philosophical alignment4) From getting inspired to developing your own style5) Tarantino and his fetish for watching films6) Breaking through the clutter7) Popular vs quality8) Good to great9) Breaking through writer's block10) Let yourself fail without punishing yourselfLet yourself fail without punishing yourself!Enjoy! Email id: metaphysicallab@gmail.com/ whats app - 9324431451 Music- "Hard Boiled" by Kevin MacLeod (https://incompetech.com)License: CC BY (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/ You can follow us and leave us feedback on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter @eplogmedia, For partnerships/queries send you can send us an email at bonjour@eplog.media. DISCLAIMER: The views expressed on all the shows produced and distributed by Ep.Log Media are personal to the host and the guest of the shows respectively and with no intention to harm the sentiments of any individual/organization.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


10 Oct 2020

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Romance and Adventure at Sea! - with Crewmembers Lisa and Jim Nelson

The Golden Hinde Podcast

Collisions with heavy tankers, Force Ten storms on the Gulf of Tehuantepec and ultimately: an on-board romance that has flourished to this day! Our latest podcast episode features the remarkable wife and husband team; Lisa and "Fo'c'sle" Jim Nelson, who met as crew aboard The Golden Hinde... Discover the astonishing stories of their remarkable ocean voyage: with thrilling action, hilarious situations, danger, excitement.... And a real-life love story for the ages!  Jim and Lisa Nelson met as deckhands aboard Golden Hinde in Los Angeles in 1988 and were with the Hinde for her last transit of the Panama Canal. Lisa was originally from Phoenix, Arizona, and became a sailor in the San Francisco Bay area, where she joined the ship. Jim was born and raised in Maine and moved to L.A. to attend film school at UCLA. After leaving the Hinde and working on various other traditional sailing ships they were married in 1993, and the following year Jim began a new career as a writer. They returned to Maine and have lived there for twenty-three years where they raised their four children. Jim (who publishes under his proper name James L. Nelson) is the author of more than twenty-five works of maritime fiction and nonfiction. www.goldenhinde.co.uk/


24 Aug 2020

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Tripawds: Life With A Three-Legged Dog | Rene Agredano and Jim Nelson Deep Dive

Dog Cancer Answers

When the vet recommended amputation for their dog, Rene and Jim were terrified. Little did they know that this diagnosis would help them do a 180 and start living life to the fullest again. As it turns out, three legged dogs don’t just thrive—they can teach us a lot about this adventure called life. Rene and Jim tell us about their RV lifestyle, writing two books, meeting Mutts artist Patrick McDonald, and forming Tripawds, an international community for three-legged dog parents. Friendships, foundations, support groups, and even international parties have grown from what seemed like an unmitigated tragedy. And it’s all thanks to Jerry, a three-legged dog who taught his parents how to live in the moment. This episode is a gold mine for any dog parent living with or facing amputation, as Jim and Renee have created an amazing community and resources. But the life lessons and joy are worth hearing for anybody and everybody.Links Mentioned in Today’s Show:This is the loving HOME for any current or potential tripawd parent. The Tripawds page contains an wealth of resources including forums, a live chat, blogs, reading lists, featured products, and more. https://tripawds.com/ The Tripawds foundation with links to donate, apply for financial assistance and free Tripawds gear, call the hotline, read free veterinary outreach materials, and more: https://tripawds.org/Rene and Jim’s first book, “Be More Dog: Learning to Live in the Now” https://www.amazon.com/Be-More-Dog-Learning-Live-ebook/dp/B07XR6QQN4/ref=sr_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=be+more+dog&qid=1597873191&sr=8-2 The “Guardian” article covering the first Tripawds gathering: https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2017/jul/01/totally-pawesome-at-the-three-legged-dog-convention The PBS documentary that connected them to Patrick McDonnel: https://tripawds.com/tag/pbs/The “Mutts” comic: https://mutts.com/about-patrick/The Dog Cancer Survival Guide: Full Spectrum Treatments to Optimize Your Dog’s Life Quality and Longevity by Dr. Demian Dressler and Dr. Susan Ettinger.About Today’s Guests, Rene Agredano and Jim Nelson: Jim Nelson and Rene Agredano live, work and write from the road in their RV. In 2007 they sold everything to travel with their terminally-ill dog, Jerry. His bone cancer diagnosis inspired them to create Tripawds.com, an online support community for animal amputees. They are still on the road and their nomadic adventures are chronicled at liveworkdream.com.Dog Cancer Answers is a Maui Media production in association with Dog Podcast NetworkThis episode is sponsored by the best-selling animal health book The Dog Cancer Survival Guide: Full Spectrum Treatments to Optimize Your Dog’s Life Quality and Longevity by Dr. Demian Dressler and Dr. Susan Ettinger. Available everywhere fine books are sold. Listen to podcast episode for a special discount code. If you would like to ask a dog cancer related question for one of our expert veterinarians to answer on a future Q&A episode, call our Listener Line at 808-868-3200.Have a guest you think would be great for our show? Contact our producers at DogCancerAnswers.comHave an inspiring True Tail about your own dog’s cancer journey you think would help other dog lovers? Share your true tail with our producers.


21 Aug 2020

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Building a Business in Integrity, ft. Rene Agredano & Jim Nelson

The Energetic Entrepreneur

You know when you are doing something and it just doesn't feel right? Now, imagine that is your day job and you are doing it 9 hours a day! Jim Nelson and Rene Agredano not only recognized that feeling but then DID something about it! Listen in to see how they left the fast-paced corporate world to build a business that actually fulfilled them, all inspired by a three-legged dog named Jerry. Tripawds Links:Tripawds Community Resources: https://tripawds.comTripawds Foundation: https://tripawds.orgBe More Dog: Learning to Live in the Now: https://bemoredog.netLive Work Dream Digital Nomad Blog: https://liveworkdream.comTwitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest: @tripawdsInstagram: @TripawdsCommunityTwitter, Facebook, Instagram @LiveWorkDreamBridget Cobb Coaching Links:Access The Energetic Entrepreneur - Free mini workshop here. Join The Energetic Entrepreneur Facebook Community. Request access here. Head to YouTube to comment on the show and find cool videos here.Download cool free resources and more here.Jump to my website to contact me here!Prefer the transcript? Head here.


6 Aug 2020