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46 - Men's Medicine: What is it and why we ALL need it w/ Lino Hola

The Marina Perry Podcast

On this episode of the Marina Perry Podcast, Marina explores the topic of men’s medicine and growth work with proud entrepreneur, coach, husband, and father, Lino Hola. Lino is the founder of Men’s Medicine, a mental health organization and support group for both men and women, and on this podcast, he and Marina will explore the topic of men’s medicine: what it is, why it's significant, and how everyone can benefit from diving deeper into this specific type of self-growth work.   How did Lino start his journey into the field of men’s work (or life-coaching specifically for men)? After coaching his first male-exclusive workshop, Lino felt personally called upon to continue his work advocating for and promoting change around men’s mental health and personal development. He wants to encourage fellow men to explore growth work through the core values of connection, community, and culture, as well as provide a safe space where men feel invited to share and open up. As an NLP Master Practitioner, Soma Breathwork Facilitator, and personal trainer, Lino combines all of his expertise and talents to help people reach the results they want to achieve and reach their true potential.  How should men take their first steps to beginning their journey with men’s medicine and men’s growth work? Lino breaks down the structure of a typical men’s medicine workshop, addresses misconceptions around men’s medicine, and shares invaluable advice for those who are interested in becoming involved with men’s medicine workshops, breath work, or just feeling more connected to oneself. Lino also shares a few daily tips anyone can incorporate into their daily routine in order to set yourself up for a more positive day ahead of you.  Things You Will Learn You will learn what men’s medicine and growth work is, what it’s significant, and how everyone can benefit from it. You will also learn some invaluable tips for incorporating new habits into your daily routines that will help empower you to reach your full potential as both an individual and a member of a community.  Social Media Let me know what you want to hear on future episodes, or tag me in a screenshot on Instagram @iammarinaperry. And follow Lino Halo on Instagram: @men_medicine or on Facebook: Mens Medicine External Links Check out Lino’s website:www.mensmedicine.info

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4 Jan 2021

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WOKE MAN #42 Men's Coach, Socializing and Sadness with Lino Hola

Feeling Alive

THE GREATEST CASE STUDY ON MEN | Series #42 with Lino Hola Lino is a Men's Coach. His greatest vice was socializing & the most challenging emotion he faced was sadness.  WATCH THE VIDEO HERE http://bit.ly/Youtube-Luka-Reedy SHOW SPONSORED BY: Gamma Mindset Program - Learn how to eliminate subconscious limiting beliefs, anxiety, fear, doubt and negative habits in just 5 minutes a day.https://bit.ly/gammamindsetprogram I Feel Good Program (50% OFF) - Whole food plant-based lifestyle program by chef Adam Guthrie who went from heart attack to Ironman. https://bit.ly/ifeelgoodprogram Woke Man interviews 100 men to form an audio case study on how they started to open up and started to express their truth, emotions and break free from the old paradigm of being a man.  A woke man is a paradigm breaker, cycle slayer. Who breaks free from the unhealthy masculine shackles that were built by his ancestors. The dominant, emotionless and narcissistic man is old news. The woke man is riding the waves of true-self expression, vulnerability, and integrity all while answering the desperate call from humanity to become a better man.  LINO HOLA INSTAGRAM https://www.instagram.com/mens_medicine_/ WOKE MAN https://bit.ly/wokemanseries LUKA REEDY INSTAGRAM https://bit.ly/lukareedyinstagram 


17 Aug 2020

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If You Don't Know Now You Know

BREAKDOWN:  How we met doing mushrooms  Starting men's medicine  what the future holds for men's medicine  Our highlights from last year  Thanks for listening and supporting the show please leave a comment or review.  --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/iydknyk/message Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/iydknyk/support


14 Jun 2020

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14. Lino Hola: The heart behind Mens Medicine

The Impact Podcast Show

Lino Hola is the founder of Mens Medicine, a support and empowerment group for men. Working as a Personal Trainer in the Gold Coast, Lino had a passion to support other men who went through the struggles of not being able to speak out. In this episode, Mr Hola shares the story on how his upbringing had inspired him to establish Mens Medicine. Check it out!

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24 May 2020

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9 - Lino Hola - A Leaders Leader

The Empowered Podcast

Lino Hola is one of the two founders of Mens Medicine. He is also a personal trainer and coach. In this episode, Lino shares how he has become the man he is today through his upbringing and lessons learned through life experience. We also talk about leadership, adversity and much more. He also sheds light on how Men’s Medicine came about. Another powerful podcast full of knowledge. Enjoy, LP

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29 Oct 2019

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RMP 089 - Rock Bottom To Sky’s Edge with Lino Hola

The Rising Man Podcast

“Press forward. Do not stop, do not linger in your journey, but strive for the mark set before you.” – George Whitefield.  There will be highs, lows, and everything between on this adventure. Our guest today, Lino Hola, reminds us to treat ourselves with compassion on this epic journey we call life. Going to the dark places is a part of the masculine journey, so don’t despair, as nothing lasts forever. We also talk about the differences between deciding & reacting, the importance of family & culture, and how to lean into the uncomfortable parts of being a man.  Show Notes: There is no shame around not feeling like a man, no matter our age Am I repeating the same, stale patterns over and over again?  There is always room for growth when it comes to better serving those around us. Is hitting rock bottom part of every man’s journey? The difference between Deciding & Reacting How do you determine who you are romantic with? Is physical attraction enough? Why simply going to work every day is not enough to call yourself a fully embodied man There are many ways to connect to indigenous culture - you don’t need to be born into it Cultures are meant to be shared and are vehicles of communication and consciousness Connect with Lino: Facebook: Men’s Medicine Page Instagram @mens_medicine Website: mensmedicine.work Rising Man Links: The next COMPASS Vision Fast will be from October 25th- November 2nd. This is a 3 month RITES OF PASSAGE JOURNEY culminating in a 4 day vision fast in Death Valley, California.  It's an incredible opportunity to connect more deeply to your purpose and to create a framework to channel your warrior energy into. Click to set up a call with Jeddy or Phil to learn more! Join the RMP Fire Circle, complete with monthly calls and a private community for those ready to dive deep. All newcomers are welcome to their first call free of charge! Instagram @therisingmanpodcast Instagram @jeddyazuma Facebook @JeddyAzuma


26 Sep 2019