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Michael Barlow on Dwayne's World - Thursday 8th September

SEN Afternoons

Michael Barlow joins Dwayne ahead of another big week of finals


8 Sep 2022

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'Our core audience is very different than Wayfair's': Fernish co-founder Michael Barlow on changing home goods trends

The Modern Retail Podcast

Home goods sales may be cooling, but Fernish is still seeing growth from furniture rental.On the Modern Retail Podcast this week, Fernish co-founder and CEO Michael Barlow joined to speak about the state of the industry and how he's been growing his company. Fernish first hit the market in 2018 as a furniture rental service. The idea was that many young professionals often moved to cities and were expected to move into new apartments and completely furnish them. For a monthly fee, they get access to nice items to showcase in their home, and are also given the option to rent to own."This is a problem that's indicative of the apartment renter in urban metros that's moving every one to three years," said Barlow, "between finishing college or secondary education and ultimately settling down."But more than just making it easier to move from city to city, Barlow insisted that there's a sustainability angle to this business too. "You can call that flexibility, you can call that convenience, you can call that sustainability -- those are the pillars that we've defined our business around, which really marries the service economy and the subscription economy to a very legacy and old asset class," he said.So far, things are working out. Fernish first launched in Los Angeles, but has recently expanded to the East Coast in cities like New York City and Washington, DC. The company has raised $75 million to date and says that its revenue increased by more than 17x over the course of the pandemic.When Fernish first started, it sourced from other high-end retailers like Crate & Barrel. Now, most of its furniture it makes in-house. "We prioritize North American manufacturers now," Barlow said.But part of what has made the business work, he said, is its focus on curation; "We offer a couple hundred [products] because we can go really deep with our suppliers and our manufacturer partners on core SKUs."The big question is whether growth will slow. Some bigger players like Wayfair have reported rough earnings -- and the retailers like Target that invested in home goods are having difficulty selling inventory. Barlow says those headwinds haven't hit Fernish yet."I can tell you, June was our best month ever, a little bit stronger than July in terms of new business added. And July was our third best month ever," he said.


1 Sep 2022

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The Forum with Mark Stevens & Michael Barlow 27th July 2022

Big 'V' Racing

Michael Barlow and Mark Stevens discuss the big issues in football with player movement firmly on the agenda Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


27 Jul 2022

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The Forum with Mark Stevens & Michael Barlow

Big 'V' Racing

Michael Barlow and Mark Stevens discuss the David Noble sacking, what’s next for the Kangaroos and which teams are set to storm into September Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


13 Jul 2022

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The Forum with Michael Barlow and Mark Stevens 29th June 2022

Big 'V' Racing

Michael Barlow and Mark Stevens reflect on a cracking round of AFL action before looking ahead to this weekend’s matchups. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


29 Jun 2022

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Michael Barlow - Fernish

Entrepreneurial Endeavors

Finding and assembling the right furniture for your home is a pain in the a**. Michael Barlow, Co-Founder and CEO of Fernish, talks about how Fernish relieves all of your furniture related stress.


1 Nov 2021

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Episode 42: Michael Barlow: Playing to coaching

The Footy Coach

Michael Barlow played 141 games for the Fremantle Dockers and Gold Coast Football Clubs. Mick is now the head coach at the Werribee Football Club where he was drafted as a player back in 2010. In this episode we cover a whole range of topics from his playing days and how he approached entereing into the AFL. Key principals for better and more consistant performance, myths and mistakes in training, AFL coaches he admires and why. We also get documentary recommendations and plenty more! Enjoy


19 Jul 2021

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Michael Barlow on The Round Up with Jordan Kounelis (13.6.21)

1116 SEN

AFL Nation's Michael Barlow dissects the round so far.


13 Jun 2021

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Michael Barlow | Fernish and the Future of Furniture

The Founder Hour

Michael Barlow is the co-founder and CEO of Fernish, a startup that offers consumers a way to rent upscale furniture and decor online. Prior to founding Fernish in 2017, Michael was a Vice President at Atom Tickets and an investment banker at J.P. Morgan.We talked about everything from Michael’s background, life as a college athlete, his takeaways from working on Wall Street, what he believes makes a great storyteller and how it translates to business, the early days and challenges of building Fernish, and the future he envisions for the company and beyond.SUBSCRIBE TO OUR NEWSLETTER & STAY UPDATED > http://bit.ly/tfh-newsletterFOLLOW TFH ON INSTAGRAM > http://www.instagram.com/thefounderhourFOLLOW TFH ON TWITTER > http://www.twitter.com/thefounderhourINTERESTED IN BECOMING A SPONSOR? EMAIL US > partnerships@thefounderhour.com

1hr 14mins

3 May 2021

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#125: Michael Barlow - Founder & CEO of Fernish

The FORT with Chris Powers

Michael Barlow is the Founder and CEO of Fernish, a furniture rental service that will deliver, assemble and arrange your home or apartment.  On this episode, Michael discusses his journey to founding Fernish, the details of how the service works, his experience hiring, and working with former Amazon standouts. They also discuss the importance of customer obsession, COVID, raising VC money, and much more. Enjoy! Follow Chris on Twitter: www.Twitter.com/FortWorthChris Learn more about Chris Powers and Fort Capital: www.FortCapitalLP.com Follow Chris on LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/chrispowersjr/ Follow Michael on Twitter: www.Twitter.com/mleebarlow (02:00) - Michaels Background and The Idea for Fernish (06:12) - What happened from having the idea to putting it into action? (10:43) - Who are your customers? (12:45) - How does the contract work with customers? (15:19) - What’s your relationship like with the multi-family owners and what’s the incentive for them? (17:34) - How do you conduct the design consultation? (18:11) - How much is the average person saving on renting furniture vs. buying their own? (20:19) - Are most people needing fully furnished places or just certain pieces? (21:47) - How are they choosing pieces? (22:32) - What did COVID teach you about your business model? (24:05) - How much furniture do Americans buy each year? (25:51) - The Recycling Aspect of the Business and Determining What’s Reusable (28:24) - What are the most common items people rent? (29:31) - How do you think about growth & entering new markets? (31:32) - How have Amazon-ians impacted your business? (35:44) - What does "customer obsession" mean? (38:36) - What are some interesting data points you’ve learned from the customer? (41:03) - How do you handle things that you don’t wanna hear? (42:49) - Is there anything interesting you’ve learned from Jeff Wilke? (45:26) - Raising Capital (46:28) - What do your best VCs do for you? (48:46) - How does the communication dynamic work with VCs? (49:29) - What do you hope to achieve over the next few years? (52:27) - What do local logistics mean for the company? (55:34) - How do you think about the capital intensiveness of buying all this furniture for people? (57:26) - Do you have a childhood experience that shaped the trajectory of your life? (59:52) - Do you have a morning routine? (1:00:45) - Is there a book that’s had a big impact on you? Against the Gods - Peter Bernstein (1:02:56) - How can people reach you?  www.Fernish.com Email: michael@fernish.com The FORT with Chris Powers is produced by Johnny Peterson & Straight Up Podcasts

1hr 5mins

1 Apr 2021