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A Just Transition Through Participatory Governance with Cindy Banyai

Macro N Cheese

Our guest, Cindy Banyai, is exactly the kind of person we want representing us wherever policy is made. She has the life experience of a working woman raising three kids, runs her own consulting business, and has lived and traveled all over the world. Did we forget to mention she knows MMT and supports the Green New Deal, universal health care, and a federal jobs program to ensure a basic minimum wage, worker protections, and benefits? When Cindy happened upon Modern Monetary Theory, it made sense of much of what she already believed. She had been a longtime proponent of participatory budgeting and says that being freed from economic shackles in policy-making is revolutionary. When people in her district come with complaints, she can truthfully say she knows what to do. She talks with Steve about the conservatives from both parties who place roadblocks in programs like Social Security and then criticize them for having those very complications. They use terms like “accountability,” “efficiency,” and “effectiveness.” Cindy tells us that her consulting firm is all about evaluation: I eat, sleep, breathe, effectiveness, and efficiency. There is not a single one of these hucksters that's going to be able to put a program in front of me, put a policy in front of me, and say, "We're working on efficiency." If that doesn't have the metrics in it and that doesn't have the right kind of measures to actually get these things accomplished and not just be these stupid barriers for access, then I'm going to call him out on it. And I will probably be the only one doing it. Because I'm going to be the first evaluator elected to Congress. As parents, Steve and Cindy have a shared, gut-level understanding of the need to fix a broken healthcare system. Cindy’s three-year-old daughter spent her first two years fighting a rare blood disease; while she was in the hospital fighting for her life, Cindy was fighting the insurance companies. She knows that there’s an alternative to medical bankruptcies and treatments determined by somebody else’s bottom line. She has done research and comparative analysis between the Japanese national health care model and the US model. As we move to universal healthcare she wants us to consider adapting features of the Japanese model, including cost-setting by the central government and decentralized implementation at the state level. One of Steve’s favorite components of the job guarantee is the way in which it is a democracy enhancer. It will revitalize local democracy by having it funded by the currency-issuing federal government but locally administered. Communities will determine which jobs to create based on which services are needed. This is an invitation for citizens to become involved in designing their very own local program. The discussion ignites Cindy’s enthusiasm for rethinking the way that we do governance. She talks about participatory governance - and the participatory budgeting component of it - having been a major component of her life’s work and research around the world. She describes the amplifying effects of civic engagement: people are more invested in their community, they meet their neighbors, some develop joint projects or business ventures together. We here at Macro N Cheese cannot endorse a specific candidate, but we can urge our listeners to pay attention and ask questions of your future representatives. We hope everyone finds candidates as well-informed and passionate as this one. Dr. Cindy Banyai is a Democrat running for Florida Congressional District 19, spanning coastal Southwest Florida from Boca Grande to Marco Island. She is a mom of 3 native Floridians, a small business owner, and part of the faculty of Political Science and Public Administration at Florida Gulf Coast University. @SWFLMom2020 https://www.cindybanyai.com/ https://www.news-press.com/story/news/2020/08/14/social-security-florida-protecting-our-seniors-cindy-banyai-congress/3343662001/


26 Sep 2020

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Cindy Banyai

Two Broads Talking Politics

Kelly speaks with Dr. Cindy Banyai, who is running for Congress in the Florida 19th District, one of the candidates in the No Dem Left Behind coalition.


17 Sep 2020

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Episode 14 w/ U.S. House District 19 Democratic Candidates Dr. Cindy Banyai and Mr. David Holden

Collier Democratic Roundup

On this week’s podcast we have interviews with the two candidates competing in the Democratic Primary for U.S. House District 19, Dr. Cindy Banyai and Mr. David Holden. Republican Francis Rooney who is retiring after this term currently represents district 19. The winner of the August 18th primary will face off with the winner of the Republican primary on November 3rd.Also on this episode of the roundup, Amber, Linda and I dive into the Trump Administrations push to repeal Obamacare in the middle of a pandemic, and we look at the decisions by the Trump Administration and Governor DeSantis to reopen schools without much of a plan on how to do so. We are continuing our Candidate Spotlights for our Democratic Candidates. Our next event is on Tuesday July 28th at 5:30 with County Commission District 1 candidate John Jenkins. You can sign up for this event on our website or on our Facebook Page.  For those who missed previous candidate spotlights and want to see the candidates, we have the video recordings on our website gallery, and you can listen to the spotlights on special bonus episodes on the Collier Democratic Roundup. On August 16th the Collier County Democratic Party will be doing a Ridin’ with Biden caravan to show support for Vice-President Joe Biden. Caravans will be happening all over the state ahead of the Democratic Party National Convention. We want all of you to participate in this socially distant event so please sign up on our website or on Mobilize where you will see the drive route, start and stop locations,etc. That’s Sunday August 16th at 2:00 PM. Every week I ask listeners to volunteer for phone banks and I need everyone to do that. We’re asking you to call Democrats and like-minded NPA’s and ask them to commit to sign-up for Vote-By-Mail and to vote for Joe Biden. If everyone would make just 3 calls a day, it would make a huge difference over the next three months. Please sign up to volunteer and help us elect the leadership we deserve.Anyone who wants Biden Signs can still get Biden Signs. They are available for a Donation of $10 and we will even drive them out to your house for you and place them in your yard. Think of how confidently Trump supporters wave Trump Flags in support of a man who suggested we inject people with Bleach. We should be equally confident supporting a good man who knows the pain of loss and will work hard so we do not lose any more lives needlessly. You can sign up to get a sign at our Facebook Page. 

1hr 2mins

22 Jul 2020

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Episode 5 U.S. District 19 Candidate Forum w/ Mr. David Holden and Dr. Cindy Banyai

Collier Democratic Roundup

In this special episode of the Collier Democratic Roundup we have the audio from last weeks virtual candidate forum between Mr. David Holden and Dr. Cindy Banyai for U.S. House District 19.There is a special bonus question at the end of the episode where each candidate spoke about a topic of particular interest to them and their campaigns.

1hr 25mins

1 Jun 2020

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Democratic Candidate For Florida's 19th District Dr. Cindy Banyai

The MeidasTouch Podcast

Dr. Cindy Banyai, is a Democrat running for Congress in Florida District 19.  She is the founder and Principal Consultant of Banyai Evaluation and Consulting, LLC. She also teaches in the Department of Political Science and Public Administration at Florida Gulf Coast University. Dr. Banyai received her Master’s and Ph.D. from Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University in Japan where her research focused on community development, public administration, evaluation, and governance.     Learn more about Dr. Banyai at https://cindybanyai.com Follow Dr. Banyai on Twitter https://twitter.com/swflmom2020--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/meidastouch/support


9 May 2020

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MOMocrats MOMochat: Interview with Florida Congressional Candidate Cindy Banyai


The MOMocrats' weekly podcast looking at the day's political news from the progressive point of view. This week, their guest is Dr. Cindy Banyai, candidate for Congress in Florida's CD19, currently represented by Republican Francis Rooney. Rooney is retiring after his term, and it has NOTHING to do with his suggestion that impeaching Trump might be warranted. Karoli, Aliza Worthington, and Donna Schwartz Mills will also talk about impeachment... and Iran. MOMocrats MOMochat is part of the DemCast family of podcasts.

1hr 1min

10 Jan 2020

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You Should Run Cindy Banyai

You Should Run

In every election, Florida is a swing state. That means that every election matters. In 2020, Cindy Banyai is running for Congress in Florida in a very conservative district. In this podcast, she talks about her impressive background working for Senators Abraham and Moynihan, her work in Japan, and even her career in boxing. Cindy Banyai is ready for a fight and a challenge, no matter the odds.  Listen to this episode of the You Should Run podcast to hear Cindy's motivations for running for office, her plans to win, and why YOU should run for office too. 


16 Oct 2019