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Lacy Alana with Hope- Even when Things Seem Hopeless

Parenting After Trauma with Robyn Gobbel

Lacy Alana beautifully reminds us that we don't have to be perfect.  Our messiness can meet each other's messiness.  We can welcome our kids' messiness, and find the strength to keep welcoming it...even when it seems like nothing is working.  Lacy is a therapist, program developer, trapeze artist, and improv genius who comes to the podcast as an adult who understands childhood trauma because she experienced childhood trauma, including being a youth who was in out-of-home care as a teenager.  Lacy wanted to come on as a person who offers hope for all the parents and professionals out there walking this hard path of caring for a child impacted by trauma.  Find Lacy and all the amazing work she is doing in the world at www.YesAndBrain.com.***************************After you listen to this episode, head over to RobynGobbel.com to explore all the free resources that are available to support you on this journey, including my blog, videos, and more podcast episodes.  If you are ready for an in-depth, deep-dive into learning a new approach to parenting children impacted by trauma, you'll love getting instant access to my digital course, Parenting after Trauma: Minding the Heart and BrainParenting children impacted by trauma is a lonely journey- which is why I created The Club- a virtual community of connection, co-regulation, and education.  We'd love for you to join us!  Head over to robyngobbel.com/theclub to read all the details! ********Two options to dive deeper into Strengthening the Foundation of the Brain!For Professionals:Engaging the Body: Working with Dysregulated Children virtual workshop on October 15 &16For Parent & ProfessionalsCome join The Club! Opening on September 28th.During the months of Sept - Dec, the Club will help you practically

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6 Apr 2021

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Move Daily Health Podcast Episode 44: Moving Through Trauma w/Lacy Alana

Move Daily Health Podcast

Today we welcome to the show Psychotherapist, Clinical Social Worker & Circus Artist, Lacy Alana.In this podcast we discuss topics such as:- Circus arts & improv theatre meet trauma therapy.- What is neuroception?- Disordered eating.- Facing fears as a way to retrain the nervous system.Lacy is a woman of many skills, so if you're fascinated by the nervous system or working through your own trauma, please tune in today as you're sure to learn a few things about your body and the subconscious mind that drives us all.Show Notes:0:00 - Who is Lacy Alana?2:00 - How did Lacy come to combine her therapeutic practice with improv and the aerial arts?5:15 - What is the Yes and Brain model, and how does improv theatre tie into trauma therapy?10:30 - We discuss neuroception, and how movement can act as a vehicle to liberate the nervous system.17:00 - Lacy talks about her experiences working with medical professionals and the importance of empathy within the medical experience.22:45 - How did Lacy successfully fuse the circus arts with traditional psychotherapy?26:00 - The power of overcoming fear and having success30:00 - We talk about the importance of breath work not just for circus arts, but for trauma therapy35:00 - How does Lacy get people started with circus, which most perceive as a very advanced practice?38:15 - We touch base on disordered eating and how it's often not about food at all.44:40 - The danger of metrics. Find what feels good, and lean into it!47:00 - Lacy's book recommendation:- Being a Brain-Wise Therapist, by Bonnie Badenoch49:20 - Lacy's daily self-care tool: Unstructured play time50:50 - One piece of health advice from Lacy: When do you feel most passionate and alive? Live there more often.Recommended Reading & Listening:https://www.movewelldaily.com/move-daily-health-podcast-017-purpose-through-fitness/More About Lacy AlanaLacy is a Psychotherapist, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, a consultant, speaker, & trainer, a program founder & director, an improviser, a circus artist and a writer. Professionally...Lacy provides traditional psychotherapy services, and also eclectically combines her clinical expertise with her passion for improv theatre and the aerial arts. Accordingly, she has created several innovative therapeutic and arts programs for at-risk youth, autistic youth and adults, and youth and adults who present with co-morbid mental health challenges.Lacy blends tenets of improvisational theatre with therapeutic pedagogy to provide education for other helping professionals, trainings in corporate settings, and experiential therapy groups that address a wide range of challenges, including eating disorders, mood disorders, anxiety disorders, and trauma symptomology.Lacy is also a circus artist and teacher with a specialty in static trapeze. She teaches both youth and adults, including specialized adaptive programming.Outside of her clinical work, Lacy professionally performs both circus and improv, and writes academic, fiction, and creative non-fiction.Connect with LacyInstagram: @YesandbrainFacebook @YesandbrainWebsite: Yesandbrain.comEmail: Yesandbrain@gmail.comIf you enjoyed our conversation and would like to hear more:Please subscribe to The Move Daily Health Podcast on Stitcher or iTunes.We would also appreciate a review!Thank you and stay tuned for the next episode!


29 Jun 2020

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