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Why Mind Setting Matters And How Does It Impact Our Lives with Dr. Josh Handt

Business & Lifestyle LEGENDS Podcast

“The thoughts that are constantly going out on your head are like a playbook for your life, they're always happening, all day, every day. And as an athletic person and a business owner, mindset is an essential piece of someone's life.”-Josh Handt, CEO, Lifestyle Locker IncIn this episode, Ben Schneider and Josh discuss how having a positive mindset makes you create better choices. They discuss the right attitude in order for you to be successful in your business. They also discuss his thoughts about the Covid Vaccination.Episode Notes:Dr. Josh Handt is known as the unvaccinated, firewalking, ultramarathoning, chiropractor. He is the Company Owner of The New York Chiropractic Life Center.CONNECT WITH JOSHLinks:Website | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube | Facebook | PodcastCONNECT WITH US!Links:>Ben Schneider: Ben's Instagram | Ben's Website>Business and Lifestyle Legends Podcast: Follow on IG @bllpodcastcom>For more information and to explore other episodes, click here. We'd love to hear from you! Leave us a rating and review below!Get the BEN SCHNEIDER COACHING: Reach the next level with your company with the help of a professional marketing strategist, CLICK HERECalling ALL entrepreneurs and online talents! --check out the NEW job search platform Jobmofy.com to upgrade your business!For questions or inquiries, EMAIL: hello@bllpodcast.com


3 May 2021

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Intuitive Mind Solutions Podcast with Dr. Josh Handt and Lifestyle Locker

Intuitive Mind Solutions Podcast

In This  Episode Twenty of the Intuitive Mind Solutions Podcast we Interview Dr. Josh Handt. A very inspiring Chiropractor coming from New York City. He is a visionary who is making it a mission to discover the truth to what is wrong with our world today. We are here to support him in any way we possibly can and will learn as much as we can from him. He has a few programs helping people as well that are out there in the world that we will discuss on our show. These include the Lifestyle Locker Podcast and the Market Your Voice Blueprint. We will discuss in depth the Lifestyle Locker Program and the future evolution of it. What is all about? About Dr. Josh: https://www.lifestylelocker.com/about/ If you are living in the same world we are, we understand the facts that show that lifestyle is either the leading cause of death or the leading cause of health and life. Lifestyle as a whole is a very broad subject, so studying it can take a LONG time. You’ve got everything from relationships to money mindset, nutrition to fitness, and emotional health to peak performance. Here at Lifestyle Locker they will be your source for the TRUTH in lifestyle. They will be your connector, your friend, and your partner in your journey to UNLEASHING YOUR HUMAN POTENTIAL. Their podcast, Facebook Page, and Instagram account will be places where you can connect, get content, learn, and share what you get from them. They want you to share your HUMAN POWERED life experiences socially and hashtag #LifestyleLocker and #HumanPowered. They have got some great ideas and evolutions to the website and company that are in process now… get ready for your HUMAN POWERED GEAR store and your very OWN Lifestyle Locker membership (you even get a locker number!) There is much more to Dr. Josh Handt than only these programs. I can't wait to listen to what more he has to share. Controversy:   the health paradigm and how its broke and how we can fix it.  One is by spreading more programs like Dr. Josh's new upcoming program to as many people as we can. In the show we discussed Intuitive Mind Solutions for boosting your immune system during these times.  From Josh Handt: Liposomal vitamin C 4 grams Quercetin with zinc combination Energybits.com chlorella (lifestylelocker :code for 20%off) From Intuitive Mind Solutions and Joshua Baudewijns (in Dutch) Quercetine + zink Bron: Orthokennis https://m.orthokennis.nl/nieuws/quercetine-als-mogelijk-alternatief%20voor%20hydroxychloroquine-bij-COVID-19 Curcuma is een natuurlijke immuunsysteem booster en kan worden toegepast bij: Vitaminen D verzwakt het ziekmakend vermogen van het covid virus volgens een studie aan de universiteit van Bristol Taking Care of your Nervous System and Mental Health:   https://www.centerpointmeditation.com/ https://zoneschoolofhealing.com/ Special Link:  https://youtu.be/ZJZxiNxYLpc Special Link: From a Pro-vaxxer. I normally wouldn’t share this, but with a global vaxx effort out there it’s worth the time to watch. Highlighting the principle of using a prophylactic vaccine in the midst of a pandemic. Likely to create more more viral variants in the process. Sharing his perspective on mass vaccination in COVID-19. Hosted by Dr. Matthew Breske and Joshua Baudewijns


16 Mar 2021

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Why You MUST HAVE Balance of Mindset & Movement; The Physical, Chemical and Emotional Mechanics of Long Distance Running With Chiropractor Dr Josh Handt

High Performance Health

Angela is in conversation with Dr Josh Handt, full-time chiropractor, lifestyle podcaster and natural health and fitness enthusiast They talk about the importance of the nervous system and its impact on all aspects of function in the body. Movement is essential for humans but the body is not designed to be in a continual state of stress so the physiology of the body reflects the emotional state. As humans are designed to run getting out there and running can be the key to a better balance of your emotional state. KEY TAKEAWAYS Movement is essential and very important for humans; you should be moving all the time. Sitting or standing for a length of time is never good for the body as it throws out the posture. The central nervous system is the master control system for the whole body constantly sending information messages throughout the body. The sensory nervous system is responsible for feelings and how you engage with life.  The motor system is how we animate our bodies and the autonomic system is the system responsible for the involuntary actions. The way you keep healthy is by maximising function Stressors for the body are physical, chemical and emotional. Your body is not designed to be in a continual state of chronic stress Your physiology is a response to your emotional state. Humans are born to run and the nervous system in our feet is very complex, sending messages continually to the brain. when running the biomechanics of the body are affected by the shoes we wear. For short distance running, you use your body but distances beyond this are all about your mindset. BEST MOMENTS ‘I love sharing my message and pushing my body and mind to the limit’ ‘The focus should be on making the good bits as good as they can be’ ‘You know you are doing well in running and exercise when your recovery time is quick’ VALUABLE RESOURCES High Performance Health podcast series\ Transform your sleep DNA optimization High Performance website LifeStyle Locker Challenge Dr Josh Handt LinkedIn ABOUT THE HOST Angela Foster Angela is a Nutritionist, Health and Performance Coach. She is also the Founder and CEO of My DNA Edge, an Exclusive Private Membership Site giving individuals the tools and bio hacks needed to optimise their genetic expression for optimal health and performance. After recovering from a serious illness in 2014, Angela left the world of Corporate Law with a single mission in mind: To inspire and educate others to live an energetic, healthful and limitless life. Angela believes that we can truly have it all and has spent the last 5 years researching the habits and routines of high performers, uncovering age-old secrets, time-honoured holistic practices and modern science to create a blueprint for Optimal Human Performance. CONTACT DETAILS Instagram Facebook LinkedIn High Performance Health FB Group See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


30 Jul 2020

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198: The Cayuga 50 Mile Ultra-Marathon with Dr. Josh Handt

Lifestyle Locker Radio Podcast

Sponsored by 30/60/5 Program.  Be stronger than your excuses.  Get more info here->  https://bit.ly/30605health What another amazing journey in Unleashing My Own Human Potential.  The Cayuga 50 mile ultramarathon, July 18, 2020 was a beast!    I realize that it's easy to get complacent with training and thinking that once you're an ultra-marathoner, that you're always one!  This is NOT true.  Consistency in anything makes you better at that thing.  And with ultra-marathoning, you have to be training differently all the time and get used to being on your feet for sometimes up to 30+ hours.   So my training was not as good as it should be during the COVID lockdown.  I did do an untrained 50 miler back in the end of May this year in about 80+ degree weather.  It went well and I did it powered by algae from Energybits (use code LIFESTYLELOCKER to get 20% off)... so virtually fasted besides water and some electrolytes.   I did the Cayuga 50 with the same food... NONE, just the algae and some Cliff Shot Blocks and a 2 GU packets that had amino acids and caffeine.   The crazy thing about this race is that it was in the mid 90's all day during the race.  When I started at 7 AM it was about 80 already.  I knew hydration needed to be my friend.   This race was a beast... listen to my challenges and story during this episode of Lifestyle Locker Radio.  Check out products we like> https://www.amazon.com/shop/lifestylelocker www.LifestyleLocker.com www.NewYorkChiropractic.com www.Facebook.com/lifestylelocker www.facebook.com/NewYorkChiropractic www.instagram.com/drjoshhandt www.twitter.com/drjoshhandt www.linkedin.com/drjoshhandt iTunes http://bit.ly/LifestyleLockerRadio – Leave us a 5 Star review! FREE E-Book. Inside the Locker: https://www.lifestylelocker.com/inside-the-locker-book/ How to pick the right Chiro: http://bit.ly/RightChiro


21 Jul 2020

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Episode 14:100 Mile Race with Josh Handt

Accelerated Health Radio

Josh Handt is the host of Lifestyle Locker and is a true biohacker. We talk about his 100 mile race he attempted, and the mental and physical journey he underwent through it all-- this is one not to miss! Accelerated Health Radio Show is broadcast live at 11AM ET Wednesdays on W4HC - Health Cafe Live Network (www.w4hc.com) part of Talk 4 Radio (www.talk4radio.com) on the Talk 4 Media Network (www.talk4media.com). This podcast is also available on Talk 4 Podcasting (www.talk4podcasting.com).


7 Jan 2020

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Dr Josh handt of Market Your Voice Blueprint

FR33DOM FORMULA / Men of iron Podcast

Do you want to get your voice out to a larger audience, in today’s show is an expert in coaching and developing podcasts, dr Josh handt


29 Nov 2019

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Listen to Dr. Josh Handt as he helps us find our voice and conquer obstacles...

The Get Naked Show with Dr. Aura

Dr. Josh is a powerhouse and full of knowledge and tips on how to find your voice and make your impact greater. Dr. Josh Handt firmly believes that a life worth living is a life worth living in abundance. Dr. Josh finds the need to share the importance of the intimate relationship between lifestyle and abundant life.  Abundance in everything from health to finances, to relationships, and even spirituality.  He’s the Owner/partner at The New York Chiropractic Life Center, the CEO of Lifestyle Locker, host of Lifestyle Locker Radio where we teach people to unleash their human potential., and also teaches other doctors and health professionals to create their own podcast and how to share it with their current and future health tribe. Thanks for listening and rating my podcast. It is my true pleasure to bring you innovative interviews with amazing stories for you to keep getting naked and live your best life. If this resonates with you and you would like to know if my online or personal programs are right for you or to join my FREE FB Challenge on how to find true love in 7 days, it starts on Monday November 11th.   For link, questions or feedback please visit: www.Dr-Aura.com. Love and appreciate you, stay Naked and true to yourself, Dr. Aura


10 Nov 2019

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Human Potential Geek Dr. Josh Handt Trains for 100 Mile Challenge

The 100 Year Lifestyle Podcast

In this episode Dr. Plasker interviews Dr. Josh Handt as he preps for his 100 mile race, and he's "not a runner". We discuss human potential, explore possibilities and strategies to be your best you today that are also sustainable over the course of a lifetime.Dr. Josh is a founder of the Lifestyle Locker Podcast and co-owner of New York Chiropractic Life Center, a 100 Year Lifestyle Affliate office located on the upper west side of Manhattan. http://www.newyorkchiropractic.com.I have personally know the Handt family for decades and they're commitment to helping people break through to higher levels of health has been a staple in New York City for over 40 years when dad, Dr. Jay Handt, founded their practice.You will be surprised by some of Dr. Josh's comments while also being inspired to go after your dreams and fulfill your potential.


21 Oct 2019

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#014: Chiropractic Care Benefits with Dr. Josh Handt

A Whole New You

Dr. Josh Handt is the CEO of Lifestyle Locker and an owner and partner at The New York Chiropractic Life Center. He also teaches other doctors and health professionals to create their own podcast and how to share it with their current and future health tribe. Dr. Josh firmly believes that a life worth living is a life worth living in abundance. He finds the need to share the importance of the intimate relationship between lifestyle and abundant life.  Abundance in everything from health to finances, to relationships, and even spirituality.  Intro [01:04]    Introduction to Dr. Josh [02:50]    His history and interest in chiropractics  [08:23]    Why chiropractic care can benefit everyone [10:50]    Detoxification and digestion [15:06]    3 major stressors to the body [21:09]    Postures of happiness and depression [22:07]    Children and behavioral changes from adjustments [28:11]    Benefits for women (pregnancy, menopause, hormones)  [32:20]    How to select a chiropractor  [35:30]    How to follow or contact Dr. Josh Links: Dr. Josh’s Website: https://www.lifestylelocker.com Dr. Josh on Facebook: @lifestylelocker Dr. Josh on Instagram: @drjoshhandt Podcast website: www.awholenewyoupodcast.com Kim’s website: www.kimmaravich.com Laurie’s website: www.simplyempoweredllc.com Join our Facebook group: A Whole New You Podcast Community Follow us on Instagram: @A Whole New You Podcast Email us: contact@awholenewyoupodcast.com Subscribe to our show in iTunes and PLEASE leave us a review!


2 Apr 2019

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119: Dr. Josh Handt, Lifestyle Locker LIVE, Meditation, Boxing, and making changes.

Lifestyle Locker Radio Podcast

Take a dive into what's changed in 2019, what's changing and how you can UNLEASH YOUR HUMAN POTENTIAL MORE!!! Meditate, mindset, boxing, endurance, and more. Here are some of the details that we spoke about in the episode: When the Lifestyle Locker LIVE event is on sale the page will be here: www.LifestyleLocker.com https://zivameditation.com/ www.mindmovies.com/kathihandt


11 Mar 2019