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443: Jason Louv

Duncan Trussell Family Hour

Jason Louv, AKA Soul Bird from The Midnight Gospel and SO MUCH MORE, re-joins the DTFH! Visit Jason's website, ULTRACULTURE, for all kinds of wild, magical content. And visit Magick.me to start learning it! Original music by Aaron Michael Goldberg. This episode is brought to you by: Omigo - Use offer code: DUNCAN15 to save 15% on your first order. StoryWorth - Visit StoryWorth.com/Duncan and receive $10 off your first purchase! BetterHelp - Visit betterhelp.com/duncan to find a great counselor and get 10% off of your first month of counseling!


5 Jun 2021

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#59 - Jason Louv - On the Grades of the A∴A∴

Quarantine Sessions with Jake Kobrin

This week my guest is Jason Louv, who you may know through his guest appearance on The Midnight Gospel, or through his own Ultraculture Podcast, books, or his excellent online school for magick titled Magick.Me. This week's episode was recorded differently than usual and was actually a conversation that Jason and I had during the Office Hours of his online school, but with his permission I am sharing it here. He is an unbridled repository of esoteric knowledge, and we spoke about the grades of the A∴A∴, Aleister Crowley's Magical Order, as well as how to protect your Will. It was a very informative and motivating conversation, and I hope you enjoy listening to it as well.More on Jason can be found here: http://jasonlouv.com/


14 Apr 2021

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417: Jason Louv

Duncan Trussell Family Hour

Jason Louv, author, teacher of magick and alchemy, and one of our most-requested guests of all-time re-joins the DTFH for our last show of 2020! You can learn more about Jason, including finding his books and taking one of his classes, on JasonLouv.com. Original music by Aaron Michael Goldberg. This episode is brought to you by: FightCamp - Visit joinfightcamp.com/duncan to try Fight Camp FREE for 30 days!

2hr 25mins

2 Jan 2021

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Episode 3, April 2018/ Guest: Jason Louv discusses his book John Dee and the Empire of Angels

The Feral House Podcast

Episode Three of the Feral House Podcast. Guest: Jason Louv Jason and Christina talk Protestant magick, John Dee, and being part of the Feral family. Jason's new book: John Dee and the Empire of Angels jasonlouv.com/


6 Mar 2020

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Episode 51: Modern Magical Initiation with Jason Louv

The Cosmic Keys Podcast

(Discussion begins at 34:00) Dan and Scarlet open the episode with an astrology and Tarot forecast for the week of December 9, 2019, to December 15, 2019, followed by an interview with author, podcast host, and occult teacher, Jason Louv.  We talk with Jason all about his early life and entryway into the esoteric, the current state of spirituality in modernity, the challenges of our interconnected and contemporary society, and some practical solutions to thrive in today's environment.  This is a profound and interesting conversation that you wont want to miss!  Patreon supporters get the full length, unedited episode extensions with Jason and all of our other guests.  To support the show and get more Cosmic Keys content, check out our Patreon at patreon.com/cosmickeys !   Jason's links: Website: jasonlouv.com Online Magick School: magick.me Twitter: @jasonlouv Instagram: @magick.me

1hr 41mins

9 Dec 2019

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346: Jason Louv

Duncan Trussell Family Hour

Jason Louv, chaos magician/author/podcaster, rejoins the DTFH! Check out ULTRACULTURE.ORG for Jason's awesome works. This episode is brought to you by BLUECHEW (use offer code: DUNCAN at checkout and get your first shipment FREE with just $5 shipping).

2hr 19mins

26 Jul 2019

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330: Jason Louv

Duncan Trussell Family Hour

Jason Louv, author, podcaster, and chaos magician rejoins the DTFH! This episode is brought to you by Purple Mattress (Text DUNCAN to 797979 to get a free Purple Pillow with purchase of a Purple Mattress). Click here to check out Jason's FREE 10-minute guided meditation, or text WIZARD to 44222.

2hr 18mins

15 Mar 2019

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95: 95. Jason Louv 2

Live To Tape with Johnny Pemberton

the second half of an amazing conversational journey with the incomparable genius of JASON LOUV. plus a little special song for all you wonderful folks to scare your family with while dancing around the tree/pit/fire/rink/house.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


3 Jan 2019

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302: Jason Louv

Duncan Trussell Family Hour

Jason Louv, Ultraculture, magick.me, joins the DTFH to talk about death, grief, and the metaphysical plasma that connects all of us. This episode is brought to you by: Squarespace.com Simple Contacts and Stamps.com

2hr 14mins

25 Aug 2018

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Magick is a Choice with Jason Louv

Magick and Mediums

Magick can happen in one instant with one decision. In this interview with author and teacher Jason Louv we discuss real magick. We go beyond occult distractions- the witchy culture and even the astral to the core of magick:discipline, meditation and more.  What you'll find in this episode: John Dee and the Empire of Angels, Trump, Positive Thinking, Meditation, Chaos Magick, Consciousness, Occult, Ritual, Philosophy, Martin Luther King, Ghandi, Woke, Consciousness, What is Magic, Yoga, Shamanism, NLP, Spirit Contact, Astral Plane, Magick.Me, Human, Esoteric, Spirituality, Agnostic  Sign up for free magick courses by texting SHAMAN to the number 44222 Learn with Jason at: https://www.magick.me/ Read Jason's latest books:  https://www.amazon.com/Jason-Louv/e/B00J8ZY07M/ref=dp_byline_cont_book_1 INSTAGRAM @magick.me Official Magick and Mediums Site: https://www.magickandmediums.com INSTAGRAM @magickandmediums


25 Aug 2018