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287 - The Best Real Estate Tax Strategy with Brett Swarts

Crazy Sh*t In Real Estate with Leigh Brown

If you think that deferred sales trust is way over your head, you might change your mind after this episode. Stay tuned as Brett Swarts shares a creative way of mitigating your tax burden that will leave your brain spinning. Key takeaways to listen for Cons of using a 1031 exchange How to stay liquid without having any tax consequences Types of assets that deferred sales trust works for Why deferred sales trust is such a great option Resources mentioned in this episode Rich Dad Poor Dad: What the Rich Teach Their Kids About Money That the Poor and Middle Class Do Not! About Brett Swarts Brett is a Deferred Sales Trust™ expert, capital gains tax deferral expert, investment real estate expert, multifamily broker, and the founder of Capital Gains Tax Solutions – a company helping individuals to defer capital gains tax on the sale of their highly appreciated assets, eliminate the need for a 1031 exchange and unlock transformational options so they can create & preserve more wealth. He created ‘Capital Gains Tax Solutions‘  to equip high-net-worth individuals and their trusted advisors with the Deferred Sales Trust™ tool to help them solve capital gains tax deferral limitations. Connect with Brett Website: www.capitalgainstaxsolutions.com YouTube: Capital Gains Tax Solutions  Podcast: Capital Gains Tax Solutions Podcast Connect with Leigh Please subscribe to this podcast in iTunes or in the Podcasts App on your phone, and never miss a beat from Leigh by visiting https://leighbrown.com. DM Leigh Brown on Instagram or on Twitter or any social networks by clicking here. Subscribe to Leigh's other podcast Real Estate From The Rooftops! Sponsor If you’re tired of doing real estate alone, enroll in  Leigh Brown University and be sure to use your special “CSIRE” discount code at checkout for $10 off your subscription.


9 Sep 2021

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Brett Swarts on the Value of a Deferred Sales Trust

The HyperFast Agent Podcast

Back in 2008, Brett had to make a choice, either step away from his real estate brokerage or find another way to stay in the game. The decision to keep going led Brett to incorporate an element into his business to help clients pay off debt and diversify investments by deferring property taxes from selling a home. His business as an agent investor saw immediate growth, and now he coaches and trains other agents how to incorporate this process for investing in real estate. Listen to Dan and Brett as they break down these key real estate topics: Capital gains tax solutions Cash flow from interest 1031 exchange changes When to invest in multifamily properties Don’t miss this in-depth discussion on how property taxes impact real estate transactions.  Quotes to Share 💬 As a real estate professional...or as a client...you want to preplan, get educated and get empowered. – Brett Swarts 💬 The key is we're extending time for the tax that would have been paid, and we're living off the interest of the total amount.   – Brett Swarts 💬 The deferred sales trust is like Netflix versus Blockbuster, because you can put [gains] into multiple things, multiple times, all diversified. – Brett Swarts 💬 It's staggering to think about the amount of wealth that's been created in the last five years in multifamily value-add properties. – Brett Swarts Resources Mentioned Capital Gains Tax Solutions website: https://capitalgainstaxsolutions.com/ Capital Gains Tax Solutions YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/CapitalGainsTaxSolutions Brett Swarts Coaching Program: https://www.experttaxsecrets.com/main


8 Sep 2021

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054-Brett Swarts

Lift-Off With Energizing Results

Who’s your ideal client and what’s the biggest challenge they face?What are the common mistakes people make when trying to solve that problem?What is one valuable free action that our audience can implement that will help with that issue?What is one valuable free resource that you can direct people to that will help with that issue?What’s the one question I should have asked you that would be of great value to our audience?When was the last time you experienced Goosebumps with your family and why?Sell Your Real Estate Or Business Or Any Highly Appreciated Assets SmarterGet in touch with Brett: Website, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, InstagramLearn more about how Uwe helps in-demand professionals and their VIPs to get back their family mojo, double their financial security, and live in abundance in all areas of their life (without feeling guilty or constantly questioning themselves): Visit www.uwedockhorn.com. Or when you feel you'd be interested in working together you can Book A Chat With Uwe


12 Aug 2021

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Brett Swarts - Capital Gains Tax Expert

Payback Time

How would you feel if you worked extremely hard over years, if not decades, to build a business and when you sold it, the government takes half, if not more. Who’s the one that put in the blood, sweat, and tears? Yeah, it wasn’t uncle Sam. So how do you lower taxes when you face a significant liquidity event in your life? My next guest is a capital gains expert who talks about a deferred sales trust strategy that will help prevent you from overpaying taxes. If you’re looking to sell a business some day, this episode is perfect for you. Please welcome Brett Swarts. LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/brett-swarts/ Website: https://capitalgainstaxsolutions.com/


12 Aug 2021

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Commercial Real Estate Capital Gains Tax Deferred with Brett Swarts - CRE PN #312

Commercial Real Estate Pro Network

Today, my guest is Brett Swartz. Brad is considered one of the most well rounded capital gains tax deferral experts and informative speakers on the west coast. His audiences are challenged to create and develop a tax deferred transformational exit wealth plan using the Deferred Sales Trust, DST so they can create and preserve more wealth. Brett is the founder of the Capital Gains Tax Solutions, and the host of the Capital Gains Tax Solutions Podcast. Each year he equips hundreds of high net worth business professionals with the DST tool to help their high net worth clients solve capital gains tax deferral limitations. And in just a minute, we're gonna speak with Brett about Deferred Sales Trust.


5 Aug 2021

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Expert Tax Secrets with Brett Swarts

How to Scale Commercial Real Estate

Know the secrets of the Tax Expert.  In today’s episode, we’re going to dive into them!  Brett Stewarts is a Deferred Sales Trust Expert, Capital Gains Tax Deferral Expert, Investment Real Estate Expert, Multi-family Broker and the Founder of Capital Gains Tax Solutions-- a company helping individuals to defer capital gains tax on the sale of their highly-appreciated assets, eliminate the need for a 1031 exchange, and deliver a transformational wealth plan to create and preserve more wealth.  [00:01 - 05:40] Opening SegmentLet’s get to know today’s guest, Brett StewartsCommercial Real Estate Game Changers[05:41 - 21:19] Expert Tax SecretsStepped-Up Basis for BeginnersUsing Deferred Sales Trust vs 1031 Exchange Brett shares a crushing storyCash to Fund the Trust[21:20 - 27:38] Deferred Sales TrustMultiple Assets in Deferred Sales TrustsBrett talks about the process of using a single trustWhy You Should Use the Deferred Sales TrustHow to Raise Funds Using a Deferred Sales Trust[27:39 - 31:15] Final Four SegmentBrett’s advice to aspiring investors“Learn to work harder on yourself than you do on your job.”How Brett stays on top of his gameHire a coachBrett’s way to make the world a better placeSupporting Agape International MissionsReach out to our guest - see links below Final wordsResources MentionedAgape International MissionsTweetable Quotes“Sell high, buy low.” - Brett Swarts“Deferred Sales Trust is preferred for so many reasons. ” - Brett Swarts“Hiring the who and not being the how.” - Brett Swarts-----------------------------------------------------------------------------Connect with Brett Swarts through: brett@capitalgainstaxsolutions.com and LinkedIn.  Check out his website https://capitalgainstaxsolutions.com/, https://www.experttaxsecrets.com/, and their Podcast and grow your business as a tax expert!Connect with me:I love helping others place money outside of traditional investments that both diversify a strategy and provide solid predictable returns.  FacebookLinkedInLike, subscribe, and leave us a review on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, or whatever platform you listen on.  Thank you for tuning in!Email me → sam@brickeninvestmentgroup.com


21 Jul 2021

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About using the Deferred Sales Trust | Brett Swarts VS Barri Griffiths Podcast#190

The WWRE Podcast

Brett Swarts has been helping business professionals delivering a transformational Exit Plan for their perfect clients using a deferred Sales Trust. He's the founder of Capital Gains Tax Solutions and a Sacramento Multifamily Broker with eXp Commercial. Get in touch with Brett: http://capitalgainstaxsolutions.com/ https://www.linkedin.com/in/brett-swarts _____________________________________________ #RealEstatePodcast | #RealEstateAdvice Wanna know more about Barri Griffiths and the WWRE Podcast: https://linktr.ee/wrestlingwithrealestatepodcast The WWRE Podcast is available on all platforms


19 Jun 2021

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The Blockbuster vs. Netflix Solution to Capital Gains Tax w/Brett Swarts

Luxury Listing Specialist - Dominate High End Listings In Any Market

Sometimes I'll do some high-level ninja-trick podcasts that dive deep into some really important marketing angles... and capital gains tax is one of those sticking points.  You might be wondering what does a defunct movie rental business and a flouring, $161 million streaming business have to do with capital gains tax, let alone luxury real estate?  It's the analogy, my brilliant guest, Brett Swarts uses to describe the advantage of using a deferred sales trust over a 1031 exchange. He's the CEO of Capital Gains Tax Solutions and an expert in alternative to capital gains tax.  Right now, the luxury market is the hottest it's ever been. However, there are certain properties out there, at certain price points where it's still difficult to sell. It's called a buyer's market.  That's why I have Brett with us today - to talk about a possible solution for your clients. If you're representing a seller this might help to alleviate some potential objections.  As a matter of fact, capital gains tax is one of the top objections.  I want to help you be able to deliver a solution to your clients that's easy to articulate... so that A, you'll win the client over and B, you have this asset that you can sell by providing a different, unique solution.  You can contact Brett on his website at https://capitalgainstaxsolutions.com/ or call him at 916-886-2986. If you're interested in becoming a deferred sales trust expert or get coaching, you can download his free ebook here: https://www.experttaxsecrets.com/ Brett's YouTube Channel:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAykQNmIWZ0KARBeVWcQxUABrett's Podcast: https://capitalgainstaxsolutions.com/podcast/ “Life’s too short to feel trapped by capital gains tax.” -Brett Swarts Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode ✔️ The 1031 Exchange (the Blockbuster way): The 1031 exchange, (aka Delaware Statutory Trust) is the antiquated, Blockbuster way.  In broad terms, a 1031 exchange is a swap of one business or investment asset (like for like) for another. Although most swaps are taxable as sales, if you come within 1031, you'll either have no tax or limited tax due at the time of the exchange.  Brett states they are the transactional way of doing things and work fine for most people. However, he advises it does not work for: primary homes, businesses, cryptocurrency, or luxury homes. ✔️ The Deferred Sales Trust (the Netflix way): This is the transformational, polished Netflix way.  A deferred sales trust is a legal contract between an investor and a third-party trust in which the investor’s real property is sold to the trust in exchange for predetermined future payments, (installments) over an agreed-upon period of time. It provides an alternative to 1031 exchanges for deferring capital gains taxes. And it can work on both primary and luxury homes, investment property, businesses, and cryptocurrency. ✔️ Privacy is Luxury: It’s a legitimate concern with high net worth clients. The whole process is confidential. The trust is under a made-up name that the client chooses. The trust itself is a single entity, a business trust that only does business with that particular client. They don't co-mingle with anybody else. Everything has to be signed by them for funds to move or be invested. Brett’s business will have all of the pieces in place to make you and your client feel comfortable as well as anonymous. There have been some celebrities that have gone through this process.  Guest Bio: Brett is a Deferred Sales Trust expert, capital gains tax deferral expert, investment real estate expert, multifamily broker, and the founder of Capital Gains Tax Solutions – a company helping individuals to defer capital gains tax on the sale of their highly appreciated assets, eliminate the need for a 1031 exchange and deliver a transformational wealth plan so they can create and preserve more wealth.


10 Jun 2021

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Break Out Of Capital Gains Tax With Brett Swarts

Jake and Gino Multifamily Investing Experts

Learn how to unlock a transformational exit and wealth plan for yourself or your clients who struggle with capital gains tax when selling any kind of highly appreciated asset. In this episode, Jake and Gino talk with Brett Swarts. Brett is a Deferred Sales Trust™ expert, capital gains tax deferral expert, investment real estate expert, multifamily broker, and the founder of Capital Gains Tax Solutions – a company helping individuals to defer capital gains tax on the sale of their highly appreciated assets, eliminate the need for a 1031 exchange, and deliver a transformational wealth plan so they can create & preserve more wealth. The key takeaways from this podcast include: Learn how to use capital gains tax deferral strategies Learn about a proven tax deferral strategy that gives you debt freedom, liquidity, diversification, and the ability to move funds outside of your taxable estate all while not using a 1031 exchange at the same time. A significant benefit of using a Deferred Sales Trust™ is that there are a broad variety of investments that can be selected to secure the principal and the return specified in the note, as opposed to a 1031 exchange where only compliant, like‐kind property (generally real estate) can be acquired with the pre‐tax proceeds. Listen to the Podcast to learn more. Resources: Learn more about Brett’s initiatives: https://capitalgainstaxsolutions.com/ Learn more about Jake & Gino: www.jakeandgino.com Apply for limited time, complimentary multifamily investing training: https://bityl.co/6v71 Apply for Mentorship: https://bityl.co/6v76


3 Jun 2021

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1st Secret of Transformational Exit Plan with Brett Swarts and Logan Freeman

Capital Gains Tax Solutions Podcast

Logan Freeman is a commercial real estate investor, developer, and broker. He is the key principal of FTW Investments which owns over $50M worth of real estate including over 700 apartment units, an 800 unit self-storage facility, 2 hotels, and two NNN retail shopping centers. He is also the host of the Compression Podcast. He specializes in off-market and investment properties. He represents buyers and sellers of multifamily and commercial properties. He sources cash-flowing properties for investors through creativity, networking, and work ethic which has developed into a proven strategy to win. In our conversation, we discussed:What is the transformational exit?How to legally break free from capital gains tax?How to find the freedom to buy and sell your business or property or other highly appreciated assets without ever worrying about the 1031 exchange?Love the show? Subscribe, rate, review, and share!Here’s How »Join the Capital Gains Tax Solutions Community today:capitalgainstaxsolutions.comCapital Gains Tax Solutions FacebookCapital Gains Tax Solutions Twitter


31 May 2021