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25 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Bobby Jackson. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Bobby Jackson, often where they are interviewed.

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25 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Bobby Jackson. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Bobby Jackson, often where they are interviewed.

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35 | Interview w/ former 12 year NBA vet Bobby Jackson and Player Development Specialist Sam Luong!!

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Former 12 year NBA vet and current Sacramento Kings Assistant/Player Development Coach Bobby Jackson and Player Development Specialist Sam Luong joined me on this special episode to go over the exciting launch of their upcoming venture together with the Bobby Jackson Basketball Academy! The BJBA will make a huge impact not only with basketball, but also will have a positive impact on the community. In this episode, they also discuss the backstory on how they first met and the friendship and business partnership they have formed over the years. Bobby also talks about his playing days while with the Kings and the special group he was apart that will go down as one of the top teams in Kings history and one of the most exciting teams in NBA history!

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Nov 04 2020 · 1hr 7mins
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Episode Thirty: A Conversation about Unity with Bobby Jackson

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Bobby Jackson and I return to discuss the power of conversation in an age of political division. This conversation includes both his personal story interspersed with a dialogue seeking unity among people with political differences. You can find more about Bobby at coachbobbyjackson.com. For more on this podcast, head to epicordinarylives.com.

Nov 01 2020 ·

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Episode Twenty Eight: Bobby Jackson on the Power of Knowing Who You Are

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Epic Ordinary Lives is back! I am joined by Bobby Jackson, Certified Performance Coach and Life Mentor. Bobby tells the story of going from being the last kid picked at neighborhood basketball games, to being a state champion high school football player and earning a 4 year letterman jacket from Northwestern University. You can check out Bobby's website at https://coachbobbyjackson.com. If you wish to support this podcast, please consider sharing it with a friend or leaving a review on iTunes.

Oct 06 2020 ·
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Faith in the Military and Entrepreneurship with Shaquel Polacek and Bobby Jackson, # 51

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In this week's episode of the Follower of One Podcast, Mike speaks with both Shaquel Polacek and Bobby Jackson. Both Shaquel and Bobby serve in our country's Military. Shaquel is a current Life Coach as the CEO and Founder of God's Greatness Organization (Also has a podcast of the same name), and Bobby is the owner of PenStruck where he is a coaching consultant with fellow Entrepreneurs and Start-ups. Please give thanks for their service and welcome them to our community! 

Episode Breakdown

1:10 - Meet Shaquel and Bobby

3:30 - Shaquel's and Bobby's Story to Christ

7:15 - How Bobby and Shaquel Met

8:35 - Faith and Entrepreneurship (Shaquel)

12:05 - Bobby's Faith at Work and Entrepreneurship 

18:20 - Living Faith in the Military 

26:40 - How The Follower of One Community can pray for Bobby and Shaquel (Take mental notes!)

30:00 - Prayer with Bobby and Shaquel

Being Stuck

Life does not seem to always move forward. We have setbacks, leaps, and even stationary moments. Being stuck is a common problem in life but it doesn't have to last forever. Bobby speaks on this directly through a story he tells on his music career and how it led him to PenStruck (8:35 and 12:05 in the Episode). Bobby has learned that feeling like you are standing idle is not about the gift that God gave you but more importantly how you deploy and use those gifts in the world. What is your gift? Is the tools at your disposal not getting you anywhere closer to happiness with God? If not, it might be a good time to re-evaluate and come up with a better strategy. Are you meeting the right people that can help further your goal? Do you know when to stop chasing a dream that is moving you away from God? These are all important questions to ask yourself, and depending on the answers, you can assess your situation and come up with a better plan! Let us know in the comments! 

Be Yourself

Knowing who you are is probably one of the hardest things we learn in life. It takes years and years of practice and determination to decide who we want to be, who we are, and how to strive to achieve the latter. Shaquel shares an important story with Mike on how he enables his faith in the military. He believes knowing yourself is one of the most important tools you can use with everyone around you. But it isn't easy and comes with trials and tribulations. How much do you know yourself? Are you okay with that amount of knowledge you have? Have you reconciled your flaws and plan to make them better? When you can get your faith to relate to you, you can then relate yourself to others around you in a more impactful way. Afterward, it's all about focus and determination in the face of adversity and differences. Strive to be more understanding and take the cracked doors and opportunities when they present themselves to show others what you are all about!  

Interview Quote

"Be Yourself.. Being myself allowed me to impact more people" - "I try to find ways to open that door (Conversation about faith).. not force it on them but introduce them to my faith"

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Oct 03 2020 · 31mins
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210: Bobby Jackson and Community that Heals

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Bobby Jackson is a man of many hats: pastor, licensed therapist, and leader in the field of student care. Today, Bobby how he found stability in church as a kid, how deployment as an Army medic changed his life, and the car crash that led him to surrender to the Lord once and for all. Bobby has spent years developing programs to help students in pain and shares how his program can be used in churches around the country. Bobby’s story reminds us that no matter how far we think we’ve run, God will never let us go.

Listen to Bobby’s story now!

Stories Bobby shared:

  • Changing jobs and starting Rally Point Ministry
  • Growing up as an Air Force kid
  • The role of faith as he moved around
  • The influence of his mom on his faith
  • Why he went into youth ministry
  • Getting into theater in high school
  • Admission to Moody Bible Institute
  • Ending up in the Army and the difficulties of coming home
  • Being left by his wife and chasing her for a year
  • The season when he wrestled with God about the challenges
  • The “mini-miracles” that happened at his lowest
  • Feeling a degree of healing from his injuries
  • Totalling his car on the day he decided to rebel against God
  • The community that helped him heal
  • How he started ReGroup

Great quotes from Bobby:

Kids don’t inform Santa that they don’t believe he exists. But that’s the letter I wrote to God.

Community was a big part of my healing experience.

Every break in a relationship is two ways.

Resources we mentioned:

Related episodes:

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Sep 07 2020 · 44mins
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Bobby Jackson and Robert Picirilli - A Lifelong Friendship

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Evangelist Bobby Jackson and Dr. Robert Picirilli first met at Free Will Baptist Bible College (now Welch College) singing together as part of The Gospeliers quartet, and developed a friendship that has stood the test of time for the last 60 years. They reminisce about their time together and share the value of good friendships and how to maintain them.

Jul 27 2020 · 22mins
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A Conversation with Bobby Jackson

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Former Kings guard and current assistant coach Bobby Jackson joined Deuce and Mo where they discussed his childhood in Salisbury, North Carolina, what it was like to get drafted in the NBA, his time playing for the Kings and why it's important for him to speak out after the murder of George Floyd.

He joined the from in Orlando where he talked about being in the NBA bubble (00:35), getting back into rhythm following this long layoff (2:40) and Bagley and Holmes returning and the big man rotation (5:38). They moved on to talk about what Bobby was like as a kid (8:55), what it's been like coaching his daughters (13:10), why he says he was a knucklehead growing up (15:20), what it was like growing up in the projects and how he avoided going down the wrong path (17:40), what it's been like coaching in the NBA (22:45), what he remembers about his draft night experience (24:00), what led him to sign with the Kings and replacing Tony Delk (26:30), how he carved out his niche in the NBA (29:20), why he loves Rick Adelman so much (31:40), the bond he had with his teammates and how they supported him after his mother's death (33:40), what he thought of his experience has broadcaster (36:10), his scuffle with T-Mac (39:40), his best and worst moment as a King (42:05), what it was like being on the cover of Sports Illustrated (47:25), Deuce wants to play Bobby one-on-one again (48:45), Bobby talks about speaking at the George Floyd protest and why he felt like he needed to speak up (50:15), dealing with racism in his hometown and what his mom and grandmother had to go through (55:20) and why he's hopeful about the future (59:18).

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Jul 13 2020 · 1hr 1min
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HIW Ep. 20: Bobby Jackson (The Custom Fitness Institute)

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This episode is all about Co-Host Bobby Jackson's journey through the fitness industry and what lead him to open his own Personal Training facility, The Custom Fitness Institute.

A graduate of Minnesota State University and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (NSCA), Bobby's facility accommodates a wide range of clientele. Primarily working with people on weight-management and strength building, they also work with professional, college, and high school athletes.

Bobby can be reached at the links below!
The Custom Fitness Institute:
Website | Facebook | Instagram

Jul 09 2020 · 25mins
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Do Kings players want to finish season? Bobby Jackson says yes.

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On the latest edition of the Purple Talk Podcast, Kings assistant coach Bobby Jackson joins NBC Sports California's Doug Christie and James Ham discuss the current state of affairs in the NBA. Topics include life in lockdown, players back at the practice facility, is Chris Webber a Hall of Famer and whether the Kings players want to continue the season.

(1:30) Life in lockdown

(2:35) Working out with players under new NBA guidelines

(5:00) What type of shape are the players in?

(8:12) Breaking down what types of workouts players are going through

(10:40) What would playoffs feel like at Golden 1 Center

(11:45) Comparing early 2000s Kings to Last Dance Bulls off the court

(19:30) Coaching the modern player

(24:00) Jackson on his teammates showing up to his mother's funeral

(28:45) Christie and Jackson on playing with Chris Webber

(33:13) Do the Kings players want to finish the 2019-20 season?

May 21 2020 · 36mins
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Episode 422: FTWTB with Sacramento Kings Legend & Coach Bobby Jackson

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Still hunkered down to due to the pandemic but never short of storylines to discuss this week we managed to drag away Sacramento Kings Assistant Head Coach and former player-favorite Bobby Jackson from his Sunday Funday to do a little FaceTime with the Baseline (FTWB).
In the early 2000s Jackson was the prototype hybrid guard that paved the way for the Jamal Crawford, Louis Williams and Eric Gordons of the game to elevate the importance of the Sixth Man. In his hay-day he was a bulldog offensive threat and now he passes his knowledge to the NBA's NextGen. We discuss:

- His transition to coaching: When did he know? How did it come to him
- How his player experience challenged the NBA Status Quo of coaching
- How he has the ear of Buddy Hield and future Stars for the Kings
- What's he doing to pass away the time while the NBA season is in an indefinite suspension

A real down to earth must listen-to-convo with a great former player now insightful and inspirational assistant coach you don't want to miss.
Apr 06 2020 · 58mins