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EP 018 - Marci Nevin: The Online Fitness Space

Strong Jon Fitness

Today's episode was so fun and honestly cannot wait for part 2! Marci and I dive into what it's like being an online coach, how to persevere through tougher times, online relationships, and what growth actually looks like in terms of business and fitness. Thanks for listening! Find Marci here: https://www.instagram.com/marcinevin/ ---- Apply For Coaching: bit.ly/SJFCoach Get Your Free Copy of The Fit Parent Cheatsheet, HERE ---- Social Links: Blog – www.strongjonfitness.com/blog Facebook - www.facebook.com/groups/FitParentSquad Instagram -https://www.instagram.com/strongjonfitness/ Email – jon@strongjonfitness.com


24 Mar 2021

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031: Marci Nevin on Lessons Learned Along Her Fitness Journey

Simply Fitness Podcast

On this episode of the Simply Fitness Podcast, I got to chat with Marci Nevin! She talks about her fitness journey and what lessons she learned along the way. We also talk about some underutilized methods to achieving your fat loss goals!  Find more information about Marci on her instagram: https://www.instagram.com/marcinevin/ If you like this episode, make sure you leave a review and subscribe: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/simply-fitness-podcast/id1517895739 Get your Free Fat Loss Cookbook: https://mailchi.mp/78b1d0a0251b/fatlosscookbook Have any questions reach out to me on: Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/maxucoaching/ Twitter- https://twitter.com/MaximalUCoach Website: maximalu.com Email: john.stein@maximalu.com


9 Feb 2021

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EP 18 Marci Nevin: If You're Speaking To Everyone You're Speaking To No One

Lift Free And Diet Hard with Andrew Coates

Marci Nevin drops in to chat about the pros and cons of specializing in coaching women and some of the limiting beliefs we deal with when struggling to continually share engaging content. . She highlights the problems with tying nutrition to your identity and the challenge of navigating clients with patterns of disordered eating. Marci also breaks down the unseen headaches and effort involved with managing and engaging with a large social media following. We talk about what coaches don't realize they're getting into when they hope to create a larger brand and reach. Marci shares how she navigates losing followers and dealing with negative interactions. If you're setting out to build social media following, this is a must listen. --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/thefitnessdevil/support

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1 Dec 2020

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Episode #24 - Happy Healthy Hobbies With Marci Nevin

Strength For All

Episode 24 - Happy Healthy Hobbies With Marci Nevin.0:00 - Intro1:10 - Today's podcast topic.1:48 - Meet Marci Nevin & some banter.4:27 - Having other leisure activities outside of fitness may actually help your results.8:24 - Is training stress positive or negative?12:48 - Some lifting stories regarding training stress.17:57 - What if training is my entire life?23:27 - Marci and Jonny's hobbies outside of training.26:55 - Hyper focus and achieving balance.33:17 - Having active hobbies.41:11 - Marci & Jonny's preferred forms of cardio.46:53 - Expanding your scope of fitness.50:13 - Outro & social media Links.Marci Nevin's Social Media:Instagram:https://instagram.com/marcinevinMy Social Media:Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jonny_reps_fitness/Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/jonnyrepsfitness/YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvkLTHoZ5cLVOSk3D4VR3ww


18 Nov 2020

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Episode #23 - An Honest Chat With Marci Nevin

Strength For All

Episode 23: An Honest Chat With Marci NevinIn episode 23 of Strength For All, I chat with Marci about some vulnerable topics, including the twists and turns of her own fitness journey, being honest with yourself, some diet tips, and a variety of other great topics. Marci Nevin is an online fitness coach who I've followed on Instagram for years. I've always admired her for her realness, and also her helpful and understandable content, which I share on my own page often.0:00 - Intro1:25 - Marci's fitness journey9:58 - The path to finding balance in fitness.16:30 - You're doing too much cardio.20:23 - Food substitutions & flexible dieting.23:50 - Marci being vulnerable & honest.28:42 - Looking better without losing or gaining weight.32:27 - Feeling like you aren't where you "should" be and getting jacked by accident.34:25 - Chronic health issues that can manifest from an extreme fitness lifestyle.35:58 - Did Marci once date Larry Wheels?!36:41 - Marci's experience with an abrasive coach.45:25 - Being an honest and helpful coach.49:40 - Meal prep tips for people who are extremely busy or having trouble tracking calories.55:37 - Marci's social media.56:58 - OutroMarci Nevin's Social Media:Instagram:https://instagram.com/marcinevinMy Social Media:Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jonny_reps_fitness/Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/jonnyrepsfitness/YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvkLTHoZ5cLVOSk3D4VR3ww


11 Nov 2020

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Practicing, Trusting, and Forgiving in Relation to Food with Marci Nevin

Your Fitness Formula

Marci Nevin and I discuss health myths and how to establish a better relationship with food. We cover various topics from food restriction to trusting yourself to forgiving yourself when you do make a mistake. Marci is a fitness and nutrition coach in Northern California. Having struggled with health issues including an autoimmune disease that resulted from disordered eating and over-exercising in her twenties, her purpose is to empower women to take a holistic approach to their health and fitness. She believes daily spiritual practices, stress management, proper nutrition, and purposeful strength training are the foundation of lasting change. She's passionate about sharing the tools she used in overcoming her own struggles to help others rewrite the stories that no longer serve them and  start becoming their most aligned and fulfilled selves. Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/marcinevin/ “Decades of Strength” podcast: https://anchor.fm/decadesofstrength --- (02:47) Marci’s health struggle backstory. (09:51) Marci’s mindset shift. (11:17) How Marci became a coach. (13:54) Health myths. (17:49) Don’t demonize any one specific food/group. (18:24) Marci’s autoimmune disease. (19:25) The cause of binge eating and how to prevent it. (20:24) Importance of practicing to build trust with yourself. (21:52) Using external means to control portion size. (22:49) Forgiving and moving on when you make a mistake. (24:40) Closing - How to get in contact with Marci. --- If you enjoyed this episode and took value from it, please subscribe, leave a five star review, and share the show with others that you think would benefit from it. Thanks! For helpful health-related articles you can visit my website www.teddybenz.com If you would like to contact me to ask questions, have a custom workout/meal plan created for you, or even just chat about all things health and fitness you can get in touch with me via: email: teddy@teddybenz.com twitter: https://twitter.com/theodorebenz youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1YZnNonNJH-6n9OBO2vrVw facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100010337169214 instagram: https://instagram.com/teddybenz tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@theodorebenz Interested in being a guest? You can schedule an interview at www.teddybenz.com/yff


31 Aug 2020

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The Rollercoaster of Fitness with Marci Nevin

The Fitness Solution with Adam Berry

On this weeks episode of The Fitness Solution, I sit down and chat with Marci Nevin.  She is a fantastic Coach and I reached out to her after hearing her on another podcast I listen to, and I knew I just had to get her in your ears to deliver some great content for you all. The journey Marci has been on has been incredible, and she is a pocket rocket of Fitness.  Her content on Instagram makes her one of the best accounts to follow and you can do that right here:  https://www.instagram.com/marcinevin/?hl=en If you want to find out more about The Fitness Collective and what happens in there....and to get your own Personal Trainer for just £15/month then all you have to do is head right here:  https://www.thegymstarter.com/the-fitness-collective-sign-up  Have Fun...and please remember to Rate and Review the Podcast on Apple Podcasts


15 Jun 2020

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Be More Real with Sam Altieri

If you want to go to sleep at night feeling at peace, YOU GOTTA LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE!First, when’s the last time you asked yourself what you want?On this juicy episode, you will hear all about manifestation and the practice of asking for what you want.Marci and I share with you:-what is “manifestation”-how asking for what you want is the ONLY way to get it-how to get clear on what exactly you want-the 3 steps you must do to achieve anything you want-what “expanders” are and how to find them-ways to call in more money, your dream partner, or experience-how to increase your self worth so you can be ready to receive-how to pass “tests”Note: we are still learning and expanding ourselves! We encourage you to grab a pen and paper for this episode!Guest: Marci Nevin@marcinevinhttp://MarciNevinfitness.comFor more info on manifestation:Lacy Phillips - @tobemagneticwww.tobemagnetic.comFor More Info:Fit and Free Membership: www.fitandfreeforlife.comIG: www.instagram.com/saltyliftsFB: www.instagram.com/balancewithsam www.balancewithsam.com

1hr 7mins

15 Jan 2020

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How to Get the Results You Want with Marci Nevin

Mind Over Macros

In this episode, Mike is joined by Marci Nevin and they had a well rounded conversation discussing nutrition, training, mindset, and a whole lot more. You'll learn about some common mindset hurdles and how to overcome them, mistakes a lot of people make with their training and nutrition, and how to achieve the results you desire.You can connect with Marci Nevin here:@marcinevinwww.marcinevin.comFollow Mike on IG at @coach_mike_millnerLearn more about POP at www.peakoptimizationperformance.comLearn more about Neurotype Training at www.neurotypetraining.comTAKE THE NEUROTYPING COURSE TODAY!THE NUTRITION FOR YOUR NEUROTYPE EBOOK IS NOW AVAILABLE!Show Sponsor: The Muscle FeedConvenient and effective training delivered through an easy to use app with 24/7 support and access to coaches for your training and nutrition needs.Join The Muscle Feed now!

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17 Oct 2019

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HERBODY 78 - Marci Nevin - Self Care and Changing Mindsets

Body IO FM

In this episode of HER Body™, Alex and repeat guest Marci Nevin discuss self care and its importance.They talk about the inner work that they are currently doing for themselves and how important they feel it is for them and their clients. They also discuss how this work is often the missing piece to someone’s success in taking care of themselves, both physically and emotionally. To Learn More: https://1b.io/Lq

1hr 9mins

4 Sep 2019